Kyle Pred is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Kyle Pred is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #410.

He previously worked as a private investigator and monster hunter.

He was previously a Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #360.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Pred is a 31-year-old caucasian male with naturally blond hair, brown eyes, and low cut stubble with a light goatee. As a result of Brittany Angel mistaking him for Domenic Toretti, he can often be seen with his hair dyed brown. He's also dyed his hair ginger, black, and various other colors.

Pred has had multiple different hairstyles over the course of his stay in Los Santos. The ones he's had the longest are a slicked-back businessman cut, and a comb-over. He has had also had an afro, cornrows, and a slicked up businessman cut usually with some form of highlights.

He was originally very pale, but after getting a spray tan for "Angel Day" he's started tanning.

Pred has several tattoos on his body, including a tattoo of skulls and flowers covering the entirety of his right arm, a tattoo of a woman covering the entirety of his left arm, and a tattoo of the silhouette of a woman and a skeleton covering the entirety of his back.

While off-duty Pred can be seen wearing a black jacket, grey v-neck t-shirt, and blue jeans.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pred is known for his extremely aggressive approach to most things, while still being effective as an LEO. He can often be heard slinging insults towards highly dangerous criminals which routinely lands him in the hospital.

While being competent on the field, Pred dislikes doing paperwork and prefers to do "audio logs" instead. If required he will do actual paperwork, but heavily prefers his audio log alternative.

Despite Pred's flirtatious nature towards most women, he has somehow managed to remain in a committed relationship with Brittany Angel, with them only ever breaking up once in the span of their relationship.

Pred is often cold and uncaring towards most people, with the only people he shows care towards being his adoptive family and his girlfriend, Brittany Angel.

Pred has admitted to having commitment issues, which cause him to be unable to fully open up and settle down when in romantic relationships.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Familial Relationships[edit | edit source]

Adoptive Family [edit | edit source]

Tony Andrews - Adoptive Father

Tony Andrews is Pred's adoptive father, he disciplines him with tough love (usually involving verbal or physical beatings). Despite Pred's rogueish nature, Andrews sees great potential in him and attempts to push him to do better police work. When they are both on duty at the same time they can often be seen riding together.

On October 11th, 2019, Andrews forced Pred and Jordan Steele to patrol on bikes around the Legion Square and Pillbox Medical Center area.

On November 2nd, 2019, Andrews forced Pred to do bike patrol again.

On November 11th, 2019, both Pred and Jordan Steele officially got adopted by Tony and Torah Andrews.

On June 26th, 2020, Andrews gave Pred the middle name of "Elizabeth".

Torah Andrews - Adoptive Mother

Torah Andrews is Pred's adoptive mother, the two have gone on a few ride-alongs together, but don't see each other that often.

Jordan Steele - Adopted Brother

Pred and former officer Jordan Steele originally met during their police academy on August 10th, 2019. When Steele was still an officer he and Pred would often patrol the city together, empowering women. They shared similar interests, including verbally degrading anyone that challenges them and preforming "tandem beatings" on anyone that would run from them. Pred and Steele developed the "tandem beating tactic", and got the approval of the then Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven, to teach it to their fellow officers.[1]

After Steele was fired from the LSPD Pred attempted to keep him in line by suggesting that he attempt to rejoin the LSPD or even find another job. Pred's efforts were sadly in vain as upon hearing of Kayden Dell'Anno's passing, Steele started drinking and taking crack which eventually led to him being shot down and administrated into the ICU after a police chase.

It's unclear how Pred feels about his brother nowadays, as the two don't see each other often. When the topic of his brother is brought up, Pred will refer to him as a two-time convicted murderer and a potential terrorist, despite Steele never being found guilty of the murder of Boba Stone.

On June 23rd, 2020, Pred & Steele got into a verbal disagreement which eventually escalated into Steele pulling a AP pistol on Pred and firing at his police cruiser as Pred was driving away. After getting out of imminent danger Pred called for backup and arrested Steele for assault with a deadly weapon & criminal possession of a firearm [class 2]. Jordan plans on taking Pred to civil court because Pred punched Jordan while he was in cuffs during the incident.

On June 25th, 2020, Steele declared Pred and Brittany Angel "on sight" [2] after hearing a exaggerated story about Pred and Angel beating the shit out of James Apeller at Garage Q on June 24th, 2020.

On July 30th, 2020, Pred and Steele were forced to talk things out by their father. The two talked things out and agreed that they should run Garage Q together, and talked about renaming it "Brother Chief's Impound."

Brian Knight - Adopted Son

Brian Knight is Pred's adopted son, they get along well and sometimes patrol together.

When Brittany Angel originally adopted Brian in late 2019, Pred was against the idea of him being his son. But, on January 14th, 2020, Pred officially accepted Brian as his adopted son.

Los Santos Police Department[edit | edit source]

Brittany Angel

Previously claiming to be "just friends btw" with LSPD Sergeant Brittany Angel, the two now own a house together on "Whispymound Drive 6", are "Engaged-to-be-Engaged", and Common Law Married. They also have been forced to attend multiple HR meetings as a result of their relationship.

Before their initial break up in early 2020, their relationship was physically fulfilling but had some light underlying commitment and jealousy issues. Pred propositioned several women for paid sex, and Angel went as far as to stab Pred for claiming that another female is attractive.[3]

After their initial breakup, Pred has been completely loyal towards Angel, and Angel has been less physically abusive towards him in turn. Angel has also told Pred that if he were ever to cheat on her again, that they would be over. When both of them are on duty they can often be seen riding together, with Pred flirting with Angel as Angel attempts to maintain some sense of professionalism while doing their jobs. However, Pred will usually tighten his act up if the scenario requires it. Angel attempts to push Pred to be more professional and wants to see him succeed and progress throughout the ranks. Although they're not married nor engaged they sometimes refer to each other as their Fiancé / Fiancée or Husband / Wife. When asked on why they're not married yet, Pred will often reply that even though he considers Angel to be his "everything", he has commitment issues that prevent him from proposing to her.

On September 9th, 2019, Pred was FTO'd by Angel with Pred repeatedly flirting with Angel the entire time, during this ridealong they got into many scenarios; one being the two of them responding to a 10-13 on the top of Mount Chiliad and after clearing it and getting the downed officer medical, the two of them falling down the mountain with Pred confessing that he thought of Angel in the shower while dressing for duty.[4]

"Look, I want you to know something if we don't make it. I thought about you in the shower while I was dressing for duty." Pred to Angel while falling down a mountain

Angel responded to him saying this by calling him disgusting, in hot kind of way. As they were driving to Sandy Shores Police Department to repair their vehicle, Pred went more in-depth of his thoughts of Angel while in the shower. He first claimed that he simply thought of Angel because she's a "Bad Bitch" but eventually confessed that it was him wishing that Angel was there with him, but only because she would be able to scrub the parts of his back that he couldn't. After repairing their vehicle they attempt to head back to Los Santos but Angel crashes the car leading to them heading to Pillbox Medical Center. As Angel awaits medical attention Pred holds her injured hand leading to Andrew Ducksworth questioning if they're sleeping together, both Angel and Pred respond with that they're "Just Friends".[5] After getting out the hospital Pred and Angel get back on routine patrol and eventually turn up at the bank to put away their hard-earned wages. As they put away their money Angel remarks that she has $100,000 now and that she could buy a house, which causes Pred to say that they could buy a "Friend House" together; Angel is very open to the idea and the two brainstorm locations.[6] Before the ridealong is over, Angel invites Pred over to her apartment to watch The Lord of the Rings to which he happily accepts.

On September 16th, 2019, Pred and Angel went house shopping with Rose Edwards, they looked at a house off of Del Perro Freeway alongside the beach, a house along North Rockford Drive, and a house along Whispymound Drive. Before choosing which house they wanted, they decided that they wanted to look at more houses and acquire more money before ultimately making their decision.

Pred and Angel were forced to attend a PD HR meeting on September 21st, 2019 as a result of their "just friends" relationship.[7] During the meeting, Rocko Colombo and Travis Tribble discussed whether or not they could have "booty on duty" and talked to them about the birds and the bees.[8] [9]

"I know the conspiracy theories about getting people pregnant and I know how to stop it. I'm gonna explain it to you in detail, right now. Take a rubber band, twist it at the base of your scrote, about 4 or 5 times so when your eggs can't get through to your vas deferens and down the... you know what's in the you know what in her space door." - Tribble telling Pred and Angel his method on stopping pregnancy

The HR meeting ended with Pred and Angel both agreeing that if they were ever to be in a relationship with someone, it would be each other, but that they are definitely not in a relationship. Pred and Angel were forced to attend another PD HR meeting on October 7th, 2019 after Ziggy Buggs and Colombo overheard the two of them talking about Colombo not knowing that they're fucking.[10] During the HR meeting, Pred and Angel were required to role-play out the two of them processing a suspect while remaining professionally, during the role-play scenario the two of them knocked out the fake suspect and attempted to have sex on their unconscious body before being stopped by Colombo and Ziggy.[11]

Angel bought their house, Whispymound Drive 6, from Rose Edwards and Milton Pointdexter on October 10th, 2019. After purchasing their house together Angel and Pred stopped claiming to be "Just Friends" and admitted to being in a relationship.[12]

On November 3rd, 2019, Angel was informed through a third-party (Jacklyn May) that Pred had said that he loved Angel. This was confirmed later that day when Pred got on duty and said it again, with Angel saying it to him as well.

