Lang Buddha is a character role-played by Buddha.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lang Buddha, generally known as "Buddha" is a founding member of the Leanbois.

Early Life & Los Santos[edit | edit source]

Buddha is from China. His grandpa was the head of a Chinese Triad, but died after becoming sick. Buddha was intended to takeover from his grandpa but he wasn't ready. His grandma took over as head of the triad, but in China women are not allowed to be Triad Leaders, and felt she became too powerful.

He moved to Los Santos with his Grandma, they moved to Grove Street. He met Bob Coolidge a neighbour on Grove Street.

He became a taxi driver and met Avon Barksdale, which lead him to becoming a founding member of the Leanbois.

Darnell Bros. and Gun Pushing[edit | edit source]

Whilst the Leanbois were on a hiatus. Buddha went on to purchase the Darnell Bros, as a cover for his illegal sale of firearms. Buddha would be part of the day to day running of the company, which included truck runs and delivery drops to make the ‘cover’ for the guns look like any other legit business within the city.

During this time Buddha met Ed, who would later take over the running of the company after Buddha left on a hiatus.  

Ed continued to push guns to the various groups of the Los Santos and kept a healthy, working relationship. Buddha and the Leanbois when they returned to the city.  

Buddha and the Leanbois would receive regular drops of weapons from Ed at a wholesale price so they could then be sold on to customers within the city.

The relationship between Ed and Buddha was good for the most part, until Buddha and the Leanbois kidnapping realtor Matthew Payne so he could use his ‘master key’ to unlock one of the stash houses of Otto Delmar.

They kept up a working relationship with each other. Until Ed left the city.

Grandma's House and the Ballas[edit | edit source]

The repurchase of Buddha's Grandma's house on Grove Street, this cause the rest of the Leanbois to purchase houses on Grove Street, and began claiming it as "Lean Street".

This caused issues with the Ballas, who claimed that territory and escalated into a war between the Leanbois & the Ballaz over the territory, the war went on for months.

The war with the Ballas denouncing the turf to the Leanbois.

Weed Empire[edit | edit source]

Since he arrived in Los Santos, Buddha has always been involved in the drug game - starting out by flipping drugs to customers in his taxi cab. 

The first weed operation started with a few plants after the purchase of seeds from GSF OG Chef. Chef gave Buddha the rundown on how the seeds created different strains - a seeded strain which would produce less bud but more seeds to maintain the grow op, or a kush strain in which the buds could be picked, and packed into baggies to roll into joints or sell on the corner. 

Expanding[edit | edit source]

Buddha decided he was going to expand his weed operation from a few plants and start one of the cities biggest grow ops, planting in his Grandmas house on Grove Street and the Leanbois stash house. Buddha was producing a large quantity of weed. 

The weed operation led Buddha into making new connections with people he wouldn’t normally interact with, specifically Ellie Dono. Ellie would become one of Buddha’s main pushers of quarters ounces up on sometimes being fronted up to 2000 quarters at a time, with Buddha expecting a cut of the money once all the weed had been sold. 

After a while, with weed sales slowing down. Buddha decided to put the weed game on a hiatus.

Taco Shop[edit | edit source]

Taco Shop is opened in the city and Buddha decides to run it alongside a split partnership with the Vagos. The Taco shop is a means Buddha to sell his massive amounts of weed as well as clean bands of money.

The first few days of the Taco Shop are chaotic as everyone wants a piece of the pie. Ultimately, things settle down and Leanbois are able to run the taco shop for one of the three time zones, while Vagos and Wayne Biggaz control the other two time zones.

Doug Canada becomes Buddha's band runner and through him, he becomes a millionaire. He is able to pay the Leanbois for their contribution in running the Taco Shop.

After Doug makes the mistake of gunning down a cop for a traffic stop due to illegal parking at the Taco Shop, Buddha cuts him out of the Comedy Club and Taco Shop business. However, Doug continues to try and do runs by using someone else to do it for him. When Fiona Stewart realizes that Doug is doing this, she calls Buddha to let him know. 

Buddha questions Doug and warns him that he needs to be careful. He decides to spare Doug from any punishment as he appreciates him too much. Once the call is over, Eugene tells Buddha that the guy Doug was using to do weed runs at the Taco Shop was actually caught by Soze a few days ago and raided. He decides Doug needs to die. 

