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Lauren Forcer was a character role-played by Kiwo.

General Description

Lauren Forcer is a Deputy for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #344.

She was previously an Agent for the Federal Investigation Bureau, Badge #004, as well as previously a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #440.

Prior to her transfer to the LSPD, she was a Senior Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #344. While employed by the BCSO, she also worked part-time at the Vanilla Unicorn, until the Joint Task Force requested that she quit for Kira Light's safety.

Physical Description

Lauren is a 37 -year-old caucasian female with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is usually in a ponytail, but will occasionally wear it down while off-duty.

She has a very defining scar over the right side of her face, due to a point-blank blast from a shotgun, fired at her during a hostage situation.

Background Information

Formerly the "Assistant to the Commissioner" to Francis J Francer in Silverlake; she lost her job when the new Commissioner realized Lauren didn't actually do anything. Wanting to prove to herself that she could be a capable cop, she applied to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.


Romantic Relationships

Johnny Divine

Johnny Divine and Lauren have been together for two years. They recently returned to Los Santos after a two year-long vacation in Vice City.

Divine proposed to Lauren on April, 8th 2021 and the two married on May, 10th 2021.

Working Relationships

Blaine County Sheriff's Office

Travis Tribble

Travis Tribble is a father figure to Lauren. She acts as his personal caretaker.

Jenny Hall

Jenny Hall and Lauren are very much alike. Although their initial relationship was abrasive, over time it has grown and the two appear to respect each other. They frequently express their concerns and frustrations with one another.

Richard Dark

Richard Dark is Lauren's best friend. They studied and went to academy together.

San Andreas State Police

Jackie Snow

Jackie Snow is like a brother to Lauren. She has great admiration for him, and takes both his praise and criticism to heart.

In a postcard sent to Snow during her vacation in Vice City, Lauren referred to herself as his “annoying little sister that you always have to save.”

Other Relationships

Denzel Williams

Denzel Williams and Lauren have a long history together. Denzel shotgunned half her face off during a hostage situation, severed her pinky, blew her up with C4 and murdered two of her partners.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Government Restructure; Badge #344 February 5th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Senior Deputy May 21st, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Transferred to the LSPD; Badge #440 July 26th, 2021
Officer Officer.png Demoted to Officer due to Inactivity October 18th, 2021
Officer Officer.png Resigned from the LSPD October 20th, 2021
Agent - Invited into the FIB; Badge #004 November 13th, 2021
Agent - Resigned from the FIB November 27th, 2021
Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Hired to the PBSO; Badge #344 June 28th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Deputy Appointed as Detective in the MCD March 3rd, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Deputy Promoted to Sergeant Detective within the MCD; Supervisor for EU April 19th, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Deputy FTO Certified May 18th, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Deputy Resigned from the MCD June 19th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Senior Officer Air Certified August 2nd, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Officer FTO Decertified October 20th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Officer Air Decertified October 20th, 2021

Major Events

Bid for Major Crimes Supervisor

Prior to the startup of the Major Crimes Division, Forcer had begun to act as an investigation supervisor in an effort to prove that she could lead an investigation department. She spent her first few weeks back in the city, having returned from a two year hiatus to Vice City with Johnny Divine, writing a proposal for a homicide department, as she also curated an investigation board which tracked every ongoing violent crime investigation.

Her first setback came on February 25th, 2021, when the Major Crimes Division was introduced with only one head, her partner Divine. Many people, including Forcer, were underwhelmed by this, as they had expected a division with multiple departments and a hierarchy; instead, the division initially had little to no structure whatsoever. Following this, Forcer was both notably discouraged to do any investigative work, while also struggling to internalize that her partner, Divine, had been chosen over her for the job. This was exasperated by a torrent of workplace harassment, where she was openly mocked for it by several of her peers. Over the next week, Forcer became more and more accepting of Divine's promotion, with the relationship between the two returning back to normal just prior to Forcer being added to MCD as a detective on March 3rd.

Over the next few weeks, Divine made it apparent that he wanted Forcer to be a supervisor for MCD. He approached Jackie Snow and asked whether he would write a letter of recommendation for making Forcer an MCD supervisor, with Jackie Snow agreeing to do so. Around this time, Forcer took a leave of absence from March 10th until March 17th, with the given reason being workplace harassment causing her to feel unsafe on the job. Shortly after her return to duty, she had a minor disagreement with Snow, which was cleared up shortly after. This was when Snow revealed to Forcer that he was writing this letter of recommendation, making a potential MCD supervisor role seem much more likely to her.

