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DJ Leo Hayes is a character role-played by BrettGambit.

Leos background

Leo Hayes is the hottest DJ in the underground European rave scene.

Leo made millions being a venture capitalist. After financial success, he wanted to have other "successes" in his life. His next goal was to become musically successful. Leo focused on musical endeavors and won several "European Underground Awards" due to his involvement in the Underground European rave scene.

After his second success he decided to donate all of his money to a European charity and moved to Los Santos to prove he can do it again.


DJ Leo is a part-time employee at Burger Shot.

Leo's money is quickly spent due to his bad gambling addiction and giving other's money to help achieve their dreams. While off the clock, he hangs out with his friend Hubcap Jones and attends his concerts at Dean World.

DJ Leo's Game

Leo asks Burger Shot customers if they want to play a game. The game is located in the Burger Shot parking lot during the day. The game follows a rule-set and never diverges from it.

Miscellaneous Info

  • Reginald and Leo made out at Burger Shot while Leo was passed out
  • Uses his car infrequently. He steals BMX bikes for transportation


  • "Hey baby!"
  • "Hey baby! Wanna play a game?"