Pred and Angel were forced to attend another PD HR meeting on November 29th, 2019 after Pred was caught on camera getting a lap-dance in a convenience store.[13] During the HR meeting, Angel stabbed Pred with a hatchet.

On December 1st, 2019, Pred was informed by Angel that they were declared as "Common Law Married" by Judge Dennis LaBarre.[14]

On December 26th, 2019, Pred gave Angel an "Engaged-to-be-Engaged" ring.[15]

On December 31st, 2019, Pred and Angel were put on the "Ramee Sprinkler Show" where Pred's antics were shown to the public, and Angel. At the end of the show, Angel was asked to choose between Stephen McClane or Pred, she ultimately chose Pred by stabbing McClane in the gut before running out of the theatre.[16]

On January 3rd, 2020, Pred and Angel took a break from their relationship after he attempted to dress her up like Lydia Zephyr.

On January 25th, 2020, Angel was receiving medical aid from Boba Stone when he asked her whether she was still dating Pred, as he had assumed that they were still dating. Angel replied that she was under the impression that they were indeed still dating, Boba then revealed that Pred had apparently been having sex with Boba's ex-wife, Bree Matthews. Angel wasn't aware of this and the only response she had was a heartbroken "What?", Boba then went further into detail telling her about Bree and Pred hooking up multiple times at a court case a few days prior, and that Bree told Boba earlier in the day that she would be hooking up with Pred later that night. Domenic Toretti chimed in and confirmed that he too had heard about Bree and Pred. While Angel was initially confused by the news she quickly turned towards anger, telling Boba that Pred is a son of a bitch and that she would have to kill Pred for what he did.[17]

On January 26th, 2020, Pred had a court case for spraying a person with the deluge gun of a fire truck, Angel decided to show up and spectate the trial. The day before the trial Angel had heard the rumors about Bree Matthews and Pred being involved with eachother,[18] so the real reason she even showed up to the trial was in hopes of watching Pred lose. Shortly after Angel arrived to the courtroom she noticed that Bree was also attending the trial, Angel decided to keep a close eye on Bree as she figured, Bree was most likely there for Pred. Pred suddenly mentioned that he had to go to the bathroom, which was a hint towards Bree for her to follow him into the bathroom, Pred thought that he was being subtle as he was unaware that Angel already knew exactly what was going on. Jackie Snow, who had heard about Pred and Bree from Pred himself[19] also realized what was happening as he immediately turned towards Angel and said "Oh my god, Angel, no, no, no!" most likely expecting Angel to get upset or do something crazy. Angel just stood in place, speechlessly staring at the pair as they walked away towards the bathroom, any hope Angel had left of the rumors being false got shattered as they confirmed them in front of her very own eyes. While Pred and Bree only ended up chatting and flirting for a bit before returning,[20] Angel had made the reasonable assumption that the pair went to the bathroom to have sex. During the trial Angel hardly spoke as she was dumbfounded and filled with anger from Pred blatantly cheating on her, she snuck the occasional glare towards Bree and Pred and often caught them being on the phone at the same time. During recess Angel and Pred got into a minor argument which ended with Angel telling Pred that he would be getting stabbed later, Pred told her to calm down but Angel facetiously told him that he had nothing to worry about. The moment Bree spoke up to ask why Pred would be getting stabbed, Angel snapped and yelled "Because he's fucking some stupid bimbo, you stupid bitch!". When Pred realized that Angel found out he replied "Oh yeah, I'm fucking some stupid bimbo? Guess what, she's standing right behind you and she's got on cat ears, Angel, so there you go." indicating towards Bree.[21] Bree tried to lie saying that nothing happened between them, Angel responded that she already heard about everything they did, she said "You know, I heard about your escapades actually, you guys were fucking in trunks and you were in bathrooms and you were bragging all over the place about it, that's what I heard".[22] Pred tried to claim that he had no idea what Angel was talking about, however Bree let the truth slip when she acted like she was under the impression that Pred was a single man as the reason they hooked up. Pred still continued to make excuses until Bree told him that he was only making things worse, when Bree said that Pred decided to reveal the truth to Angel, he stated "I am a man who has physical needs, and sometimes... sometimes those women have cat ears on their head and other times they wear stethoscopes, sometimes they're just standing right behind you in the peanut gallery staring at me and sending me sexy text messages as they attempt to hide away and pretend they're invisible, you know, this is life, these are the kind of things that happen".[23] Pred then accused Angel of probably "getting dicked down at the mansion every night by different guys", Angel denied the accusations saying that she'd been too busy sitting alone in the mansion playing video games because of the emotional distraught caused to her by Pred.[24] Eventually the topic of their mansion and a discussion over payments began, that's when Bree spoke up saying the payments wouldn't matter as Bree and Pred would be buying the mansion from Angel anyway, upon hearing that Angel became livid, she yelled at Bree to fuck off. Pred pushed it even further by introducing Bree as his new love interest to Angel, Angel started insulting Bree and Pred saying that Bree is going around fucking all sorts of people and that Pred would never find a quality girl, at this point Pred took Angel aside for a private conversation. During the conversation Pred decided to lay all the blame for his affair with Bree on Angel, saying that Angel was never around for him, Angel was bewildered that he would even try to blame her for it,[25] Angel's bad mood was getting worse at this point and when the topic of mansion payments came back up again, she told Pred that he should just pay her for her half of the mansion and she would grab her stuff and move out so he could live together with Bree.[26] After arguing for a while longer, Angel had enough and decided to leave the courthouse saying that she only came to support her friend Snow, Pred got upset at that statement and lashed out saying out that he didn't care about Angel anyway, which Angel responded to by saying that it was obvious at this point since he was too busy deep dicking somebody else. As Angel was leaving Pred yelled at her that she was right, he was too busy with deep dicking Bree and that he was pulling on Bree's cat ears all night long.[27]

On February 9th, 2020, Pred and Angel attempted to "patch things up". But, after Pred had sex with Lauren Forcer, and repeatedly flirted with Ekaterina Alekseyevna, Angel gave Pred the knife that she used to stab McClane on New Year's Eve to symbolize her "Blooding Him Out".[28] After Jordan Steele was fired, Pred and Angel had a brief talk where he gave her the knife back.[29]

On February 17th, 2020, Pred decided to give Angel a call to check up on her, she informed him that she got into a car accident and the doctors think that she has ten days to live. Pred told her that he was on his way to the hospital and they got into a small argument about money and house payments while on the phone. Upon entering the hospital Pred was unable to find Angel and decided to barge into a sterile operating room to check if Angel was in there, at that same time Angel walked out of the consultation room with her doctor and noticed Pred yelling at Choi Zhangsun trying to find Angel while Choi was performing surgery, Choi promptly kicked Pred out of the operating room. Angel walked up behind Pred, who was still yelling at Choi through closed doors to ask what he was getting so upset about, after a few more words Pred calmed down and took Angel outside the hospital. Outside the hospital Pred showed Angel his new car, the Dominator GTX, the immediate reaction from Angel was to ask "Why would you waste money on this garbage?". They drove around together in Pred's new car for a bit and Angel informed Pred that she's going to be fine and doesn't actually have ten days left to live, Pred was happy to hear that. Shortly afterwards they ran into Lang Buddha and Ellie Dono at a traffic light who decided to make fun of Pred for losing his job at the LSPD, Pred and Buddha continued to hurl insults at eachother while driving down Elgin Ave until Pred decided to ram into his vehicle. Pred yelled at Buddha "You wanna run your fucking mouth, we can settle it on the street right now pussy!". Pred parked the car up on the side of the road while Angel was ducked down in the passenger seat continuously repeating "Oh my god" in a soft voice. Buddha ran over Pred with his car before Buddha stepped out which started a fist fight between Pred and Buddha, Pred sneakily pulled out a pair of knuckleduster and hit Buddha right in the face. Buddha quickly fled the scene when he noticed that Angel was there, who was still on duty. Before Buddha drove off Pred shouted "First thing I'm doing after I quit my job is murdering you, you fucking cocksucker!".[30] Angel tried her best to calm Pred down and questioned him about what was going on with him. Angel and Pred continued to drive around talking about his future and their payments now that Pred was unemployed, Pred however was clearly in a bad mood after what happened with Buddha which caused an argument about the relationship between Angel and Pred to grow way out of proportion until Angel got out of the car at Benny's to make her way back to MRPD by herself. While Pred initially drove off he quickly turned around to try and find Angel, who herself found a bicycle to ride back to MRPD. Pred spotted Angel on her bicycle and followed her yelling at her to get back in the car, Angel then came to a sudden stop which caused Pred to hit her with the car, he quickly got out to check on her and they made up with Pred telling Angel they would be together forever.[31] While the two still continued to argue about money, they both seemed to be in a good mood after they made up.

