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Lana Valentine is a character role-played by Viviana.


Lana is a bubbly and socially awkward former Theater Major; who used to dream of becoming an actress. But, unfortunately, she ended up choking (three times) in the midst of the audition by not remembering the lines. Lana then lost her chance at ever entering the acting world. She came to Los Santos to fulfill that dream but since it didn't work out, she soon became a geek, Put on a pink wig, and got addicted to video gaming. She even entered e-sports competitions, and dabbled some into anime; her most favorite is notably Princess Robot Bubblegum! She is also a computer whiz.

It's unknown what happened to her previous parents. As a baby, she was floating down a river and was found by her two gay dads and was adopted as their daughter. Unfortunately later on some years, her two gay dads had ended up getting divorced and her dad abandon her with her other dad, Seymour; leaving her to develop abandonment issues. Somewhere down the line, she briefly had a problem with drug addiction from taking Xanax.

Eventually she overcame it. Underneath her sweet-like appearance, she is narcissistic-- believing she deserves everything and anyone. She loves to be the center of attention and attempts to make the situation about her in anyway possible. Lana also come across a bit intimidating, depending on the person, because of her strong personality and isn't afraid of speaking her mind. Lana can be very possessive and obsessive over those she crushes on or is in a relationship with and can become jealous easily.

She also have psychotic tendencies, where she can be very aggressive and a bit impulsive if put under too much stress. When stressed out, she resorts sometimes to violence or go into a mental breakdown under the pressure. Lana can at times can be very unpredictable and dramatic depending on her mood or if she's bored.

Underneath this, Lana is a woman who cares deeply about her friends and for those who have earned her respect. She can be very supportive and sisterly, while putting her friends above herself and tries to look out for them in her own way. Sometimes she is shown to be quite understanding and considerate to those she consider her family, and can be a bit protective over them.


Lana wears circular glasses and has medium length brown hair that she hides underneath a pink wig. Lana is usually donning her PRB pants. Her clothing color theme consists of red and pastel themed colors ranging sometimes from lavender, white, blue, or to pink, etc. However, she loves pink the most. She has a small mole on the side of her upper lip.

Lana has a tri-force tattoo on her right arm, a snake tattoo on her left arm, and a tattoo design of a koi fish on her back. She also has a dragon tattoo on her right leg.


Carmella Corset


  • Carmella is one of Lana's best friends and her 'seestur'. the two are both really close like family and Lana considers her, her comfort person whenever she feels nervous/unsure about something. The two sometimes may get in arguments, but at the end of the day they still love each other.
  • Due to recent events, the two have grown apart as just friends due to taking different paths in their life.

Taco Prince

[Good Friend]

  • Taco is one of Lana's good friends back in the day and the two had eventually reunited again after not seeing each other for awhile.
  • Things between them have changed since then and what was a somewhat rocky 'friendship' had made him one of her good friends again.

Ramee El-Rahman


  • The two are somewhat.. kinda friends and had did a few jobs together, but, recently the two have been distant and Lana feels as if he doesn't like her.

Violet van Housen


  • The two officially met on the street one day, *Lana called her name because she had recognized her from a dream- but much to her disappointment- she came to find that Violet actually didn't know who she was.
  • Despite this mistake, the two eventually became friends down the road and sometimes hang out together.
  • After a situation involving Violet's gang shooting her friend Carmella, Violet cut ties with Lana due to hearing the rumor that her and Carmella was hunting her friend Lexi. Because of this, Lana felt hurt and hates her for turning her back on her.
  • Because of the two missing talking to each other, they both put away the past and became friends again at the casino. The two celebrated being reunited again by twerking it out!


[Close Friend/Soul Owner]

  • Slick is one of Lana's good friends and also the owner of her and Heath's souls. She first met him with Heath, who promised to sell his soul to Slick for money, Lana-- wanting to be with Heath even in death, had sold her soul to Slick as well. She met Slick once again at burgershot and the two didn't interact much, until he was involved in kidnapping Heath with Lenny and his friends. Lana was mad at him for a bit because of this and had gotten her revenge by pushing him down the hill in his wheelchair later on. This relationship soon turned into a friendship and since she sold her soul to Slick, she has to follow everything he tells her to do (which include killing others for the soul bonding rituals); he only have control of her and Heath's souls during the weekend.
  • She has respect and loyalty towards Slick and shown to be protective if anyone tried to hurt him.

