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Lana Valentine is a character role-played by Viviana.


Lana is a bubbly and socially awkward former Theater Major; who used to dream of becoming an actress. But, unfortunately, she ended up choking (three times) in the midst of the audition by not remembering the lines. Lana then lost her chance at ever entering the acting world. She came to Los Santos to fulfill that dream but since it didn't work out, she soon became a geek, Put on a pink wig, and got addicted to video gaming. She even entered e-sports competitions, and dabbled some into anime; her most favorite is notably Princess Robot Bubblegum! She is also a computer whiz.

It's unknown what happened to her previous parents. As a baby, she was floating down a river and was found by her two gay dads who adopted her as their daughter. Unfortunately later on some years, her two gay dads had ended up getting divorced and her dad abandon her with her other dad, Seymour; leaving her to develop abandonment issues.

Somewhere down the line, she briefly had a problem with drug addiction from taking Xanax.

Eventually she overcame it. Underneath her sweet-like appearance, she is narcissistic-- believing she deserves everything and anyone. She loves to be the center of attention and attempts to make the situation about her in anyway possible. Lana also come across a bit intimidating, depending on the person, because of her strong personality and isn't afraid of speaking her mind. Lana can be very possessive and obsessive over those she crushes on or is in a relationship with and can become jealous easily.

She also have psychotic tendencies, where she can be very aggressive and a bit impulsive if put under too much stress. When stressed out, she resorts sometimes to violence or go into a mental breakdown under the pressure. Lana can at times can be very unpredictable and dramatic depending on her mood or if she's bored.

Underneath this, Lana is a woman who cares deeply about her friends and for those who have earned her respect. She can be very supportive and sisterly, while putting her friends above herself and tries to look out for them in her own way. Sometimes she is shown to be quite understanding and considerate to those she consider her family, and can be a bit protective over them.


Lana wears circular glasses and has medium length brown hair that she hides underneath a pink wig. Lana is usually donning her PRB pants. Her clothing color theme consists of red and pastel themed colors ranging sometimes from lavender, white, blue, or to pink, etc. However, she loves pink the most. She has a small mole on the side of her upper lip.

Lana has a tri-force tattoo on her right arm, a snake tattoo on her left arm, and a tattoo design of a koi fish on her back. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right leg.

Criminal Record

MDW Profile

Drivers License ? points
Criminal Record of Lana Valentine
Kidnapping 3
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder 1
Joyriding 5
Robbery 3
Fraud 1
Burglary 1
Trespassing 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana 3
Public Intoxication 1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] 11
Criminal Use of a Firearm 1
Resisting Arrest 5
Weapons Trafficking 1
Reckless Evading 1
Negligent Driving 3
Reckless Driving 1
Third Degree Speeding 1
Second Degree Speeding 1
Illegal Passing 1
Driving on the Wrong Side of The Road 1
Illegal Turn 1
Failure to Stop 1
Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification 1


Songs as a Featured Artist
Lead Artist
Featured Artist(s)
Release Date
Combined Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
STBU Valentine Dalla Lana Valentine June 24th, 2022


  • Her favorite color is Pink and Red.
  • Has a Sugoi and Futo with an anime livery
  • Her looks was inspired by Sana Minatozaki from TWICE
  • Lana has two Gay dads who adopted her when they found her floating in the river
  • She loves dragons and had a dragon tattoo.
  • She used to own her own business called, Cosmic Comics with Ginger DeVine.
  • Makes TikTok, her most favorite is, ('SMACK CAM!')
  • Is a Twatter influencer!
  • She is good at coming up with different disguises.
  • Is addicted to Vodka and Moonshine.
  • Isn't good at cooking or cleaning.
  • Claims to not know how to swim
  • Has nut allergies
  • Loves UWU food and anything anime.
  • Obsessed with the anime/comic Princess Robot Bubblegum (her #1 Idol!!)


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Played By: Viviana
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