On February 21st, 2020, Pred and Angel tried meeting up a number of times but were unable to due to Angel having to deal with her work and Pred having to deal with Jordan Steele's breakdown after the death of Boba Stone. They eventually managed to meet up outside the morgue where Pred and Jordan were about to head in to pay their respects to Boba when Angel arrived. Pred instructed Jordan to head on inside so Pred could have a private talk with Angel. Pred informed Angel of Boba's death and Angel and Pred had a heart-to-heart talk about how he misses her; that she was right that nobody besides her actually cared about him, and that he was sorry for taking advantage of her.[32] After their talk they headed inside the morgue where Angel noticed Ekaterina standing across the hall, Angel told Pred that if he really meant the words he said to her he could prove it by going up to Ekaterina and insult her. Pred asked Angel if that is really what she wanted from him and Angel confirmed that she meant it, Pred was about to walk up to Ekaterina to prove himself to Angel when he got interrupted by Kael Soze wanting to talk to him and ask him questions regarding Jordan. Soze interrogated Pred for a while until he was satisfied with the information Pred gave him. After Soze left Pred turned to Angel and worriedly informed her that he thinks Jordan is a prime suspect in the murder of Boba, Angel agreed that seemed to be the case. Pred once again asked Angel if she really wanted him to insult Ekaterina and Angel told Pred that she wanted him to make it clear to Ekaterina that he has no romantic interest in Ekaterina and that he finds her physically repulsive. Pred did what was asked of him which caused a heated discussion between Pred, Angel and Ekaterina that resulted in Ekaterina eventually walking away crying. Shortly afterwards they got interrupted by Jordan stealing Boba's body from the morgue and taking a hostage to get free passage with the body, this resulted in Jordan eventually getting shot down by multiple officers. While waiting for Jordan to get medical treatment, Angel and Pred spoke about how both of them are unsure about how to deal with Steele's rapidly declining mental state, and Angel wishing that Pred would come back to the LSPD. Before going their separate ways they promised to see eachother at the mansion later that night.[33]

On February 23rd, 2020, Angel had a trial against Wilhelmina Copperpot for the slanderous accusations written about Angel in Copperpot's latest article[34] for the Los Santos Herald. Angel was waiting on the steps outside of the courthouse when Pred showed up to support her in her trial like he had promised her, they were both happy to see eachother, referring to one another in terms of endearment multiple times. While waiting for the trial to start Pred could be seen repeatedly flirting with Angel to the amusement of others in the courtroom. At the start of the trial the judge ordered Angel to read the article aloud, when Pred noticed that Angel was uncomfortable with this he tried to persuade the judge to allow him to read it in her stead but was ultimately denied by the judge. Later in the trial Angel and Pred's adopted son Domenic Toretti was called to the stand where he tried to paint Pred in a bad light eventually going so far as to shout out that Pred was the source for the article while under oath. Angel seemed extremely upset after hearing that which caused Pred to hurl insults at Toretti, trying to defend his own name, both Toretti and Pred ended up with a $10,000 contempt of court charge because of their outbursts. Shortly afterwards Pred was called to the stand where he got questioned about his relationship with Angel , stating that the article initially made him extremly upset with Angel describing himself as a whirling dervish of feelings and emotions. On the topic of their current relationship, Pred stated that they had been making good progress at getting back together, with Angel replying that they were still working things out. Pred explained that while he was intially upset with Angel , seeing her fight so hard against the article made him realize she truly cared about their relationship and that he didn't care whether the claims in the article were true anymore, for the sake of repairing their relationship. Before stepping down Pred denied being the source of the article while under oath. During recess Toretti and Pred were called into the judge's office, after a heated discussion Pred beat up Toretti until he was down on the floor for trying to sabotage his relationship with Angel by making him out to be the source.[35] Later on during deliberation Angel and Pred had a private conversation where Pred explained that he felt hurt by the fact that Angel didn't believe in him and he apologized to Angel for sleeping with other women while they were on break.[36] Shortly afterwards it came to light that a new article[37] was put up on Weazel News regarding Pred, while initially upset, Pred quickly accepted and moved on from it after Angel calmed him down. Angel ended up losing the case and ran out of the courtroom yelling "Fuck the DoJ". After Angel later on tweeted "Fuck the DoJ", Pred called her to make sure that she was okay, and to tell her that he doesn't want what happened to his brother to happen to her. Pred went to visit Angel at MRPD later that day to check up on her and talk about the case, when it became clear that Angel was still upset Pred dropped the topic of the case and told her he'll support her no matter what.

On February 26th, 2020, Pred told Angel that he had joined the BCSO. When asked why he joined the BCSO, Pred cited the way that the LSPD treated Jordan Steele as the main reason he left, and that the only good thing about the LSPD, to him, was Angel. Angel was initially upset at Pred for transferring, but eventually warmed up to the idea and said that it suited Pred.[38]

On April 7th, 2020, Pred emailed Angel asking for a transfer back to the LSPD.

On April 11th, 2020, Angel paid the last payment on their mansion, marking it as officially theirs.

On April 13th, 2020, Pred and Angel were en route to MRPD after assisting Brian Knight in facilitating a return of stolen PD weaponry when Pred told Angel that he has a parachute for her back at their house. After having a quick discussion at MRPD, and assisting Matt Rhodes with a traffic stop, the duo finally made it up to their house and retrieved the parachute. Angel and Pred then headed to Vinewood PD where Angel retrieved a helicopter and flew it to the top of the Payne Tower. After landing, Pred instructed Angel on how to properly equip the parachute and, after making sure that it was put on correctly, got into the driver seat of the helicopter and started flying up. While gaining height Pred asks Angel if she wants to do a tandem jump where both of them would jump out, and Angel would have to catch Pred before opening her parachute. Angel agrees to do it under the condition that they do it over the ocean so their helicopter wouldn't hurt anyone. As they hover over the ocean Pred states again that he is going to be unable to control himself and it's up to Angel to catch him. While they gain more altitude both of them agree not to tell Jackie Snow or any other member of PD Command / High Command. At around 6.5k ft both of them jump out of the helicopter nearly at the same time. While falling both Pred and Angel make small comments over the radio leading to Rhodes to notice their radar blips over the sea and head over there to investigate. Although getting close a few times, Angel sadly never manages to catch Pred and has to pull her parachute in fear of hitting the water. As she pulled her chute she was nearly struck by the falling PD helicopter but managed to avoid it. Angel landed in the water and swam her way back to the beach. As she turned up on the beach Rhodes approached and asked Angel what was going on, Angel responded with that her and Pred were tired and decided to go swimming. Rhodes is skeptical and, as Pred somehow surviving the fall turns up on the beach as well, continues to question what exactly the duo was doing. Eventually, in an effort to hide what they were actually doing, Pred admits to Rhodes that they were actually having sex on duty and that they're sorry. Rhodes then explains to both of them that, since he can't punish a fellow Sergeant and that only the BCSO isn't allowed to have "Booty on Duty", Pred is the only one who's going to get punished for this. Rhodes then gives Pred 5 fake strike points for "Deep dicking 457 on duty", gives them a ride back to Vespucci PD, and all three of them head back on routine patrol.[39]

On April 21st, 2020, Pred and Colombo declared the day "Angel Day" with both of them dressing up as Angel (White Hair and a Slight Tan) and copying some of Angel's mannerisms.

On April 29th, 2020, Pred and Angel had an in-field HR meeting after Angel took back money that Pred had stolen from her earlier. Angel informs Pred that he owes $4,000 in property tax, leading to Pred telling Colombo that Angel's scamming him. Colombo tells them that he always considered their relationship to be nothing more than cheap thrills. Colombo says that Angel only started a relationship with Pred because it made her feel powerful, and Pred only started a relationship with Angel because he enjoyed having someone take care of him. Colombo continues that, because their relationship has gone on for so long, that the thrill is gone and now they're arguing about their mortgage. Pred retorts that the thrill isn't gone at all and that he's so serious about his relationship with Angel that he even stopped cheating on her. Colombo says that they keep trying to revive the relationship by getting each other fake materialistic things such as the "Engaged-to-be-Engaged" ring that Pred gave Angel, but deep down they don't actually care for each other and are only still in a relationship because they don't have anyone else. After Colombo finishes his rant, Angel and Pred both respond aggressively saying that their relationship is one of the longest going relationships in Los Santos. Angel and Pred then state that Colombo's Fiancé (Mia Mersion) left him so who is he to judge them on their relationship. Angel then says that, even though people seem to keep judging their relationship, it's one of the strongest and healthiest relationships in the city. After a couple more minutes of bickering, the three of them realize that they should probably do their jobs, and head back on routine patrol.

TJ Mack

When TJ Mack transferred to the LSPD from his old city, Pred reached out to help Mack learn the ropes of Los Santos.

The two get along well, and when Pred resigned from the LSPD on February 16th, 2020, Mack inquired about his plans for the future and told him that he should come back to the LSPD.

