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The building is bordered by Boulevard Del Perro, Dorset Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.

Interior Edit

Just inside the entrance to the building is a white locker, plant and the company's logo. Two signs to left warn visitors and personel that they are subject to search and forbidden to smoke. In the hallway there are six doors; four of them marked as Invader Zone, Yoga Zone, Tech Stop and Sweat Lounge.

On the second floor are QUB3D machines, a leather couch, bean bags and various posters, including "We want your data", "Time to dock around" and "Keep calm and carry on sharing". In the hallway are three doors marked as Invader Cafe, Imagineering Room and Free Thinking Tank.

Facebook Edit

The Lifeinvader Office for a short period of time was re-branded as Facebook before changing back.

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