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LaRon McBerry is a character role-played by noKingu.

General Description

LaRon McBerry is a mild-mannered young man that was raised in Los Santos by his mother, and never really knew his father. He is a big fan of technology and considers himself an expert.

Physical Description

LaRon is a slender young man of slight build, without much muscle. He has brown skin and brown eyes, and wears prescription glasses.

He can also usually be seen with earbuds in.


LaRon grew up in Los Santos with only his mother in his life, never learning who his father was. He was a sheltered kid growing up and a complete mama's boy, entirely devoted to her. An only child, LaRon has struggled with loneliness his entire life and turned to technology as an outlet. LaRon graduated high-school and had the option to leave state and attend college, but was torn by the thought of leaving his mother and the home he grew up in. He opted instead to stay close to home and things that were familiar to him, like his tech and music.


LaRon is a timid man, with a tendency to be reserved or shy. Though he can be shy, he isn't afraid to branch out and try new things (even if it makes him nervous). LaRon is asthmatic as well, and has a tendency to run out of breath when speaking.

He is a serious techie and loves technology and thinks he knows more than the average person about the subject.

LaRon has a lot of fears, some of which include disappointing his mother and falling in with the wrong crowd.

Played By: noKingu
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