Stephen McClane

Stephen McClane and Pred are rivals, with both of them claiming to be the true father of Brian Knight. Although they enjoy messing around and getting into petty fights, if the scenario requires it they will put aside their differences and work together. McClane regularly attempts to sleep with Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel, which, for obvious reasons, angers Pred and causes him to act hostile towards McClane.

On May 20th, 2020, McClane commissioned Bryce Miller to make a diss track about Pred. He released the track just a day later, on May 21st, 2020.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office[edit | edit source]

Matt Rhodes

Pred and Matt Rhodes attended the same academy class, joining the police department in the same recruit of Cadets. While they joke around a lot, Pred shows respect for Rhodes and often turns to him for assistance if required. Pred and Rhodes routinely attempt to disrupt each other's relationships.

Lauren Forcer

Lauren Forcer and Pred are good friends. They initially met during the August 10th, 2019 PD Academy. After Academy, they started a "friends with benefits" relationship which lasted until Pred and Brittany Angel started sleeping together. Pred ended their relationship because, as a result of her appearance, whenever he had sex with Forcer all he could see was Reid Dankleaf.

After Pred ended their affair, their relationship went sour for quite some time, until they found a common interest in Harry Potter that rekindled their relationship.

On February 10th, 2020, Pred and Forcer had sex in the Captain's Office of Mission Row Police Department.

After Pred's resignation from the LSPD, Pred and Forcer linked up one night to discuss things. Pred told Forcer about his frustrations with the LSPD and his brother, Jordan Steele. Forcer understood Pred's frustrations due to her history in the LSPD and gave Pred the idea of possibly joining the BCSO instead.

When Pred joined the BCSO on February 25th, 2020, Pred acknowledged Forcer as one of his best friends.

Rocko Colombo

Pred and Rocko Colombo are good friends and Pred often calls him the "Fun Boss". Pred and Colombo started the trend of using tennis rackets during HR meetings in an attempt to "stop the racket".

Colombo has forced Pred to attend multiple PD HR meetings as a result of his relationship with LSPD Sergeant, Brittany Angel.

When Pred attempted to transfer back to the LSPD on April 7th, 2020, Colombo replied to his request with "denied lmao kyleisDab".

On April 21st, 2020, Colombo approved Pred's transfer request to the LSPD after Pred walked all the way up Mount Chiliad and threw "Smeagol" (Vladimir Raven) off of the side.[40]

On July 14th, 2020, Colombo tasked Pred with winning a local jousting tournament in order for him to get promoted to the rank of Senior Officer. After Pred lost the tournament, Colombo told him that he would need to fight Angel in a 1v1 in order to get promoted. Both Pred and Angel agreed to the fight and, after losing within 10 seconds, Colombo promoted Pred to the rank of Senior Officer.

Randy Wrangler

Randy Wrangler and Pred get along well and enjoy riding together when they are both on duty.

San Andreas State Police[edit | edit source]

Jackie Snow

Pred holds great respect for Jackie Snow, and vice versa. Snow often attempts to push Pred in a more serious route as he sees great potential in him.

When Pred was a cadet, Snow was one of the main people to FTO him.

Other[edit | edit source]

Bree Matthews

Pred and Bree Matthews have a close friendship, while she was working as an EMS she was Pred's favorite focus for his "EMS Empowerment", along with Bailey Jade. Bree instantly welcomed the "empowerment" she was getting from Pred and their friendship quickly started to grow into a more flirtatious relationship when Bree started to respond to Pred's empowering comments in a more suggestive way.

While Pred was on a break from his relationship with Brittany Angel, Bree and Pred grew even closer, she offered Pred a place to stay during his relationship issues with Angel, and they eventually ended up having a fling for a short while.

After Pred ultimately got back together with Angel, Bree and Pred still remained close friends even though they started seeing eachother less often. Bree is an often recurring conversation topic between Pred and Angel, whether it's about Angel still being upset regarding the fling he had with Bree, or Pred threatening to get back together with Bree when he's upset with Angel.

On November 4th, 2019, Pred was informed that Bree and Boba Stone were working on getting a divorce, even though Pred was in a relationship with Angel, he commented that the moment Bree and Boba went through with their divorce, he would be going after Bree.

On November 17th, 2019, after Bree got divorced earlier that week, Pred seemingly decided to step up his game when it came to "empowering" Bree, he spent the entire day relentlessly flirting with Bree whenever he crossed paths with her and she certainly didn't seem to mind, often responding to his flirtatious comments in a provocative way.[41] After their final "empowerment" session at Pillbox for the day, Pred referred to Bree as a "dirty empowered bitch" with Bree responding "Ooh, that's hot!", Bree was about to drive away when Pred commented on how it's hard to keep up the empowerment with a hard-on, which made Bree laugh.[42]

On November 20th, 2019, Pred and Bree once again proceeded to keep up their empowerment and flirting throughout the day, eventually Pred decided to invite Bree to come over to his mansion, which Bree didn't decline. Though neither Bree nor Pred followed up on the invitation, they both confirmed that they were not opposed to taking their friendship a step further. Pred was about to leave for the day when Bree made a request of him; "Call me a dirty bitch before you go", Pred happily complied.

Ever since that week they continued their behaviour of constantly flirting and tempting eachother whenever possible, their relationship quickly turning from just good friends into a much more flirtatious and suggestive one, one where Pred would risk deeply upsetting his girlfriend, Angel, were she to ever find out about the way he acted around Bree.

At the start of January, 2020, Pred informed Bree that himself and Angel were taking a break from their relationship and that Angel took away Pred's key to the mansion that the two were living in. With Pred no longer having a place to stay, Bree immediately handed him a key to her Integrity apartment and offered for him to come stay with her, Pred gladly accepted both the key and the offer to stay with her. While only mentioned once or twice between Pred and Angel, it was implied that Pred stayed over at Bree's for a while during his relationship issues with Angel.

On January 22nd, 2020, Pred and Bree ran into eachother outside the courthouse waiting for the Jordan Steele vs Jean Steele divorce case to start. After talking to Jordan about the proceedings for the case, Pred headed inside the courtroom where he immediately made his way to Bree, both happy to see eachother there. While the two were talking to eachother, Bree invited Pred back to her apartment to watch Harry Potter together later that day. When the court took a small recess for Jordan and his lawyer, Kevin McLoughlin to talk, Bree asked Pred if he wanted to sneak off to the judge's chamber's for a bit, they instead decided to head to the bathroom inside the courthouse. Pred loudly informed the other people in the courtroom that he had forgotten something in the lobby so the two of them could sneak off without any suspicion. They ended up running into Jordan and Kevin who were standing outside the bathroom, discussing the upcoming court case, Pred decided to inform them that himself and Bree would be having sex in the bathroom to give them a heads up. Kevin responded that it wouldn't be a problem as long as they kept the noise down, Pred agreed. Oblivious to the fact that they weren't being as quiet as they thought they were, the pair could be heard by everyone standing in the lobby of the courthouse.[43] After Bree and Pred got back to the courtroom, Bree passed her phone number over to Pred so they could talk in private via texts during the case. Throughout the case Bree and Pred could be seen flirting with eachother both verbally and via text messages, one of the texts was Bree once again inviting Pred to come over and watch the Harry Potter Blu-ray Box Set with her after the trial, Pred immediately replied that he would be happy to do so. Some time later a short recess was called when a woman passed out from starvation in the courtroom, Bree quickly made up a lie about a medical emergency in the bathroom and took Pred with her to spend some more private time with him in the bathroom. When court got called back in session, Bree and Pred made their way back to the courtroom and continued flirting via texts, at some point Pred made a comment to Boba Stone about him obstructing Pred's view of being able to stare at Bree, after which Bree texted Pred asking him to turn around for her so she could stare at his ass.[44] After all the witnesses from Jean's side we're done being questioned the judge called for another recess, Pred immediately called out that he had to use the bathroom, quickly followed by Bree saying the same thing with the excuse of having a small bladder. The two swiftly ended up in the bathroom with the intention of having some more private time together, however with the lobby being overly crowded this time they instead decided to head out in Pred's police cruiser to have some privacy. They continued their private time together with Bree ending up in the trunk of Pred's car while the pair proceeded to talk dirty to one another. Bree and Pred eventually got onto the topic of the mansion that Pred owns with Brittany Angel, while Pred initially wished to give Bree a key to the mansion he quickly remembered that it's in Angel's name and they instead wondered if Angel would be willing to sell it to them so they can buy Angel out and move in together. Their private time got interrupted by a state announcement that the court was back in session and they rushed to make their way back to the courthouse, both running into the courtroom out of breath, just in time for Pred to be called to the stand. Bree had to step out for a medical emergency for a bit and when she eventually returned she commented on how she could stick her entire hand through the wound of the victim, Pred, still on the stand, replied "Hey, that's what I did to you in the bathroom!" in front of the entire courtroom, Bree laughed and replied "Yeah it is!".[45] After Pred got done with his questioning he decided to head out, most likely ending up at Bree's apartment later that night like they had planned earlier that day.

