Lauren Forcer is a BCSO Deputy. Badge #344. She is role played by Kiwo.

Background Edit

The former Assistant (to the) Commissioner of Silverlake, Francis J. Francer, but lost her job when the new commissioner realized she didn't actually do anything. She wanted to prove herself as a capable cop so she applied to the Los Santos Police Department.

Present Day Edit

On September 9th, 2019 Lauren was cleared for solo patrol.

She has recently started therapy with Dr. Serge Cross after witnessing the death of her fellow officer Tony Tiger.

Lauren was one of the Officers who gunned down Damian Frost after he took Angel hostage which resulted in his death. He was the first person she ever shot on duty.

As of September 25, 2019, Lauren became a member of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office after having to deal with multiple frustrations during her time in the LSPD

On October 1, 2019, Lauren was promoted to full deputy of the BCSO, becoming the callsign #344 after recommendation of SASP Trooper Tony Andrews.

Relationships Edit

Travis Tribble Edit

Coop Holliday Edit

Lauren and Coop are sex buddies that like to take turns in the bedroom. Lauren has stated there are no feelings involved but has asked for keys to his house.

Emily Reinhart Edit

Reinhart helped Lauren deal with her anxiety and panic attacks during academy. Afterwards Reinhart invited her to move in and the two became roommates.

Kael Soze Edit

Matt Rhodes Edit

Patrick Down Edit

Lauren's original sex buddy. Patrick and her were quick to hook up despite their supposed dislike for one another.

Richard Dark Edit

Richard and Lauren met when they were still applicants and instantly became friends. Richard has since then been a shoulder for Lauren to lean on.

Rocko Colombo Edit

Colombo has shown to be caring and supportive towards Lauren even with his stern personality. She has on multiple occasions referred to him as "BCSO Dad."

Vladimir Raven Edit

Despite their awkward first interaction, Raven and Lauren quickly bonded over alcohol, sex toys and a court case involving a bear.

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Lauren Moments Edit

Lauren gets accepted as a Cadet

Lauren sends it

Meteor Lauren

New haircut part I

New haircut part II

Lauren is "Saved"


"Bovice is behind us"

Lauren transfers to BCSO

Surprise final eval

Lauren gets promoted to Deputy

Quotes Edit

"Hey, hi, how are ya?"

"I got shot!"



"I'm gonna fucking die!"

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