Lance Malton is a character role-played by GeneralEmu.

General Description Edit

Lance Malton is an Officer for the LSPD, Badge #409.

Despite its hazardous nature and tendency to explode, the LSPD motorcycle is Malton's favorite vehicle.

Quotes Edit

  • "409, going where no car can go."

Fun Facts Edit

  • If he failed police academy, Malton would've snapped and became a serial killer to spite the LSPD.
  • Only dates Catholics.
  • Decided to stay a Cadet for several weeks after the rest of his Academy class. He only opted to become a Solo Cadet and Officer after being fully confident in his abilities, and fully understanding his job.
  • Has been told he looks like both Jared Leto, and the lead singer of Green Day.

Malton Moments Edit


NVL BIKE GOD (NoPixel Lance Malton Compilation)

NVL BIKE GOD (NoPixel Lance Malton Compilation)


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