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Kyle Pred is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description

Kyle Pred is the Sheriff of the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #309.

Pred used to be an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, the Sheriff for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department, as well as a Detective for the Baltimore City Police Department.

Physical Description

Pred is a 32-year-old Caucasian male with naturally brown hair, brown eyes, and low cut stubble with a light goatee. Pred can sometimes be seen with his hair dyed blond, and his primary hairstyles are either a side-swept fringe, a front-facing faux hawk, or a classic slicked-back look.

Pred has multiple tattoos on his body; A coloured sleeve tattoo on his left arm of an old-school Corvette in front of a rising sun with the word "Scarlett" written above it on his upper arm, and a tattoo of a tyre tread pattern on his lower arm. He also has his own name, "K. PRED", tattooed on the right side of his chest.

In August, 2021, Pred was the victim of a targeted C-4 explosion, leaving him with a burn scar covering the entire left side of his face. The scar has since completely faded over time.

In January, 2022, Pred took a bullet to the head as he was assassinated by a sniper rifle. After extensive surgery he ended up losing his left eye and he now covers it with an eyepatch.


In his personal life Pred is less functional as he struggles with various drug and behavioural addictions, which includes gambling, drinking, smoking, sex, and possibly narcotics. His gambling addiction often leads him into financial trouble, causing him to resort to begging for money from his girlfriend. While Pred claims to have gained his knowledge into narcotics from his time in the BCPD, the likelihood of it being from past personal experience isn't too far-fetched, as he admittedly used to dabble in microdosing various substances.

Aside from his vices, Pred is a rather narcissistic and arrogant person who seemingly has little care for others outside of those extremely close to him, such as his parents, his brother, and his girlfriend. Pred can often come off as highly abrasive and confrontational, however he seems to follow a basic rule of treating others as they treat him, he'll be kind to those that are kind to him, and hostile to those that are hostile to him. His recent transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD has gotten him into some heated disagreements with his higher-ups as he is not yet used to being treated like a low ranking beat cop, after having just left his career as an established detective.

Due to Pred's work as a homicide detective within the BCPD he has self-admittedly become highly detached after being witness to many gruesome and horrifying scenes, due to this detachment he appears to display extreme signs of sociopathy as he shows very little remorse and empathy for those around him, and seems to relish in violence and aggression rather than shy away from it, he even claims to be proud of the many people he has killed whilst acting in the line of duty. Aside from his violence and aggression is his apparent compulsion for lying, this compulsion is often paired with manipulation, deception, and even light forms of gaslighting, and whenever he gets caught out in his lies he'll usually double down by making up more excuses, or claim to be "just joking".

Pred is extremely flirtatious, even though he is in a romantic relationship, and can often be seen flirting with any attractive woman he comes across, whether they're a co-worker, medical staff, civilians, or even criminals. While his flirtations are usually just a playful tease, he does appear to get infatuated by women quite easily, as he has made sexual propositions to a multitude of women, and even confessed his love for a few others, though he rarely seems to follow through with it when the feelings are reciprocated.

Background Information

Pred used to work as a homicide detective for the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD), however the relationship between him and his boss had soured after Pred got caught sleeping with the boss' wife, an affair that had apparently been going on for over a year. Despite the sour relationship Pred had with his old boss, he still continued his work for the BCPD for a while after the incident. At some point during his service for the BCPD, Pred took a leave of absence for a short amount of time, during which he worked as a paranormal investigator, primarily focused on vampires. Pred decided to quit hunting them when a female vampire almost convinced him to drive a stake through an innocent man's heart, which would have landed him in prison for murder.

Pred eventually ended up in a relationship with Brittany Angel, and after they had been dating for a little over six months, he decided to take the opportunity to move to Los Santos and transfer into the LSPD so he could be with her. Once he arrived in Los Santos he moved into Angel's apartment, and after taking a few days of free time to get acclimated to the new city, Pred made his way to MRPD to turn in his transfer papers.

He handed his transfer papers over to Rocko Colombo and Travis Tribble, however as they went over the papers, it turned out that Pred's old boss claimed that Pred had a history of aggression, substance abuse, public nudity, and general misbehaviour. Pred claimed that the accusations on his transfer papers were falsified by his old boss, and explained that his old boss simply had it out for him after he found out about the affair Pred had with his wife, after which Pred's transfer into the LSPD was accepted and he was appointed as a full officer of the LSPD. There have been some minor hints that have pointed to the fact that Pred might've lied about his transfer and that he had actually been forcibly removed from the BCPD due to his actions, instead of leaving on his own free will.

