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The Lexus LC500 is a car owned by Randy Bullet.

Vehicle Information

The Lexus LC500 is a one-off 2 seater coupé with a custom built Liberty Walk bodykit made for Randy Bullet by Eddie Marshall. The car has various custom liveries personally made for Randy with references to himself, Dodo, the UK, and Chang Gang.

This car is Randy's last resort when he is getting chased by cops.

Randy's ability to get away in this car has often caused concern that it might get nerfed, but Randy has argued that you could give the car to any other person in the city and see very different results.

He has not raced in it a whole lot, mostly due to the racing scene dying out, but after a few races he learned that the car does not handle bumps on the road very well. Eddie was notified and has looked into it.

Outside of racing and getting away from cops, the car has not seen a lot of use recently, as it only seats 2 people, and also has a loud engine that Randy thinks get in the way of conversations he may have in the car. It is still his pride and joy and he always enjoys taking it for a spin, regardless of it being impractical in day-to-day use.

Vehicle History

Date Cost Sold By Bought By License
October 2nd 2021 $1,550,000 + 3400 GNE (510k) Eddie Marshall Randy Bullet QUEENFKR