Annie May


  • A strange girl who resembles Lana in appearance. Lana met her on the side of the road one day to find out she was Don's wife and she instantly became jealous that he married Annie over herself and annoyed that he chose someone who resembled her.
  • Lana is suspicious of Annie, but she slowly became indifferent towards her. Her suspicious of Annie rose when Annie instigating an argument with her about why she was wearing her clothes and how Don chose herself over Lana.
  • Lana continues to remain indifferent towards Annie.

William Told

[Old Friend]

  • W was one of Lana's old best friends, also her first love, they had often argue with each other but hung out a lot in a trio with Taco. They became friends when Lana gave him plastic to grow weed and he gave her the keys so she could help and also get any, if needed. They also tired to see who was a better shooter and shot at each other in the hills, Lana won.
  • Lana misses him a lot and haven't seen him since he lost his memories of her and the two eventually lost contact.

Vinny Pistone

[Friends / Adoptive Brother / Father?]

  • Vinny paid for Lana’s bail, and recently helping her deal with her Murder trial. Vinny was there for her, and now Lana considers him a brother to her for that. The two interact with each other anytime they see each other.
  • Vinny asked Lana if they wanted to go on a date (for a dare on stream) which Lana responded with a no. Vinny still teases her about it.
  • Vinny was in his underwear outside integrity and he ran into Lana he told her "Lana don't look at me I'm like your father".
  • Vinny had used to be Lana's Father/Uncle figure back in the day and was always close, they had lost contact with each other along with other CG members, but eventually reunited again.

Uchiha Jones


  • A guy she met one day in the hotel's lobby who first had chicken legs- which she briefly picked at due to her being taken aback.
  • She was flustered when he suddenly asked her to be his 'Sakura-Chan' and she rejected his proposal. Because of this, he deemed her as not a Sakura-Chan.
  • They met a few times after this, although briefly, and she had given him her number to call her.

Paris Argo


  • Paris and Lana met a few times but never began to speak until Lana wanted to set her up with Salem. This started their friendship and them hanging out together planning their wedding, but it eventually turned into Lana helping Paris make her way up, showing her things like weed trafficking and bringing her along for robberies and other jobs. Whenever they're together they like to troll other people or even start beef by bullying the wrong people.
  • Back in the day, Lana had used to help Paris with mentoring her gang, but they lost contact with each other for awhile and was reunited again and were happy to see each other.
  • Months have passed and the two had distanced and haven't spoken to the other in awhile.

Jupiter Adams

[Good Friend]

  • Jupiter is one of Lana's closest friends she knew back in the day and the two reunited soon after they flew into the city. The two may have their ups and downs, but they're still friends at the end of the day and care for the other.

Fookie Bookie

[Good Friend]

  • Fookie or otherwise known as 'Cracky' is Lana's good friend, also who she adopted as her crackhead. Lana loves to call him up whenever he is around in the city. The two are often hanging out with each other while sometimes going on different adventures.

Molly Minaj

[Good Friend]

  • Molly tormented both Carmella and Lana but she gave Lana her gun back that she took from her after growing tiresome of being hostile towards her all the time. Molly quickly bonded with her after hanging out and they seem to have chemistry playfully insulting each other all the time now. Although Molly doesn't trust anyone she seems to have a favorable relationship with her now.
  • They one day ran into each other again with Carmella after not seeing her for awhile.