Gambling Statistics

Last Updated: March 2nd
Dice Roll Statistics
Total Wins Total Losses Winrate Amount Won Amount Lost Total Profit
26 23 53.06% +$253,700 -$286,500 -$32,800
Spinning Wheel Statistics
Total Wins Total Losses Winrate Total Won Total Spent Total Profit
4975 12901 27.83% +$8,525,070 -$8,938,000 -$412,930
Card Game Statistics
Poker Blackjack
Profit Won Profit Lost Total Profit Profit Won Profit Lost Total Profit
+$13,234 -$22,875 -$9,641 +$2,396,500 -$1,927,500 +$469,000

Vehicles & Housing

Vehicle License Plate Value Status Note

Ford Explorer
(Black & Gold)

PY163685 $190,000 Owned One of his patrol vehicles, mainly specialized for off-road use.

Ford Crown Victoria
(Ghost Livery)

DEVUWU $80,000 Owned One of his patrol vehicles, Pred had a specialized black "ghost livery" made for it.

Bravado Banshee

Bravado Banshee

4V0ZN46O $175,000 Owned An unmarked police vehicle, mainly used for unmarked and undercover work.

Invetero Coquette

Invetero Coquette

IK622WN5 $170,000 Owned An unmarked police vehicle, mainly used for unmarked and undercover work.

Maibatsu Manchez

XSB105N $55,000 Owned A personal vehicle, Pred purchased the bike second-hand from Luke Webb for $40,000.

Lawn Mower

D8Q631RV Unknown Owned A housewarming present given to Pred by Marlo Stanfield. It's main purpose is for doing chores around Bean Manor.


- $2000 Owned An off-road bicycle, mainly used for on-duty bike patrol.
Past Vehicles

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera
(Limelight Livery)

IRN3S6Q0 $680,000 Sold A personal vehicle, gifted to him by Dean Watson on a contractual basis as part of Pred's position as Head of Security at the Diamond Casino.

Pred sold the Porsche for $575,000.

CASINO 1 $560,000 Returned A company vehicle loaned to him by Dean Watson, to be used for his work related to the Diamond Casino.

Sabre Turbo

Sabre Turbo

T68374W8 $67,000 Sold Pred's first bought personal vehicle in the city, he ended up trading the car for a collectible Rob Toy from Burger Shot.
Property Address Market Value Status Note

Home in The Bay

Procopio Drive 8 $447,200 Owned A large beachside home owned by Pred and Brittany Angel, located in Paleto Bay.

Bean Manor

Rockford Hills $3,000,000 Given a Key The family manor owned by Pred's adoptive mother, Fiona Stewart, and adoptive step-father, Marlo Stanfield. Pred has a shared room in the manor with his other adoptive siblings.

Shelby's House

West Mirror Drive Unknown Forged a Key The house owned by Pred's partner, Shelby Lane. Pred forged a key to her home, and occasionally comes over to hang out, or spend the night on her couch.

Bench Guy's Office

Strawberry Shop 36 $290,400 Given a Key An office building owned by Bench Guy, who decided to share the office with Pred. The office is currently inaccessible.

Alta Apartment

3 Alta Street Unknown Owned A small studio apartment, mainly used for storage after having purchased a house in Paleto.
Past Housing

Anna's House

Route 68
$101,000 Key Removed The house owned by one of Pred's friends, Anna Swallows. After Anna told Pred about her house being next to a popular pawnbroker, Pred asked to be her roommate and she immediately agreed.

Diamond Casino Hotel

Room 512 $24,000
Evicted A hotel room rented to get access to Diamond Casino exclusives such as a high roller Blackjack table, and luxury soaps. Also used to "bring mistresses back to his apartment". Pred ended up getting evicted from the hotel room for refusing to pay rent.

Jamestown Street

Jamestown Street 20/Apt 78 $334,400 Sold An accidental purchase that started a war between the PD and the Vagos. Pred sold the apartment for 50% of the market value after the war ended.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Officer Officer.png Transferred from the Baltimore City Police Department; Badge #410 February 5th, 2021
Sheriff SheriffBCSO.png Appointed as the Sheriff of the BCSO [1] April 18th, 2021
Sheriff SheriffBCSO.png Swapped badge number with Bob Smith; Badge #309 April 19th, 2021
Captain CaptainBCSO.png Demoted to Captain by The Senate until the Sheriff's Election concludes November 15th, 2021
Warden Warden.png Appointed as the Warden by The Senate until the Sheriff's Election concludes November 15th, 2021
Sheriff SheriffPBSO.png Elected as the Sheriff of the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Chief of Police ChiefOfPolice.png Transferred to the LSPD for the week by order of The Senate April 7th, 2022
Sheriff SheriffPBSO.png Transferred back to the PBSO and returned as the Sheriff April 14th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Sheriff FTI Certified April 18th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Sheriff K9 Certified; Handler for OJ Simpson June 17th, 2021
SWAT SWAT Cert.png Sheriff SWAT Certified October 29th, 2021


