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Lewis Collins is a character role-played by ValkyrionRP.

General Description

Lewis Collins is a Deputy for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #398.

Physical Description

Lewis is a Caucasian male, standing at 6'1" and weighing 187lbs. He looks slender and thin, but he can definitely pack a punch when needed to.

Usually wearing black clothing, he feels the need to wear either short-sleeve shirts or permanently rolls up his sleeves to be able to show his tattoos off.


Whilst coming across as brash and blunt when people first meet Lewis, he's known to be incredibly caring for those he's close with. He does his best to understand people, and makes an effort to get on with everyone he can.

However, there's a part of Lewis that is brutal and ruthless, and won't hesitate to confront people, especially those that try and one up him or try and get in the way of his dreams of becoming an officer.


Born in Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent to a Police Officer and a member of the county council, Lewis was born into a life of law. From as soon as he was able to talk, he looked up to his father in the Metropolitan Police Service and it became his life dream to become a police officer in London, helping his dad with catching criminals across the city.

Fast forward to Lewis' 18th birthday, and having finally passed the Met Police Training in Hendon, he finally became a full time constable. Working with his father, he rose to the rank of Sergeant after 7 months due to his incredible crime solving skills, and being granted a detective role in the MPS. Not long after the promotion, Lewis' father decided to move to Austin, Texas, wanting a new thrill in life. 9 months into working for the Austin Police Department, Paul was caught in a fatal shooting between the police and a lone gunman in Montopolis, driving Lewis to retire from the MPS and deal with his grief.

Nearly 2 years after the shooting, after 2 years of alcohol abuse and intense therapy, Lewis decided move away from London, purchasing a one way ticket to Los Santos in hopes that he can follow in his fathers footsteps by working for the BCSO.

Working for the PD

During Lewis' first 3 days in the city, he was hired by Willy Glory as a parking attendant for the PD on 05/12/21, working at MRPD dealing with shared vehicles going in and out of the garage.

Through his time working at the PD, Lewis has started many different friendships with previous Parking Attendants and other officers, mainly Jaden Bane, Kevin Keyte, Kyle Pred, Tessa Lamb and Lea Nova to name just a few.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Unified Police Department

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #582 August 21st, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetBCSO.png Solo Certified by Sam Baas; Badge #682 September 29th, 2021
SoloCadetPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Promoted to Deputy; Badge #398 January 15th, 2022
SWAT Cert.png SWAT Certified January 16th, 2022
Interceptor Cert.png Interceptor Certified March 28th, 2022
SRU Cert.png Appointed as a Pursuit Driver in the SRU
Charger Cert.png Interceptor Restructure; Charger Access April 21st, 2022

Angelic Towing

Rank Note Date
Lot Attendant Hired as a Lot Attendant May 12th, 2021
Transferred to the BCSO August 21st, 2021

Played By: ValkyrionRP
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