Liz Anya


  • One of Lana's best friends she's known before the city started the reconstruction, months later the two meet up again once more after flying into the city and was happy to be reunited again. Lana happens to also be one of her biggest supporters and always encouraged Liz about her music. She even went as far to convince Chang Gang to hire Liz for Wuchang.
  • Lana also considers 'Taxi Driver' as one of her favorite songs from Liz.
  • Ever since Liz kickstarted her career in Wuchang, becoming one of the most popular singers in LS, their relationship between the two have became... a little complicated once she started dating Heath. Liz began showing hints and signs of her holding romantic feelings towards Lana. From breathing down behind her neck, to small flirty comments, Lana began to feel a bit put off from the attention coming from her and sometimes expressed the awkwardness she felt concerning Liz to Heath, and this caused her to avoid the star for a bit.
  • Liz had confronted her about this before and blamed Heath for changing her. Lana, confused by this assumption, took the time to reassure that she was just busy trying to make money and haven't changed at all and that she missed hanging out with her too.
  • Things started to go down hill once accusations were thrown and rumors spread one day about Liz being pregnant that it was Heath's baby. Once she was told about the pregnancy. Being confused and emotionally distraught by this rumor, she immediately was on the verge of having a break down and went to question Heath... only to find out Liz was only doing an advertisement for a new album that she gave 'birth' to. Stunned and even more confused by the reveal, Lana resorted to drinking during the WuChang event from the stress. It didn't help that when she was drunk, Liz started gaslighting her and claiming to have slept with Heath and when Lana asked her again after calling him to pick her up, she claim to have not slept with Heath-- that Lana was crazy, she never did that. Out of frustration, Lana called out Liz on her potential crush on her and how she wanted to ruin her relationship; however, Liz instantly denied this being a thing and called her self-absorbed.
  • It was after this, where after Lana was venting to Heath the situation and questioning him on the fake scenarios put into her head, Heath asked Lana to choose between Liz or Him... and she chose him. He then turned the car around to go back to Wuchang to shoot Liz out of protectiveness over Lana- shocking everyone. This then lead to Chang Gang coming in to protect Liz and go after them- mainly Heath, then forced Lana into beating him with a hammer.
  • Lana hated Liz ever since this happened, but they seem to have made up after her big concert. They met up at the graveyard on a bridge during the rain, and had a heart to heart talk and Liz apologized for what she had did to her. Liz confessed that Lana was right, she did hold feelings for her and kissed Lana, but Lana pulled away, leaving Liz a bit confused . "In a perfect world..." Lana said and gave Liz a kiss on the cheek, but her speech was interrupted by Liz trying to hold her and Lana, awkward, tried to explain that she was currently in a vulnerable state and that she had a boyfriend, which Liz replied that she had a husband. Liz told her that they could keep the kiss a secret, and they both agreed with a pinky promise. Lana was left with this wondering her thoughts and started drinking after the fact.

Siz Fulker


  • She doesn't know Siz too well, but they're on friendly terms with the other.

Stacey Doyle

[Best Friend]

  • Stacey is one of Lana's best friends, when they first met they instantly clicked and had often gotten into trouble together by commuting crimes and ending up in jail together.
  • Lately, she noticed how odd Stacey been acting and came to a realization that Stacey might like her and Stacey shows to be sometimes possessive of Lana or obsessed with her, however Lana doesn't seem to return Stacey's feelings.

Nino Chavez


  • The two are on friendly terms and sometimes talk to each other, but not often. When Four Tee approached her to ask for her approval of Nino being #19 and Lana said that she liked him.

Hannah Hiltop

[Good Friend]

  • One of Lana's good friends she met during when she worked at the VU. The two among others bonded from the time they worked together and became fast friends.
  • The two is usually hanging out together causing chaos wherever they go ether with themselves, or with the girls and this sometimes lead them into some trouble.
  • When Hannah was kidnapped, Lana felt extreme guilt from not being able to help her and almost had a breakdown in the waiting room with Carmella. But thankfully, Hannah was okay and Lana apologized to her which Hannah accepted.

Kenneth Foreman


  • A fellow weeb who Lana was friends with and was her previous employer at Burger Shot. He was one of the ones who were nice to her on the job... until she felt betrayed by him for firing her after two days. With no reason as to why and this both confused and angered her that this happened. After being egged on by her former co-workers, this escalated into her shooting him in the head and causing him to be hospitalized for some time.
  • Eventually, she began to feel bad about shooting him and tries to make up with him a few times- despite him hiding himself from her in fear.
  • The two are currently on friendly terms and he no longer hides from her out of fear; much to Lana's relief.

Randy Bullet


  • One of her friends back during the day and the two met again at the apartments and quickly remembered each other.
  • The two haven't talked as much for awhile with both being busy with other things, but after helping him out one day
  • Lana had helped Randy along with other members of Chang Gang a lot with evading the police, jailbreak, etc and in return he said that they will always have her back.
  • The two haven't spoken or hung out in awhile and have gone their separate ways.


Seymour Valentine
Seymour Valentine is Lana's Biological Father who was traveling the world but had came back recently.
  • He encourages her and gives her life advice when she feels like her world is falling apart.
  • Lana cares deeply for her father.