The rest of the Leanbois agree and they make plans to meet up with Doug under the pretense that they are going to buy weed from him. Doug arrives to the meeting spot and while he is distracted with Saab and Eugene, Buddha plants C4 in his van. The boys then tell Doug to follow them to a nearby gas station. They tell Doug to pretend that he is pumping gas to throw off anyone watching. Denzel tells Doug "Nothing personal, it's just business, OK" and blow him up.

Crime School (Rooster Cab Co.)[edit | edit source]

Buddha had the idea of crime school for a long time. Even before Ellie Dono became a member of the Leanbois, he wanted her to be involved in the school.

His idea was to create a school where people could pay, and learn how to do crime. Buddha grew tired of simply doing gang war in the south side and wanted to share his knowledge. He began to work towards the school.

The school will be disguised as a taxi service. He plans to offer specific classes and will act as a principal at the school. He appointed Ellie Dono as the primary teacher and recruiter for the school. He also plans to involve Evita "Mother" Nimm to help Ellie and act as the public face of the business. The best students may achieve an opportunity, to be offered to other gangs (of course for a price).

Mother jumped at the opportunity for herself to find a new purpose to create new links within the city as well as re-establishing old ones. She quickly got the judges approval on the business licence, and went about fundraising for the company. Due to her recent absence, Ellie and 'Billy Davis' (Buddha) have taken the lead on interviewing potential employees and hiring to see where it takes them.

Talon[edit | edit source]

Several propaganda videos were created by Buddha and Ellie to generate buzz about the crime school. Terrorist videos showing the explosion of the FIB building were submitted to the dark web. The video explained that a group known as "Talon" would take the city from the corrupt, they promised to give the power back to the people of Los Santos. Talon promised that blood would be shed and the police would learn to survive. "We are everywhere, we are everyone, fear us for we lurk in the shadows. We are Talon."

Events of Talon[edit | edit source]

FIB Bombing

After putting out a video letting the city know of his arrival, Buddha decides to make his first big move with Talon by bombing the FIB building in Los Santos. The first part of the mission is to obtain a helicopter but after searching throughout the city for days, they have no luck. They decide that the only option is to steal one from MRPD. Ellie, Buddha and Denzel disguise themselves as helicopter mechanics and go into MRPD under the pretense that they need to do routine inspections and maintenance. Sergeant A.J. Hunter and Officer Brian Knight review the paperwork that Ellie provides and then let them work on the helicopter. They feign doing work and Buddha is able to get the keys to the helicopter but he accidentally injures Denzel with the tail rotor blades when he turns it on. Lang quickly grabs Denzel and places himself inside the heli and they all escape. Denzel's blood is left on the scene.

With the helicopter acquired, the next part of the mission is to find hostages. Buddha leaves Sun Moon with the helicopter while he goes in search of hostages with Denzel. They find three: Fiona Stewart, Rico Wesley, and a third unnamed hostage. The hostages are then flown to the FIB building where they are then filmed by Ellie. Lang, now dressed as Shadow, arrives and gives another message to the camera. He then proceeds to place C4 next to the hostages and blows them up, destroying a huge chunk of the building. Shadow, Ellie, and Denzel all flee the scene with Sun Moon as their pilot. The mission is successful and the video of the bombing goes online a few days later for the world to see.

Stabbing of Cadet Ekaterina Alekseyevna

Ready to send another message after the FIB bombing, they proceed to the next step of the plan by showing the city how little cop lives matter to other police. They kidnap a new cadet in the force, Ekaterina Alekseyevna, and take her to a new location. Shadow gets in touch with Chief of Police Bobby Smith. In exchange for Ekateria's safe return, Shadow demands to be paid a specific sum of money. Chief Smith is reluctant to pay the amount, finding excuses as to why it is not possible. After much back and forth, Chief Smith lies that he has wired the amount requested in full to the number that Shadow provides. Shadow, knowing that he lied, stabs Ekaterina and blames Chief Smith for not valuing her life over money. Ekaterina's last words before losing consciousness is to ask if Sgt. Brittany Angel hired them to kill her.

Shadow also calls Chief Smith to torment him and warns him that he could target his daughter Zelda next. This sends Denzel into a tailspin as this is his beloved goddaughter. Ellie and Denzel wonder if Buddha is losing it.

