Kylie Winters was a character role-played by FrostmagicED.

She died as a result of a complication in an attempt to cure herself.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kylie is the forgotten twin sister of Kyle Winters. She was raised at the Humane Labs after the death of their parents. She is a "serial vampire" and harvests the blood of the citizens of Los Santos, preferring men.

She is currently dancing at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club while awaiting employment elsewhere.

One of her kills has developed the disease, due to blood left behind between the stabbings of Bryant Robbins and Renee Sonse, the latter of whom is currently going through the throes of early onset Haem Plague Syndrome.

Another one of her Victims has come with the disease, however Gemma "Emerald" Knight contracted it after Saving Kylie's life.

After coming Clean and telling Gemma everything, she offered her the cure and accepted her fate should Gemma decide to stab her then and there. Gemma took the accelerant of Hemoglobin to aid in the Haem Plague Syndrome rolling through the bloodstream, and gave the cure back.

Arachne Blackwell helped Kylie eliminate the "Failed Experiment", a Lucian Daemon, who brought too much heat to the Coven, and forced Kylie's hand with working with Kyle Pred, a self-proclaimed "Vampire Hunter".

Kylie went down a very depressive path, having lost contact with Arachne, and Gemma making it very clear that there wasn't room for two in their relationship. Kylie told Arachne that they were going to Kill Gemma together, and has told Gemma that she has execute authority over Arachne. A file for each of them have been made and she intends to let them kill each other.

"The Queen of the Board needs to Control her Pawns"... Except Kylie doesn't see Gemma and Arachne as pawns, but equals, even though neither of them realize that. She intends on keeping the one that kills the other, and if Gemma kills Arachne, then Arachne will be presented one final opportunity to prove that she said.

The game of information, and the reason for the "snitch" arc (Written by FrostmagicED, please don't edit this)[edit | edit source]

Kylie started masquerading as a open face serial killer, reaching out to people she knew to be dangerous, and collecting friends who started to trust her about them. Upon the second female victim, Kylie's psyche broke, and all of her worst fears came rearing their ugly head as hard and fast as they could. She became scared of the actual consequences of her actions, and realized that her Ruby, Gemma "Emerald" Knight, was far to deep into the smileys for her to be able to save her. She loves Gemma, and wants her to live, but it's more important to Kylie that the world see's exactly how easy it is for "Monsters" a word put in her head while she was bleeding out from a close encounter with Great Ocean.

Her Coven.[edit | edit source]

Gemma Knight, the Angel of Chaos, Avatar of Random Chance, and Kylie's Ruby (and perfect character foil)

Arachne Blackwell, Whom Kylie failed to properly kill, getting distracted by the memory of a lost love, and losing control of the wheel, her last message to Arachne was to "be careful, but get out, and if she wants that gift that was promised is sitting in the motel if she wants it.

Ginger DeVine, the new Enforcer, Kylie's ace in her sleeve, she knows exactly how each member of the coven operates, exactly what they've done and why Kylie needs them to do. Ginger exists to end the Coven Project if it gets out of hand (the Moniker for the Disease being in the open)

Jacklyn May (Alter Persona: The Neon Tiger) Kylie was one of the few people the Neon Tiger herself presented to, The Tiger and Kylie had a mutual need for bloodshed, however; Kylie was more interested in trying to merge the two personalities together to prevent unnecessary mental anguish to Jacklyn, a girl that Kylie cares deeply for. She was prepared to stab the Tiger to put an end to Jacklyn's suffering, after Miss Mercedes <the Neon Tiger> made it clear that the last time Jackie May lashed out at the Tiger, the Tiger Killed her family and made Jacklyn watch, and listen. She often torments Jacklyn dreams with these memories while locked in Jacklyn's subconscious.

August Vakarian, not by choice, but Kylie needed to regain leverage over the Smiley Organization when Gemma suddenly jumped to the other side. Kylie actually knows very little about this person. Just that Mr. Smiley seems to care for her GREATLY. This was before the full mental break that resulted in her returning to the family home her family was murdered in, as well as back to the old Teliver Estate in Russia

Loose Affiliations to the Coven[edit | edit source]

Jaden Sparks - Deceased, but he gave Kylie a meal, as well as very pertinent information she was able to Leverage with the Lunatix MC in exchange for some Sybil information. As well as the knowledge that Justine was a phone-call away from Jaden.

