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Lily Pond is a character role-played by LadyHope.

General Description

Lily Pond is a Sergeant for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #413.

Physical Description

Pond is a 30 year old Caucasian woman with a blue eye. Her natural hair color is blond, however she often dyes it white, the only consistency in her hair style is that it changes on a weekly basis. She normally wears black-rimed glasses or white-tinted sunglasses. She has multiple tattoos, a scar across her right thigh and on her right knee, burn damage on her left cheek and forehead, she's missing her right eye and has to wear an eyepatch, and her left pinky finger and right index finger.

Background Information

Lily Pond, a strong headed woman who was born and raised in London. Growing up she was used to the fast paced, noise and ever changing ambiance that was the big city. It kept her quick-witted and adventurous when it came to trying new things. Around the age of 20 she met Brendon in her third year of University while she was studying Criminology. Brendon was from Los Santos and their personalities matched right away, he was used to the same kind of crazy environment she was. When he had to move back to Los Santos after they graduated, Lily decided to save up to be able to afford to gain her citizenship and move with him. After 3 years of dedicated savings and a long distance relationship, age 25, she moved out to LS and couldn't wait for their new adventure to begin.

Shortly after moving in with him, he was killed in a house robbery gone wrong. The intruders entered their home around 2 am and woke them both up after knocking over a lamp in the living room. Brendon went to check, armed with a bat, but was shot by the robber after his presence spooked him. Lily had to watch, helpless, as the consequences of crime caused her life to forever change.

Shortly after she moved back to England and worked in her local police station where she charged a criminal known as 'Cray Zee', he was Ponds first real investigation and was sent to prison, later he would come back into Ponds life known as the 'Flowers' killer.

After a while Pond realized her life was no longer in England, it was back in Los Santos where she was meant to begin her new chapter with Brendon. She decided to quit her job after just a year in service and leave to Los Santos.

Major Events

Moving to Los Santos
In Los Santos Pond joined the Department of Corrections and was a Corrections Officer.

Pond then joined the Los Santos Police Department where she took callsign 413 due to 13 being her lucky number. She was later promoted to a Senior Officer within the LSPD on the 4th of May 2021.

Major Crimes Unit Career
Pond joined the Major Crimes Unit as a Probationary Detective on the 11th of May 2021. She was promoted to a Detective on the 25th of may 2021. On June 23rd Pond along with Daisy Dukakis where promoted to Sergeant Detective. She resigned from the position within MCD on the 2nd of July.

Promotion to Sergeant
On 17th of July 2021 Domenic Toretti invited Pond on a Helicopter ride with Jack Ripley as their pilot. They flew out the the yacht by Paleto, where they where joined by Lance Malton, Olivia Copper, Jackie Snow, Matthew Espinoz, and Kareem Lyon. She was offered a Sergeant position within the LSPD[1].

Fight at MRPD Parking lot
Following the night where Pond and Domenic Toretti "spent the night". John Spartan learned about this through a phone call with Pond[2]. After that Spartan confronts Toretti about it at MRPD[3]. The situation escalates until Spartan and Toretti end up having a fist fight in the MRPD parking lot[4]. Toretti had told Pond he would "let Spartan win" prior to the fight. Pond arrived after the fight concluded and an argument broke out between her and Spartan where Spartan yelled "let me know how lieutenant feels", which lead Pond to punch him[5].

Demotion to Senior
Newly appointed Chief of Police Sam Baas decided to demote Pond on the 28th of July 2021 following what he considered to be poor leadership during a hostage situation over an impounded car involving Randy Bullet.

Taken Hostage by Irwin Dundee
On the 13th of September 2021, Pond and Mina Price were in air-one looking over a property that was going to be raided by Vespucci. Members of Chang Gang shot at the helicopter leading to a crash landing where both Mina and Pond went down. Due to fears over the bodies of Mina and Pond being watched, PD response was slow and both laid there for half an hour. Irwin Dundee woke up in his house close by to the situation and spotted the blown-up helicopter. He then took Pond into his car and drove her to Grandma's. On the way, Dundee asked Pond about her career in the PD and her Demotion from sergeant. He also talked about how the rest of PD didn't seem to care for her sitting in the helicopter for so long or that she was being taken hostage by him. At Grandma's, Dundee pulled out a large piece of metal that was stuck to her leg, even though she warned him that doing so would be a bad idea. He robbed Pond of her PD equipment and told her to keep quiet about the situation or he would go after her.

The metal piece was blocking a major artery in her leg and its removal led to her bleeding heavily. PD again though it was a set p and took around 40 minutes to respond to the scene. During this time, Pond had passed out due to blood loss. Lydia Vale was first on sthe cene and provided immediate medical attention until EMS arrived. She was then transported to pillbox medical and went into surgery. She had lost over 2 liters of blood and was given 5 blood bags of 0-. She was then transferred to the ICU. Where she was visited by Domenic Toretti, who said "love you" as he left and slept in the chair at the ICU room. Balto Connelly also stayed a while and talked to Pond about his life. Due to the incident, she now has a large scar across her right leg and burn damage on her right cheek and forehead.