Chatterbox [Friend?]
*Chatterbox had used to be one of Lana's friends who she used to hang out with. Being his 'friend', Lana tried to manipulate him for as long as she could and tricked him into believing her as his friend in a way to use him down the road.
  • However, after an incident of Carmella burning down his Funhouse (Grandma's), this would lead to a series of events of Chatterbox terrorizing and stalking her and Carmella, even their friends, trying to get his revenge anyway he can on the two.
  • The two have become currently on friendly terms after he revealed to her how Chang Gang apparently didn't care if he tried to kill her. She was struck with grief and anger from knowing the people she shown loyalty to for years would do that to her. She was doubtful at first, even *Carmella told her it could of been a lie to manipulate her, but somewhere deep down in Lana's heart, she believed him.

Rather than kill him, Lana spared his life and returned his gun, thus ending the feud between them.

  • He appreciated her sparing him and decided to back off from hunting her and Carmella down because of the kindness he was shown.
Pilbis Shonley ['Rival/Frienemies]

  • The met when Lana first started going to Burger Shot after being in the city for awhile, their meeting was rocky at first, but since he was able to deal with her and her friends orders (concerning only ordering lettuce) she gave him a 9$ tip for him being nice and apologized.
  • Lana to her friends called him one of her hoes.
  • After meeting again, she notice how his hair was changed to pink Lana thought this was sort of strange/creepy at first and was wondering
  • The two sometimes argue and throw roasts at each other due to finding the other being too mean to the other.
  • She calls him her #1 Hoe and commented once to Paris that she finds him sexy when he yells at her.
  • He seems to care for her as seen when he tried to save her job and Lana takes notice of this.
  • After their various texting back and forth, Lana took a chance to ask him out... only for him to avoid answering the question. Stung by the rejection, Lana started getting annoyed by him and sometimes ignored him.
  • Recently, she started warming up to him slowly and tried to befriend him- which he mistook as her just wanting him for his money, much to Lana's annoyance.
  • Lana at first had began to show slight jealously when she noticed other girls were hitting on him, but she wasn't willing to fight for him.
  • Lana believed at first she might of had a slight crush on him, and felt he was leading her on and called him out on this.
  • Lana was alittle wary of him and was hurt by how he tried to manipulate her into confessing any hidden feelings she have for him.
  • The relationship is complicated and a bit toxic, they're on friendly terms and she shows loyalty to him as her friend and have his back, also teasing him. Other times words are said that can result in an argument or Lana yelling at him, or both getting into a fight.
Mia Beyern [Rival]
Mia and Lana had used to be on friendly terms with each other, and Mia along with Zoey would often tease her by holding her up. But due to Mia obsession with Heath, things started spiraling down into a rivalry between them. Things escalated during Heath's Funeral (when many came to find, wasn't actually dead and was alive) and the brewing tension between them snapped; causing an argument. Since then, Lana and Mia haven't been on good terms since Mia blames her for Heath being broken.
  • Mia hates that Lana is keeping 'Heath' on the shelf. (Meaning inside a literal urn, but since it was revealed Heath is alive. It is unknown whose ashes are actually in the urn.)
  • Mia fell in love with Heath her first few days in Los Santos and in her head she thinks she can fix him.
  • Lana wants her to back off.
  • Lana calls Mia one of Paris dogs.
  • Mia sometimes pick at Lana over her speech and questions her true feelings over Heath.

Love Life

Tommy Tate [Boyfriend]


