Kyle Pred is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Kyle Pred is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #410.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Pred is a 31-year-old Caucasian male with naturally dark brown hair that is often dyed blond, brown eyes, and low cut stubble with a light goatee. He can most often be seen wearing his hair in a side-swept fringe, or styled into a front-facing faux hawk.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pred has a keen mind and an interest in criminal investigations, he therefore intends to pursue the career path of becoming a detective and has high hopes of forming his own tight-knit investigations unit, they would work under direct lead of the investigations department's higher-ups. Outside of becoming a detective, he aspires to rise through the ranks of the police department in hopes of one day attaining a sergeant position. Pred also has a clear understanding of the legal system, which he would like to use to further aid and advise his fellow officers in the court procedures of important cases.

In his personal life Pred is less functional as he struggles with various drug and behavioural addictions, which includes gambling, drinking, smoking, and possibly worse. His gambling addiction often leads him into financial trouble, causing him to resort to begging for money from his girlfriend. While Pred claims to have gained his knowledge into narcotics from his time in the BCPD, the likelihood of it being from past personal experience isn't too far-fetched, as he admittedly used to dabble in microdosing various substances.

Aside from his vices, Pred is a rather narcissistic and arrogant person who seemingly has little care for others outside of those extremely close to him, such as his parents, his brother, and his girlfriend. Pred can often come off as highly abrasive and confrontational, however he seems to follow a basic rule of treating others as they treat him, he'll be kind to those that are kind to him, and hostile to those that are hostile to him. His recent transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD has gotten him into some heated disagreements with his higher-ups as he is not yet used to being treated like a low ranking beat cop, after having just left his career as an established detective.

Due to this behaviour Pred appears to show heavy signs of sociopathy as he has seemingly very little remorse and empathy for those around him, and seems to relish in violence and aggression rather than shy away from it. Aside from just violence and aggression, he even claims to be proud of the many people he has killed whilst acting in the line of duty. On top of that is his apparant compulsion for lying, often claiming to be "just joking" when he gets caught out in his lies.

Pred is also extremely fliratious, even though he is in a romantic relationship, he can often be seen flirting with any attractive woman he comes across, whether they're a co-worker, medical staff, civilians, or even criminals. While his flirtations are usually just a playful tease, he does appear to get infatuated by women quite easily, as he has made sexual propositions to a multitude of women, and even confessed his love for a few others.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Pred used to work as a homicide detective for the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD), however the relationship between him and his boss had soured after Pred got caught sleeping with the boss' wife. Despite the sour relationship Pred had with his old boss, he continued his work for the BPD for a while.

Pred eventually ended up in a relationship with Brittany Angel, and after a while he decided to take the opportunity to move to Los Santos so he could be with her. Once he arrived in Los Santos he moved into Angel's apartment, and after taking a few days of free time to get acclimated to the new city, Pred made his way to MRPD to turn in his transfer papers.

He handed over his transfer papers to Rocko Colombo and Travis Tribble, however as they went over the papers, it turned out that Pred's old boss claimed that Pred had a history of aggression, substance abuse, public nudity, and general misbehaviour. Pred was accepted into the LSPD as a full officer after he claimed that the accusations on his transfer paper weren't true and explained why his old boss had it out for him, however there have been some minor hints that Pred might've been forcibly removed from the BCPD due to his actions, instead of leaving on his own free will.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romantic Relationships[edit | edit source]

Brittany Angel - Girlfriend 

See Pred-Angel Relationship for full details on the relationship.

Brittany Angel and Pred met eachother through an online dating site in early August 2020, and after getting to know eachother a little better, they seemingly hit it off as they started officially dating shortly afterwards.

After they had been dating over long-distance for about six months, Pred decided to quit his job in Baltimore so he could be together with Angel in Los Santos, and once he arrived he immediately moved in with Angel into her studio apartment. While they were happy in their relationship, there were some slight frustrations forming during the adjustment period of recently having started living together, but Angel was convinced that Pred would start pulling his weight fairly rapidly.[1]

Angel quickly realized that she had been wrong in her initial judgment as Pred had been nothing but rude and insulting towards her since his transfer, and seemed to only use her for money. Pred's behaviour slowly started to make Angel regret her decision to date Pred in the first place[2], however she has since asked him to treat her a little better, which Pred appears to have been trying as he has been more complimentative and appreciative of her, though not without any issues such as continuing to make somewhat hurtful jokes and comments.

Somewhat along the same vein, Pred has asked Angel to be more supportive of his ambitions in life, stating that Angel is the only woman for him, and that he would hate to end up resenting her in the future for not supporting him through his rough times. He continued that he didn't want to become the type of person that would end up cheating on Angel with her sister, simply out of pure resentment.[3]

Familial Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tony Andrews - Father 

Tony Andrews is Pred's father, Andrews shows huge favouritism towards his other son, Jordan Steele, and will often remind Pred how much better of a person his brother his. Pred has noticed that his physical appearance doesn't quite match that of his father and brother, and seems to have some suspicions that Andrews might not be his actual biological father.

Andrews has always had a physical approach to try and correct Pred's negative behaviour in the past, however when they finally reunited after Pred's transfer from Baltimore to Los Santos, Andrews promised him that he would try and be a better father, and that he would use his words instead of physical abuse this time around.[4]

Claire Everly - Girlfriend's Sister 

Claire Everly is the biological younger sister of Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel. Before Pred had even met Claire, Angel had already told stories about their past to him where she explained why she disliked Claire and stated that she didn't get along with her at all.

