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Lenny Large is a character role-played by Juggs.


Lenny used to be a full time employee at Burger Shot. He is compassionate loyal worker who once went above and beyond to "Eat a burger and don't do murder" #dab. Lenny enjoys driving his car in his spare time and is an avid car show enthusiast.

Lenny also happens to be very talented, a musical genius. He has performed jazz piano for Italians such as Humberto Antonio "Don" Donato Pecorino, Tony, Nino, and Lang. He then also played his personally made theme song for them. Thus causing him to be scouted by the Italians to come work for them at their restaurant. Although, Lenny refused due to his loyalty to Burger Shot.


Lenny is an overweight, 6'2" ft tall black male. He is often seen wearing a simple short-sleeved white button up, jeans, black shoes, and black tinted sunglasses.

After getting fired from Burger Shot, Lenny has been exploring his clothes options more. He can be seen wearing a maroon or grey hoodie with jeans and an alien cap at times.

Lenny is rarely seen without his black tinted sunglasses.


Lenny is extremely passionate, loyal, and devoted. He is often seen putting himself in danger to save and help his friends. He is a bit of a womaniser and can be flirtatious towards women and often makes people uncomfortable because of this. He likes to show off his "The Black Mamba Pushup". Lenny is very easy to get along with and is usually friendly towards everyone he meets.

In serious situations, Lenny can be observed being very careful and clever. A contradiction to his at times flamboyant behaviour around his friends.

Lenny is also often forgetful towards situations where people hurt him and he wanted to get revenge but then forgets about the situation and getting revenge a few minutes later. He struggles to make decent friends and is often betrayed by the friends he does have, or forgotten and left out from doing group activities. Lenny seems to be unaware of his selflessness towards other people and not getting much in return.

He enjoys being around people but doesn't mind to do things solo. Lenny is very quiet and calm when he is by himself.

In general, Lenny has a very calm and humorous demeanour.


Lenny grew up in an abusive household where his father constantly verbally abused him, in which caused Lenny to develop speaking and talking about himself in third-person.

Recently, Lenny has created a small, secretive, developing organisation called "The High Society". Their main motive is growing, collecting, and selling weed. He is one of the original founders of this organisation. The organisation lasted for a few weeks before disbanding.

Burger Shot
Lenny is one of the first employees of the restaurant along with Kevin Whipaloo, Shelly Smith, Sheldon Jones, Robert Spowylamywanowski, Pilbis Shonly, and Ai Musori. They soon became family, with Lenny and Robert brewing a friendly rivalry.

Because Lenny was motivated to be loyal to his company, he has had mostly dealt with countless harassment at the establishment firsthand. From murders at the parking lot, burglaries, to suspecting co-workers, attempted assassinations by rival restaurants , human meat rumours, and even fast-food terrorists. After reporting often to the manager, Kevin, he was promoted as the assistant to the regional manager. Lenny was at top of the world when he was also chosen to be wedded to the manager of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club in strictly business marriage (with the Vanilla Unicorn offering security for Burger Shot). While an honest civilian, Lenny also was one of the instigators of the human meat rumours from Burger Shot, with his boss telling him to keep it secret.

Things ran smoothly for Lenny until he was suddenly fired by the owner and then CEO Dean Watson, with his word being that his firing was an effect of a restructure of the company roster and because Kevin left the city for a vacation. Grudgingly accepting a low ranked position as a rehire, a salty Lenny found himself demotivated working, edging closer to doing criminal activities with new and old friends and going off to street racing, all while reaching for a sliver of hope of returning as a manager. Lenny then revealed the human meat news to the new CEO Cassie Cupcake and newly promoted daytime managers Shelly Smith and Sheldon Jones, seeing the writing on the wall. A month later, Lenny was fired by Shelly for the reason that he was only found street racing.

Saving Meg
Meg Kyracruz, Lenny's wife, was kidnapped by the Nudist Cult when she voluntarily went in and went quiet. A worried Lenny observed the Nudist Cult from afar and saw the cult shooting at his wife. Lenny hurried and rushed in, shot most of the cultist with the help of police and rescued his wife.
Flight School
Lenny is attending AirX Flight School. Undergoing lessons to receive his flight licence by flight instructor Bryce Miller.

Not much else is known about Lenny's background or how he ended up in Los Santos.


