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Lang Buddha is a character role-played by Buddha.

General Description

Lang Buddha is a severe-looking Chinese-American man with a short temper. He is quick-witted and often uses humor to disarm his interlocutors. He is the founding member of the Leanbois (now defunct), the Cleanbois, and Talon. He is the owner of Nest Holdings, which is the parent company of Rooster's Rest.

Buddha exhibits narcissistic behavior and demands respect from everyone he interacts with. He maintains a complex social graph that includes highly illegal criminal organizations as well as high profile business circles. This makes Buddha secretive and paranoid in nature, and as a result, he is a skilled liar and storyteller.

Early Life & Los Santos

Lang Buddha was born in China. His grandfather was the head of a Chinese Triad who died after becoming sick. Buddha was intended to take over as the leader, but the Triad didn't consider him ready. His grandmother attempted to take his place instead, but the Triad felt that she would become too powerful and also did not want a woman as their leader.

After being excommunicated, Buddha and his grandmother moved to Grove Street in Los Santos.

Buddha became a taxi driver and met Avon Barksdale, which led to him becoming a founding member of the Leanbois.

Rooster's Rest

Buddha opened a restaurant, Rooster's Rest, to sell tea and ramen and to host social events at the establishment. He initially hired Petunia Brookshire as CEO. He would remain the owner and brought in Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino to be the co-owner.


Main article: Talon

Talon is a terrorist organization handed down from generation to generation through Buddha's lineage. The current incarnation of Talon is headquartered in the underground area hidden behind a false wall built into the basement of Rooster's Rest. The founding members are Lang Buddha, Ellie Dono, and Denzel Williams, who were join shortly after by Jacob Harth.

The main goal of Talon is to "give power back to the people" and reveal the corruption of the government of Los Santos.

Methamphetamine Production

Buddha and the Cleanbois and members of The Guild are currently part of meth production operation. Their first successful batch of meth cured to 82%. Guild Member Gloryon was able to optimize the meth to 100%.



Buddha & Saab are both OG members of the Leanbois, they have a long history and they are like brothers. Buddha's relationship with Saab is pretty complicated at times due to the fact that they get into so many fights from time to time. There were also a few times when Buddha made fun of Saab because of his past murders and Saab didn't take it as a joke (Saab is pretty sensitive). Buddha likes to poke fun at Saab by accusing him of Jaclyn Hyde's murder despite him being the one to actually do the deed. When Saab was set up by Otto and wrongly accused and sent to prison, Buddha did everything he could to get Saab released. Despite their arguments, they both still have each others back at the end of the day.
Tony is an OG member of the Leanbois. Lang and Tony have a long history and love each other like brothers. They tend to joke around and mock one another, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s back.
From taxi crackhead to terrorist, Ellie has been at Lang’s side, as he acts almost like her older brother. She tends to follow him to the end of the world, whether right or wrong. Ellie is a member of the Leanbois and Talon, currently employed for the Rooster’s Rest.
After Denzel became a member of the Leanbois, he and Lang became extremely close. Their loyalty to each other would grow so much that Denzel became a founding member of Talon with Lang and Ellie. Even now, Denzel would burn the world down for Lang no matter what.

Though it seems like a love-hate relationship filled with bickering, Don and Lang have quickly built a strong relationship, co-owning the Rooster’s Rest together. They may mock each other and claim to bang the other’s mother, but they have a trusted relationship as Don knows about the hidden basement of the Rooster’s Rest, Talon’s headquarters. They often flirt with each other and try to make each other jealous by taking other people on dates. Lang confessed his love for Don on March 29, after Annie May was taken from the hospital.
A long time ago, Lang saw Nino as a mentor who taught him everything he knew as a criminal. After closing Sahara International, Nino is attempting to make a new empire, establishing Pegasus Concierge and becoming the CFO for the Rooster’s Rest. Lang has also shown Nino the hidden basement of the Rooster’s Rest.
Clayvon came to town after Avon was admitted to a psychiatric facility knowing only three names: Tony Corleone, Lang Buddha, and Al Saab. Avon told Clayvon if he needed anything, his boys would be there to help. Since meeting Lang, Tony, and Saab, Clayvon quickly became a part of the family.
Sven came to Los Santos years ago but disappeared without a trace. After Sven’s return to the city, Lang recognized a long-lost friend. Now, they’ve returned to their usual shenanigans to try and make some money.
Originally, Yuno came to city and was interviewed by Lando and given a janitor job at Roosters. He would never show up for it and was on Lang's bad side because of it. However, that all changed after he was brought to a bank job by Raymond Romanov, and after Lang and Ray both failed the hack, Yuno did the hack without any prior experience. After Donnie left town, and Nino started to lay low, Yuno was brought along to become a mainstay in Lang's inner circle. Lang and company started to bring Yuno to every job, where he would successfully hit everything from laptops to thermite. Lang enjoys having him around, as Yuno is ready to get into stupid situations and is a positive force to have around.
Ray was originally brought to Nino by Donnie to be part of Pegasus before it went defunct after Miles's murder conviction. Ray would slowly gain the respect of both the people in and out of the gang and make his name in the city as a newbie criminal. Unlike the rest of his group, Ray is a giant perfectionist, and it annoys Lang sometimes. Ray can also come across as cocky, acting like he knows more about the city than Lang and Tony. However, he is still extremely valued for his ability to deliver in a pinch. He risks everything to save Lang and company, and he will shoot if he has to save his friends. Due to this ability, he has become a mainstay in the Cleanbois line-up alongside Yuno. He also has the ability to stay on task for an extremely long time, unlike the rest of the group