  • Lana used to be a fan of his hit song he was featured in: "Don't know bout me, I'm Tommy T" and had used to get excited and tweet him whenever she saw him tweet.
  • While still in a relationship with Heath, she was introduced to him by Carmella and the two seem to have hit it off with a bit of flirting.
  • She went on a date with him and received flowers from him, that she thought was sweet... but she was put off from him seemingly flirting with Carmella in front of her. When she questioned this, he called her insecure and said she must of had been with guys who didn't treat her right. Lana seem a little put off by this, but brushed it off.
  • She soon was broken up with by her previous boyfriend (Heath), and she started hanging out some with Tommy, and found she enjoyed talking to him after the initial awkwardness wore off. She came to find him to be a pretty nice guy.
  • She soon found out from her friend Stacey, that the flowers given to her wasn't actually from Tommy- much to Lana's slight disappointment.
  • However, Lana felt like Tommy treated her as a friend and didn't make any romantic advances towards her. She later found out this was because he has a crippling fear of commitment.
  • The two sometimes do bank jobs together whenever he's free and they have fun driving around together too with the Mandem boys.
  • Lana sometimes gets jealous when she sees someone flirts with Tommy.
  • She was rejected by him once when she asked the big question of what they were as she was told by her best friend, Carmella, about how he said he had no time for girls during a robbery and how he's been talking to his friends about their relationship only being a 'FlirtationShip'. A bit upset, Lana called him up to question him on this and he seemed to be confused and suspicious on who told her this. Lana didn't want to snitch but eventually told him it was Carmella who was told by Dean. The conversation didn't really explain much to her, but when she asked what they were.... he rejected her by saying he just wanted it to be casual as he didn't want to make things awkward or step on her ex's toes.
  • After the rejection, Lana decided to write up a poem and set up a plan with Patar to read it to him where she dressed up as a mermaid by the sea.
  • The poem reading was somewhat successful... Tommy started questioning on whether this was real and was scared of entering a relationship because of his commitment issues. Lana reassured him that they didn't have to have a relationship, saying she didn't want one either, and eased him into the idea of an 'unofficially official' type of relationship. Where they didn't have to be a thing and it can be just casual, non serious, but a little more exclusive.

Tommy seem to accept this and the two officially started their relationship on October 2, 2021.

  • Lana and Tommy are pretty close and often hang out together. She even enjoys hanging with his gang, the Mandem, especially Moses and Patar. Lana calls him up to hang out with him and his gang and even went to war with them.
  • Lana decided to start calling him her 'Boyfriend' and this seem to have confused Tommy when her friend Crackie called him this; but he seem to shrug off the confusion and went along with it.
  • Lana is protective and sometimes gets jealous over girls who talk to Tommy. Tommy has pulled guns on people and his own gang for even joking about hurting Lana.
  • Lana and Tommy became official over time, referring to one another as girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Before leaving Tommy sent Lana a message saying he was catching a flight home he will see her soon hopefully and put 3 hearts at the end.
  • Lana dressed up in a green outfit and told anyone that asked about her outfit that she misses her boyfriend Tommy and it reminds her of him.
  • Patar and Eli were investigating why Tommy left and were suspicious of Lana. They questioned her and realised she really missed him and that they could trust her. They brought her in on the investigation and told her about the Abdul embezzlement news. They connected the dots to the casino and went snooping in his room for information. They left with no information.
  • Patar, Eli and Lana went to Maldini's to get food and the entertainer there asked if Eli or Patar was Lanas man. She told him he was out of town and some information about him he would use in his song. He played a guitar and sang a song about the Mandem and Lana missing him. They all cried during the song.
  • When Lana and Tommy we're reunited after two weeks apart they were both happy to see one another. They decided to hit a bobcat where Tommy drove and lost 2 interceptors 2 CVPIs and a bike within a few minutes. Lana was very impressed with his driving but wasn't surprised due to him regularly escaping cops.
  • Lana jumped on the back of Tommy's bike and they rode around together at the casino. She asked if she would ever get a Mandem chain and become one of the gang. Tommy asked if this is what she really wanted, she seemed a little unsure at first but told him it's absolutely what she wants, Tommy said he would think about it as it's a big decision.
  • Lana became very weary of everyone in the mandem except tommy as dean and a few others were going to ocean dump her because she heard them talking about there bench on the radio. Tommy saved her by calling and stopping dean. He told them to apologise to her and then brought her to the block where tommy surprised her with a mandem chain welcoming her to the gang and there family.
  • Lana got Tommy's Audi RS6 stuck on top of a mountain when hanging out with Patar and Moses, Tommy came to try and help recover the car and they managed to get it free but the car was too badly damaged and needed a repair kit. Tommy and Moses were joking about ocean dumping her, along with taking her chain away while attempting to rescuing Patar. Lana and tommy ended up leaving both Patar and Moses on the mountain since they couldn't save them, going to the city to repair Tommy's car. Tommy then decided to drive his car into the ocean with the two of them in it as a joke about ocean dumping her. They then stole a car to head back to apartments so Tommy could sleep, Lana said she didn't want him to drive as he may die, Tommy replied to her saying he didn't want her to die and carried on driving. Lana smiled and said that it was the nicest thing anybody had ever said to her in Los Santos.
  • Lanas dad who rarely comes into the city came over to hang out with Lana, Tommy and a few of the other members of the Mandem. When Tommy realised it was her dad he ran around the block to get away but decided to come back to meet him. Tommy jumped on Lana's dads moped while the others went in car to "Tommy's" (Patar's) penthouse. They got to know each other a little until they went into the penthouse where the boys and Lana spoke very highly of Tommy, in the attempt to impress her dad. Seymour (Lana's dad) took them on a new heist no one had ever done before. They infiltrated a container for the most valuable diamond on a boat at the docks. When they tried to deliver the diamond to the extraction point the cops found them and made the group split up. Tommy, Patar, Seymour and Vince took Seymour to the yacht where he took a jet ski to flee the country. Before he left he gave Tommy the diamond and said it's up to him what he does with it maybe a necklace, a bracelet or maybe even a ring. He said take care of his daughter for him and Tommy saluted him off as he rode off into the sunrise.
Heath Argo [Ex-Boyfriend]


