Lee Keybum is a character role-played by SwampySauceGaming.

General Description

Lee Keybum is a new face to the city, He hasn't really made a name for himself YET, but is trying to work his way up the ladder in the criminal underworld. For the time being Lee is working as a tow-truck driver / sanitation man in between his illegal activity. He is saving up to buy a competitive car he can join the racing scene with. Being a garbageman got him enough money to buy his own tow truck, now maybe towing cars will pay him better then running trash.

Maybe it's time for Lee to step-up his criminal game and join the big boys.

One day in the future Lee hopes to build his own empire off of weed and maybe even open a dispensary, but for now it's just one day at a time.

Physical Description

Lee Keybum is a 28 year-old male with medium length brown / dirty blonde hair (almost always covered by a black beanie) and he has a short length beard. Lee has blue eyes.

Lee has multiple tattoos; including a full sleeve on his left arm of skulls in the "See/Speak/Hear No Evil" poses, a cartoon spraycan on his right forearm, a $ on his neck, a small guy smoking on his right leg, also a portrait of a woman embracing a skeleton that is holding an AK-47 on his back.

Lee is usually found wearing his black beanie, a leather jacket with a alien T-shirt underneath, skinny jeans and a pair of "Timberland" style boots. He is also known to trade the leather jacket for a safety reflector vest when doing sanitation work.


Lee Keybum was born in a small village high up in the Wudang mountains in China. As a child Lee's Father (being a great samurai that guarded the village) would train Lee each night, in the hopes that Lee would take up his place when he got too old and would guard the village just as all the men in his family had done now for generations. Each night Lee's father taught him how to use a sword & how to out think his foe. Always clashing swords, slashing targets, running/jumping and fighting, wishing to become a great warrior like his father, grandfather and ancestors. He practices night and day for years until he sees himself become almost as good as the characters from his anime movies. Unfortunately, these skills are going to be put to the test sooner then Lee knows. Going back as far as the village elders can remember, a legend has been foretold. They speak tales that one day a horrible dark fog or mist will pass over the mountains and turn all the people of the village into rage filled beasts. One night after his mother had made dinner Lee was outside with his father, training as always when he noticed a creeping dark spot heading towards the next village over and slowly moving from the next village over towards his own village. "FATHER!" Lee shouted and pointed in the direction of the dark fog / mist (faint screams were starting to echo over the hills now) "This CAN'T be what I think it is, is it?!" "Yes, son." His father sorrowfully replied. "The elders vision has come true." (just then a loud explosion was heard from the next village over. The screams get louder and small fires are starting to glow in the distance) "you MUST get out of here my son. We both know how this will end. The next village over is already too late to save and we are next." I'll stay and try to protect the village from whatever happens for as long as I can, you need to take your mother and LEAVE this place! NOW!"

Lee starts to tell his father "NO!, I can't! I won't leave you to fight alo-" His father cuts him off " WE DON'T HAVE TIME!" ... " I love you son, take your mother and leave this place. Find a better life for yourself and her. I will always be in your heart." With those last words, his father drew his sword and ran towards the darkness. That was the last Lee ever saw of his father. Lee turned around and ran for the house as fast as he could. He told his mother what he and his father had seen and what his father had said to him before charging into the darkness, they both grabbed what they could carry and on his way out the door of the family home for the last time Lee grabbed his grandfathers sword for protection. He and his mother took off into the night and headed for the big city. Once they got to the city they headed to the airport and caught the first flight out of China, it was headed for Canada.

After a few months of safely living free of what happened in the village back home Lee knew he had to figure out what happened. Where did that awful fog of darkness that turned men into raging beasts come from? What became of his father? So he is headed to the "Big City" (Los Santos) in hopes of finding someone who may know anything about supernatural things and or curses to maybe find out what happened to his father and village back home.

Until then he will try to make some money to feed himself and some to send back home to his mother to keep her comfortable.

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