Pred's first introduction to Claire was on February 6th, 2021, after Pred had gotten into a vehicular accident which landed him injured within MRPD. They immediately got off on the wrong foot, because when Pred explained how he gotten injured, Claire refused to believe him and tried to gaslight him into thinking he was going crazy. At that moment, Pred's views on Claire aligned with Angel as he informed Claire that he didn't like her at all, and called her a bitch.

Claire later tried to apologize to Pred informing him that she was just worried about him, but Pred was still upset with her for claiming that he had gone crazy. When they got into another argument a while later, Pred's father, Tony Andrews, gave Claire permission to punch Pred for his behaviour, which Claire did without hesitation, however Pred instinctually punched her back, which shocked both Andrews and Claire.[5]

Working Relationships[edit | edit source]

Los Santos Police Department[edit | edit source]

Bobby Smith - Chief of Police 

Pred first met Bobby Smith on February 10th, 2021, whilst Bobby was getting reprimanded by Pred's father, Tony Andrews, on suspicions of drinking on duty. When Pred showed support for Bobby's drinking habits, Andrews quickly scolded Pred and threatened to drag him into a nearby office and beat him, he was then tasked with making sure that Bobby keeps sober as they went off to go out on patrol together.

After they left MRPD, Pred confessed to Bobby that he himself was also prone to hitting the bottle on occasion, he evidently felt comfortable enough around Bobby to not hide his true thoughts and feelings, and openly talk about his vices. They quickly bonded whilst out on patrol, with Pred seemingly considering Bobby as one of his close friends at the end of their shift.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office[edit | edit source]

Travis Tribble - Sergeant 

Travis Tribble was one of two officers that received Pred for his transfer interview from the BCPD to the LSPD on February 5th, 2021. After Tribble finished looking over the transfer papers, he extended an invitation for Pred to join the BCSO instead, however Pred kindly declined his offer with the notion that he might change his mind further down the road.

A few days later, Pred and Tribble got into a small altercation, after which Pred tried to use his past history as a long-time homicide detective, and his father's rank as a trooper to try and demand respect from Tribble. When Tribble informed Pred that he couldn't care less about any of that, Pred gained some respect for Tribble and stated that he definitely liked Tribble's attitude.

Tribble seemingly gained a mutual respect for Pred, as he informed other officers that they should take an example from the new transfer, stating that Pred showed him more respect than any of them.

Matt Rhodes - Sergeant 

Pred first met Matt Rhodes on February 7th, 2021, when they went out on patrol together after a brief introduction. Rhodes started to get annoyed with Pred when he didn't answer the radio after being called by Rhodes multiple times, and decided to confront Pred about it.

During the confrontation, Pred started to show signs of insubordination when he told Rhodes that his investigation was more important than responding on the radio and that Rhodes should've just came to him instead of trying to call him on the radio. Rhodes wasn't impressed by Pred's insubordination and threatened to strike him for it, and when Pred commented that Rhodes was being a dick, he gave Pred his final warning.

Pred changed his behaviour after Rhodes' warning, and later apologized to Rhodes for the way he acted, however Rhodes stated that he had already forgiven him.

San Andreas State Police[edit | edit source]

Jackie Snow - Trooper 

Pred first met Jackie Snow on February 8th, 2021, whilst Pred was getting his MDW-profile and badge organized by Olivia Copper to fully complete his transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD. Snow decided to pull Pred aside to garner his interests in terms of progression within the police department since he had been made aware of Pred's past history as a homicide detective. Pred informed Snow that he was definitely interested in once again becoming a detective, hoping to work for a specialized unit within the Major Crimes Division.

After going through some of the broad descriptions of the various specialized units with Snow, Pred seemingly wanted a change from his past of working in homicide as he narrowed down his interests to either the Narcotics Unit for drug-related crimes, or the Gang Unit for any gang-related crimes, both of which often share a common overlap in cases.

Snow informed Pred that he was interested in pursuing a similar career path within the Major Crimes Division, so they would most likely be working closely together in the future.

Olivia Copper - Trooper 

Pred first met Olivia Copper on February 8th, 2021, when she helped him get set up with an MDW-profile and official police badge to fully complete his transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD. They talked a little bit about their aspirations within the police department, and both Pred and Copper shared a common interest in working their way into the Major Crimes Division, so they will most likely be working closely together on investigations in the future.

Pred seemed to treat Copper differently from any other officers as he conducted himself with in a more respectful towards her than he did others. Pred was also uncharacteristically courteous and cordial towards her during their first day together, which made Copper take note of his behaviour as she seemed pleasantly surprised by him.

A few days later, Pred was about to head off duty after saying goodnight to Copper, and when Copper asked him where he was planning on going, Pred suggested that he'd wait on Copper in her apartment for a romantic evening together. Copper didn't seem to mind the idea and agreed to see him after her shift, however Pred then made the stipulation that she had to keep it a secret from his girlfriend, which Copper complied with.[6]

The details on whether Pred actually ended up going over to Copper's are unknown, as they have never discussed it further afterwards, however Pred and Copper seemed to have bonded a little either way, as they have been extremely kind, helpful, and complimentative towards eachother since.

