Lauren Forcer is a character role-played by Kiwo.

Background Information Edit

Lauren Forcer is a Deputy for the BCSO, Badge #344.

Formerly the "Assistant to the Commissioner" to Francis J. Francer in Silverlake; she lost her job when the new Commissioner realized Lauren didn't actually do anything. Wanting to prove to herself that she could be a capable cop, she applied to the Los Santos Police Department.

Present Day Edit

Lauren started therapy with Serge Cross after witnessing the death of her fellow officer, Tony Tiger.

She was one of the officers who gunned down Damian Frost after he took Angel hostage - resulting in his death. He was the first person she ever shot while on duty.

Recent Events Edit

On November 26th, 2019, Forcer ran after a suspect leaving a shootout, Denzel Williams, into the water canals. After tackling him once, Denzel ran for the deeper water. Upon her final attempt to detain him, he turned around and pulled a shotgun to her.


Denzel asked her to drop her weapons in the water - he didn't want to shoot her, or take anything from her; he just wanted free passage. His demands were clear; as long as the police didn't shoot at him, he wouldn't blast Forcer with the shotgun. Denzel asked Forcer to relay his request on the police radio frequency to her fellow officers.

Unfortunately, all of the officers had changed frequencies during the situation, as to not have their channel compromised. Forcer attempted to explain this to Denzel, however, mid-sentence, a cop car could be heard driving by, and shots were heard firing toward their location. Denzel aimed the shotgun at Lauren's head - "I'm so sorry, Forcer, alright? I'm sorry; it's nothing personal." [1]

Aftermath Edit


Lauren was immediately rushed to Pillbox for emergency treatment; undergoing intensive reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for the damage inflicted to her face and skull.

While the surgeons were able to save her life, Lauren now has a very large facial scar from the shotgun blast damage. Though the scar is likely to never heal completely, Lauren maintains physical confidence, as it gives her character in her appearance.

Mikey's Death Edit

Lauren has been struggling after the death of Mikey Dias (November 30th, 2019). She regrets the fact that she never let him in, or gave him a proper chance and return his romantic feelings. Lauren has started wearing his old jacket as a rememberance, and has pledged to be a stronger person, as a promise to Dias.

Dias left Lauren a letter the morning of his death, questioning her about their relationship situation. He asked if he should just let it go, or hold on to something that wasn't there. Dias also noted that he missed her, and hoped to talk to her soon. Lauren found the letter when she returned to their home with Hedi; following their visit to the morgue for their final goodbye to Dias.

Mikey Dias Last Letter to Lauren

Mikey Dias Last Letter to Lauren


Momentous Dates Within PD Edit

  • August 14th, 2019 - Accepted to LSPD as a cadet. [1]
  • September 9th, 2019 - Cleared for solo patrol.
  • September 25, 2019 - Transferred to BCSO after multiple frustrations during her time in the LSPD. [2]
  • September 30, 2019 - Had a surprise final eval in the form of leading a raid on Outto Tune Tyrone. [3]
  • October 1, 2019 - Promoted to full Deputy of BCSO, by recommendation of SASP Trooper Tony Andrews. [4]

Relationships Edit

Blaine County Sheriff's Office Edit

Travis Tribble Edit

Tribble and Lauren seem to have a parental-like relationship. Tribble makes her drive him around, and she feels comfortable enough to talk to him about a lot of things. After asking him, Lauren is now his Assistant (to the) Sheriff.

Rocko Colombo Edit

Colombo has shown to be caring and supportive towards Lauren, even with his stern personality. She has on multiple occasions referred to him as "BCSO Dad."

Jenny Hall Edit

Jenny and Lauren are very much alike. After taking Lauren under her wing, Jenny and her have been working on multiple cases together.

Conan Clarkson Edit

Clarkson was one of the FTO that Lauren felt most at ease with. His goofy attitude helped calm her nerves during their ridealongs. Lauren is very fond of him, and the two often goof around together.

Michael Dias ("Dicer") Edit

Dias and Lauren grew close, and were often partners riding together. Dias quickly became very protective of Lauren. However, after a while, she began to feel that he was too overbearing. The relationship between the two had recently been on the rocks, with Lauren sleeping overnight at her office, instead of their shared house.

Following the death of Dias, Lauren regrets not opening up to him about her feelings. She has made it her personal goal to make him proud of her; and become a stronger, more confident person and officer.

Los Santos Police Department Edit

Vladimir Raven Edit

Despite their awkward first interaction; Raven and Lauren quickly bonded over alcohol, sex toys, and a court case involving a bear.

Emily Reinhart Edit

Reinhart helped Lauren deal with her anxiety and panic attacks during the academy. Afterward Reinhart invited her to move in, and the two became roommates.

AJ Hunter Edit

AJ was one of Lauren's favorite FTO. She looks up to him with great respect; as shown when she testified for him and Clarkson during an "SBS" court case.

Richard Dark Edit

Richard and Lauren met when they were still applicants, and instantly became friends. Richard has since been a shoulder for Lauren to lean on.

Jack Ripley Edit

Originally, Lauren was not a fan of Ripley due to his affiliation and stance with the HOA. However, the two seem to get along with each other better by fooling around and sharing similar interests.

Jordan Steele Edit

Forcer and Steele have an ongoing rivalry since both started as cadets. He often playfully mocks her based on her hairstyle changes while Forcer often reports Steele and punches him.

San Andreas State Police Edit

Kael Soze Edit

Soze has been a constant presence in Lauren’s police career. The two have done ridealongs since her applicant days, and surprisingly get along very well together.

Others Edit


Coop and Lauren taking a "break" during a court case recession.

Coop Holliday Edit

Lauren and Coop are sex buddies, and like to "take turns" in the bedroom. Lauren has stated there were no feelings involved, but asked for keys to his house.

Patrick Down Edit

Lauren's original sex buddy; Patrick and her were quick to hook up, despite their supposed dislike for one another.

Francis J Francer Edit

Francis and Lauren have a history together. She was his assistant in Silverlake, where she would feed him donuts and give tummy rubs.

Jessie Skid Edit

Jessie and Lauren have a special friendship. Despite being wary of him at times, Lauren is still very protective of him and wants to see him get better. In turn, Lauren is one of three people Jessie trusts.

Miguel Mejorz Edit

Miguel is a psychopath and serial killer who has an obsession with Forcer. He thinks that Forcer is his long lost sister and stalks her. He refers to her as "Laurie" and plans to take her "home" by any means necessary. He has written "Laurie" in blood at Parsons Rehabilitation Center and carved the message "Y NOT BOTH LAURIE," into a hollowed out human head, left at the police station.

Lauren Moments Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, hi, how are ya?"
  • "I got shot!"
  • "Frick!"
  • "I'm gonna fucking die!"
  • "Tits!"
  • "exCUSE ME!?"
  • "What the fuck."

Trivia Edit

  • Owns a Sentinel Classic [4] and a Datsun.
  • Had a smash house with Judge Midas Campinetti in the Barrio.

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