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Ling Buddha was a character role-played by Vader.


Ling Buddha was the long lost brother of Lang Buddha. He has lived his whole life in Vice City working there as a criminal and a part time janitor. He came to Los Santos looking for his brother cause he's adoptive mother said Lang was dying.


Upon arriving to Los Santos, he was reunited with his brother Lang Buddha and they decided to do a bank job together.

Following the job, Ling was killed on March 1st, 2020 by the police. After robbing Bexar McCree for an AR and shooting down Sam Baas and Jerry Perkins, Ling was fatally shot down by a crossfire from multiple cops.


  • "Whata-fack mon!"
  • "Corruuuption"
  • "I love you mon!"
  • 'Uhum, Uhum
  • "Hmm?"
  • ''You wanna go bitch!"


  • Part of Ling's activities consist of driving in circles around the barrio, in Vice City.
  • Has a bigger penis than his brother.
  • The idea for the character came from the fact that Vader could do a fairly good impression of Buddha's voice.


Lang meets Ling

Brothers Fight

Police reveal their corruption

Ling's final words

Played By: Vader
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