Item Note Status
High Roller Card A high roller membership card to the Diamond Casino, given to him by Marlo Stanfield. Expired
Pair of Shoes A pair of shoes belonging to Bob Smith, Pred stole them during the BCSO vs LSPD Civil War on April 18th, 2021. Lost
Police Badge His first retired LSPD police badge; "410 Officer Kyle Pred". In his personal locker
Jackie Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, purchased from Cece Beyond for $100,000. In his apartment
Rob Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, traded for his personal vehicle, a Sabre Turbo. In his apartment
Kyle Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, given to him by Mina Rocket as a birthday present. In his apartment
Pet Scorpion His venomous pet scorpion named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, given to him by Julio Thomas. He keeps it safe in a sturdy pouch. In his personal locker
Buddha Toy Stolen from Lars Haverford during a raid on his apartment, with the intention of someday returning the toy to him. Given to Penny
Lightsaber A red lightsaber given to him by Darth Vader. In his personal locker
Dice A triplet of dice used for gambling, given to him by Mina Price. On his person
Colt Python Pred's preferred duty weapon; His first revolver was given to him by Dan Faily, later replaced by Serge Cross after Pred shot his date with the weapon. Pred has since received several revolvers from various deputies. On his person


  • "Boy howdy, that just really chaps my ass." - about animal abuse.[2]
  • "I don't mind a rimjob every once in a while, maybe a good-old Rusty Trombone if I'm feeling adventurous and we're in the shower." - to Emma Natt.[3]
  • "I'll kick you in the pussy so hard, you'd think you have a dick!" - to Jolene Grace.[4]
  • "I thought pussies were pink, not green!" - to Dexx Martin.[5]
  • "You guys are as impressive as my dick in a snowstorm!" - to the Vagos.[6]
  • "Eating ass is a lot like licking a stamp... at first you don't really like it too much, but then it loses it's flavour, and then it's just like licking a stamp with no stickyness on it." - to Claire Everly and Mina Price.[7]
  • "This motherfucker likes to jerk off with peanut butter and then make a sandwich afterwards, he just slaps his hand on the bread!" - about ESB Kitty.[8]
  • "You know, I've been watching a lot of "Love on the Spectrum", Jaden, I think you'd do well on the cast." - to Jaden Bane.[9]
  • "I'm glad you're in a wheelchair, now your physical handicap reflects your mental one." - to Valentina Hops.[10]

  • "Lissen..."
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "GET SOME!"
  • "3.. 2.. 1.. ROLL!"
  • "Alright, lemme tell ya something."
  • "Here's the thing..."
  • "Bingo!"
  • "That's what I like to hear."
  • "I'll beat the fuck out of you!"
  • "I'm a god among men!"
  • "I'm watching you like a fucking hawk!"
  • "Scared money don't make no money!"
  • "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!"
  • "I'm ready to suck today's dick!"
  • "You don't know dick about shit!"
  • [Southern Drawl] "If anybody's gonna fuck my sister, it's gonna be me!"
  • "Shut the fuck up, pussy!"

  • Trivia

    • Keeps a set of golden dice on Brittany Angel's desk in MRPD.[11]
    • Has an extreme gambling addiction.
    • His favourite liquor is whiskey, specifically Jameson.
    • His favourite cocktail is a Mimosa.
    • Has been addicted to smoking since he was sixteen years old.[12]
    • Had a 2% clearance rate for murder cases as a Detective in Baltimore.[13]
    • Has a habit of messing up the Phonetic Alphabet, to the amusement of other Officers and Dispatchers.[14]
    • Joined the Jitsu Clan, led by Jihn Jitsu.
    • Has a hidden stash of dirty money, just in case he gets fired or needs to flee the country.
    • Only receives his paycheck once a week, usually on Fridays.
    • The only paranormal entity he refuses to investigate are gargoyles.
    • Has two pets; a husky named OJ Simpson, and a scorpion named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
    • Used to have the license plate "NOBUDGET", in reference to false rumours of him stealing money from the BCSO budget.
    • Currently has the license plate "DEVUWU", in reference to Elizabeth Devereaux.
    • Used to live in the Barrio, after accidentally signing a housing contract for a small apartment on Jamestown Street.
    • Used to be marked in the MDW as affiliated with the Vagos.




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