  • Heath is one of Lana's long time friends and met through her friend, Paris Argo, who is the sister of Heath. Being apart of her friend's group, the two is always hanging out together with their group, He became her GBF (Gay Best Friend). Even though he was "gay", Lana had develop a smallish crush for him down the line and a once shown to be possessive when someone tried to make a move on him.
  • Lana and Heath started to hang out more often by themselves. Lana helped Heath get a job at Rooster's Rest, and they worked night shifts together. When they weren't at work they would do different crimes and jobs, like rob houses and Stores, do oxy runs, or simply drove around looking for other people to rob, mainly who they would call the "Grinder Gang".
  • After for a long time a secret he had been hiding for awhile from everyone was revealed by: Party Hardy due to find out Heath rigged the elections. Party freaked and out of anger, revealed to Lana that Heath wasn't actually gay. *Lana believed him after hearing a passing conversation between them concerning how Heath could get any woman he wanted. Lana confronted him and then proceeded to jump off a cliff when it was confirmed as the truth.
  • Once after the reveal, Lana confessed to having a crush to Heath and to Paris and Jupiter. Which was unexpected event for everyone, where Heath ran away before and she told the girls about it.
  • Heath confessed to having lied to everyone about his sexuality and that he was actually straight, much to the girls surprise. He was only pretending to be gay to stop women from hitting on him and always asking if he was single, he wasn't interested in romantic relationships, and it was easier just to say he was gay without being mean. This discussion led to Lana and Heath confessing to each other that they loved the other and on an awkward date at Burger Shot.
  • After the situation, the two remain acting as friends for awhile and this confused Lana on whether he actually felt the same as her or not. Lana begin to show jealously towards his friends, particularly Wingman, due to Paris influence, she started becoming irritated and wanting to kill Wingman because she felt he wanted to steal Heath away. This resulted in Lana trying to fight Wingman in the street out of envy and it thankfully came to a somewhat peaceful conclusion.
  • As Lana and Heath continue to grow closer they officially started dating on May 16th 2021.

After brief shoot out with Pilbis and Bike Guy, who surprised them with a drive by, Lana was injured... but was very impressed by Heath's shooting. Lana even said it was the hottest thing she's ever seen. Because of this, Lana had no choice but to make him pull over and ask the big question: 'What are we?'