Fort Zancudo Mission

Shadow's armor is incomplete without one missing element. The only way to complete the armor is by breaking into the military base in Fort Zancudo and kidnapping the scientist who will be be visiting there. The scientist will be the only one available to make the improvements on the armor using some of the strongest metal in the world. Buddha does not have the manpower to do this mission. Disguised as Shadow, he gives Alabaster Slim the task of contacting Chang Gang. Both parties meet one night in secret during a plane ride piloted by a masked Sun Moon. Shadow offers Mr. Chang and Vinny Pistone the mission and they accept.

The mission begins with Chang Gang infiltrating Fort Zancudo and taking down the soldiers guarding the scientist. To their luck, two of the soldiers are drunk and end up crashing an aircraft. Chang Gang take the scientist down to the south of Los Santos to the smelter and hold it down from the cops while the scientist begins to work on the metal. Several officers, among them Sam Baas, are injured in an explosion caused by C4 when they try to breach the building. Chang Gang then deliver the scientist to Shadow who awaits on a boat while a helicopter piloted by Sun Moon hovers overhead. Before boarding the boat, the scientist gifts Chang Gang a meteorite fragment.

Now that Shadow has obtained the material needed to finish his armor, he takes it from the scientist. The scientist is then executed and thrown off the boat as Shadow and the rest of Talon escape.

Talon Grows

Buddha is made aware that Sun Moon has become a target for investigation when he finds out that a mysterious man in a galaxy mask, "The Stranger," is asking around about pilots related to Talon. The Stranger went as far as to interrogate Mr. Chang and was able to obtain a list of three known pilots in the city: Former FIB Agent Lyonel Winchester, Allen Widemann, and Sun Moon. Buddha is intrigued as to why Stranger has come to him for help in finding more information about Talon. Lang warns Sun Moon that he needs to be careful because Stranger is asking too many questions and he is very close to linking Sun Moon to Talon. Despite his warnings to lay low, Sun Moon does the opposite and instead has to be executed for messing with the wrong crowd. Sun Moon is officially out of Talon. The events with Sun Moon lead to the introduction of Matthew Payne and Alabaster Slim into Talon.

Improvements have been made to Talon's headquarters at Rooster Cab Co. and Lang is proud of the new arcade room he has prepared. He contacts Jacob Harth through the dark web with whom he has worked with under a secret alias. He invites him to Rooster Cab Co. and meets with him diguised as Billy Davis for a "job interview" and then leaves the room and comes back as Shadow. He offers Jacob the arcade room and formally invites him into Talon. Jacob accepts and an initiation ceremony is planned where all members of Talon will reveal themselves to each other.

Shadow records a new video for the city announcing his return. He films this holding an RPG while in the underground tunnels of Rooster Cab Co..

Trial of Sam Baas

After Talon posts the video of the FIB bombing online, Sr. Officer Sam Baas posts a Tweet and calls them hypocrites for injuring innocent civilians. Buddha sees this tweet and decides to keep a close eye on Sam Baas. Things align perfectly when Fiona Stewart, one of the FIB victims that Buddha has been grooming, is gunned down during a failed hostage negotiation that went bad due to a mistake by Baas. Fiona sues Sam Baas and wins the trial, however Baas faces no repercussions from the police department and the money won comes out of the DOJ and not his own. Buddha sees this as the perfect opportunity to bring Fiona in closer to Talon.

Baas is kidnapped

Shadow instructs Jacob to keep an eye on Sam Baas and his daughter, Tessa Lamb, for a day when they are both in the city. The plan is to kidnap Tessa and use her as bait for Baas to be captured. To their luck, they are able to capture both Tessa and Baas while they are going out for coffee. Tessa is warned by a masked Buddha to keep her mouth shut and say nothing to the police or else her father dies. Tessa is then let go. They place a bag over Baas' head and take him away to the torture chamber in the secret fighting pit at the Vanilla Unicorn.

Shadow and Baas come face to face in the torture chamber as Ellie films their conversation. Shadow interrogates Baas about the police department and how he has failed the oath he has taken as a police officer. They discuss Fiona's failed hostage negotiation and Baas admits to making a mistake.

Baas is captured.png
Shadows gives Denzel the green light to torture Baas. Denzel hammers nails into his shoulder, blowtorches part of his face, takes out several fingernails, breaks his hands, and waterboards him with gasoline. They then leave him in the torture chamber for five days. During this time, Shadow calls Knight and Tessa to torment them with Baas' capture.

On the last day, Shadow calls Fiona Stewart and gives her the option to choose whether Baas lives or dies. Fiona chooses death. Talon go back into the torture chamber, this time joined by Jacob Harth. A broken Baas reveals to Shadow that Talon is being investigated by Brian Knight, Jackie Snow, and Olivia Cooper. Ellie begins filming again as Baas admits that there is corruption in the police department.

