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You Can't Kill What's Already Dead.

Lil Cap is a character role-played by JayAitch.

General Information[]

Lil Cap, formerly known as Alex Söderberg, is a Patched Member of the Already Dead MC. He was a former Patched Member for the Bondi Boys MC and a Wu-Chang Records musical artist/rapper.


Lil Cap arrived in Los Santos from Sweden to make a new life for himself as a musical artist. The first person Lil Cap met in Los Santos was Rufus Dirte, a hobo who stole his shoes.

He first joined Wu Chang Records after playing Out The Mud at his audition, but after getting fired, founded his own label, Down Bad Records, which he co-owned with fellow musician Dick Chiclets.

As a solo criminal, Lil Cap was previously associated with many groups, including the IKEA Gang, The Stable, the Balbani Crime Family, Seaside, and The Mandem. He then joined the BBMC on the 29th of August 2022, and was Patched on the 23rd of May 2023. He remained a member until the club was RICO'd and dissolved by the government.

He rejoined Wu Chang on the 19th of Febuary, 2024, saying he had been out of the spotlight long and enough and it was time to reclaim it.


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Currently, Lil Cap is a freelance rapper/musical artist.

Previously, operated under Down Bad Records, Mandem Records, and Wu-Chang Records.


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Played By: JayAitch
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