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Leon 'LJ' Johnson is played by LJHUNCHO


Leon ‘LJ’ Johnson is a was born in Maroon Town, Jamaica (25th February 1998) and was raised there till the age of 16, until he and his parents then moved to London, England as his Father (Isaiah Johnson) landed a new job as an Engineer. Leon was a very intelligent kid coming from a father that was an Engineer and also mother who was Doctor. His life in Jamaica & England was smooth sailing, he had a good relationship with his parents and he had big ambitions too. Until it came to a harsh halt when he later lost his parents (At age 19) to crossfire during a drive-by done by a gang from the rival neighborhood. They were driving home from enjoying a family meal out in the city when bullets came ripping through the car. Instantly killing his Dad and leaving his Mum to bleed out to death before paramedics could make it to the crime scene. All due to misidentification. Witnessing this tragic event left Leon with an unorthodox way of expressing himself (Not being able to open up to people about his stress and inner pain) and his emotions (Becoming numb to death). Having no family and no means of money, Leon chose to seek that family bond within his friends and OG’s in his 'hood, as they were the only people he felt some what comfortable around after losing his parents.

Due to this Leon found himself and his friends rolling with the older set in his ‘hood, as they were tall and very strong for their age. Over time he became highly respected by them and he began playing a key role in county lines operations with the older set to help him make some quick cash by transporting and selling large amounts of narcotics around London and also between different cities neighbouring London. Around this time Leon was also writing rap/drill songs about how he makes money, his upbringing and also his life experiences. This led him to developing a strong passion in music, as this was a way he could freely express himself, his life and his emotions. All his friends and locals in his town would tell him to take music seriously but Leon found it very hard to detach himself from his new "family" and also the illegal business, he was part of.

2 years after the death of his parents, Leon got a lead from one of the OG’s he and his set worked and deals for, about the 3 men who were involved in his parent's deaths and their government names. Leon wanted revenge. He spent the next 6 months after that planning his way to avenge his parents and flee the country to avoid life in prison. After finding out that they would be celebrating one of their birthdays at a club in Soho through a burner account on Facebook. He struck up a great plan to tail them back to their house, break entry and kill his targets, then flee to the airport with a pre-booked ticket to Los Santos, for good. With the use of a fully-loaded handgun and a Machete, Leon ‘LJ’ Johnson carried out his brutal revenge-attack plan… Killing all 3 men, laughing with joy and relief about avenging his parents on his way out.