On March 18th, there was an MCD meeting. During this meeting, the division was further subdivided into three units, with each unit having a supervisor. While it seemed likely that Forcer would be the supervisor for the Violent Crimes Unit, the position ultimately went to Jenny Hall instead.

Major Crimes Division Autonomy

On April 18th, 2021, alongside the appointment of the new Sheriff, Kyle Pred, both the Personnel and Training Division and the Major Crimes Division were granted autonomy to be run by their respective leaders without interference from the command staff of either the Los Santos Police Department or the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

On April 19th, 2021, Johnny Divine approached Forcer, his fiance, for a discussion within the Mission Row Police Department. He offered her the Violent Crimes unit supervisor position within MCD, a position at the time held by Jenny Hall. If she accepted, Hall would keep her rank of "Senior Detective" and she would be promoted above Hall to "Sergeant Detective", resulting in Hall losing her supervisor role. He also claimed that Sheriff Pred had approved this beforehand. Forcer's immediate response was that she wasn't comfortable taking the supervisor position from Hall, as she herself hadn't investigated anything in over a month and Hall had recently lost her run for Sheriff of the BCSO.

"I don't want her at the supervisor role; she was never my choice."
- Divine on Hall as an MCD supervisor

Divine went further to state that he wouldn't be keeping Hall as a supervisor regardless. After this brief discussion, Forcer agreed to meet again later in the day with Sheriff Pred.

Forcer confided in several people about this impending decision throughout the day. Both Matthew Espinoz and Jackie Snow urged her to speak with Hall prior to officially accepting the supervisor promotion.

Forcer then approached Divine and stated that she wanted Hall spoken to before she would accept the supervisor promotion, which Divine stated he would do through email. Forcer still wasn't entirely convinced, as she and Divine argued back and forth on it.

"Even though you fully deserved it and you earned it. She never turned down the position. She never came to you to speak about accepting it."
- Divine on Hall accepting the MCD Supervisor position over Forcer

This conversation ended with Forcer stating that she'd take the supervisor promotion on one condition: she needed Hall's blessing on it.

Later that day, Forcer once again met to speak with Divine. She initially requested to be put as the temporary supervisor for the Violent Crimes unit, at the rank of "Senior Detective". Upon further insistence from Divine that he would take care of Hall, Forcer finally accepted the supervisor promotion to "Sergeant Detective". Only moments later, Hall herself called Forcer, both urging her to accept the supervisor promotion and wishing her luck with it.

"Congratulations, Sergeant"
- Hall to Forcer during the phone call

As Forcer was speaking with Hall on the phone, Divine was speaking with Sheriff Pred on the phone as well. It soon became apparent that Divine had made a false assumption: he thought that Sheriff Pred approving the promotion of Forcer to "Sergeant Detective" also meant that she would be given the patrol rank of Sergeant within the BCSO. Divine had already stated multiple times to Forcer even that she would be promoted to Sergeant of the BCSO if she were to accept the supervisor promotion, which Sheriff Pred now refused.

This phone call quickly led to an in-person meeting, where tempers flared. Sheriff Pred didn't see a valid reason for MCD's internal ranking structure to have any bearing on the patrol rank of its members, as Divine tried to hang the prospect of his own transfer from LSPD to BCSO over Sheriff Pred's head. Sheriff Pred didn't waver, stating firmly that the BCSO wouldn't recognize Forcer as a Sergeant within its ranks. After this conversation ended, Forcer formally accepted the role of supervisor, as a "Sergeant Detective", for MCD, even though she wouldn't have the patrol rank within the BCSO to match it.

It was later revealed to Forcer that Divine gave Hall no option but to step down from her supervisor position within MCD, with Divine outright stating within the email to Hall that she wasn't his pick for the supervisor position in the first place. On May 26th, 2021, Hall relayed this information to Sheriff Pred and Undersheriff Rhodes during a private meeting, further deteriorating Sheriff Pred's opinion of MCD.

Eighth Amendment - Forcer’s Law

Serial Assault and Killings

Any individual who commits the offense of Attempted 1st Degree Murder on three or more separate occasions, with each attack showing premeditation or clear intent occurring in separate events at different times, and sharing common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors, may be subject to penalty up to and including life imprisonment or the death penalty.



Played By: Kiwo

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Played By: Kiwo

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