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Laura Gapes is a character role-played by Moosebrother.

General Information

Laura is a member of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, known to collect a "Block tax" at the alta street apartments. Laura is also well known for attempting to sell herself for items or money, she is not shy of her sexuality.


The Murder of Enzo Calabrese

August 18th 2021 - The Murder of Enzo Calabrese

After finding out that Enzo Calabrese was an informant for the Police, Laura decided to take matters into her own hands. In the late hours of August 18th, 2021 Laura ventured to Procopio Beach- where she was made aware that Enzo was hiding out. Upon reaching this destination, Laura came across Enzo who was sitting on the sand of the beach. She took this opportunity to talk to him and communicate her disappointment in him. After a long conversation with him, Laura decided that his actions could not go unpunished; she raised her gun to the back of his head and shot him. He died on scene.

Later, Laura was apprehended by the police for the murder of Enzo- Bob Smith being the lead investigator into the case. She was held in prison for 2 months before her trial convicted her as guilty for the murder.



Played By: Moosebrother
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