Tortured by Irwin Dundee
On the 25th of September 2021. Irwin Dundee sent multiple messages in 311 wanting to know why there was an interceptor in "his billabong" Pond replied back telling him to stop using 311 and that they will be giving him no information. Unrelated to that exchange, Mike Block saw Pond's car parked at a gas station and jumped in her car and held Pond up at gunpoint. They then randomly meet Dundee at the apartments, who offered to buy Pond form Mike paying him 51 dollars. Dundee then made Pond go off duty and transported her to the Grapeseed torture chamber.

Once they arrive Dundee forced Pond to do meth. Then he went though her phone messages, taking pictures of any message he thought could be useful. After that he proceeded to torture her; he cut off her tongue, stuck a knife into her right knee then cauterized it with a blowtorch, cut off her left pinky finger and right index finger, then stabbed anknife into her right eye, leaving the knife in the eye socket. After leaving he anonymously called Jeffrey Bundy from a call phone giving him the tip that she was in danger and that "cats got her tongue".

Previous to the call the PD was not aware of Pond kidnapping thinking that she had just gone of duty normally. After the call, Bundy organized a search for Pond. Mike Block- who was in the cells facing 600 months for an contempt of court change after fleeing from a benchiarail - suggested that he had information regarding the kidnappithatich he be willing to give up for a deal. For the 600 months to be dropped to 50 and a "get out of jail free" card for any non-violent HUT charge redeemable anytime in the future he confessed to kidnapping Pond and selling her over to the BBMC identifying Dundee as the one who took her.

Bundy eventually found Pond in the grapeseed torture room still conscious, by the time EMS arrived she had fallen unconscious and was transported to Pillbox for surgery. The surgery successfully stabilized her, they were able to reattach her tongue and she will gain the ability to speak back after healing, but she lost her left pinky finger and right index finger and her right eye had to be removed. After being moved to her ICU room, Pond was visited by Bundy. While Bundy was speaking, Pond woke up and ask to use Bundy's notepad. Struggling to write, she managed to write "Want Toretti". Bundy was confused and asked if BBMC wanted him or if she wanted him. Pond managed to write "Me". I'ts unknown if she was asking to see Domenic Toretti or if she realized that she wanted Toretti.

Recovering from the Torture
Pond had lost her right eye, left pinky finger, and right index finger. She had a severe knee injury and burn scars on her right knee, making it hard to run. Her tongue was reattached but she could not speak initially communicating through writing on a whiteboard given to her by Balto Connelly. She learned to speak again but struggled to do so. Her tongue has mostly healed, but due to the trauma from the event her speech is still severely impacted; she speaks at a lower volume and at a much slower speed and has developed a stutter which gets severe in stressful situations. She has to relearn how to shoot with her middle finger. She pushed herself to return to duty quickly after the incident, although the first days were spent at MRPD or riding with a partner. Her trauma gets triggered in different situations during her job, such as when responding to a murder or torture scene, she has also developed a fear of enclosed spaces and tried to spend as little time as possible inside. She has also started smoking much more than previously.

Kidnapped from the ICU by Sai Carter
On the 29th of September Pond and Jack Ripley were responding to shots fired in the billabong, which eventually escalated into a shootout with the Bondi Boys MC. Where she was shot out of the helicopter and fell into the billabong. Recovering the officer from the shootout took a long time and Pond scuffed severe damage to her lung as she broke a rib from the fall which punctured her lung. After surgery Pond was moved to the ICU in critical condition. She was visited by John Spartan and Domenic Toretti - who slept in a chair in the ICU room. Sai Carter messaged Pond while she was in the ICU and Nancy took her phone and message him that Pond was in the ICU. Sai then took a doctor hostage and stole Pond from the ICU, while Toretti was asleep in a chair. Sai then took her to the Vinewood sign and threw her off it, Sai was shot down by officers and apprehended. Pond had to go into surgery again as she broke another rib. She stayed in the ICU overnight and then was discharged. Her speech had regressed and she was put on desk duty until her health improved.

A Deal with the Devil
On the second of October Irwin Dundee called Jeffrey Bundy and informed him that he had talked to Sam Baas about ending his war against the PD and he would expect in return that the PD would not target him. Bundy initially blew him off, ending in Dundee trying to hunt him down and was ultimately shot down after attempting to ambush Bundy. In the cells Dundee offers Bundy a deal in exchange for clemency given the prosecution of Pond's torture, as him being given the normal charges for the event instead of coops law, he would be stopping his war against the PD. Bundy was critical of this deal, but Dundee stated that he had had a conversation with Baas where he admitted and showed regret for ocean dumping him. When Bundy confronted Dundee to do the same for Pond, Dundee sent him a photo he took of himself over Ponds tortured body. Bundy took this as an admission of guilt and told Dundee he would relay the deal to Pond.