Pillbox Medical Center[edit | edit source]

Dawn Hearte - Doctor's Assistant 

Pred first met Dawn Hearte on February 7th, 2021, when he came into Pillbox Medical to pick up a suspect. After a short conversation of them getting acquainted to eachother, Pred started hitting on Dawn, however Dawn seemed extremely flustered by his advances and nervously made up a reason to excuse herself.[7]

After Dawn regained her composure and overheard Pred talking to Brittany Angel about his gambling addiction, she pulled Pred aside and asked if he would interested in rolling dice with her, Pred was pleasantly surprised that Dawn seemed to share the same interest in gambling and took her up on her bet.

They ended up rolling dice for a thousand dollars, which Pred ended up winning, Dawn was thereby the first person to roll dice with Pred since his move from Baltimore.[8] As she handed over the money to Pred, he handed over his phone number and flirtatiously told her that she'd be more than welcome to contact him any time.

Personal Relationships[edit | edit source]

Fallon Rider 

Fallon Rider is a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn, Pred first met her on February 11th, 2021, when he was being escorted to the back office by Tommy Cruizer in regards to an investigation. Pred noticed Fallon as he was passing the dressing room, and was seemingly struck by her as he immediately stopped following Tommy so he could hit on Fallon, using various pirate-related pick up lines because she was wearing an eyepatch. Fallon seemed amused by his attempts and advised him to work on his lines for next time.

After Pred got done questioning Tommy, Tommy asked him if he would be interested in a private dance, and Pred immediately requested a dance from Fallon. Fallon pointed out that they also had another dancer available, but Pred told her that he was only interested in a one-on-one with her, and nobody else. Fallon took him into a private room where they got to know eachother a little better, she talked about how it was her first day working at the Vanilla Unicorn, and that she was trying to save up for a car, and throughout their time together Fallon amusedly went along with Pred's various pirate-themed sexual advances.

As Pred was getting ready to leave, he invited Fallon back to his apartment, and gave her his phone number to give him a call later, she happily accepted it and said she'd call him later.[9] When she later sent him a text with her number, Pred supposedly fell in love with her, or at the very least showed some semblance of a romantic interest.

Andi Jones 

Pred first met Andi Jones on February 8th, 2021, when he was introduced to her by Wayne Ardson as one of the mayoral candidates. After Pred introduced himself to Andi, she suddenly gave him a hug, and Pred immediately told her that he didn't like to be touched. Andi quickly apologized for hugging him, and Pred informed her that it was fine.

After listening to Andi's campaign plans, Pred claimed that she would never win the election, and that she should use the fact that she's a woman to try and sway votes instead. When Andi kindly declined his advise, Pred implied that he would most likely see Andi working as a stripper or prostitute after the election, before walking away from her.[10]

Since then Pred has continued to bully Andi at nearly every opportunity, however Andi doesn't seem too bothered by it and will often get her revenge in one way or another, even going so far as to accidentally knock him out with a punch to the back of his head at one point.[11]

Tommy Cruizer 

Pred first met Tommy Cruizer on February 11th, 2021, when he went down to the Vanilla Unicorn after he received a tip about a bouncer named Tommy Crusher being involved in a robbery. Tommy introduced himself as one of the bouncers, however corrected Pred that his last name was Cruizer and not Crusher, he then invited Pred into the back office for a more private conversation. They were interrupted when Pred stopped to hit on one of the dancers, Fallon Rider, along the way, but they eventually made it to the office.

After questioning and hearing out Tommy's side of the story, Pred determined Tommy to be innocent and thanked him for his time and cooperation, however as Pred was about to leave, Tommy offered Pred a private dance from one of the dancers, and Pred immediately agreed, heading into a private room with Fallon shortly afterwards. After spending some time with Fallon, Pred took his leave from the club and once again thanked Tommy, however when he once again referred to him as "Mr Crusher", Tommy didn't seem too pleased and called Pred an asshole.

Once outside, the news of Pred getting a lap dance whilst on duty had apparently been spread by Tommy, as Summer Mersion called him out on his questionable investigation methods. When Pred ran into Tommy a short while later, Tommy threatened to leak the details about the lap dance to the public if Pred ever called him Crusher again.

Gioconda Coppola 

Pred first met Gioconda Coppola on February 10th, 2021, when he was investigation a shooting at the burger shot. As Pred was ordering Gio to turn around to place her in handcuffs, Gio seemed to enjoy being yelled at a bit too much as she commented on how she loved to be ordered around by him. After a short investigation Pred deemed Gio to be innocent, however as he started to remove the cuffs from her wrist, Gio stated that she'd prefer that he'd keep her in handcuffs, however Pred removed them anyway.

As Pred moved on to the next person for questioning, Gio pulled out a zip tie and bound her own hands behind her back in hopes of being able to seduce Pred, she then urged Bobby Smith to inform Pred that she wanted to go on a date with him, and that she had already bound herself to prepare for their date.

After Bobby relayed the message to Pred, Pred walked up to Gio and told her that he was a bit too busy with his job to go on a date, and that he also already had a girlfriend, but stated that he'd at least keep Gio in mind for the future.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Transferred from the Baltimore City Police Department. February 5th, 2021

Quotes[edit | edit source]



Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Keeps a set of golden dice on Brittany Angel's desk in MRPD.[12]
  • Has an extreme gambling addiction.
  • His favourite alcoholic drink is Whiskey.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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Kyle Pred is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Kyle Pred is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #410.

He previously worked as a private investigator and monster hunter.

He was previously a Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #360.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Pred is a 31-year-old caucasian male with naturally blond hair, brown eyes, and low cut stubble with a light goatee. As a result of Brittany Angel mistaking him for Domenic Toretti, he can often be seen with his hair dyed brown. He's also dyed his hair ginger, black, and various other colors.