Years ago, Lang and Speedy were in rival gangs, doing drive-bys over weed seeds, but after saving his life from the cops, Speedy and Lang became best friends. To this day, Speedy and Lang maintain their love for each other.
Jacob and Lang have worked together on several underground operations, specifically the Dark Web and drugs. When Lang was establishing Talon, Jacob became involved with the organization to utilize his technical skills and creeper abilities. As brothers in Talon, Jacob and Lang have extreme trust in one another.
Harry Brown and Lang had known each other for a very long time, but their relationship in 3.0 began when Harry had become apart of Pegasus Concierge under Nino Chavez. He began working security for The Rooster's Rest and assisting in overlook for the Lang's meth op, establishing a level of trust between the two as well as a business relationship. Once the weed game sprung up, Lang decided to create a team of people to make money under the Rooster name, one of which was Brown. He provided needed security to the ranch, and after some time, Lang decided to trust Harry with basically running the business. He did this very well, creating a very impressive team of employees for the ranch and having it run smoothly. The two started to hang out more often because of their shared business and Lang began to know Harry on a more personal level. He became witness to how down bad he always is (earning him the name "down bad Larry"), and his addiction to collectable toys, which lead them to do "toy heists" together. Lang now considers Harry not only his right-hand man, but also his best friend. They now spend tons of time together, whether it be illegal weed runs, listening to the "Sheldon Song" when they're down bad, or just chilling. Harry has also been shown the basement of Rooster's Rest, a true testament of Lang's trust in Harry.


  • "(My name is) Lang “Madafukking” Buddha!"
  • "The Rooster flies over the nest.. with egg in hand."
  • "Hey... Motherfucker."
  • "I don't have any money......Dumbass"
  • "Are you serious, mon?"
  • "Yeah, mon!"
  • "Shut the fuck up, (________)!"
  • "Shut your dumbass up, (________)!
  • "Fuck you, (_______)!"
  • "Whatcu' want, bitch?"
  • "What?!"
  • "Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!" (When Buddha gets angry)
  • "Shit!" / "Shit! I'm wanted!"
  • "...Dogshit!"
  • "Oh shit, aright aright."
  • "Listen...Listen..."
  • "I surrender!"
  • "I plead guilty. Put me in, mon!"
  • "Corruption!"
  • "I want a bench trial! (Get my lawyer!)"
  • "Leanbois, Bitch! Suck a dick!"
  • "Saab is a woman killer!" - (When Buddha talks about something that involves women and Saab)
  • "Driver of the year, by the way." - (Usually refers to Tony)
  • "I'm the best criminal in this city!"
  • "I'm the best driver in this motherfucking city!" - (Sometimes, Buddha crashes after he says this)
  • "(This is why) women can't drive." - (Usually refers to Ellie or any other woman he sees driving)
  • "Who (fucking) snitched?!"
  • "You (fucking) kidding me?!"
  • "I love you (*makes kissing sounds*)"
  • "Ellie, why did you push me?!" - (When Buddha falls off a building or a car when Ellie is next to him, even though she didn't do it)
  • "This is all your fault, (________)!"
  • "You're fucking dead,(________)!"
  • "Why are you (so fucking) stupid?" (When Buddha encounters someone saying or doing something stupid)
  • "Oooooooooo....." (When Buddha sees something spicy)
  • "Saab, how many white claws did you drink?" (Whenever Saab say or does something stupid)
  • "I like it when you call me Lang! It turns me on!"
  • "I love you. I forgive you. (Take all the time you need.)"
  • "I'm rich."
  • "Oh you cock sucker!"

Trivia & Notes

  • He has been called a "yandere" by Donnie.
  • Adoptive father figure of Yeager.


Played By: buddha
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