Bundy explained the deal to Pond, giving the full context of why Baas apologized to Dundee, explaining what he believed happened between Baas and Dundee. As he explained it he believed that Baas was the reason Dundee went on a vengeful hunt for the PD concluding in the torture of Pond stating that Dundee was a monster of the PD creation. Pond said she would accept Dundee deal, but her view of the torture she endured had changed. She now saw Baas as being complicit in her torture. That she paid the price for Baas actions against Dundee and now she had to give up seeking justice for those actions to write the wrongs that Baas had made. She also believed that Baas had betrayed her for not coming clean about the situation after her torture.

Bundy and Pond confronted Baas the next day. Asking him about the situation and the holes in the official story of what happened. Basa held to his story and even when Pond asked him point blank if he had anything to do with her torture he denied it. Pond threatened to hand in her badge if she found out he was lying. Pond had a conversation with Toretti afterward and he stated he believed Baas story. Pond now is distrustful of the entire PD, only trusting a select few people as she believes there to be a coverup that anyone could be a part of. She now seeks to uncover the truth of the situation.

A couple of days later Pond called Dundee and meet with him in the billabong, off-duty, and asked him what had happened between him and Baas. He told the entire story from his point of view including Four Tee involvement in his ocean dumping. Pond learnt more of Tony Andrews involvement and now believes Andrews was more to blame for the situation then Baas. Dundee explained that his war against the PD was his way of getting back at Baas and Andrews, but after Baas has privately apologized and showed regret he elected to move on as there was not much more he could accomplish. He apologized to Pond both for leaving her to die at grandma's and for the torture she endured in his search for revenge. After the conversation Pond then talked to Jack Ripley who has part of the Internal Affairs investigation into Andrews and Baas. Ripley confirmed much of Dundee's story and detailed how the investigation faltered due to corruption.

Kidnapped and Tortured by Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne
After Pond broke off her friendship with Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne, Lizzie wanted to teach her a lesson which lead to her kidnapping Pond when she was Undercover at a festival. Lizzie made Pond change into a new outfit then kept her captive in a Dodo delivery truck, and made her call Jeffrey Bundy trying to explain her absence as her going on a trip back to England. Bundy picked up on that something was wrong and through coded questions managed to deduce that Pond was on the eastern side of the island. He then started a manhunt for Pond searching the island, eventually, they discovered Pond police equipment dumped in a dumpster with a coded note. Daisy Dukakis cracked to cipher as a Vigenere cipher with the keyword "Pond", which gives the result "lizzy".

Lizzie moved Pond into a room above the Digital Den with the help of Alexei Pavlovich. Where she sowed Pond's mouth shut. Pond had been missing for 14 hours, when Lizzie decided to move her again, however, off-duty officer Owen Svensen was outside, Alexei approached him and in an attempt to get him to leave told him there was a gas leak. Svenson was suspicious of this and contacted PD about the "leak" and Alexei's car, Dante Wolf and Sexton Hardcastle spotted the car leaving Digital Den when it got into a Head-to-Head collision with Ramee El-Rahman's car ejecting both Ramee and Alexei. By the time Alexei got back into his car, Dante recognize Lizzie's voice and that the person in the backseat had their right eye covered by their hair. A chase ensued and both Lizzie and Alexei were apprehended and Pond was given medical treatment.

The List

After Pond broke up with Domenic Toretti, multiple people have approched her asking her out. She is currently keeping a list of people who have tried to sleep with her since the breack up:

  • Roman Sionis
    • Roman called Pond the day of her break up and asked her on a date the following day. She went on that date, they had a couple drinks. Reed Dankleaf was texting Pond during their date trying to sabotage it, threatining to blow up Roman's car. After that they went back to Pond's appartment and Reed called in a 911 saying he saw Sai Carter kidnapp Pond and bring her into their appartment. The appartment was then breached by the PD to discover Pond and Roman in the bedroom[6].
  • Reed Dankleaf
  • Sai Carter
  • Clarence Williams
    • Clarence talked to Pond the day she was considering quitting PD, he tried to talk her into staying switching departments to The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office and to go on a date with him. Pond asked him if he was still in a relationship with Shelby Lane, which he replied that he'll dump her for a chance with her. She initually accepted and gave him her number, but afterword Pond called Shelby and told her all about it.

Kidnapped by the Game Designer aka Lily Turrow
Pond was one of the main detectives on The Game Master case, aka Martha Žaidima. Lily Turrow, working under the pseudonym of the Game Designer was working with Zaidima on her serial killings. Turrow would leave drawing on the scenes without Zaidima's knowledge, Pond informed Zadima that Turrow was doing so and got her in trouble, she did this on multiple occasions. Turrow then kidnapped Pond from her beachside house and kept her in her home in Paleto for 2 weeks. Turrow extensively tortured Pond during those 2 weeks, including breaking her leg, drugging her, suspending her from the ceiling for hours, waterboarding her, cutting off her pinky toe, and cutting the letters GD into her arm. After 2 weeks of capture, Turrow released Pond. Turrow was later captured and put on a HUT.

