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The Limelight Racing Crew is the first official racing group formed in the city of Los Santos. It was founded by Leslie Lingberg with the assistance of Harry Brown and his fellow Cerberus members, Lang Buddha and Dean Watson.


The Limelight Racing Crew was originally established with the intent to embody "pure cringe" in the racing scene - that way, no one could make fun of them for a cringe racer aesthetic, since that aesthetic is the entire point of the crew.

While the cringe-seeking lifestyle still holds true, Limelight is steadily evolving into a recognizable name in the racing scene.


  • Limelight's original working name was Pure Cringe (PC) Race Gang.
  • Denzel Williams joined the Limelight, his current alias is Lime Disease.


  • "It's Lime Time!"
  • "Limes not nines!"
  • "Watch your limes!"
  • "Let's have a Limebar"
  • "You're gonna get the squeeze"


Limelight .png

ELime musk.png