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Linda Maridan is a character role-played by pancakes_mmm.


Originally hired on at Burger Shot as security, Linda has been fired/suspended and rehired/unsuspended multiple times through her tenure at the Fast-food chain due to her penchance for getting into trouble. This included an incident where she was accused by Jean Paul for claiming work receipts while being away, interpersonal conflict with other co-workers such as Glue Guy, and also being accused of being "unloyal" by Shelly Smith for working for the enemy. Linda also works at Hayes Auto Body Repairs as a mechanic on the side.

For a while, Linda was a hangaround for Bondi Boys MC. During the Vagos-BBMC war, Linda followed Riley Carter in departing from the club. Linda is currently a Vagos hangaround.

Hidden Talents include: fast getaway driving, ability to talk herself out of most situations, improv, and last but not least making the best cup of cawfee around. Has dreams of opening "Lindas Hateful Hot Brews'. Linda has also taken up street racing with motorcycles.

Linda's Wife is Piper Wolford. She has a "dead" younger sister named Maria.