Drug use
After a fight with Jeffrey Bundy, and thinking she was disowned from the family, the cumulative effects of that on top of all her trauma and recent breakup with Sexton Hardcastle resulted in Pond turning to drugs to numb the emotions. This started with her doing cocaine both off and on duty. After a conversation with Louis Bloom where they both talked about their drug use, they started to trade drugs and do them together on a regular basis. Pond gave Bloom cocaine and he gave her "unknown pills", aka psychedelic pills. Bloom was also using metamorphine and told her that it "helped him forget", she asked him to prove her with metamorphine which he did. Pond would at this point do anywhere from 10-30 pills a day both with and without Bloom in addition to often ending the night by shooting up metamorphine.

After she had an argument with Nathaniel Greyson, she stormed home, did a couple of lines of coke, drank 2 bottles of vodka, and shoot up with metamorphine on top of her roof. She had a negative reaction and OD fell unconscious on the pathway in front of her house. Greyson arrived at her house at the same time as EMS. She has then transferred to Pilbox where she was put in the ICU. Due to being on her emergency contact list Greyson, Jenny Hall, Lennon McDermitt, Balto Connelly and Jeffrey Bundy found out about her drug use.

After being released from the ICU the day after she refused rehab. And had lengthy conversations with Jenny, Rocky Topps, Lennon and Bundy. About her drug use, where she agreed to at least inform Rocky if she wanted to do metamorphine again. Bloom initially blamed himself for Pond's OD, after talking to Pond they agreed to continue their drug use but Pond would be careful around metamorphine. Pond's drug use continues after the OD, although her use of metamorphine was less and mostly done when she was over at Bloom's house.

Bloom and Pond took a couple of pills when they were on duty watching a court case. Bundy who was on the witness stand noticed that Pond and Bloom's speech was slurred, and confronted Pond about it through text where she admitted to being on "medication". Bundy then dropped the court case and suspended both Pond and Bloom for 48 hours due to on-duty drug use. Pond left the courthouse and shoot up with metamorphine, Rocky called her and she admitted to using it and he brought her to the hospital to meet with Lennon who has in the ICU for a Gunshot wound. There she sobered up then left with Bloom.

Bloom was later shot in the head twice and went into the ICU. Pond then went to speak with Rocky, who she gave the rest of her drug and told him to dump it. Pond was not taken any drugs since the suspension, and has avoided pain meds even after going through a serious surgery. She had serious withdrawal symptoms afterward and she fainted while metal detecting with Bloom due to lack of food.

The attempted assassination of Louis Bloom
Bloom and Pond took a couple of pills when they were on duty watching a court case. Jeffrey Bundy who was on the witness stand noticed that Pond and Bloom's speech was slurred, and confronted Pond about it through text where she admitted to being on "medication". Bundy then dropped the court case and suspended both Pond and Bloom for 48 hours due to on-duty drug use. Pond left the courthouse in a hurry, Bloom tried to talk Bundy out of suspending Pond and Bundy punched Bloom.

Pond and Bloom later meet at the hospital, while Pond goes outside to have a conversation with Rocky Topps, Bundy runs into Bloom at the hospital. Bloom tries to take the fall for the suspension and said he provided Pond with pills. Bundy then assaults Bloom again several times and threatens to kill him. "Why don't you go to the vespucci canals and choke in your own vomit" "If I ever see you again I'm going to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger". Bundy then leaves the hospital with Lennon McDermitt, while Bloom leaves with Pond.

Bundy makes a phonecall to Terrance "TJ" Walker regarding a case his working for the death of Jordan Lee, a deceased Bondi Boys MC member. He tells him that he will not be able to focus much on the investigation because his focus will be on his "problem" with Bloom. He then tells him why Bloom is a problem and how Bloom has been providing drugs to Pond. TJ asked Bundy if he wants the problem handled, alluding to killing Bloom. In the call, Bundy says no, but has later admitted to Lennon then ha knew that his "problem" would be handled despite his answer when he made the call.

When handing out with Pond Bloom receives a call from an unknown number. The unknown caller is TJ but he does not identify himself, they claim to want to meet with Bloom and that he should come alone. Bloom later gets a ping from TJ at the quarry. Pond initially convinced Bloom to let her provide overwatch, but when an opportunity presented itself Bloom left Pond to go to the ping alone. TJ, using a disguise and a voice modulator, is at the ping and instructs Bloom to leave his weapons and drives him to the top of the mountain. There they have a conversation, where TJ makes Bloom confirm that he has been providing drugs to Pond and asked if given more if he could provide other officers with more drugs. He accepts this offer, but then TJ says "This is for Bundy" and shoots Bloom twice in the back of the head.

EMS arrives with officers Max Muller and Thomas Metzger, who will investigate the incident. Pond also arrives on the scene. He's transported to Pilbox and goes into surgery, afterward, he's transported into the ICU ward where he stays the night. When he wakes up he believes that what put him in the ICU was the attempt on his life made about a month prior by Novah Walker and Julio Thomas, and he was no recollection of anything between the two assassination attempts, meaning he has forgotten the entirety of his relationship with Pond.