On January 25th, 2020, Pred and Bree spent some time talking together and Bree eventually expressed her interest in moving into the mansion with Pred, which they had talked about potentially doing a few days before. They discussed how to go about it, with either the two of them convincing Angel to give Bree a set of keys, so the pair could live together, Angel would then be able to continue to live there as just a roommate. If that plan wouldn't work out they discussed completely buying out Angel's share of the mansion, so Angel would move out and Bree could move in.

On January 26th, 2020, Pred had a court case for spraying a person with the deluge gun of a fire truck, Bree was called to testify against Pred as Captain of the Fire Department. While Pred was waiting in the courtroom for everyone to arrive, he noticed Bree arriving, they exchanged a quick greeting before Bree got called over by the judge. While Bree was talking to the judge, Pred turned to Jackie Snow and Lawrence Splainer and told them about what had happened between Pred and Bree during the court case on the 22nd, both replied with "Nice!" at the same time.[46] While Pred wanted to have a private conversation with Bree before the case started, his girlfriend Brittany Angel walked into the courtroom unexpectedly, as both Pred and Bree wanted to keep the affair a secret from Angel for the time being, they refrained from getting close to eachother with Angel present. Pred and Bree were unaware that Angel had already been told about their affair by Boba Stone[47] and that she was silently judging them for it. Pred decided to exclaim that he had to go to the bathroom, as a hint towards Bree to follow him, oblivious to the fact that Angel knew exactly what the pair were doing, Bree quickly left the courtroom to follow after Pred, with Angel staring her down as Bree was making her way out. Pred and Bree eventually met up in the bathroom, Bree revealed to Pred that she was called to testify against him but followed up in a heartbroken voice that she really didn't want to testify against him. Pred wasn't too bothered with it as he replied in a seductive tone "I'm going to be testifying against you later", Bree quickly turned flirty herself, asking Pred "You gonna testify that ass, huh?" Pred responded that he would be "testifying that ass, all night long" which caused Bree to exclaim "Oh my god!" in a suggestive way.[48] Bree then quickly realized that their entire conversation could be overheard by a number of people standing in the courthouse lobby, Pred and Bree swiftly darted out of the bathroom back to the courtroom. Shortly after making their way back to the courtroom, the court case was called into session, however with Angel being present Bree and Pred were unable to openly flirt and talk to eachother so they decided to do so over text messages instead. After a while of court proceedings the court was called into recess, Pred then got into an argument with Angel over something minor, which ended with Angel telling Pred that he would be getting stabbed later anyway, Pred worriedly told Angel to calm down with Angel responding to not worry about it and that they'll talk later. Bree spoke up in a somber tone to ask Angel why Pred would be getting stabbed, Angel then snapped at Bree yelling at her "Because he's fucking some stupid bimbo, you stupid bitch!", Bree was taken aback by that comment and innocently replied "Wait, what?". Pred now realizing that he had nothing left to hide from Angel spoke up and said "Oh yeah, I'm fucking some stupid bimbo? Guess what, she's standing right behind you and she's got on cat ears, Angel, so there you go." Pred was obviously referring to Bree who was standing behind Angel. Angel turned around to look at Bree and bitterly replied "Oh yeah? ok.", Bree who was unprepared for this confrontation tried to play dumb and said in a defeated tone "No, I just wanted to talk with him for a bit, no big deal.", Angel sharply responded that they would have a great conversation about it. [49] Pred tried to convince Angel that they could talk it out and move past it so she would drop the subject, however Angel wasn't having it, telling him that he's going around fucking women just because he can, at which point Chris McGrawl chimed in instructing Angel to ask Pred how many times he's had sex with Bree, Bree spoke up and yelled at McGrawl to shut up multiple times. Angel revealed that she'd already heard about what Pred and Bree got up to during the court case on the 22nd, how they were banging in the trunks of cars and in bathrooms and going around bragging about it to others,[50] Pred tried to claim that he had no idea what Angel was talking about however Bree responded in a very obvious fake-surprised voice "Pred, are you not a single man?" which went against Pred's statement, Bree quickly followed it up with a worried "Uh oh.", Angel replied "Oh ok, I see how it is". Pred continued to try and make excuses, which clearly wasn't working, at which point Bree advised Pred that he was only making things worse, upon hearing this Pred decided to drop the lies and excuses. Now that Pred had chosen to come clean, he went all-in and told Angel "I am a man who has physical needs, and sometimes... sometimes those women have cat ears on their head and other times they wear stethoscopes, sometimes they're just standing right behind you in the peanut gallery staring at me and sending me sexy text messages as they attempt to hide away and pretend they're invisible, you know, this is life, these are the kind of things that happen".[51] Pred then accused Angel of probably "getting dicked down at the mansion every night by different guys", Angel denied the accusations saying that she'd been too busy sitting alone in the mansion playing video games because of the emotional distress Pred had caused her.[52] Pred and Angel then got into an argument about the payments for the mansion, which caused Bree to chime in saying it wouldn't matter as Bree and Pred would be buying and taking over the mansion anyway, not realizing that even though Bree had talked about it with Pred, Pred had not yet mentioned that to Angel, Angel yelled out in an angry and surprised tone "You what?!". Bree then suggested to get group therapy between the three of them however, Angel, clearly in a bad mood at this point, told Bree to back the fuck off. Pred then officially introduced Bree as his new love interest to Angel, Bree had gotten visibly nervous at this point and when Angel goaded Bree on to go and stand next to her new boyfriend, Bree tried to change the subject only to be insulted by Angel, as Angel turned around and told Pred that his sidepiece was going around fucking all sorts of people and that he wouldn't even be able to get a quality girl. At this point Pred asked Angel to follow him for a private conversation, to avoid Bree getting any more anger directed at her from Angel, while Angel initially told him to fuck off and that she wouldn't follow him, she eventually ended up agreeing and followed him to the courthouse lobby. While Pred was walking away with Angel, Snow told Bree that Pred was most likely going to die, Bree asked Snow what the odds of a double-murder suicide would be, with the three of them all ending up dead. During the private conversation between Pred and Angel, Pred laid all the blame for his affair with Bree on Angel, saying that she was never around,[53] Angel's bad mood was getting worse at this point and when the topic of mansion payments came back up again, she told Pred that he should just pay her for her half of the mansion and she would grab her stuff and move out so he could live together with Bree.[54] After arguing for a while longer, Angel had enough and decided to leave the courthouse saying that she only came to support her friend Snow, Pred got upset at that statement and lashed saying out that he didn't care about Angel anyway, which Angel responded to by saying that it was obvious at this point since he was too busy deep dicking somebody else. As Angel was leaving Pred yelled at her that she was right, he was too busy with deep dicking Bree and that he was pulling on Bree's cat ears all night long.[55] After Pred had calmed down from his fight with Angel he called Bree over to help him with his closing statement for the court case, he joked about laying all the blame for the case on Angel to lighten the mood and the pair slowly got back into flirting and tempting one another. Bree suddenly got a bit more serious and worriedly asked Pred if she should be scared of Angel coming after her now the she knew the truth about them, Pred didn't know for sure but they both commented that a double-murder suicide could be within the realm of possibility. They ended up talking with Kareem Lyon for a bit before slowly going back to flirting, Pred mentioned that instead of buying out the mansion he would put in a second bed for Bree and himself, when the topic of a potential race-car bed came up, Bree seductively asked Pred who would be crashing into the wall first with Pred responding that Bree would be going head first into that wall, as they had gotten a bit too much into it, Bree whispered to Pred "not in-front of Kareem". [56] Kareem however didn't seem to care all that much and eventually inquired Pred how he felt about Bree's cat ears, Pred told him that he loved her cat ears, he continued that he loved to make her wear them during sex and pull on her cat ears, and that Bree makes Pred wear them too, Bree followed up by saying that she would sometimes put down a saucer of milk for Pred to drink from while he would wear the cat ears, Kareem proceeded to call them out for being into some weird shit. Eventually court got called back into session for the verdict and Pred ended up winning the court case, after some short conversations between the people involved, Bree and Pred ended up leaving the courthouse together.

On February 22nd, 2020, Pred ran into Bree at the hospital while he was looking for his adoptive-brother Jordan Steele, when Pred walked up to Bree and started a conversation by flirting with her like he usually would, Bree was very soft-spoken and looked incredibly scared. Pred asked her what was wrong but Bree wasn't very talkative, Pred unable to figure out why she was acting like this, told her that it was going to be okay and that he was there for her. Pred then walked up to others present at the hospital to figure out what was going on, he got informed that someone important to Bree wasn't feeling well. Pred got interrupted when he received a call from Jordan, Pred inquired about Jordan's well-being with Jordan stating that he was fine, everything was okay, Pred was worried about Jordan and went to meet with him. While driving around with Jordan, Pred found out that Boba Stone had died which made him realize why Bree was acting the way she did, as Boba was her ex-husband. When Pred later ran into Bree outside the morgue, he told her how incredibly sorry he was for her loss, Bree thanked him with tears in her eyes and made her way inside. While Pred wanted to be there for Bree, he was unable to get close to her at the morgue as he was also trying to work on fixing his relationship with Brittany Angel, Pred was very much aware that Angel wouldn't appreciate him being close to Bree whatsoever, even if it was just to comfort her about her loss.