  • Former manager and employee at Burger Shot
  • Formerly selling weed / weed farming
  • Selling oxycodone
  • Robbing houses



  • Meg Kyracruz (wife)
  • Zelaya Rodrigo (prison wife)
  • Kenny (chaotic twin bother)
  • 16 adopted kids (names unmentioned)
  • 17 kids (names unmentioned)


  • Ash Ketchup - Ash is Lenny's most trustworthy friend. They did most crimes together, and are each other's "step-siblings". They are often together when their friendship slowly started to sour when Ash did not help Lenny when he needed help being chased by cops.
  • Yuno Sykk - Back when Lenny used to work at Burger Shot, he gave Yuno free burgers and drinks. Yuno contacts Lenny at times for help with house robberies. Recently, Yuno helped Lenny rob a bank by being his hacker and they got away successfully with Ash and Malakai. Yuno gets quit uncomfortable with Lenny's flirtation towards women, but tries his best to be Lenny's wing-man.
  • April Fooze - Lenny spent the day with April and they slowly became close after, Lenny did not attend April's birthday despite being invited. He made it up to her by playing her a David Bowie song on the piano.
  • Four Tee - After doing crime with Four Tee, Lenny was honored by being Four Tee's number 29. Making him one of the first people that she chose herself without having the friend kill someone for her friendship.
  • Ray Mond - Their friendship started to develop after a brief miscommunication about playing the piano (Ray thinking Lenny meant it as a sexual endearment/flirtation), Lenny and Ray began to slowly bond over Lenny actually knowing how to play the piano. He played "Mission Impossible" for her. She began to call Lenny her "Bestie" and later on, went mountain biking with Yuno and April.
  • Peter Shufflebottom - They met when Peter called for a taxi and Lenny came to pick him up. They bonded over their drive and Lenny found out that Peter didn't have a job or many friends. Lenny took Peter under his wing and after a successful house robbery and getaway from the cops Peter became Lenny's protégé. Peter then loaded a cow into a truck and took it to Burger Shot which impressed Lenny even more as it was notoriously difficult to do so. They then did a bank robbery where Peter played the hostage. Afterwards, Peter was confronted by Lenny's boss and after not snitching he was welcomed into the business.


List of acquaintances
List of acquaintances (not finished/some missing)


  • Mel Rickenbacker (temporarily) - Yuno called Lenny to come help him at the Pier, and when Lenny arrived shortly after Mel shot Lenny after he tried to protect Yuno by unsuccessfully shooting at Mel.
  • Cleanbois (temporarily) - After stealing seeds from a farm Lenny didn't know belonged to the Cleanbois.
  • Shelly Smith - Lenny believes he was unfairly fired from Burger Shot by Shelly and holds animosity towards her and Burger Shot.
  • Burger Shot

The High Society

An organisation started by Lenny, Jeffrey, and Dimitri with the intention of growing, collecting, and selling weed. The group fell apart slowly after a few weeks. The group slowly started losing motivation to grow weed with each other.

Former Members


Quotes by Lenny:
  • Lenny is Lenny.
  • A A A A A A A A A
  • Love you.
  • (Lenny on the phone) Love you... Lov-Love you! SAY IT BACK! SAY IT BA- WHY DOES NO ONE SAY IT BACK!
  • That was SO hot.
  • She is SO sexy.
  • We smashed.
  • You're teasing me, you're teasing me! Let's get out of here before things get too frisky!
  • April, April! Don't motorboat Lenny like that, baby!
  • Lenny has a huge asshole.
  • It's groovy baby!
  • Don't push on Lenny's stom- *farts*
  • Look at Lenny's feet.


Fun facts:
  • Lenny often refers to himself in third person due to his abusive childhood. Lenny's father often berated Lenny and told him he would be a nobody and he is easily forgettable. Lenny decided from childhood that he would never be forgotten, and that his name will be remembered. Lenny started referring to himself in third person.
  • Lenny was a manager at Burger Shot, then he got fired, then he was rehired as a full-time employee, then got fired again by Burger Shot manager Shelly Smith. Lenny feels strong resentment towards Burger Shot for firing him.
  • Lenny is a loyal friend and does what he can to help his friends when they are in danger.
  • He has a habit of doing illegal car racing.
  • Despite being married, Lenny has a tendency to be extremely flirtatious with most females he encounters.
  • Lenny gets upset when people do not say "Love you" back to him when ending phone calls. #SayItBack
  • Lenny is currently thinking about losing weight because clothes do not fit him, and changing his name to "Lenny Small".
  • Lenny wants to start a family.
  • He used to grow weed in his spare time with Dimitri.
  • He is actively working on a new single "dissing" Burger Shot.
  • Lenny and a few others were kidnapped to participate in the Hunger Games.
  • When Lenny is nervous or if he is being carried, he has a habit of farting during the process.
  • If Lenny is wearing certain outfits, he turns into "Skinny Lenny".
  • Lenny enjoys being 'pegged' by his wife.
  • Lenny lost his balls when Twatch took them away from him April 7th, 2021. The following days, on April 12th, Lenny found his "Balls Deep" when Twatch returned his balls to him.



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