Sniped by Michael Simone
Micheal Simone texted Pond saying she should be careful leaving her car unattended, then texted her a number. He had placed an explosive on her car, but Sexton Hardcastle was able to remove it. They texted back and forth for a bit, and he texted her a new number. Pond called the number and a bomb went off in the courthouse bathroom, no one was injured. Pond then drove up to the prison. The two continued to text and flirt over text. Simone then shoot an RPG at her car which was outside of visitation. Pond stod inside of visitation behind the glass and Simone shoot her with a sniper. Pond was then transported to Viseroy medical and went into surgery. the bullet had hit her jaw and shattered it. Her jaw was wired shut during surgery and she lost the ability to speak pending further surgical intervention. They continued to text after the incident, Simone offering to pay for her medical bills and hoping that he "didn't ruin that pretty face".


Personal Life

Romantic Relatioships
John Spartan - Ex husband
She met John Spartan while they both worked in the Department of Corrections. After around 1 year of dating the two got married in a beach ceremony with their close friends. They both applied and joined the Los Santos Police Department together as badges 413 and 412. The two were married for two years before divorcing on the 29th of June 2021.
Domenic Toretti - Ex Boyfriend
Domenic Toretti has been flirting with Pond even when she was still married to John Spartan, which leads many to accuse him of trying to homewrecking their marriage. Pond was aware that Toretti had a crush on her, but thought it was innocent and assured Spartan that nothing would come of it.

Once Pond told Toretti that she and Spartan had gotten a divorce, he walked around the corner and screamed out of joy[7]. On June 27th Toretti "spent the night" with Pond.

Pond and Toretti began dating on the 8th of August 2021 though they had been 'friends with benefits for a few weeks beforehand. The two made it official after a triple date at the Tony Corleone Steak House with Olivia Copper, Dean Watson, Kyle Pred and Brittany Angel where Toretti asked Pond out officially[8].

Pond bought an apartment on Fantastic place close by the Mission row police department and Toretti moved in with her. Toretti slept in the ICU room after Pond's torture. After she woke up she eventually drove Toretti back to their apartment, when Pond was across the road Toretti told her he loved her then quickly entered the apartment and hid. She returned the favor a couple days later and did the exact same thing.

Since becoming official Toretti has struggled to find a nickname to call Pond and has asked multiple people to help him find a nickname. His current attempts have included:

Their relationship deteriorated over time as they spent less time together. Pond also started spending a lot of time with Sexton Hardcastle which made Toretti jealous even though Pond protested that they were just friends. They had planned a date together where Toretti had planned to ask Pond to marry him, but the day before they had a public breakup. Toretti left the engagement ring in their apartment and packed his things.

Sexton Hardcastle -Ex Boyfriend
Sexton Hardcastle and Pond are detectives together in the SCU. Both worked together on a case against Brouge Street Kingz which resulted in drug trafficking charges against Outto-Tune Tyrone and Alex Fibbler. After that, they have worked closely together, often riding with each other. They developed a close friendship, both are on each other emergency contact list. After an increase in 37-calls, they formed a task force called the Drug Task Force or DTF tasked with responding to these calls.

After Byrne's kidnapping of Pond, Toretti was in the ICU, and Pond was scared to sleep in her own apartment alone. She then crashed at Hardcastle's place. for several nights. Because Pond was having a nightmare, she and Hardcastle began sleeping in the same bed. When drinking one night, Pond almost kissed Hardcastle. After Pond broke up with Toretti, the relationship between them became awkward as they both tried to hide how they felt about each other. Eventually, they decided to "try things out" and are seeing each other although they have yet to put a label on their relationship.

On Christmas, they decided to make their relationship official but agreed to keep it "lowkey". They continue dating for a while, but eventually decided to break off their relationship as it "stopped feeling like a fling and more of an actual relationship"

Not long after they broke up Pond was kidnapped by the Game designer, aka Lily Turrow. During her kidnapping, Hardcastle started hooking up with then mayoral candidate Sabith "Bunny" Cohen. When Pond was released by Turrow, Bunny's ex-boyfriend Jeffy Coldiron informed Pond og Hardcastle and Bunny's relationship. Pond was jealous of their relationship initially. After a talk, Hardcastle and Pond agreed to enter into a non-monogamous relationship with each other as primary partners. Pond was also seeing Nathaniel Greyson during this time. Pond was extremely jealous of Bunny while Hardcastle was extremely jealous of Greyson. This jealousy reached a boiling point and Hardcastle asked for them to go monogamous, Pond initially agreed, but changed her mind within the day. Afterward, they agreed to break off their relationship completely.

Pond still had deep feelings for Hardcastle and was struggling to move on. Hardcastle eventually entered into a monogamous relationship with Bunny. Their relationship soured and they got into a long text argument about their relationship. Eventually, they repaired their relationship and are back on friendly terms.