Andi Jones

Pred and Andi “Ant” Jones have a unique friendship as Pred treats her unlike almost anyone else in the city, he seems to genuinely care for her and is uncharacteristically kind and compassionate towards her. Their friendship did however get off to a rocky start when shortly after their first meeting Ant ended up shot down as collateral damage during a shootout at the hands of Pred.

On July 22nd, 2020, Pred responded to a downed person at the Mirror Park Lake, this is where he first met Ant, she gave Pred a quick recap of what had happened to the victim before leaving the scene. Whilst doing an investigation into the assailant Pred wound up at the HOA tavern, while there Pred ended up in a stand-off in the street with Kray-Tor Skullfondler, Ant was there an an innocent bystander. Pred commanded for Ant to hide inside the tavern as she was in danger of their crossfire, the stand-off eventually ended on a nearby roof where Pred shot down Kray-tor. Whilst trying to secure the scene Pred noticed Ant shooting a gun at an unknown individual later identified to be a local, he deemed her a threat and shot her in the back until she was unable to move. During the wait for EMS to arrive, Pred explained to Ant that he shot her down because he saw her as a threat and that she should've been hiding in the tavern as he instructed, she was perplexed as she had not even realized that Pred was the one that shot her. After getting Ant medical treatment Pred told her that she was free to go and said that he hoped she understood why he shot her. Pred then informed her that if she felt the need to take him to court about what had happened, that she would lose the court case as he had a lot more money and could afford much better lawyers. After Ant pointed out that he had a lot more to lose in court than her due to his vast wealth, she assured Pred that she had no intention of taking him to court over it.

On July 23rd, 2020, Ant got kidnapped by Remee El-Rahman, he demanded Ant to give him Pred's phone number, when Ant told him that she didn't have Pred's number he forced her to tweet out asking for his number, she tweeted at Pred saying "I NEED YOUR NUMBER TO GO ON A DATE I AM ASKING THIS OF MY OWN ACCORD PLEASE DATE ME NUMBER PLEASE". They ran into Pred shortly afterwards and he got held at gunpoint by Remee, other officers got there in time to chase off Remee, but Remee still had Ant in his car as a hostage. After driving around for a few minutes Remee forced Ant to make a 911 call asking for Pred's number. After seeing the earlier tweet Pred refused to give out his number and told dispatch to reply for him stating that "he is taken and he is in a committed relationship and he doesn't know who the fuck you are", Ant replied that she was a hostage and needed his number to live. After driving around for a while longer they ran into Pred again, this time Remee promised him that he would let Ant go if Pred did some LSD provided by Remee, Pred complied and Ant got set free. Pred was forced to do more drugs while taken hostage by Remee until the police department eventually caught up and apprehended him.

Coop Holliday

Pred and Coop Holliday became close friends rather quickly. The two men tend to overshare and brag about personal accomplishments in the bedroom among themselves and to others. One specific situation from when they first met involves them "tag-teaming" Claire Seducer at Coop's house.[57] Claire claims this never happened, as she can't remember it, due to her memory condition.

Gioconda Coppola

Gioconda Coppola has a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with Pred, who once kept seeking her out for lap-dances, including ones inside moving police vehicles, even though he was is in a relationship with LSPD Sergeant, Brittany Angel.

Juan Carlos Hernandez

Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez and Pred have a fierce rivalry, whenever the two cross paths Pred often initiates the conversation with an insult, to which Flippy often responds to with another insult. Due to Flippy being a criminal, the two often find each other in the opposite sides & focus on one another during skirmishes, calling each other by names and continuing with the insults.

Major Events[edit | edit source]


Chapter One: "Humble Beginnings"

On July 14th, 2020, Pred hit rock-bottom in regards to his financial status having only $315 in his bank account. Pred decided that he was going to borrow money from someone and gamble his way to wealth, all he needed was someone willing to lend him money. He started by asking for a loan over the PD radio, the first officer to respond was TJ Mack who immediately refused. Ben Kruezer then spoke up asking Pred for his current location and shortly afterwards showed up at the Fleeca bank that Pred was located at. After Pred failed to convince Mona Sanchez to lend him money over the phone, he turned to Ben asking him for a $50,000 loan. Whilst Ben sounded very hesitant, he still decided to comply and sent Pred $50,000 to his bank account. Whilst Ben was transferring the money, Pred promised him he would pay him back eventually, Pred then stepped into his cruiser to look for someone to gamble the money with. Pred ran into Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana outside of the Integrity Apartments and straight away asked him for a $50,000 dice roll, Speedy agreed to a game of "3 6" where they both roll three six-sided dice and the person with the highest score wins. Pred rolled a 13 against Speedy's 11 making Pred the winner. While they were ready to head over to the bank and settle the debt they instead decided to "double or nothing" meaning that if Speedy lost he would have to pay $100,000 and if Pred lost he wouldn't receive any money. Pred proceeded to roll a 12 against Speedy's 8, once again making him the victor and winning him a total of $100,000. After collecting his winnings from Speedy at the bank, Pred decided to do a three-way roll with Benji Ramos and Hershy each putting up $25,000. Pred was once again victorious with a roll of 10 against Benji's 5, and Hershy's 8, winning him another $50,000. Some time afterwards Pred ran into Ben and instead of paying him back, he asked him to roll for the money he owed Ben. However instead of straight up rolling for the debt, Ben suggested a roll where Ben would put up $25,000 and Pred would put up $50,000, Pred agreed. After numerous rolls Pred ended up winning a double or nothing, clearing him of the $50,000 debt that he owed Ben. Later that day Pred ran into his adoptive-son Frank Beans and challenged him to roll for Frank's entire bank account, which was a total of $85,299 after some hesitation Frank decided to agree to the roll. Pred proceeded to win the roll with an 11 against Frank's 7, however immediately upon losing Frank made a break for his motorcycle and sped off to avoid paying his gambling debt. After a number of run-ins and phone calls with Frank, where Pred demanded him to pay him his money and even threatening to bill him for the amount he was owed, Frank still refused to pay his debt. During his patrol of the city Pred did a number of dice rolls with Ryan Parker which eventually ended with another $10,293 profit for Pred. Later on in the day Pred convinced Nicky Santana to agree to a dice roll for his entire bank account which consisted of $9,743, Pred won with a 13 against Nicky's 6, Nicky however tried to run to his motorcycle to get out of paying his debt but immediately got chased down by Brittany Angel and pushed off his motorcycle by her. Pred proceeded to forcibly drag Nicky to an ATM but as soon as Pred loosened his grip on Nicky, he once again ran for his motorcycle, this time getting punched off the motorcycle by Pred. After getting into an extended fight with Pred, Nicky once again got forced back to the ATM by Pred, this time however Pred got distracted by getting into an argument with Angel, and Nicky succesfully managed to run away and dodge his gambling debts. Pred ended up with $221,103 in his bank account after a successful day of gambling.

List of dice rolls on July 14th
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 1.png

Day 2: "-"

July 16th, 2020

List of dice rolls
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 2.png

Day 3: "-"

July 18th, 2020

List of dice rolls
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 3.png

Day 4: "-"

July 19th, 2020

List of dice rolls
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 4.png

Day 5: "-"

July 20th, 2020

List of dice rolls
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 5.png

On July 14th, 2020, Pred was called into the lower MRPD office by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo and Sergeant Brittany Angel. After entering the office Pred is approached by Colombo and is asked if he thinks he has what it takes to be a Senior Officer. Pred responds to Colombo by he's thought himself as a Senior Officer ever since he was born, and that he's ready to be the next Chief of Police. Colombo informs Pred that he's gonna put him through a trial to see if he's truly ready to be promoted, and that he requires him to win a local jousting event if he wants to be promoted. As they head to the jousting event Colombo tells Pred that he originally wanted to do the Lord of The Rings again, but it would've taken too much effort to organize and they pretty much did all the movies for when Pred transferred back to the LSPD. The three of them then head to the jousting event at the racetrack by the casino. While driving to the event Pred informs Colombo that he's earned over $300,000 from gambling with criminals. After spending around two minutes figuring out how to actually get there, they finally arrive at the event.

After arriving at the event Allen Widemann and Vinny Pistone explain the rules to everybody and the event begins. The event briefly gets hijacked by multiple Rickys taking Angel hostage but eventually gets back on track after the Rickys exchange Angel for free passage and flee. After getting Angel back, Pred is up against Wayne Kerr and instantly gets taken down. As his body is carried to medical Colombo compliments him on his near instant failure while Pred makes excuses for his lose. Colombo then orders Pred to stand in the middle of a nearby field and await further instructions. After talking with other officers for a second, Colombo walks towards Pred and informs him that in order for him to be promoted, he needs Pred to 1v1 Angel. Pred then calls Angel over to the field and prepares for the fight. After Angel gets to the field, Colombo calls her over and tells him of his plan. Angel is very open to fighting Pred.

