Laurel Ann Hardeane is a character role-played by OwLBadgerer.


Laurel is from the North West of England where she had her own Private Investigations business. Her career mostly consisted of tracking missing persons and finding cheating partners for their supposed significant others. After a severe beating from someone who didn't want to be found, Laurel was hospitalised where she received treatment for head trauma. She doesn't remember too much about it.

Not quite as on the ball as she once was, Laurel is a bit confused at the best of times and is usually following or spying on someone whether they be real or purely fictional. She likes to question people and hide in bushes with her notebook and surveillance equipment.


  • First rode into Los Santos on the train April 21st 2021.
  • Hopes to offer her services as a private detective to the good people of Los Santos.
  • Obsessed with law officer's facial hair or lack thereof.
  • Terrible driver.
  • Loves the colour teal.
  • Desperately seeking Spider-man in Los Santos.
  • Shot in the head by Tuxedo Mask with a "rubber" bullet during the filming of a Dragon Six Dojo commercial.

Criminal Record








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