Nathaniel Greyson - Ex-Friend with Benefits
Nathaniel Greyson and Pond started hooking up after she was tortured by Lily Turrow. Greyson was one of the main people Pond was sleeping with during, and after, her non-monogamous relationship with Sexton Hardcastle. Greyson would regularly stir their relationship by flaunting him and Pond. This included buying a sailboat and calling it "The Lily" and then making suggestive twaats about it. Pond and Greyson often went on days-long vacations on his boat.

Pond went over to Greyson's house and was followed by Finley Milton. Went she arrived Finley went into Greyson's house, Pond tried to get him to leave pulling her class 2, Greyson entered the house and threatened him and he left. Afterward, Greyson and Pond had an argument in which Greyson told Pond not to bring "drama" to his house. Pond stormed off after the argument and ran back to her house. She then did cocaine, drank multiple bottles of vodka, and shoot up with metamorphine on the roof of her house. She OD and passed out on the pathway behind her house. Greyson had called Jenny Hall after his argument with Pond, she suggested that he should go after her. He arrived at her house when the ambulance was pulling in and saw Pond laying on the ground. A few after her OD, Greyson and Pond had a lengthy conversation, during which due to her drug use, Greyson asked Pond if he should "get tested". At this Point Pond and Greyson had not slept together since several days before the OD.

About a week later Greyson was kidnapped and thrown out of a helicopter. Pond was the main officer responding to and investigating his kidnapping. The day after Pond and Greyson had a conversation in which Pond said she wanted to break off things between them. Greyson responded poorly to this and the two fought for a bit. before he drove off.

Louis Bloom - Boyfriend
Louis Bloom started complementing Pond on her "workout routine" at PD meetings, eventually asking her out for drinks, which she accepted. They got drunk on the beach together and bonded over how similar their lives were, as both were trying to move on from past lovers — Novah Walker for Bloom and Sexton Hardcastle for Pond — and their trauma. Jakka Romano arrived and tried to hit Bloom with his car then eventually tried to snipe both Bloom and Pond, but accidentally hit Pond's dog River. After getting River to the vet Pond and Bloom vent to a pride parade that was going on, they continue to be extremely flirtatious and generally hit it off. They ended the night at Pond's house.

They later meet on duty at the courthouse, and they had a conversation that steered into drug talk specifically about cocaine. Pond had cocaine on her and showed Bloom. Bloom then showed the stash of pills he had in his house. And then went to the observatory off-duty and did the cocaine and pills together and talked about each other's drug use. They opened up more about their past trauma.

After Pond had OD on metamorphine, Bloom initially blamed himself for her OD. The two had a lengthy conversation regarding their drug use, where Bloom expressed his fear that he would have to go back to suffering alone if Pond ever ODed again. They also mention how they are one of the only people in each other's lives who don't want to change one other or "fix" the other and rather accept each other as is. At the end of the night, Bloom entrusted Pond with more metamorphine at her request but made her promise to not do it alone.

Pond and Bloom had a conversation at the top of Maza Bank tower where Pond said that even being previously non-monogamous ever since she started seeing Bloom she hadn't and hadn't wanted to see other people. Bloom says that he reciprocates those feeling for Pond as well and they embrace.

Pond and Bloom were suspended by Jeffrey Bundy for 48 hours for on-duty drug use. Bundy assaulted Bloom on multiple occasions due to his relationship with Pond and his perception that Bloom was to blame for Pond's drug use. Later that day Bloom was shot twice in the head by Terrance "TJ" Walker. When he woke up the next day from the ICU, he had lost all memory between his attempted assassination by Novah Walker and Julio Thomas and his assassination attempt by TJ. This means he had completely forgotten Pond outside of their previous professional relationship.

Pond and Bloom were together for most of his recovery, Pond would try to update him on what had happened in the month he had forgotten. Their relationship took a backseat for Bloom he was fresh from his "breakup" with Novah. However, they grew close again quickly as Bloom could see that Pond cared for him and that he must off cared for her. They have both independently claimed to be "dating" other people but have not confirmed it with each other.

Close Friendships
Balto Connelly - Close friend
Balto Connelly and Pond are good friends. They grew especially close after Pond was hospitalized after her first kidnapping by Irwin Dundee, where Balto stayed and talked with her when she was in the ICU. Pond worked closely with Balto because he had a stalker which had threatened to kill him. When Balto went missing Pond responded to a scene where he had been tortured and later found him dumped in the ocean. Misfortune brought them together again after Pond was tortured by Dundee again. They connected over them both being victims of torture.
Jeffy Coldiron - Close friend
Jeffy Coldiron was first introduced to Pond because he connected her regarding Sexton Hardcastle's relationship with Sabith "Bunny" Cohen. During Pond's extended kidnapping. Afterward, they started talking, and especially after Jeffy's own kidnapping by the Game Master, aka Martha Žaidima, they started a close friendship and bonded over their shared trauma.
Rocky Topps - Therapist
Pond started seeing Rocky Topps after her kidnapping by Lily Turrow. She initially went often with Sexton Hardcastle, but after their breakup continued to see him on a regular basis. Her mental health has improved greatly through seeing Rocky, specifically her tendency to self-destruct and push people away.
Jeffrey Bundy had been a father figure for Pond for a long time. Eventually, the relationship was made official when he legally adopted her as his daughter. This mean Pond now has a legal family consisting of:

Family from Bundy's side:

Family from McDermitt's side:

Jeffrey Bundy - Father
As the leader of SCU Jeffrey Bundy has a close working relationship with Pond. He was the one who found Pond after her torture by Irwin Dundee. After the torture, Bundy personally went into the billabong and broke into Dundee's and Barry Benson's house leaving a threatening note. Bundy told Pond about this later. He also told Pond about his investigation into Sam Baas regarding Dundee.