Pred has had multiple different hairstyles over the course of his stay in Los Santos. The ones he's had the longest are a slicked-back businessman cut, and a comb-over, recently he has started adapting a short upward undercut. In the past he also had an afro, cornrows, and a slicked up businessman cut usually with some form of highlights.

Pred was originally very pale, but after getting a spray tan for "Angel Day" he started tanning to maintain a much warmer tone. He has several tattoos on his body, including a tattoo of skulls and flowers covering the entirety of his right arm, a tattoo of a woman covering the entirety of his left arm, and a tattoo of the silhouette of a woman and a skeleton covering the entirety of his back.

While off-duty Pred can be seen wearing a black jacket, grey v-neck t-shirt, and blue jeans.

On December 16th, 2020, Pred was kidnapped and set on fire with a Molotov cocktail, the fire caused Pred's temporary eyepatch to melt and fuse onto his already damaged eye. After Pred was brought into surgery the doctor diagnosed his eye as damaged beyond repair, so the eye had to be removed from it's socket to avoid any further complications. After the surgery Pred was left with a circular surgical scar around his left eye, and he now wears an eyepatch to cover up his empty eye socket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pred is known for his extremely aggressive approach to most things, while still being effective as an LEO. He can often be heard slinging insults towards highly dangerous criminals which routinely lands him in the hospital.

While being competent on the field, Pred dislikes doing paperwork and prefers to do "audio logs" instead. If required he will do actual paperwork, but heavily prefers his audio log alternative.

Despite Pred's flirtatious nature towards most women, he has somehow managed to remain in a committed relationship with Brittany Angel, with them only ever taking a break from seeing eachother once, though still remaining in a relationship together during that time.

Pred is often cold and uncaring towards most people, with the only people he shows care towards being his adoptive/adopted family and his wife, Brittany Angel.

Pred has admitted to having commitment issues, which cause him to be unable to fully open up and settle down when in romantic relationships.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Intimate Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romantic Relationships[edit | edit source]

Brittany Angel - Wife

See Pred-Angel Relationship for full details on the relationship.

Previously claiming to be "just friends btw" with LSPD Sergeant Brittany Angel, the two now own a house together on "Whispymound Drive 6", are "Engaged-to-be-Engaged", and Common Law Married. They also have been forced to attend multiple HR meetings as a result of their relationship.

When both of them are on duty they can often be seen riding together, with Pred flirting with Angel as Angel attempts to maintain some sense of professionalism while doing their jobs. However, Pred will usually tighten his act up if the scenario requires it. Angel attempts to push Pred to be more professional and wants to see him succeed and progress throughout the ranks.

Before they got common-law married they sometimes used to refer to each other as their Fiancé / Fiancée or even Husband / Wife, after they got common-law married they almost exclusively refer to eachother as Husband / Wife. When questioned on why they're not officially married or even engaged yet, Pred will often reply that even though he considers Angel to be his "everything", he has commitment issues that prevent him from proposing to her.

They took a break from seeing eachother in early January 2020, but still remained in a relationship. Before they took a break, their relationship was physically fulfilling but had some light underlying commitment and jealousy issues. Pred propositioned several women for paid sex though never actually followed up on it, and Angel went as far as to stab Pred for claiming that another female is attractive.[1]

Ever since they rekindled their relationship in late February 2020, Pred might still occasionally flirt with other women but has been completely loyal towards Angel, while Angel has been less physically abusive towards Pred, she still remains extremely possessive and jealous when it comes to other women. Angel has also told Pred that if he were to ever cheat on her again, not only would their relationship be over, she will brutally murder him as part of the blood pact they have formed.

Sexual Relationships[edit | edit source]

Bree Matthews‏‏‎ ‎- Ex-Lover / Close Friend 

Pred and Bree Matthews have a close friendship, while she was working as an EMS she was Pred's favorite focus for his "EMS Empowerment", along with Bailey Jade. Bree instantly welcomed the "empowerment" she was getting from Pred and their friendship quickly started to grow into a more flirtatious relationship when Bree started to respond to Pred's empowering comments in a more suggestive way.

While Pred was on a break from his relationship with Brittany Angel, Bree and Pred grew even closer, she offered Pred a place to stay during his relationship issues with Angel, and they eventually ended up having a fling for a short while.

After Pred ultimately got back together with Angel, Bree and Pred still remained close friends even though they started seeing eachother less often. Bree is an often recurring conversation topic between Pred and Angel, whether it's about Angel still being upset regarding the fling he had with Bree, or Pred threatening to get back together with Bree when he's upset with Angel.

This contains a detailed retelling of impactful events and interesting interactions between Bree Matthews and Pred.

November 2019 - Empowerment Unlike Any Other 

Upcoming Divorce
On November 4th, 2019, Pred was informed that Bree and Boba Stone were working on getting a divorce, even though Pred was in a relationship with Angel, he commented that the moment Bree and Boba went through with their divorce, he would be going after Bree.