"I'm gonna punch him so hard in the dick it fucking flies to Uranus..." - Angel, after learning that she has to fight Pred.

Colombo then calls over Stephen McClane, Olivia Copper, and Brian Knight to spectate the fight and put bids on who wins. Colombo puts $10,000 on Angel winning, Lydia Vale puts $2,000 dollars on Pred, McClane puts $5,000 on Angel, Copper puts $6,000 on Angel, Knight puts $1,000 on Pred, and Pred tries to put $100,000 on Angel winning, but gets denied. After taking everybody's bets, Colombo walks over to where Angel and Pred are and informs them of the rules:

  1. Anything goes, except for guns and tasers
  2. Keep it as unfair as possible because that's how life works

As Colombo begins to countdown to the beginning of the fight, Pred tells Angel that he loves her and that they don't have to fight. Angel responds by saying that she loves him too, but they most definitely do have to fight. Within 10 seconds of the fight beginning Angel tackles Pred and stabs him multiple times downing him. As Angel stands over Pred's body, the crowd chant for her to take his eye. She then stabs him and the eye and he passes out. As Pred gets treated by EMS, Colombo informs him that even though he lost the fight, he's still being promoted to Senior Officer. After being treated Pred walks over to Angel and tells her that he was gonna propose to her during the fight, but because she stabbed his eye out he's not gonna do it, and then heads to bed.

Los Santos VICE

The Quest to Return to The LSPD

On April 21st, 2020, Pred was called into the captain's office by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo and Sergeant Vladimir Raven. As Pred enters the captain's office, Colombo begins reciting a speech while playing fantasy music.[58]

"Kyle Pred. It has come to my attention that you wish to switch from the BCSO to the LSPD. But, the journey will not be that simple my friend. You will have to, uh, voyage to the top of Mount Chiliad. Only there will you find the answer to your question 'Will I be able to switch to the LSPD'. You will be dressed in the proper attire and dropped off at a location to venture alone on foot to the top of Mount Chiliad. Only then will you know the answer to your question." - Colombo's pre-journey speech.

After Colombo finishes his speech, Pred asks Colombo what the "proper attire" is and Colombo tells him that they'll dress him up correctly, and begin escorting him into the PD locker room. While in the locker room, Colombo tells Pred to dress up like a hobbit. As Pred dresses himself both Colombo and Brittany Angel remark about how great this quest is going to be. Eventually, Pred dresses in a black beanie, black backpack, black vest, brown leather pants, and no shoes; he also put on a long-haired wig and a fake beard. After finishing his outfit, Colombo, Raven, and Angel take him up to the roof of MRPD and all four of them get in a helicopter and set out to the starting location.

While flying to the starting location Angel asks Pred to sign a life insurance policy in case he somehow dies on his journey, to which he denies. Eventually, the helicopter sets down about halfway up Mount Chiliad and Pred begins his journey. He first lights a cigar, puts it in his mouth, and begins listening to the soundtrack from The Lord of The Rings. While Pred continues his perilous hike, Colombo, Raven, and Angel are dying of laughter in the helicopter and decide to head down to the clothing store in Grapeseed and dress up as characters from The Lord of The Rings. Angel dresses up like Galadriel, Colombo dresses up as Gandalf, and Raven dresses up like Gollum. Angel puts on a long flowing white-colored wig, a white pearl necklace, long blue dress, and high heels, Colombo puts on a white dunce cap, a fake white beard, a gray scarf, a long white jacket, a gray undershirt, white pants, and black boots, and Raven puts on a zombie mask, and shorts. After all of them are finished dressing up they get into the helicopter and head to the top of Mount Chiliad. As they fly up Angel remarks that her favorite scene in The Lord of the Rings was when Gandalf flew over the mountain in a helicopter with thermal vision. After a short flight, they land on the top of Mount Chiliad and head up to the roof of the trolley station and wait for Pred to make his way up. Eventually, Pred finally makes his way to the top, and slowly walks towards Colombo, Raven, Angel, and a random Monkey that tagged along.[59] As he walks over to the top of the trolley station, Colombo welcomes him as Gandalf and asks him if wants to transfer to the LSPD, with Pred saying that he does. Colombo then asks Pred why he transferred to the BCSO in the first place, and says that it was a huge waste of PD High Command's time. Pred explains that he transferred because the LSPD shot his brother, Jordan Steele, and because of "character development". Colombo tells him that they're cops, so they're not allowed to develop as a character, and is confused on how Pred didn't know that already. Colombo then sends Pred up the top of the trolley station where there lies a note with the answer to his transfer quest. The note read "lol no" and Pred stared at it for a couple of seconds before yelling at Colombo that he could've just told him that, and that he hiked up a mountain in his bare feet. Colombo then tells Pred that the answer isn't as simple as just a "lol no", and asks him if he's seen the ending to The Lord of The Rings, with Pred responding that he has, several times in fact. Colombo then explains that Pred needs to fight Raven for his spot in the LSPD. Pred then picks Raven up, walks over to the side of the trolley station, and throws him off the mountain.[40] After throwing Raven off the side of the mountain, Colombo exclaims that Pred has proven himself, that Pred has proven that he really wants to rejoin the LSPD and stop wasting PD High Command's time with stupid transfers, and then officially accepts the transfer request.[60] As the music finishes Colombo, Angel, and Pred remark that that was fun, but Pred did actually throw Raven off the side of the mountain and they should probably get him medical treatment. The Monkey then tells Pred to get his shit together and throws him off the mountain as well.[61] As Pred falls down the mountain Angel runs back to the helicopter so that they can retrieve Raven and Pred.

Angel then flies close to where Raven landed and makes Colombo retrieve his body. Angel then flies down to where Pred landed and makes the Monkey save him, as the Monkey gets out it also falls to his demise but somehow picks itself back up and picks up Pred's body. As the Monkey is retrieving Pred's body, Colombo loads up Raven's body into a car, picks up Pred, and the Monkey and attempts to head down the mountain. The EMS then asks for a status update.

"Gandalf is retrieving Frodo, don't worry about it. Smeagel fell from the tower." - Angel updating Dispatch on their status.

Colombo gets their car stuck on a rock, and Angel boops them with the helicopter to get them unstuck and says over the radio "Drive you fools."

Eventually, Colombo successfully maneuvres the vehicle down Mount Chiliad and sets course towards Pillbox Medical Center. As they drive towards Pillbox Medical, Colombo crashes the car into another car launching all four of them out of the car. Colombo then escorts Pred into the helicopter and the Monkey brings Raven. Eventually, the five of them land at Pillbox Medical.

"Look, long story short we went on a long quest and I'm Gandalf the White." - Colombo explaining the situation to the EMS.

Pred and Raven then receive medical treatment while Colombo explains to the doctors what happened. After everyone receives medical treatment Colombo and Angel agree that they've milked this for long enough and should probably go do police work. As they leave they run into Brian Knight and explain what happened. Colombo then informs them that he's going 10-42 and that he won't allow Pred to switch departments again. Pred and Angel then get a ride back to MRPD from Knight and head back on routine patrol.

"360 converting once again to the call-sign 410." - Pred, after officially transferring back to the LSPD

Private Investigator

On February 18th, 2020, Pred started offering his services as a private investigator, and a monster hunter. After returning to law enforcement work, Pred still operates as a PI and a monster hunter during his free time, but not that frequently.

On March 13th, 2020, Pred fought Jason Boorhees on the Sandy Shores airfield.[62]

LSPD Resignation

On February 16th, 2020, Pred was angered by LSPD's response to Jordan Steele's actions. Earlier that day, Jordan was gunned down in a shootout, after opening fire on police officers. While Pred seems to understand why Jordan was shot, he was angered that no one seemed to want to help Jordan; as it was apparent that he was not in the right state of mind after losing his job.

After visiting Jordan in the hospital, and brief discussions with other officers, Pred left the hospital. He made his way to Mission Row Police Station, handed his badge over to Lance Malton, and stormed out while Malton ran to inform the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith about the incident. Bobby decided to keep Pred's badge on-hand, hoping that Pred would reach out, and eventually return to his job.[63]

On February 25th, 2020, Pred returned to law enforcement work by joining the BCSO after speaking with Travis Tribble.[64]


On November 27th, 2019, following the success of Pred's raid on Aaron Flocko, and the positive feedback on his suggestion regarding attorneys, Pred approached Trooper Tony Andrews about his interest in joining the State Police Joint Task Force. Pred noted that Aaron Flocko had been recently "blooded in" as a gang member for The Families, and inquired about potentially having The Families as an SPJTF target in the future.

Aaron Flocko Raid

On November 24th, 2019, Pred was able to help gather evidence and conduct a raid on Aaron Flocko. When the raid had concluded, he also proposed a search warrant for the phone records of Flocko's attorney, Gladys Berry. Pred had witnessed Gladys making a phone call after speaking with her client directly before the raid began. He suspected Gladys of reaching out to Flocko's associates, in order to move any incriminating items or evidence.