Baas is cleansed from corruption

Shadow declares Sam Baas guilty and Denzel resumes torturing Baas and carves the Talon symbol into his chest. They end the video with burning Baas alive by having Denzel and Jacob throw molly's at him. Shadow declares that fire is the only way to cleanse corruption.

Shadows disposes of the burned body by leaving him at Sandy Shores' Sheriff Station. Shadow calls Brian Knight to let him know that he has left the body at one of their "corrupted headquarters." The video of the trial and torture is posted online for the world to see a few days later.

Other Arcs[edit | edit source]

Payne Gang

Buddha is experiencing issues with his new tier 2 warehouse and decides to call Matthew Payne to have him fix it. Payne, however, is preoccupied with a serious matter involving extortion and asks Lang for help. Buddha meets up with Payne, Vinny Pistone, and Alabaster Slim. Buddha is told that Buck Colton has discovered the existence of warehouses and knows that Payne is the one who manages them. Colton has made the mistake of trying to get one for his own group by following Payne and trying to pressure him. Payne is paranoid and the group decide that its best to take out Buck. Payne meets up with Buck under the pretense that he is going to give him a warehouse but instead has Lang and Vinny kidnap him once Buck is inside the warehouse. Unbeknownst to them, Buck was being followed by Sun Moon, a member of his group, and a gunfight ensues in the tunnel where the warehouse is located. Buddha rushes out to help Slim and ends up getting hit with a molotov cocktail but not before firing a few shots.

Buddha and Slim fight Sun Moon

Vinny exits out of the warehouse and fires the final shot that takes down Sun Moon. Lang is disappointed with Sun Moon because he refused to take his advice about taking things slow with his new group and laying low. The crew go to Grandma's and leave Sun Moon behind in the tunnel but take Buck with them. Buddha finds out that Buck made the mistake of revealing he worked for Nino Chavez to Payne in his failed attempt to extort him. Lang along with Vinny and Slim, execute him while Payne and Johnny Cassle, Nino's right-hand man, watch. Cassle instructs the group to feed Buck Colton to the sharks. With Buck dead, the group realize they need to tie up loose-ends. Their next target are Dragon, Sun Moon, and Edward Nygma. All three are members of Buck's group and need to be taken out for fear that they know too much. Buddha is conflicted because Sun Moon is one of the four members of Talon. Now that Lang has been formally brought in to the dealings with Payne, he reveals his identity as Shadow to Payne and Slim. He explains to them that he is conflicted with Sun Moon as he is part of the brotherhood of Talon. The group are able to capture Sun Moon and Buddha tries to convince him to give up Dragon in exchange. Moon refuses to compromise much to Lang's dismay but they are finally able to have Dragon come to them. Buddha tries his best to spare Sun Moon while both Payne and Slim are adamant on killing him. The group meet up with Cassle to give him Dragon since Dragon has also potentially revealed information regarding Nino. The group make the mistake of bringing Sun Moon along and Cassle orders for the execution of both.

Buddha mourns for Sun Moon

Lang refuses to kill Sun Moon but Slim does not hesitate and shoots him down. Buddha, in despair, hatchets Dragon to death and cuts off his head. Both Sun Moon and Dragon are set on fire. Lang then takes Sun Moon's body and leaves it in the ocean, mourning his old friend. The group then take Dragon's severed head and dump it into the smelter in the south-side.

The next loose end is Edward Nygma who proves to be harder to catch as he is too paranoid with the disappearance of Buck and Moon. They are finally able to lure him to the coffee shop by using Payne. Buddha, Slim, and Vinny are able to grab Edward and take him to a remote shack in the north. On the way there, Payne calls them to let them know that someone had been watching out for Edward at the coffee shop because he received a mysterious phone call after Edward was kidnapped. They question Edward who reveals that Dragon left behind a sealed note. After much prodding, Edward reveals that it's located at the golf course and Lang goes to retrieve it. The group are able to make contact over the radio with Preston, one of the people who was watching out for Edward. Preston denies knowing what is going on. The group, not believing that Edward hasn't spoken to others, take him to a cave and blow him up with C4.

Buddha's castle.png
The group then goes after Preston when it comes to light that he believes Payne and Slim had something to do with his friend's disappearance. However, more loose-ends continue to pop-up. For his contribution, Payne gifts Buddha a new house and Lang chooses a "castle". He will also get his warehouse for free and no longer have to do payments on it.