Relentless Empowerment
On November 17th, 2019, after Bree got divorced earlier that week, Pred seemingly decided to step up his game when it came to "empowering" Bree, he spent the entire day relentlessly flirting with Bree whenever he crossed paths with her and she certainly didn't seem to mind, often responding to his flirtatious comments in a provocative way.[2]

After their final "empowerment" session at Pillbox for the day, Pred referred to Bree as a "dirty empowered bitch" with Bree responding "Ooh, that's hot!", Bree was about to drive away when Pred commented on how it's hard to keep up the empowerment with a hard-on, which made Bree laugh.[3]

More Than Friends
On November 20th, 2019, Pred and Bree once again proceeded to keep up their empowerment and flirting throughout the day, at some point Nettie Machete claimed the two had something romantic going on and that she heard all about it, but Bree and Pred denied the rumors, claiming that there was nothing going besides "empowerment", Pred stated that he "empowers" Bree while she's face-down and Bree followed it up by saying that Pred would "empower" her a lot on the weekends.[4]

A while later Pred decided to invite Bree to come over to his mansion, which Bree didn't decline. Though neither Bree nor Pred followed up on the invitation, they both confirmed that they were not opposed to taking their friendship a step further. Pred was about to leave for the day when Bree made a request of him; "Call me a dirty bitch before you go", Pred happily complied.

Ever since that week they continued their behaviour of constantly flirting and tempting eachother whenever possible, their relationship quickly turning from just good friends into a much more flirtatious and suggestive one, one where Pred would risk deeply upsetting his girlfriend, Angel, were she to ever find out about the way he acted around Bree.

January 2020 - More Than a Shoulder to Cry on  

A Place To Stay
At the start of January, 2020, Pred informed Bree that himself and Angel were taking a break from their relationship and that Angel took away Pred's key to the mansion that the two were living in. With Pred no longer having a place to stay, Bree immediately handed him a key to her Integrity apartment and offered for him to come stay with her, Pred gladly accepted both the key and the offer to stay with her.

While only mentioned once or twice between Pred and Angel, it was implied that Pred stayed over at Bree's for a while during his relationship issues with Angel.

The Court of Lust
On January 22nd, 2020, Pred and Bree ran into eachother outside the courthouse waiting for the Jordan Steele vs Jean Steele divorce case to start. After talking to Jordan about the proceedings for the case, Pred headed inside the courtroom where he immediately made his way to Bree, both happy to see eachother there. While the two were talking to eachother, Bree invited Pred back to her apartment to watch Harry Potter together later that day.

When the court took a small recess for Jordan and his lawyer, Kevin McLoughlin to talk, Bree asked Pred if he wanted to sneak off to the judge's chamber's for a bit, they instead decided to head to the bathroom inside the courthouse. Pred loudly informed the other people in the courtroom that he had forgotten something in the lobby so the two of them could sneak off without any suspicion. They ended up running into Jordan and Kevin who were standing outside the bathroom, discussing the upcoming court case, Pred decided to inform them that himself and Bree would be having sex in the bathroom to give them a heads up. Kevin responded that it wouldn't be a problem as long as they kept the noise down, Pred agreed. Oblivious to the fact that they weren't being as quiet as they thought they were, the pair could be heard by everyone standing in the lobby of the courthouse.[5] After Bree and Pred got back to the courtroom, Bree passed her phone number over to Pred so they could talk in private via texts during the case.

Throughout the case Bree and Pred could be seen flirting with eachother both verbally and via text messages, one of the texts was Bree once again inviting Pred to come over and watch the Harry Potter Blu-ray Box Set with her after the trial, Pred immediately replied that he would be happy to do so. Some time later a short recess was called when a woman passed out from starvation in the courtroom, Bree quickly made up a lie about a medical emergency in the bathroom and took Pred with her to spend some more private time with him in the bathroom.

When court got called back in session, Bree and Pred made their way back to the courtroom and continued flirting via texts, at some point Pred made a comment to Boba Stone about him obstructing Pred's view of being able to stare at Bree, after which Bree texted Pred asking him to turn around for her so she could stare at his ass.[6] After all the witnesses from Jean's side we're done being questioned the judge called for another recess, Pred immediately called out that he had to use the bathroom, quickly followed by Bree saying the same thing with the excuse of having a small bladder. The two swiftly ended up in the bathroom with the intention of having some more private time together, however with the lobby being overly crowded this time they instead decided to head out in Pred's police cruiser to have some privacy. They continued their private time together with Bree ending up in the trunk of Pred's car while the pair proceeded to talk dirty to one another. Bree and Pred eventually got onto the topic of the mansion that Pred owns with Brittany Angel, while Pred initially wished to give Bree a key to the mansion he quickly remembered that it's in Angel's name and they instead wondered if Angel would be willing to sell it to them so they can buy Angel out and move in together. Their private time got interrupted by a state announcement that the court was back in session and they rushed to make their way back to the courthouse, both running into the courtroom out of breath, just in time for Pred to be called to the stand.

Bree had to step out for a medical emergency for a bit and when she eventually returned she commented on how she could stick her entire hand through the wound of the victim, Pred, still on the stand, replied "Hey, that's what I did to you in the bathroom!" in front of the entire courtroom, Bree laughed and replied "Yeah it is!".[7] After Pred got done with his questioning he decided to head out, most likely ending up at Bree's apartment later that night like they had planned earlier.

Taking Over The Mansion
On January 25th, 2020, Pred and Bree spent some time talking together and Bree eventually expressed her interest in moving into the mansion with Pred, which they had talked about potentially doing a few days before. They discussed how to go about it, with either the two of them convincing Angel to give Bree a set of keys, so the pair could live together, Angel would then be able to continue to live there as just a roommate. If that plan wouldn't work out they discussed completely buying out Angel's share of the mansion, so Angel would move out and Bree could move in.