Bundy was like a father figure to Pond and their relationship was very hot and cold. Bundy was disappointed in Pond for her involvement in blowing up Mr. Kebun Bently and especially that she lied about it to him and other commanding officers. They eventually made up and grew closer. Pond was going on a vacation for a couple of days and messaged Bundy to that effect, the message was misinterpreted by Bundy as her being kidnapped. A brief panic ensued and Pond subsequent messages consisted of sexual inuendoes which could be interpreted as her being kidnapped, aka "I'm a bit tied up at the moment" and so on. When Bundy eventually figured out that Pond was not kidnapped and just on a boat vacation with Nathaniel Greyson, he got mad at her and they had a heated argument over text. They eventually made up and Pond apologized for the messages and Bundy apologized for overreacting.

Although he was approving at first Bundy grew disapproving of Pond relationship with Louis Bloom. To the point of assaulting Bloom on two separate occasions and indirectly, but purposefully, putting out a hit on him through Terrance Walker. Pond had suspected Bundy to be behind Bloom's attempted execution, but had dismissed the idea, but after two separate calls from TJ through an unknown number to Pond and Bloom claiming that Bundy put out the hit she grew more and more convinced but didn't confront Bundy about due to fears of compromising Thomas Metzger and Max Muller's investigation into the event.

Cleo Shaw - Sister
Cleo Shaw and Pond had a positive relationship when Cleo was still a cadet, and Pond had tried to help Cleo through her issues as a cadet. After Cleo transferred and shortly after was fired, Pond felt betrayed by Cleo and that her help had not been accepted. The relationship between them soured immensely and they would insult each other at pretty much any opportunity. After they were made sisters, they agreed to start fresh and now have a friendly relationship.

Working Relationships

Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office
Kyle Pred - Sheriff 
Kyle Pred initially had loads of respect for Pond as an officer and would flirt with her complimenting her appearance. And had on multiple occasions tried to poach her over to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office including offering her a sergeant spot with a fast pass to lieutenant. She refused the offer and stayed in the Los Santos Police Department, after failing to poach her he grew more and more critical of Pond and their relationship soured. Pred backed John Spartan when he fought Domenic Toretti and he continually insulted Pond for being with Toretti, continuing the insults in PD meetings. Pond at his point had grown to hate Pred. After her torture by Irwin Dundee Pred told Pond that she "looked like a monster" and suggested they move Pond's officer to the doghouse outside MRPD as her presence in the PD decreased morale. He has told Jenny Hall that they should buy her a bus ticket and just send her off, or that they should take her behind the shed and shoot her ending her misery and he told Matthew Espinoz that he wishes she was dead. When Pond was found after her kidnapping by Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne, Pond was wearing a disguise with her hair covering her right eye, Pred then told her she looked "almost fuckable".
Los Santos Police Department
Sam Baas - Chief of Police 
Pond had her initial concerns about Sam Baas becoming Chief of Police, believing him to be too soft for the role. However, he proved her wrong and she grew to respect him as the Chief and began to see him as a friend. That changed when Jeffrey Bundy told Pond about Baas potentially ocean dumping Irwin Dundee. After that Pond confronted Baas about it and he denied any guilt sticking to his story. Pond now deeply distrusts Baas. She blames Baas for making Dundee who he is and believes that he is partially to blame for her torture. Their relationship has mended over time and now are on friendly terms.
Dwayne Carter - Corporal
After being made aware of a plea deal that was worked on for Ramee El-Rahman for a Terrorism charge that included 200k transfer into the SCU budget. Dwayne Carter thought it was wrong and began an investigation into the deal. The deal was worked on by Pond but due to Judge Alan Crane not agreeing with the terrorism charge and Den Shiesty leaking the video of the incident to Ramee, Pond decided to not push charges on Ramee. After talking to other parties involved like Crane, Jeffrey Bundy, and Sam Baas. Carter thought that there might be corruption at play. He asked Jenny Hall how to question Pond, she told him to not be aggressive. Carter tried to play it off like he wasn't interrogating Pond and was just asking questions, Pond caught on immediately and thought Carter was being snaky. She confronted him about it and he denied it. After the incident Pond thought very poorly of Carter.

After Carter realized that Pond thought poorly of him after the situation he has tried to remedy their relationship. Pond is one of the few people Carter has emotionally opened up to, every time he has opened up to her he makes her promise not to tell anyone that he has emotions.