Tobi Argent - Comes to Kylie when he has needs of information, but he's very bad at not letting things slip, be it intentional or not. Know's that Kylie works with the Tiger, and that Gemma knows who the Tiger is, but Kylie wouldn't give him a name. Works for Chasity, and Kylie was told to keep him safe, by two different groups, so she pays attention to people that try and kill him, making sure to add them to a list.

Chasity Dawes - Kylie wanted to work for Chasity, as Chasity has a surplus of victims, but everyone knows when a body is left with her signature. Kylie however, offers anonymity to Chasity through the process of feeding on a victim, as the victim looks like a Vampire killing rather than an artwork.

Mr Smiley - Kylie's most hated group in the city, she doesn't appreciate this group sending Ruby a very pointed video stating "I'm watching youuuuuuu" [[Kenneth Jesperson]]. She has made it her personal mission to see this group burn, as she hates men in power, specifically men who think they can flex that power over others without any basis to do so. EVEN more so when they prey on innocents (Kylie calls them Animals), rather than trapping them.

Karl Johnny Black - A Vagos Gang Member who Kylie told her secret to towards the end, so that he'd give her what she needed to go into hiding.

Taran Raid - No longer operating with Kylie, however when Kylie was putting together the Lunatix murder information box, she needed him to connect some dots she couldn't reach.

Leland Jones - Kylies last few days, he confided that he would be willing to get his hands dirty to help her deal with her final problems if anything blows back on her girls, to keep Ginger safe. LJ is a long term buisness ally of Kylie, giving her ALOT of market movement on the Flea Market.

(Why does she Snitch on people?)[edit | edit source]

Kylie believes that she's lost, and failed. Mr Smiley, as well as Gemma, actually make sense when they hint that chaos is the ultimate ladder, and that everything happening for a reason is bullshit. Kylie believes that her love is lost, and her life has lost it's meaning. She turned herself in, admitting everything she can, as well as adding some murders on that she didn't commit (pointing towards Gemma's kills)

She has to take the fall for those murders to protect Gemma, so she needs to build a case that she doesn't have any reason to lie about any of it.

Anything With Taran, KJ, and Smiley is fair game, regardless of affiliations to other members of the coven or affiliates. (Unless it's Gemma, then it has to be important)

Anything with Inmates is more than fair game, she'll fabricate a lie to get an inmate dealt with.

Anything Doctor Andrews asks her, she will answer truthfully, regardless of what she asks. it's the first female doctor that's actually... cared about Kylie.

Ultimately, her endgoal was always being caught. She was on a fine line of sanity throughout her stay in Los Santos as a free citizen, and she eventually lost her mind and became the thing she hated. Kylie became a Monster. It takes a Monster to shine a light under the bed.

Victims[edit | edit source]

Confirmed Attempted Kill Count: 10+ (She Claims 29)

  1. William Hailson - The new person who was too sad to care.
  2. Bryant Robbins - The reporter that was too trusting.
  3. Renee Sonse - The man who believed he could save the blood.
  4. Brodi Nelson - The man who believed he could gamble fate, who's life was given greater purpose.
  5. Nicholas Reyes - The novelist who believed he could read the soul, who was given a true story.
  6. Gemma "Emerald" Knight - The wrestler who told her she didn't believe in the fates, or a religion. Special note: Kylie didn't enjoy this kill, and it made her feel emotion again.
  7. Bryce Miller - Entirely a kill of opportunity, no targeting involved.
  8. Connor Kelly - The Faithful, he who stood true to his faith and presented himself to the coven as a meal.
  9. Cheddar - A Gangbanger from the eastside, took the role of Kylie's Lost; a return visit needs to be paid when he discovers love to become the found
  10. Helga <Unknown> - A relationship advisor who fell to Silvia Teliver AND Jessica (Kylie and Gemma). Kylie's last kill in Los Santos.
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