Leah Strong is a character role-played by Lovinurstyle.

General Description

Leah's left Los Santos lost and looking for direction. After losing her Business "Fast Lane," she went off to college to complete her Masters degree in Business Administration. Previously always being too busy and putting it off, now with a lot more free time, it seemed like the best time to do so.


Leah started her story in NoPixel 2.0 as a tow driver and PDM salesperson. After successfully progressing to CEO of both BBC and Fast Lane Imports in 2.0, Leah is starting her 3.0 career running the upstart Fast Loans lending company which provides loans for vehicle purchases in the city. She also does some towing and gambling on the side. Stay tuned to see Leah's progression in the city...


Leah Strong is a character role-played by Lovinurstyle.


Leah Strong is the CEO of Bad Boy Customs and the NEW owner of Fast Lane. She spends most of her time as the acting manager/CEO at BBC and Fast Lane. Overseeing new car imports and looking over aftermarket a installed by Bad Boy Customs mechanics. Hiring new Delivery/Tow Drivers and managing the accounts for the company. In her free time, she enjoys taking photographs for Weazel News and for pleasure. Early on she purchased an office on Vinewood Blvd.

As acting CEO and Bussiness owner of BBC and FL Leah has to manage her time wisely and does so with the help of her team. She has over 25+civilian employees at BBC and plans to give them opportunities for advancement and work at FL and PDM. When Allen offered the Assistant manager job to Leah at PDM he gave her the confirmation that she could bring in those employees from BBC that she felt had what it took for the repo department at PDM.


Leah Moments

Tony calls Leah's boss Saab to get a discount car at PDM.

Leah gets the Manager position at Bad Boy Customs

Allen promotes Leah at PDM to Asst. Manager <3

Played By: Lovinurstyle
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