Lars "Bjorn the Barbarian" Haverford is a character role-played by Biotoxz_.


Bjorn is part of The Guild and works at the Rooster's Rest. While "Bjorn" was originally only the name of his D&D character, he has adopted the Bjorn persona as his new self over time, in part because Lang Buddha asked the LARPers to never go out of character again. He is a level 15 barbarian. His full title is Bjorn “Tripod” Corleone the Battle-ready Bionic Barbarian, Attempted Dragon Slayer, Wrangler of the Fingle, Ninja Looter and Former Employee of the Week.

Bjorn is a kind-hearted person, naive, usually calm and speaks with a deep, monotonous voice. Out of character, his speech is rushed and squeaky. Bjorn treats everyone with kindness and respect unless they give him a reason not to, i.e. by being rude to him or his friends. He has a very low intelligence score (-1) and struggles to pick up on social cues. Many things go over his head. To make up for his lack of intelligence, he possesses a lot of physical strength (+5), allowing him to carry people around and provide security services for the Rooster's Rest.

Bjorn was raised by a single mother who homeschooled him. He longs for stability and structure. This has led to him falling down the religious rabbit hole that is the cult based around the Stormlord. Bjorn cares deeply about pleasing the Stormlord and is willing to do anything for him even if it goes against his own beliefs. As a result, Bjorn is very protective of the Rooster's Rest which he regards as the temple of the Stormlord.


Riley Carter

Bjorn is dating Riley Carter who he calls Princess Riley. Their relationship started as a friendship, though Riley quickly fell for Bjorn. Due to his limited social capabilities and lack of romantic and sexual experience, Bjorn initially didn't understand that Riley saw him as more than a friend. This came to a peak when Riley broke with him after an argument. The day after, she confessed her feelings. Bjorn, breaking out of character briefly, never having had a girlfriend prior, was unsure of what to do. He was eventually able to relay over text that he did indeed want to be Riley's boyfriend. They shared their first kiss on March 17th, 2021.


  • "Is your refrigerator working?" - "..." - "Haha, you better go get it!"
  • "I boof the tea."


  • Bjorn owns a dune buggy named Rooster's Rage.
  • Bjorn was Employee of the Week during the Rooster's Rest's second week in business.
  • Bjorn frequently prank calls people from the payphone behind the Rooster's Rest.
  • Bjorn doesn't know how to pronounce the name "Bjorn" correctly. He pronounces it as "Buh-jorn".
  • Bjorn likes to throw unruly customers at the Rooster's Rest out of the window.
  • Bjorn has won both the BurgerShot musical chairs contest and the BurgerShot Fashion Show


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