Kyle Pred is a character role played by Kyle.


Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #410

Kyle Pred is finally a full officer as of October 3, 2019

Known for his extremely aggressive approach to literally fucking everything, while still being an effective LEO. Often heard slinging insults at various highly dangerous criminals from his police cruiser, which has landed him in the hospital more than once.

Kyle's weapon of choice lies with his trusty police issued baton. #NightstickSZN

Relationships Edit

He claims to be "just friends btw" with Sr. Officer Brittany Angel, and the two have plans to buy a "friend" house in the near future. They recently had a meeting with HR to approve their "just friends" relationship.

Pred and Coop Holliday also became close friends rather quickly, and tend to overshare, and brag, about personal accomplishments in the bedroom among themselves, and to others. One specific situation often brought up involves them tag teaming Claire Seducer at Coop's house. Claire constantly claims never happened, as she can't remember it due to her memory condition. (It totally happened.)

Social Media Edit

Kyle Pred Official Twitter:

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