Ruger Daniels - Senior Officer
Ruger Daniels and Pond ride together often, they work on both SCU investigations and general patrol together. As well as work colleges their close friends with Pond calling him "Rugie". After his breakup with Hanna Baker, Ruger stayed at Sexton Hardcastle trailer for a couple of weeks at the same time Pond was staying there often. After Pond broke up with Domenic Toretti and started a relationship with Hardcastle, She thought Ruger was acting weird and confronted him asking if he wanted to be on "the list", to which he said yes. Although Ruger was acting awkward around Pond, she didn't care all that much and started trying to wingman Ruger with multiple different women.

Relationships with Criminals and Gangs

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne
One day after processing Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne, Pond had a long conversation with her in the cells about why she shoots cops and is targeting people Pond considers close. Pond told her that she would rather Lizzie target her than Sexton Hardcastle and Domenic Toretti. After the conversation, they became friends and would often hang out off duty, metal detecting, or fishing. At that time they talked to each other about Byrne's past and Pond torture by Irwin Dundee. Pond hoped that her friendship with Lizzie could inspire her to stop her targeting cops. One day Lizzie shoot Matt Rhodes and admitted to Pond that it was a targeted attack, after the event Pond decided to cut off ties with Lizzie completely.

After Lizzie's kidnapping of Pond. Pond went to visit Lizzie in prison, where she was treated to go after any close to Lizzie and that if she ever managed to get out of prison she would stab her. She cut Lizzie's face with a switchblade, she was planning to do more but was interrupted by a phone call from Sexton Hardcastle who talked her out of it.

Sai Carter
Sai Carter has a crush on Pond and has often threatened to kill her on multiple occasions. He will often exchange favors like her wearing a dress for him pleading guilty to charges[9]. Once he turned himself in for an Officer-involved shooting warrant, also giving up the murder weapon in exchange for Pond processing him while wearing a dress and that she would be his "Pocket Pond". He was allowed to serve his time at a town hall meeting with Pond and since he has insisted that it counted as a date. After Elizabeth Byrne was sent to jail for serial assaults and killers after her kidnapping of Pond, Sai wanted to take revenge on the people involved which including Pond. Pond told Reed Dankleaf that Sai was involved in the kidnapping, which lead to Sai getting shotgunned and Reed told him that Pond was off-limits. Sai then chose to target the people around Pond as he did not want to anger the Lost MC. Since then Sai has joined the Lost MC, after Jeffrey Bundy informed Sai about Pond drug addiction he has continuously harassed her and Bloom over it.
Lost MC
Pond headed the investigation into the Lost during her MCD career. She now has a friendly relationship with most of the members. Once at the compound she was confronted about her likeness to a calendar girl to which she responded "got to pay for college somehow" confirming that it's her in the calendar. When members of the Lost were informed that Pond had been kidnapped by Elizabeth Byrne they joined in the search.
Reed Dankleaf
Reed calls Pond his "Old Lady". After her kidnapping by Byrne Pond told Reed that Sai Carter was involved in her kidnapping. Sai owns property in Sandy Shores which Reed then camped out and shotgunned Sai to the chest telling him that Pond was off-limits. Pond responded to the incident after Reed has left and picked up the evidence and threw it away.

When Pond considered quitting the PD Reed took a hostage and brought it to Paleto Pd demanding to have a date with Pond. The two of them along with Clarence Williams and a police escort went to the Yellow Jack and got drinks. Reed gave Pond a wedding ring and asked her to quit PD and be his Old Lady. After loads of staling Reed eventually tried to run out to escape the police, but was eventually caught.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Officer Officer.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #413 February 5th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Promoted to Senior Officer May 4th, 2021
Sergeant SergeantLSPD.png Promoted to Sergeant July 17th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Demoted to Senior Officer July 28th, 2021
Corporal CorporalLSPD.png Promoted to Corporal December 10th, 2021
Sergeant SergeantLSPD.png Promoted to Sergeant June 20th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer Appointed as Probationary Detective in the MCD May 11th, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer Promoted to Detective within the MCD May 25th, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Officer Probationary FTO Certified June 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer Promoted to Sergeant Detective; Appointed MCD Supervisor for EU June 23rd, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer Resigned from MCD July 2nd, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Senior Officer K9 Certified; Handler for River July 17th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Senior Officer K9 Decertified July 28th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Senior Officer Air Certified August 27th, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Officer FTO Certified August 29th, 2021
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Senior Officer Appointed as Detective in the SCU September 25th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Interceptor Cert.png Senior Officer Interceptor Certified October 19th, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Senior Officer Appointed as Investigator in the SRU October 19th, 2021
The Highwaymen Highwaymen Cert.png Senior Officer Joined the Highwaymen Unit November 28th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Charger Cert.png Corporal Interceptor Restructure; Charger only Access April 21st, 2022
Street Crimes Unit SCU Cert.png Corporal Promoted to Senior Detective April 25th, 2022
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Corporal FTI Certified May 2nd, 2022
Motorcycle Driver Motorcycle Cert.png Corporal Motorcycle Certified May 21st, 2022
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Corporal Flight FTO TBD



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