Pred suggested to High Command that going forward, all defense attorneys called into MRPD for representation during these types of events, should have their radio and phone confiscated. These items are to be removed prior to discussing the raid with their client and returned only after the raid had fully concluded.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Recruit Accepted into Academy. August 10th, 2019
Cadet Passed Academy - Badge #556.[65] August 14th, 2019
Cadet Signed off on Booking and Comms by Trooper Jackie Snow. August 27th, 2019
Solo Cadet Cleared for Solo Patrol by the Assistant Chief of Police, Olivia Copper - Badge #656.[66] September 7th, 2019
Solo Cadet Signed off on Pursuits by Senior Officer Brittany Angel. September 7th, 2019
Solo Cadet Signed off on Investigations by Trooper Jackie Snow. September 11th, 2019
Solo Cadet Took his final evaluation with LSPD Lieutenant, Jack Ripley. September 19th, 2019
Officer Promoted by Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven, pending an official ceremony - Badge #410.[67] October 3rd, 2019
Officer Had a ceremony where he was officially promoted.[68] October 4th, 2019
Officer Successfully conducted an investigation that led to a raid on Aaron Flocko.[69] November 24th, 2019
Officer Invited into the SPJTF as a result of his raid on Flocko. November 27th, 2019
Officer Resigned from the LSPD; The Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, opted to hold on to his badge if Pred was willing to return in the future.[63] February 16th, 2020
Deputy Joined the BCSO after speaking with Sheriff Travis Tribble - Badge #360.[64] February 25th, 2020
Deputy Emailed Sergeant Brittany Angel and requested a transfer back to the LSPD. April 7th, 2020
Officer Transferred to the LSPD; Undersheriff Rocko Colombo approved his transfer request after Pred hiked up Mount Chiliad - Badge #410.[60] April 21st, 2020
Officer Suspended for 24 hours for buying 7 LSD tabs from Eugene Zuckerberg in front of MRPD. June 17th, 2020
Senior Officer Promoted by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo.[70] July 14th, 2020
Senior Officer Rejoined the roster of the Joint Task Force.[71] August 5th, 2020

Mementos[edit | edit source]

Item Note Status
A Rolex Watch Pred "legally" acquired this watch while clearing a store robbery.[72] On his person
An I.D An I.D belonging to "Sleepy Nappington". Lost
A Phone A phone that Pred stole from Mary Mushkin. Stolen by

Olivia Copper

Shoes A pair of shoes taken from Drew Harrison. Unknown
A Broken Tec-9 Given to him by Gazpacho Prince. Unknown
A Gameboy Given to him as a Father's Day Gift by Dan Faily. Unknown
Two Gold Bars Given to him as a Father's Day Gift by Gazpacho Prince. Unknown

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "GET SOME!!!" - when with Brian Knight.
  • "Hell yeah."
  • "I'll beat the shit out a child."
  • "K. Pred, yo."
  • "Baybee."
  • "360, 76 my LSD connect."
  • "Umm... I'm gonna need medical." - after jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute.[73]
  • "I'll be whatever type of sponge you need. You want to wash me with yourself or wash yourself with me, I'll be that sponge." - to Brittany Angel.[74]
  • "Listen."
  • "Alright, lemme tell ya something."
  • "Are you going to send Sionis to jail or are you going to keep eyeball-fucking my woman?" - to Dante Wolf.[75]
  • "I'm gonna drink that ass like a Gatorade." - to Brittany Angel
  • "I'll spread your pockets, fill 'em with all kinds of meat." - to Brittany Angel.[76]
  • "I'm allowed to beat my kids."
  • "I'm going to put cuffs on you, and then you're going- guess what? You're going in for the whole nine inches." - to Brittany Angel.[77]
  • "I don't care who's around, I'm going to eat you like a donut, I'm going to get you all over my fa- I'm going to be so sticky." - to Brittany Angel.[79]
  • "I see you once a month, you're my period." - to Olivia Copper.
  • "Yeah, if by plumbing you mean use my dick as a plunger, then yeah, yeah I would love to do that." - to Brittany Angel.[80]
  • "Whadya say?"
  • "My pullout games on point, sheriff." - to Travis Tribble.[81]
  • "You are biased because you know, this dick is slapping itself against your forehead, you know, every- everyday." - to Brittany Angel.[82]
  • "You dirty empowered bitch. (...) It's hard doing all this empowering with a hard-on" - to Bree Matthews.[83]
  • "I bet I can break these cuffs 25 times."
  • "You're a cunt." - to Lauren Forcer, over the PD radio.[84]
  • "I'm gonna make you a pizza and cut a hole through it and put my dick through it." - to Brittany Angel in front of Tony Andrews.[85]
  • "I'll just lie in court." - when people threaten to sue him.
  • "I'm a degenerate, ma'am." - while under oath during Angel v Copperpot.[86]
  • "Science is just magic."
  • "Nailed it." - when with Brittany Angel.
  • "I'm about to blow your fucking mind." - to Brittany Angel before blowing her up in a helicopter.[87]
  • "656 10-38 westbound Vespucci Blvd, one black Rumpo occupied unknown-- GET THE FUCK BACK IN THERE-- be advised, no additionals required.
  • "In my defense, I did not kill that dog. Did I kidnap it off the street? Yes. Did I take it to the hospital and lock it in a closet? Yes. I took it to Mission Row to feed it and it just dropped dead, it had a heart attack."
  • "Auggie ate a box of Nerds out of a hookers asshole and I'm just trying to make sure he paid for it."
  • "I'm sorry guys for not understanding the problems of your masturbation" - to Brittany Angel and Sydney Bearmont.
  • "I'm Sergeant Brittany Angel, look at my gigantic tits, tell me more about this." - to Mike Bayo.
  • "I'm a millionaire."
  • "I'm rich."
  • "Wanna roll some dice?"
  • "Fantastic."
  • "Hey Curtis, bring that dick over here I've always been curious what cum tastes like." - to Stephen McClane
  • "You smart sultry minx, I'll throw you over the radiator right now and fucking palm your head like a goddamn basketball, then I'm going to make you call me Lamar Odom" - to Brittany Angel.[88]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Claims to be the "sexiest cop on the force".
  • Can't grow a full beard.
  • Has proven in a court of law to have a big dick.[89]
  • While on duty, he "allegedly" killed Clerence Folten, due to blunt force trauma caused by his baton.[90]
  • Pred started a riot while working desk duty as a result of him "allegedly" killing Clerence Folten.[91]
  • "Allegedly" waterboarded Ryan Kindle with gasoline.[92]
  • Perfected the "tandem attack" with his brother, Jordan Steele.[1]
  • Known for his ability to empower women.
  • When he was a cadet, Pred granted himself the title "Chief of Cadets".
  • Received the "The D.I.C.K Certification" on December 16th, 2019.[93]
  • Enjoys throwing rocks at the lawyer, Solomon Seerson.
  • Was once banned from patrolling in the southside by Rocko Colombo after repeatedly antagonizing gang members.
  • Has been stabbed by Brittany Angel a total of (5) times.[94] [95] [96] [3]
  • Has been forced to attend (4) PD HR meetings as a result of his relationship with Sergeant Brittany Angel.
  • Was previously being held in the BCSO against his will for the amusement of Undersheriff Rocko Colombo.
  • Pred is a self-described degenerate.
  • Once helped Gazpacho Prince perform Breast Enlargement Surgery on Carmella Holliday.
  • Was able to break out of cuffs 14 times in a row before failing.
  • Is an alcoholic.
  • He chose #410 as his Badge# because it is the area code for Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Tricked Sydney Bearmont into activating her ejection seat while in Air-1.[97]
  • Has a diss track about him made by Bryce Miller, paid for by Stephen McClane.
  • Is extremely accurate when shooting at smaller & more mobile targets, such as dogs but struggles with common criminals.
  • Claims to love dogs.
  • During Pred's stay in Los Santos, he's owned five cars (an Albany Washington, a Toyota Supra, an Imponte Dukes, a Vapid Dominator GTX, and a Sterling GT), all of which have been repossessed as a result of Pred not paying the weekly payments.
  • Own's an anatomically correct Brittany Angel body pillow.[98]
  • Is legally owned by Brittany Angel.[99]
  • Once took down Lang Buddha, Eugene Zuckerberg, Curtis Swoleroid, and Tony Corleone alone on an ATV.
  • Once took down Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez on a 1v1 skirmish in the Fleeca Bank of Hawick Avenue.
  • His middle name is Elizabeth.
  • When he is the highest ranking officer on duty he goes by the title of Chief Pred.
  • Has made over 1.7 million dollars from rolling dice.

Highlights[edit | edit source]

Combat Highlights[edit | edit source]

General Highlights[edit | edit source]

Misc. Media[edit | edit source]

"Pred Diss" by Bryce Miller


Pred Diss - Bryce Miller

"The Gambling Man" by Andi “Ant” Jones


For Kyle Pred

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