Comedy Club

Buddha decides to buy the Comedy Club and use it as a front for running guns and drugs. Ellie is able to acquire the Comedy Club from John Archer through Judge Coop Holliday using Nest Holdings, which is owned by Lang's fake persona Billy Davis. The rest of the Leanbois are brought into this new venture and the gang is excited for this mafia arc. Doug Canada is to be the face of the comedy club since he has newly become a millionaire thanks to the Taco Shop. Doug, along with Fiona Stewart, are going to run the club by hosting weekly events featuring all kinds of new talent. On the surface, Leanbois will have nothing to do with Doug or the Comedy Club.

The first event goes along smoothly and Judge Coop even offers to sponsor the next talent competition. However, it all comes crashing down when Doug, who has remained crime free, guns down Soze at a traffic stop for illegal parking a merely two hours after the Comedy Club launch. Doug is arrested and then shortly rescued by Tony at the hospital, although they are seen by the cops. They all manage to escape. Doug decides to lay low while he has a warrant for his arrest for escaping custody. Lang finds out from the boys and decides to shut down operations at the Comedy Club. Everyone is heartbroken. Now that Doug and his relationship to the Leanbois has been compromised, Nest Holdings and Billy Davis are at risk of being investigated. Lang is afraid that this will put Rooster Cab Co. and his Talon organization at risk, throwing away a year worth's of work. Not willing to risk it, Lang breaks the news to Doug and tells him that he must remain as far away from the Leanbois as possible to avoid any cops connecting the dots.

Relationships[edit | edit source]


Buddha & Saab are both OG members of the Leanbois, they have a long history are like brothers. Buddha's relationship with Saab is pretty complicated at times due to the fact that they get into so many fights from time to time. There were also a few times when Buddha made fun of Saab because of his past murders and Saab didn't take it as a joke (Saab is pretty sensitive). Buddha likes to poke fun at Saab by accusing him of Jackie Hyde's murder despite him being the one to actually do the deed. When Saab was set up by Otto and wrongly accused and sent to prison, Buddha did everything he could to get Saab released. Despite their arguments, they both still have each others back at the end of the day.
Tony is also a OG member of the Leanbois, they have a long history and are like brothers. Buddha and Tony rarely get into altercations, as well as making jokes with each other. They both will have each others back at the end of the day.
Buddha and Ellie are very close, more like an older brother to her. Ellie will follow Buddha and have his back no matter, if his right or wrong. Ellie is a member of the Leanbois. They also run Rooster Cab Co together.
Buddha and Curtis are close and enjoy getting into mayhem and shooting rival gang members together. Curtis is a member of the Leanbois.
Buddha and Denzel weren't really close and had very little to do with each other, up until the point that Denzel became a member of the Leanbois. Now they are close like brothers and have each others backs no matter what.
Eugene and Buddha are very close friends. They frequently robbed banks with and various other activities. Due to the relationship the Leanbois & Prune Gang were allies until Prune Gang disbanded, and Eugene became a member of the Leanbois.