The Truth Revealed
On January 26th, 2020, Pred had a court case for spraying a person with the deluge gun of a fire truck, Bree was called to testify against Pred as Captain of the Fire Department. While Pred was waiting in the courtroom for everyone to arrive, he noticed Bree arriving, they exchanged a quick greeting before Bree got called over by the judge. While Bree was talking to the judge, Pred turned to Jackie Snow and Lawrence Splainer and told them about what had happened between Pred and Bree during the court case on the 22nd, both replied with "Nice!" at the same time.[8] While Pred wanted to have a private conversation with Bree before the case started, his girlfriend Brittany Angel walked into the courtroom unexpectedly, as both Pred and Bree wanted to keep the affair a secret from Angel for the time being, they refrained from getting close to eachother with Angel present. Pred and Bree were unaware that Angel had already been told about their affair by Boba Stone[9] and that she was silently judging them for it.

Pred decided to exclaim that he had to go to the bathroom, as a hint towards Bree to follow him, oblivious to the fact that Angel knew exactly what the pair were doing, Bree quickly left the courtroom to follow after Pred, with Angel staring her down as Bree was making her way out. Pred and Bree eventually met up in the bathroom, Bree revealed to Pred that she was called to testify against him but followed up in a heartbroken voice that she really didn't want to testify against him. Pred wasn't too bothered with it as he replied in a seductive tone "I'm going to be testifying against you later", Bree quickly turned flirty herself, asking Pred "You gonna testify that ass, huh?" Pred responded that he would be "testifying that ass, all night long" which caused Bree to exclaim "Oh my god!" in a suggestive way.[10] Bree then quickly realized that their entire conversation could be overheard by a number of people standing in the courthouse lobby, Pred and Bree swiftly darted out of the bathroom back to the courtroom. Shortly after making their way back to the courtroom, the court case was called into session, however with Angel being present Bree and Pred were unable to openly flirt and talk to eachother so they decided to do so over text messages instead.

After a while of court proceedings the court was called into recess, Pred then got into an argument with Angel over something minor, which ended with Angel telling Pred that he would be getting stabbed later anyway, Pred worriedly told Angel to calm down with Angel responding to not worry about it and that they'll talk later. Bree spoke up in a somber tone to ask Angel why Pred would be getting stabbed, Angel then snapped at Bree yelling at her "Because he's fucking some stupid bimbo, you stupid bitch!", Bree was taken aback by that comment and innocently replied "Wait, what?". Pred now realizing that he had nothing left to hide from Angel spoke up and said "Oh yeah, I'm fucking some stupid bimbo? Guess what, she's standing right behind you and she's got on cat ears, Angel, so there you go." Pred was obviously referring to Bree who was standing behind Angel. Angel turned around to look at Bree and bitterly replied "Oh yeah? ok.", Bree who was unprepared for this confrontation tried to play dumb and said in a defeated tone "No, I just wanted to talk with him for a bit, no big deal.", Angel sharply responded that they would have a great conversation about it. [11] Pred tried to convince Angel that they could talk it out and move past it so she would drop the subject, however Angel wasn't having it, telling him that he's going around fucking women just because he can, at which point Chris McGrawl chimed in instructing Angel to ask Pred how many times he's had sex with Bree, Bree spoke up and yelled at McGrawl to shut up multiple times. Angel revealed that she'd already heard about what Pred and Bree got up to during the court case on the 22nd, how they were banging in the trunks of cars and in bathrooms and going around bragging about it to others,[12] Pred tried to claim that he had no idea what Angel was talking about however Bree responded in a very obvious fake-surprised voice "Pred, are you not a single man?" which went against Pred's statement, Bree quickly followed it up with a worried "Uh oh.", Angel replied "Oh ok, I see how it is". Pred continued to try and make excuses, which clearly wasn't working, at which point Bree advised Pred that he was only making things worse, upon hearing this Pred decided to drop the lies and excuses.

Now that Pred had chosen to come clean, he went all-in and told Angel "I am a man who has physical needs, and sometimes... sometimes those women have cat ears on their head and other times they wear stethoscopes, sometimes they're just standing right behind you in the peanut gallery staring at me and sending me sexy text messages as they attempt to hide away and pretend they're invisible, you know, this is life, these are the kind of things that happen".[13] Pred then accused Angel of probably "getting dicked down at the mansion every night by different guys", Angel denied the accusations saying that she'd been too busy sitting alone in the mansion playing video games because of the emotional distress Pred had caused her.[14] Pred and Angel then got into an argument about the payments for the mansion, which caused Bree to chime in saying it wouldn't matter as Bree and Pred would be buying and taking over the mansion anyway, not realizing that even though Bree had talked about it with Pred, Pred had not yet mentioned that to Angel, Angel yelled out in an angry and surprised tone "You what?!". Bree then suggested to get group therapy between the three of them however, Angel, clearly in a bad mood at this point, told Bree to back the fuck off. Pred then officially introduced Bree as his new love interest to Angel, Bree had gotten visibly nervous at this point and when Angel goaded Bree on to go and stand next to her new boyfriend, Bree tried to change the subject only to be insulted by Angel, as Angel turned around and told Pred that his sidepiece was going around fucking all sorts of people and that he wouldn't even be able to get a quality girl. At this point Pred asked Angel to follow him for a private conversation, to avoid Bree getting any more anger directed at her from Angel, while Angel initially told him to fuck off and that she wouldn't follow him, she eventually ended up agreeing and followed him to the courthouse lobby. While Pred was walking away with Angel, Snow told Bree that Pred was most likely going to die, Bree asked Snow what the odds of a double-murder suicide would be, with the three of them all ending up dead.