  • Heath was caught off guard by the question, and didn't know how to answer. Thus the both of them agreed to say at the same time, what they thought they were and the two believed they were dating. This confirmed the feelings they had for each other; making it official.
  • Lana says he's the first ever guy to treat her right, and thus she became attached to him because of this.
  • The relationship is some what... stable, from encouraging each other and being supportive whenever the other feels down or not confident in their abilities and vice versa.
  • On the other hand, there is the unstable times when it comes to communication. Lana's trust issues arises and jealousy is let loose when she feels threaten by the men Heath is friends with or the men she believes to be trying to steal him away. Other times, Lana is unpredictable and pretends to be jealous to mess with Heath and/or attempt to gaslight or manipulate him.
  • Heath is shown to have a soft spot for her, also depends on her to keep him sane. Also is attached to her as she is to him, almost in an obsessive manner, and if not, albeit clingy. Like Lana, he becomes easily jealous by other men who attempt to flirt or if he think are trying to steal her away. But he's a little less aggressive in this than Lana.
  • He's very loyal to her and never thought about cheating, but... he feels that she's always mad at him for something. His thoughts even began to dwindle down to a worst case scenario of her maybe actually killing him. Or leaving him.
  • Sometimes, their arguments results in them trying to gaslight the other, guilt trip, etc, sometimes it might work on Heath or it might work on Lana. But somehow, the two make up in the end and it's.. normal as it can be, until more issues and drama pops up in their relationship. Towards the end, it seemed Lana was using the drama as an excuse to go out and flirt with Tommy T, and Heath saw things weren't getting better.
  • After weeks upon weeks of unresolved Issues in the relationship and Lana not showing any interest in fixing them, her cheating on him with Tommy, Heath decide to break up with Lana.
  • The relationship officially ended on: August the 10th.
  • The two still live together, and Lana tried staying friends for awhile until various events started where the relationship turned sour and Lana doesn't understand what happened.
  • When Heath went missing, Lana was distraught and because of Party Hardy's influence, she assumed he was dead and went through making him a funeral.
  • Someone who had Heath's phone had put together a collection of Heath's past notes he written about her, and sent it to her to read during the day of his funeral. Lana was touched by this.
  • Lana understands Heath will never hurt her when she called his bluff over the phone-- he even avoided shooting at her and only shot at Cayman and almost at Party before the cops arrived.
  • Heath is hurt by Lana saying she wished he was dead.
  • Their relationship soon went south further since she became closer to The Mandem and they haven't spoken to each other for weeks.
  • The two have recently made up and are on neutral terms.


Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino [Ex-Obsession]


  • They first met when Lana was with Liz and Jupiter looking for a rebound for Carmella and they came across him in front of the apartments.
  • They officially met during when she came to have an interview at the Digital Den and the two talked and hit it off, thus she gave him her number in hopes he'll call her.
  • After Lana's break up with Aleks, she started becoming obsessed with Don who she calls 'Pony-Tail Man' because of not knowing his name and the nickname stuck. The two don't see each other often due to him being busy, but when they do she tries to get him to notice her and it sometimes work or sometimes don't.
  • The two went on a date recently where they went to the beach for a bit and talked before going back to the Rooster to be given tea he made. After he given her tea to sell, he gave her a kiss on the cheek; ending the date.
  • Since their last meeting, Lana never heard from him anymore and was completely ghosted.
  • After not seeing each other for a long time, Lana had found out he's married to someone named, Annie May, who resembled her. Out of jealously, Lana contemplating killing her but decided to just confront find out it was an open marriage and he suggested her to join in a polygamy relationship. She refused, as she isn't one to share.
  • Lana claims to have gotten over him as her heart is broken. But she is still in the process of it.
  • She's confused on how she should feel about him due to feeling really hurt by him choosing Annie over her.
  • The two met up and had their 'last' goodbye, where Lana called him up for both to meet up (with Lang right behind him to monitor the conversation) and the two had a heart to heart where Lana showed him a poem that she wrote for him. It ended when Lana told him if he wanted a true ride or die, he can come to her.
  • The two met a few times again after this and had started flirting with one another again. She still holds some affection for him despite his marriage to Annie, and feels as if he's trying to play with her feelings.
  • She finally gotten over her feelings for him and moved on.


Aleksander Sazkaljovich [Ex-Boyfriend]