Buddha & Slim are best friends. They frequently robbed banks with and various other activities, until Alabaster became the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn. Buddha was pretty upset when Slim decided the Leanbois wasn't for him, after being an affiliate for short period of time.
Buddha and Speedy are very close, they have such a close correlation to the point the where Vagos & the Leanbois are allies. They frequently work together.
Buddha and Vinny have always been close and have mutual respect for each other, and will always help each other when needed. Chang Gang and Leanbois are allies.
He has a relationship with Dante Wolf. He would often spy on Dante when the latter used to wear white LSPD Detective uniform. Using binoculars, he would look at Dante's behind and call him "sexy" on twitter. He claims that Dante sounds like a sexy bear that he wants to sleep with. They are clearly in love with each other.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "(My name is) Lang “Madafukking” Buddha!"
  • "La La Leanbois!"
  • "The Rooster flies over the nest.. with egg in hand."
  • "Tony, get my armor."
  • "Hey... Motherfucker."
  • "Are you serious, mon?"
  • "Yeah, mon!"
  • "Shut the fuck up, (________)!"
  • "Shut your dumbass up, (________)!
  • "Fuck you, (_______)!"
  • "Whatcu' want, bitch?"
  • "What?!"
  • "Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!" (When Buddha gets angry)
  • "Shit!" / "Shit! I'm wanted!"
  • "...Dogshit!"
  • "Oh shit, aright aright."
  • "Listen...Listen..."
  • "I surrender!"
  • "I plead guilty. Put me in, mon!"
  • "Corruption!"
  • "I want a bench trial! (Get my lawyer!)"
  • "Zzz....(Zzz....)" - (When Buddha pretends to sleep)
  • *whispers to someone* constantly
  • "Leanbois, Bitch! Suck a dick!"
  • "Saab is a woman killer!" - (When Buddha talks about something that involves woman or talks about Saab behind his back and saying fake rumors about him)
  • "Driver of the year, by the way." - (Usually refers to Tony)
  • "I'm the best criminal in this city!"
  • "I'm the best driver in this motherfucking city!" - (Sometimes, Buddha crashes after he says this)
  • "(This is why) women can't drive." - (Usually refers to Ellie or any other woman he sees driving)
  • "Who (fucking) snitched?!"
  • "You (fucking) kidding me?!"
  • "I love you (*makes kissing sounds*)" - (When a friend does Buddha a favor)
  • "Ellie, why did you push me?!" - (When Buddha falls off a building or a car when Ellie is next to him, even though she didn't do it)
  • "This is all your fault, (________)!"
  • "You're fucking dead,(________)!"
  • "Why are you (so fucking) stupid?" (When Buddha encounters someone saying or doing something stupid)
  • "Oooooooooo....." (When Buddha sees something spicy)
  • "Saab, how many white claws did you drink?" (Whenever Saab say or does something stupid)
  • "I like it when you call me Lang! It turns me on!"
  • "I love you. I forgive you. (Take all the time you need.)"

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Gang Afilliated.png
Drugs and Alcohol.png

  • Failure to Stop x2
  • Failure to use Turn Signal x4
  • Felony Possession of Cocaine x1
  • Felony Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x2
  • Felony Possession of Crack Cocaine x1
  • Felony Possession of Marijuana x4
  • Felony Trespassing x2
  • First Degree Robbery x3
  • Gang Related Shooting x3
  • Grand Larceny x1
  • Grand Theft x1
  • Grand Theft Auto x3
  • Illegal Passing x1
  • Impersonation x1
  • Jailbreak x1
  • Joyriding x33
  • Kidnapping x37
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x22
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x63
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x27
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x5
  • Negligent Driving x6
  • Non-functional Vehicle x1
  • Obstruction of Justice x2
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification x3
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia x1
  • Possession of Stolen Goods x2
  • Possession of a Molotov x4
  • Possession of a Silencer or Suppressor x5
  • Possession of a Stolen Identification x4
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the Third Degree x8
  • Reckless Driving x2
  • Reckless Evading x72
  • Removed Drivers License x1
  • Removed Weapons License x1
  • Resisting Arrest x75
  • Robbery x51
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Third Degree Speeding x3
  • Trespassing x1
  • Unauthorized Operation of an Off-Road Vehicle x1
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x4
  • Vandalism x2
  • Vandalism of Government Property x2

Drivers License: In Good Standing

Trivia & Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Buddha likes to call Saab a woman killer, as well as teasing him about it. However, Buddha was the one who actually killed Jackie and he actually kills more woman than Saab.
  • Even though Buddha know the boys for a long time, he is mostly close with Ellie due to the fact that they hang out the most and they're around at the same time. Buddha and Ellie also work together with the rooster cab company and the crime school.
  • In the past (or maybe sometimes), Buddha likes to play the song called, "Sexual Healing," by Marvin Gaye. That's his way of flirting with random woman, even if they're already in a relationship.
  • Officer Winchester died on March 20th, 2020 at Pillbox Medical Center after being shot multiple times by Buddha, Denzel Williams, and Tony Corleone while investigating the newly erected taco stand in the Southside.
  • In the Chang Gang, Buddha's counterpart would most likely be Mr. Chang due to the fact that they both have martial-art personalities (like meditating) and their nicknames mostly connect with each other (Buddha's nickname is Jackie Chan and Chang's nickname is The Dragon). Also, they both have great leadership and they both are considered to be the smartest out of their groups due to not being too impulsive.
  • Buddha has permanent damages to certain parts of his body such as his leg and his lung. He was stabbed three times by an officer named Jack Ripley in retaliation for kidnapping him and shooting him. Lang was awarded $250K from the DOJ at his lawsuit thanks to his lawyer, Benjamin Crane.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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