During the private conversation between Pred and Angel, Pred laid all the blame for his affair with Bree on Angel, saying that she was never around,[15] Angel's bad mood was getting worse at this point and when the topic of mansion payments came back up again, she told Pred that he should just pay her for her half of the mansion and she would grab her stuff and move out so he could live together with Bree.[16] After arguing for a while longer, Angel had enough and decided to leave the courthouse saying that she only came to support her friend Snow, Pred got upset at that statement and lashed saying out that he didn't care about Angel anyway, which Angel responded to by saying that it was obvious at this point since he was too busy deep dicking somebody else. As Angel was leaving Pred yelled at her that she was right, he was too busy with deep dicking Bree and that he was pulling on Bree's cat ears all night long.[17]

After Pred had calmed down from his fight with Angel he called Bree over to help him with his closing statement for the court case, he joked about laying all the blame for the case on Angel to lighten the mood and the pair slowly got back into flirting and tempting one another. Bree suddenly got a bit more serious and worriedly asked Pred if she should be scared of Angel coming after her now the she knew the truth about them, Pred didn't know for sure but they both commented that a double-murder suicide could be within the realm of possibility. They ended up talking with Kareem Lyon for a bit before slowly going back to flirting, Pred mentioned that instead of buying out the mansion he would put in a second bed for Bree and himself, when the topic of a potential race-car bed came up, Bree seductively asked Pred who would be crashing into the wall first with Pred responding that Bree would be going head first into that wall, as they had gotten a bit too much into it, Bree whispered to Pred "not in-front of Kareem". [18] Kareem however didn't seem to care all that much and eventually inquired Pred how he felt about Bree's cat ears, Pred told him that he loved her cat ears, he continued that he loved to make her wear them during sex and pull on her cat ears, and that Bree makes Pred wear them too, Bree followed up by saying that she would sometimes put down a saucer of milk for Pred to drink from while he would wear the cat ears, Kareem proceeded to call them out for being into some weird shit.[19]

Eventually court got called back into session for the verdict and Pred ended up winning the court case, after some short conversations between the people involved, Bree and Pred ended up leaving the courthouse together.

February 2020 - Torn Between Friendship and Love  

Sadness and Sorrow
On February 22nd, 2020, Pred ran into Bree at the hospital while he was looking for his adoptive-brother Jordan Steele, when Pred walked up to Bree and started a conversation by flirting with her like he usually would, Bree was very soft-spoken and looked incredibly scared. Pred asked her what was wrong but Bree wasn't very talkative, Pred unable to figure out why she was acting like this, told her that it was going to be okay and that he was there for her. Pred then walked up to others present at the hospital to figure out what was going on, he got informed that someone important to Bree wasn't feeling well. Pred got interrupted when he received a call from Jordan, Pred inquired about Jordan's well-being with Jordan stating that he was fine, everything was okay, Pred was worried about Jordan and went to meet with him.

While driving around with Jordan, Pred found out that Boba Stone had died which made him realize why Bree was acting the way she did, as Boba was her ex-husband. When Pred later ran into Bree outside the morgue, he told her how incredibly sorry he was for her loss, Bree thanked him with tears in her eyes and made her way inside.

While Pred wanted to be there for Bree, he was unable to get close to her at the morgue as he was also trying to work on fixing his relationship with Brittany Angel, Pred was very much aware that Angel wouldn't appreciate him being close to Bree whatsoever, even if it was just to comfort her about her loss.

A Public Affair
On February 23rd, 2020, Pred was attending a trial between Brittany Angel and Wilhelmina Copperpot about a slanderous article put out by Copperpot on Angel, Pred was there both as a witness and support for Angel. Bree showed up about halfway through the trial while Pred was taken aside into the judge's office by Dennis LaBarre, when Pred showed back up at the courtroom both Pred and Bree were pleasantly surprised to see eachother there. They started talking about the recent changes in their life, Bree mentioned that her ex-husband Boba Stone had died, Pred commented that he had heard the news and he asked in a concerned tone how she was coping with the loss, she replied that she wasn't handling it very well, Pred sincerely remarked that he felt sorry for her. Bree then asked Pred, who was wearing his off-duty/monster-hunter outfit, why he looked the way that he did, Pred explained that he had left the police force and was now working as a private investigator. Bree mentioned that she used to be a private investigator which caused Pred to turn his attention towards Angel and ask her how she would feel about Bree potentially joining Pred as a partner on private investigations, Angel replied very sternly that if Bree were to ever be his partner, the already rocky relationship between Angel and Pred would be over.[20]

Bree noted that it was probably better that way as she was still in mourning, she then told Pred that she couldn't have sex in the bathroom with him anymore, most of the people in the spectator stands jumped in on the conversation after Bree mentioned that. First Angel jumped in mentioning that both Pred and Bree had told her about their escapades in the bathroom, confirming that it was in fact true, then Summer Mersion joined in mentioning that they hadn't just had sex once in the bathroom, but three times from what she had heard, this was news to Angel as she asked "Wait, what? Three times?!" in a surprised tone. Sybil Shepard then followed up saying that they had also had sex in the trunk of a car, another person jumped in to mention that during the relations between Pred and Bree they had broken the sink in the courthouse bathroom, Angel disappointingly stated that she thought Bree and Pred only had sex once, she followed it up by angrily staring at Pred and Bree for a while without saying anything.[21]

Later on the court was called into recess while the judge needed time to deliberate, during the recess an article about Pred got released on Weazel News in which the sexual relationship between Bree and Pred was highlighted, among numerous lies about Pred's alleged other relationships. The article mentioned the following; "Kyle Pred seems to have a special relationship with Paramedic Bree Matthews as they've had multiple sexual encounters including while he was with Angel. When asked if it was true that they had sex three times during a court case (in the courthouse bathroom no less), she also admitted to having sex with Pred in the trunk of a car", Pred initially got angry about the article but quickly calmed down after his initial outburst, Bree didn't seem too upset as both her and Pred could be seen laughing about it shortly afterwards.