  • The two haven't really talked before until recently, when they did a job together, and the two started hanging out together once during a car drive. Feelings from Aleks started developing due to his friends teasing him about Lana and he sometimes would flirt with her; even though Lana didn't share the same feelings for him... until she gave him a chance.
  • Lana developed a crush on him and was nervous being with him and the same could be said for Aleks whenever they were alone, the ride would be filled with awkward silences due to not knowing what to say to each other.
  • On 1/1/2021, the two became 'Exclusive Homies' where the two can only flirt with each other, she was skeptical at first but agreed anyway.
  • Lana often comments on how Aleks is such a nice guy, however, she finds his niceness boring and wants to spice it up.
  • She's shown to be possessive of Aleks and says she would kill for him.
  • On 1/20/2021, she asked Aleks to meet her at Life Invader, where they talked and she asked him on a date using a yes or no note and he agreed, much to Lana's delight.
  • The two have grown closer through the time they had known each other and have shown to be both possessive of another and willing to kill anyone who tries to get with the other.
  • Both of reunited again in a new city and continued their relationship for awhile, until Lana began to feel distant from Aleks after not hearing from him a lot and started questioning their relationship. For example, thinking whether he was cheating on her or not when her calls/text messages were sometimes ignored/rejected. She even contemplated cheating, but was against it because she still loved him. After being told by everyone, including her friends Liz and Carmella and Violet, etc. She made her choice and texted him that they had to talk.
  • Soon they met up at the church where she broken up with him; saying, it was the right guy at the wrong time. But they still can remain as friends.
  • After recent events, Lana isn't on friendly terms with him anymore as he shot her friend Carmella in front of the VU with his gang and she came to find that he doesn't seem to care about her.
  • They officially broke up on: 2/12/2021


Carl Crimes [Ex-Boyfriend]
*Carl Crimes is Lana's ex- boyfriend, the two were often out spending time with each other in the city and sometimes doing crime together, however they are polar opposites.
  • The two had a complicated relationship. Lana was never really sure if they were dating or not and called him her man that wasn't really her man, however she got jealous if she felt like he was cheating on her, which led to arguments because of her trust issues.
  • Unfortunately, The two had broken up due to her discovering that he cheated on her with another woman named, Jenn Bordeaux. He was suspected to had cheated on her too with Dan Faily according to her.
Mr. Kebun [ Ex-Obsession/Good friend]

  • Lana had started dating Chang after confessing her crush to him, she has a soft spot for him and is extremely loyal to him and his gang. The relationship between the two is unclear whether they are still dating or not, as she stated before to Carl that she was over him, however Lana comments that she is 'with' him. Her soft spot stems from only loving the idea of him and finds him fascinating. Lana has also stated that Chang is the 'love' of her life and she will do anything for him.
  • She calls him her man and believes him to be her boyfriend... even though this is all in her head.
  • After a long time of Chang being in the ICU, Lana's feelings slowly began to wane after Randy told her how he had used to cheat on her; supposedly snapping her out of her long-time obsession over him. However, she was surprised to see someone who resembled and acted like him named, Mr Kebun.
  • She does not know that Chang has become Mr. Kebun and believes him to still be in the ICU, however she was later proved wrong.
  • Even though she isn't obsessed with him, she still cares about him and feels grateful towards him.

Criminal Record

  • Kidnapping x3
  • Attempted 2nd Degree Murder x1
  • Joyriding x5
  • Robbery x3
  • Fraud x1
  • Burglary x1
  • Trespassing x1
  • Disorderly Conduct x1
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x3
  • Public Intoxication x1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x11
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x1
  • Resisting Arrest x5
  • Weapons Trafficking x1
  • Reckless Evading x1
  • Negligent Driving x3
  • Reckless Driving x1
  • Third Degree Speeding x1
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Illegal Passing x1
  • Driving on the Wrong Side of The Road x1
  • Illegal Turn x1
  • Failure to Stop x1
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification x1


  1. Lana loses her gun license
  2. Angry Lana
  3. Lana gets hit... by a BOAT
  4. Let's go to the mall
  5. Now we know why Lana has issues
  6. He's Back
  7. Lana Confronts Violet
  8. Lana catches Bjorn red-handed

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  • Her favorite color is Pink and Red.
  • Has a Sugoi and Futo with an anime livery
  • Her looks was inspired by Sana Minatozaki from TWICE
  • Lana has two Gay dads who adopted her when they found her floating in the river
  • She loves dragons and had a dragon tattoo.
  • She used to own her own business called, Cosmic Comics with Ginger DeVine.
  • Makes TikTok, her most favorite is, ('SMACK CAM!')
  • Is a Twatter influencer!
  • She is good at coming up with different disguises.
  • Is addicted to Vodka and Moonshine.
  • Isn't good at cooking or cleaning.
  • Claims to not know how to swim
  • Has nut allergies
  • Loves UWU food and anything anime.
  • Obsessed with the anime/comic Princess Robot Bubblegum (her #1 Idol!!)


Played By: Viviana
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