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Kyrin-Chan WeuhBou, also known as Leyla Nightingale of Embervale, is a character role-played by ItsLeslie.



Leyla Nightingale sports a full black body suit with glowing pink detailing. To match, she sports a black and pink mask with a crudely drawn face and her hair is dyed pink as well.

Despite the slightly intimidating attire, Leyla is a kind, soft-spoken individual who is ready to help people at any moment. She is always the first to offer food, water, or even money to those in need. She is very naïve, often misunderstanding conversation about robberies, guns, and other illegal activity. Ms. Nightingale enjoys spending time at the Diamond Resort and Casino as well as Rooster's Rest, where she works. Leyla feels very close to her co-workers at the Rooster's Rest, often referring to them as family. Particularly, she refers to Lang Buddha as "Daddy Lang" due to his paternal guidance he provides.

Recently, Leyla has started to try her hand at house robberies. While this came as a shock to many, her sweet, innocent disposition might be the perfect thing to fool the cops.

Notable Incidents

Ride Or Die Incident

Leyla had a brief encounter with Jean Paul who picked her up in his stolen vehicle after he apologized to her for running her over. Jean drove her around to showcase his driving skills, he noticed some police cars driving towards a spot where racers were, he had beef with these racers. He warned her that his plan with the racers would get bloody, but she accepted it and replied with "I love blood."

Jean Paul entrusted Leyla with the sports car that he had used, telling her to make sure she would never lose it or else she would serve Mac n Cheese for months. Leyla drove off with the car in a panic, not knowing what the plan would be. This resulted in Jean thinking that she had stolen his car and left him alone. Leyla did however drive back in hopes of helping Jean. She ended up driving really quickly resulting in the police driving after her, Leyla crashed her vehicle during the pursuit and the police were surprised to see her due to probably thinking that the driver was Jean Paul whom they had chased earlier.

Whilst the police interrogated her on why she drove the car and where she got it from, she didn't mention X or the Ghost Rider but did tell them that a "Demon" made her drive the car really fast.

Vault Hostage Incident

Outside the apartments, Bo, Leyla, Four Tee, and 2 others were taken hostage for a vault heist conducted by Yuno Sykk, Lang Buddha, Jean Paul, and Tony Corleone.



  • Yuno Sykk: Leyla was one of the first people Yuno met in the city. Back then, she taught him how to do deliveries and how to dodge a punch; in turn, Yuno later taught her how to clean money through Oxy-runs, giving her approximately 10,000 dollars for her to practice. During his first days in the city, Leyla would call him "Uno Card", giving him the name "Raccuno" after she saw him searching for stuff in the trash can. Knowing that he struggled with money, she also gave him 4,000 dollars to gamble at the Casino in exchange for a favor (no questions asked). As time went by, they slowly started spending less time together. However, she was on his side during the conflict against the GSF, then stood up for him when the altercation between Mike Block, Ash Ketchup and Annie May happened. As Annie shared what happened, Leyla justified Yuno's sadistic laughter under the fact that he probably thought he was filming stuff for an actual movie (given that Mike Block called him the "director" throughout the entire ordeal), then explained that his brain had most likely resolved to nervous laughter due to the stress. This, in addition to Gloryon's input (and Lando's understanding of Yuno's psychopathic character) prevented Yeager Demonblood and Bjorn from punishing Yuno for what had happened. Yuno often tries to involve her in little adventures, such as the time when, preparing for a heist that involved bikes, Yuno took her in a nice bike trip across the city and on the mountains. They tend to meet at work and around the city, sharing pleasant conversations and having a lot of fun together. She often defends Yuno from whoever speaks badly of him or tries to hurt him, and Yuno has promised to always have her back. She was once kidnapped by Lang Buddha for a Vault heist. Upon discovering this, Yuno tried his best to comfort her (and all the other hostages, who were all his friends) and gave her lots of food and water. As he negotiated with officer Sam Baas, Leyla shared playful comments about how Yuno looked like cotton candy, and later insisted that the "marshmallow cotton candy guy" had taken great care of her. She once gave him LSD, then laughed as the poor hacker wobbled around in panic.
  • Bo Xbox: They work together at the Rooster's Rest, they also go on fishing trips together quite often. They also do criminal activities together, or as Leyla would call it "Breakfast or Bacon and Eggs". She cares for Bo quite a lot and considers him a very good friend. They often go on an adventure together as much as possible whenever they're both awake and in town. Whenever Bo goes to the casino to spin the wheel, he carries Leyla since he perceives her as a good luck charm. She gave Bo $9,000, stating that he doesn't owe her anything since she considered him as a friend. Leyla showed him the "friend tackle" on their first encounter and this practice is spreading rapidly through all of Bo's friends and acquaintances. However, Bo has discovered a new technique that is an evolution of the "friend tackle". It consists of tackling someone and immediately carrying them afterwards. Bo claims that he had to rewire his brain to accomplish this move. Bo has since shared this move to Leyla. A lot of people seems to be impressed whenever they execute this move correctly.
  • Lang Buddha
  • Annie May
  • Ray Mond
  • Lillia Claurel
  • Levi Trigger

Criminal Record

  • (To be written)

Unregistered Crimes

  • (To be written)


  • "Surprise!"
  • "That came out of nowhere"
  • "Calculated"
  • "Weeeee"
  • "Yayyy!"
  • "Gamba! Gamba!"


  • She cares quite a lot about her friends. She tries to be kind to everyone she meets.
  • She often does a "friend tackle" whenever she sees her friends.
  • She claims that whenever she dresses up in her criminal outfit "Bane Anna", she calls it a cosplay.
  • She now also uses the name Luigi since Bo came up with it while they were trying to think of alternative names as they commit criminal activities.
  • She has a toy that is designed to look like her that they sell in a collection at the Rooster's Rest. She is one of the rarer toys in the collection.