Lance Malton is a character role-played by GeneralEmu.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Lance Malton is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #409.

Despite its hazardous nature and tendency to explode, the LSPD motorcycle is Malton's favorite vehicle. Malton's preference for the LSPD motorcycle has lead to him founding Malton's Motorcycles, a bike patrol division within the LSPD.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Los Santos Police Department

Bobby Smith

The relationship between Lance Malton and Bobby Smith started during the Training Academy. Bobby spent some time watching Malton during Training Academy. Malton didn't talk as much as the other cadets, and not a lot of the instructors were really observing him as much as Bobby. After becoming an official Officer of the LSPD, Malton decided to go by the call sign "409" (the LSPD equivalent of Bobby's "309" callsign. Since then, Malton was known as the "Bike God" for patrolling and crashing with the bike a lot. Malton and Bobby now have friendly banter whenever they see each other on duty, but ultimately Bobby truly respects him.
On February 2nd, 2020, Bobby was drunk on duty, due to trying Michael Murphy's homemade beer, and decided to take the bike out and patrol with his protégé. Malton made his Sergeant recite the "Oath of the Bike God" to become an honorary member of Malton's Motorcycles. A few days later, Malton was able to give Bobby the report he made about the bike patrol, which Malton took pictures of Bobby with the motorcycle. Malton additionally made an official certification for being inducted as an honorary member.

Domenic Toretti

Lance and Domenic Toretti always patrol and pursue active investigations together. Their relationship became a lot stronger since the day Toretti talked to Malton about him not being a Senior Officer, with Malton responding that they, together, were going to work towards the promotion. One day, after the DA pressed charges against Brittany Angel, Olivia Copper, and Stephen McClane for attempted murder, they decided that it was time for Serious Season, so they went and enforced the law to the fullest extent, impounding more than 6 vehicles for improper window tints, and giving all the citations possible: all in the time span of Half an hour. This really started one of the best Duos of NA called Domenance. Sergeant Svensen also stated that the two of them combined results in One Co-Sergeant for the NA Shift. Malton is working on getting Toretti a promotion to Senior and maybe even get him into JTF. They often go UM or UC to catch house robbers and street racers. Malton refers to him as his "Protegé", even though they seem more like normal Partners or Patrol Buddies, often having the most disparate conversations: from coffee to love-life, from investigations to pee troughs, and so on and so forth. From Malton's Point of View they go so well together because they have the same perspective on things, that result in them being so "synced".

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Recruit Accepted into Academy. August 10th, 2019
Cadet Passed Academy - Badge #506. August 14th, 2019
Solo Cadet Cleared for Solo Patrol - Badge #606. October 9th, 2019
Solo Cadet Took his final evaluation with BCSO Lieutenant, Bobby Smith. October 30th, 2019
Officer Promoted - Badge #409. November 19th, 2019
Officer Invited into the Joint Task Force. February 22nd, 2020
Officer Suspended himself for 3 days, following a shooting with Eugene Zuckerberg. April 2nd, 2020
Senior Officer Promoted. April 30th, 2020
Senior Officer FTO Certified. June 12th, 2020

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "409, going where no car can go."
  • "409, 10-50 Ocean KIN----AAAAHH!" (Followed by motorcycle explosion.)
  • "Lights were on."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • GeneralEmu has stated that if Malton failed Police Academy, that he would have "snapped" and turned to the life of a serial killer, to spite the LSPD. (Small personality traits of this underlying characteristic still exist, such as Malton's lack of emotion when digging up a dead body in the South Side.)
  • Only dates Catholics.
  • Decided to stay a Cadet for several weeks after the rest of his Academy class. He only opted to become a Solo Cadet and Officer after being fully confident in his abilities, and having a full understanding of his job and responsibilities.
  • His callsign when bringing out Air-1 is "Emu-1".
  • Temporarily changed his callsign to "Happy-1" during his blonde/upbeat phase.
  • One of the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith's, favorite Cadets that he has trained. Bobby considers Malton his "protégé", and has even joined Malton's Motorcycles. Bobby has great respect for Malton's dedication, constant communication, and overall police work (even if Bobby constantly says that he "hates" him).
  • Is a part of Nettie Machete and Bree Matthews' band, Corpse Juice; though they've never practiced, performed, or written a song.

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NVL BIKE GOD (NoPixel Lance Malton Compilation)

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