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Linda Maridan is a character role-played by pancakes_mmm.

Burger Shot

Originally hired on at Burger Shot as security, Linda has been fired/suspended and rehired/unsuspended multiple times through her tenure at the Fast-food chain due to her penchance for getting into trouble. This included an incident where she was accused by Jean Paul for claiming work receipts while being away, interpersonal conflict with other co-workers such as Glue Guy, and also being accused of being "unloyal" by Shelly Smith for working for the enemy.

Shelly has usually been the cause for her unemployment. Most recently, Linda threw Shelly off a balcony around Burger Shot causing Shelly to seek her revenge claiming Linda said "long live the queen" as she dropped her. Linda kidnapped Shelly's son, Moses, to "end her bloodline." She requested for Shelly to show up to the airport. Shelly recieved her revenge by dropping Linda off of the roof. Moses fired Linda later giving her the record of 9 times being fired.

Gang Affiliations

For a while, Linda was a hangaround for Bondi Boys MC. During the Vagos-BBMC war, Linda followed Riley Carter in departing from the club after being nearly killed by Dundee. Linda was also a Vagos hangaround a few weeks after her departure from BBMC. She joined Britney Gang through Kitty Dream after showing her her outfit at Burger Shot. Kitty thought that her outfit was very unique for the gang and allowed her to join. Linda was also invited to join the all-girl gang, Mortelle, by Cindy Tipton.


Linda has also taken up street racing with motorcycles. She is well known in the racing scene as an M-class racer under the alias: Firecrotch/AfroQueen


Linda was born to mafia members in New Jersey. Growing up, she discovered her parent's mafia business dealing and smuggling weapons. She was disgusted by the things her parent did, but as she got older, she took a liking to it and admitted to her father that she wanted to join the business. (By this time, she had taken up chain-smoking to cope.) He rejected her because he wanted better for his daughters. She went against him and joined a different mafia. Her parents kicked her out to go live with her mafia group.

10 years pass and Linda's boss thinks she is finally ready to carry out her first execution. She shoots 2 "rats" a man and a woman of a rival mafia. Once their bodies go limp, she asks to see their faces. After being denied, she runs to the bodies and rips of the hoods covering their faces. Upon doing so, she screams to find that she murdered her own parents. Feeling betrayed, she runs to the only person she has left, her sister Maria. Being unable to tell her the truth, she lies about being dumped. Her sister gives her a job at her restaurant.

4 more years go by, Linda is in a good place mentally and financially. She comes into work one day to find Maria dead on the floor. She cries for a while before realizing there is a note reading: "Hello there, Linda. We can't be having any loose ends can we." Her sadness turned to rage as she swore to kill them all and avenge her family. Her sister's will read: "To my sister Linda, I knew about our families business, so in the unlikely event I am ever killed I am going to assume it was a rival group. To you I leave $10,000 and for the love of God, get the hell out of here. Much love your one and only Sister." With that money, she moved the next day to Los Santos.