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Lexi Law is a character role-played by traycee

Background Information

Lexi is known for her work ethic and never giving up on something that she cares for. This is something that appears in both her loyalty to others in relationships and building business connections for herself and her family. She also is known for having a "crazy" side that comes out when she hits a certain point of stress in her life that manifests in "hunting trips" or stabbing sprees. The Angels have a running joke of not knowing if they let a potential serial killer into the group due to Lexi's manic actions.

Return to the City

When returning to the city Lexi still had the same drive for business that she had before she left and was determined to spread her threads throughout the city. Staying clean seemed to be her best bet to achieve success in the city and to help her family to her with her connections. She quickly started to work with her fellow Angel, Cassie, at both the Vanilla Unicorn and at the Vultur Lé Culturé gallery, since Cassie's return to the city lead to a breath of fresh air and a liking for business. After Cassie left the gallery to run the Casino and the VU shutting down, Lexi was left with more of the gallery to manage as her full time job.

A Dark Era Begins

Lexi has always been know for her signature bright and fun orange hairdos. This changed after her life had turned a corner and she felt that she needed to be taken more seriously, even citing that, "people were treating me like a child because of it." This dark turn in look and personality occurred after several parts of her life came to blows. First was her split from then boyfriend Flippy, after the two had grown apart due to Flippy's work. Flippy ended the relationship on the side of the road near Grapeseed, saying that, "I feel like I am not able to put as much into this as you are." Lexi left the car and walked into the mountains. The second part being a strained relationship with her family (Angels), but more specifically with Cassie. After her breakup, Claire met with Lexi on the side of the mountain to talk about everything. Lexi stated to Claire that Cassie had to choose if she takes her wings and that she felt she should leave the family. This lead to Claire telling Lexi that she could not give up and that everything would work out in the end, even saying, "you know how many times I wanted to leave the Angels? But I didn't." Following this conversation things were eventually settled between the family during late night conversations and their relationship slowly began to heal.

Lexi felt that after these two events and the added pressure from the new work load for the gallery, she would take a week long hunting vacation to reset her thoughts on everything. When she returned from this trip, she stated, "An angel never tells lies but a devil does." Her new look was a new shorter and darker hairdo and a much less forgiving attitude towards others that she didn't know or people that tried to play games with her. This also came with the willingness to commit crime, which was a shock to the family.


Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez

Lexi and Flippy have been friends for a while and have hung out often, as The Angels and Hydra Gang could often be seen rolling and working together. When Lexi returned to the city from Mexico with The Angels, Lexi and Flippy could be seen with each other off and on, hanging out with a mix of friends. As a joke among their friends, people stated to say that they were a couple, since Lexi's exboyfriend Cole was not around. When Cole came back to the city, Lexi officially broke ties with him. On a bet Lexi called Flippy one afternoon and asked if he would like to go on a date. The two went fishing together, which led to the two bonding. On their way back from the date, Lexi and Flippy ran into and were confronted by Cole, who had been trying to call Lexi during the date. During the confrontation Lexi admitted that she was on a date with Flippy. Later on while fishing with Alex and Violet, Flippy said the date was great even with the confrontation, which he thought was pretty funny thanks to Flocko. Flippy confirmed during the conversation that they were "official". After dating for a while, Flippy ran into his old flame Hilda and it made him think about not having time to commit to Lexi. Mario began to stir the pot with Vinny, and Mario ended up telling Susie that Flippy was thinking about ending his relationship with Lexi. Susie talked to Lexi about what was going on and Lexi went to talk to Flippy. Once together, Flippy told Lexi that he felt that he was not committing an equal amount to time as her and felt that it was not far to her that he wasn't. Lexi told him to pull over and walked into the mountains. Lexi said that she still likes Flippy and cares for him deeply, and would never want to hurt him.

Wolfgang Cole

Lexi and Cole were previously in a committed relationship. The two have been friends since their time with The Families in the Southside. After both parted ways with GFS and became independent criminals, they worked together with a group of friends to complete jobs. Cole was a person that always seemed to have Lexi's back and supported her, even giving her access to Dream Tower. After finding out that Lexi had secretly gone back to dating Vladimir Bogorov he was hurt and removed Lexi's keys from Dream. Lexi rebuilt some trust with Cole and her would run with her in the mornings before more Angels would wake up during the Angels and Russian war. After this Cole was imprisoned for the 9s on charges of terrorism and was taken aback by the news that Lexi was getting an arranged marriage to the Lost MC member Wade Wilson. This caused him to request Lexi to leave her keys to Dream at the prison. After some thinking and being released from prison, Cole decide to forgive Lexi and granted her access to Dream again while he would stay in Sandy Shores. When dropping Cole off in Sandy, Lexi asked if they could try to have a relationship. Due to Cole being on the run for a unforeseen length of time, the two decided to mutually end their relationship.

Andi Jones

Lexi and Andi have been close friends for awhile. They've always deeply cared for each other, even when they began to separate due to being in opposing gangs. Lexi was nearly always there when the Chicken Man came around, and when trouble has popped up and threatened Andi's life, she has been quick to defend her.

Tommy Tate

Tommy Tate and Lexi Law came in contact during an event at Vultur Lé Culturé. Adam, who worked under Lexi, introduced them to each other. Since then, Lexi and Tommy have a great relationship, where Lexi would allow Tommy to borrow her Penumbra for racing. There has been a term which is thrown around between them which is *Pussy and Pizza*. Lexi recently confirmed that she did have *Pizza* with Tommy. Tommy has said that he would like to do a job with the Angels. While Lexi was fishing with her friends, Tommy dropped off some surprise gifts for her and said that he wanted to try something new. Those gifts were whipped cream and handcuffs. Tommy said that the whipped cream was about to expire, and Lexi told him that it would get used later that night. Tommy also discussed some business ideas with her.