July 2020 - An Awkward Introduction  

The Real Mother?
On July 21st, 2020, Pred ran into Bree at Pillbox Medical after a long time of not seeing eachother, they had a short conversation about Pred's successful gambling endeavours and his new-found wealth with Bree congratulating him on his success. Bree mentioned that she had heard rumors about Pred getting married to Angel and was curious to know if the rumors were true, while Pred would usually tell everyone that he is married to Angel he decided to tell Bree the truth and told her that him and Angel are currently only "engaged-to-be-engaged" and not married. After a bit of gambling at Pillbox, Pred mentioned to Bree that he misses the relationship they used to have, he then introduced Bree to his adopted-daughter Brie Sanchez, after Pred mentioned to his daughter that Bree was the woman he cheated on Angel with, Brie asked if that meant that Bree was her real mother, Pred hesitated for a bit but then denied it saying that he doesn't believe Bree to be her real mother.[22]

August 2020 - Memories of the Past  

A Lingering Desire
On August 1st, 2020, Pred responded as negotiator to a jewelry store robbery involving Bree and her friends, Bree was masked so Pred wasn't aware that she was involved in the robbery. During the negotiations one of her friends commented that Pred seems to have anger issues, but Bree stated that his aggressiveness just makes him more attractive. After a lengthy negotiation, the robbers got in their car and fled the scene, the robbers ended up crashing their car during the pursuit, but Bree managed to get away on foot and steal another car. Before she could make her escape, she ended up getting pursued by Ekaterina Alekseyevna but Bree managed to quickly shake her off and make her escape, Bree however decided to go back to the scene of the crash to try and locate any of her friends.

Meanwhile Pred managed to catch and detain one of Bree's friends, Ell LeFant, and was waiting for Medical Services to arrive and assist with Ell's injuries. Bree eventually managed to locate Ell and Pred but realized she was too late as Ell was already in police custody, she tried to get Pred's attention but he was too distracted by his conversation with Ell. Bree decided to take off her mask so Pred would notice her and called him over to ask what was going on, Pred commented on how good Bree was looking and they talked a bit about how they were doing, their conversation got interrupted when Ekaterina walked up to Pred and pointed out that Bree was driving the car that she was chasing earlier, Pred asked Bree to step out the car but Bree said she had to go and drove off.[23]

Pred ran into Bree a while later at the Taco Shop and asked her to come with him for a bit because Lorenzo L wanted to talk to Bree, but Bree was afraid that she might have a warrant for the robbery from earlier, Pred promised that it wasn't a set-up and that she didn't have a warrant, he stated that he would never lie to Bree because of their relations in the past, Bree responded that she remembered the times they were together but also that Angel tried to murder her because of it, Pred stated that he wasn't the one that tried to murder her, and that Angel was currently asleep anyway.[24] Pred eventually got distracted by another person breaking the law and drove off to pursue them instead.

Later in the day Bree was hiding at MRPD with Amelia Jones where she got informed by Amelia that Pred had been teaching Lorenzo how to talk to women, eventually Pred showed up at MRPD and gambled with other people there for a while, unaware that Bree and Amelia were watching him from afar. Bree talked to Amelia about how Pred flirting with her had a very different feeling than when Lorenzo tried it, and talked about the many times Bree and Pred had hooked up in the past.[25] While Bree was watching Pred, she commented to Amelia on how hot she thought Pred was, Amelia told her off for the comment but Bree responded that she couldn't help herself as she prefers to go for what's familiar to her.[26]

A Tempting Offer
On August 6th, 2020, Pred ran into Bree and Amelia Jones outside of MRPD, Pred was wearing his JTF-formalwear which Bree immediately commented on, she asked him about the fake-moustache he was wearing and said he looked good. Bree congratulated him on becoming a detective and asked him what type of investigations he specializes in, Pred replied that he detects "hot pieces of ass" and that he found one right in front of him. Bree curiously asked Pred if he was still "engaged-to-be-engaged" with Angel, to which Pred replied with slight disappointment in his voice that he indeed still was, Bree told Pred to give her a call when him and Angel break up. Pred was definitely interested in the offer, but also told Bree that he doesn't see her enough to risk losing his relationship with Angel by cheating on her with Bree again.[27] Pred couldn't get over how attractive Bree was and asked if she had been working out lately, Bree replied that running from the cops helped her burn a lot of calories, to which Pred responded that he'd love to help her burn some calories by having sex with her.[28]

After Pred left, Bree and Amelia speculated on where Pred would've gotten the hair for his fake-moustache, Amelia suggested that he might have shaved it from "downstairs", but Bree replied that it definitely didn't look like that's where it came from, Amelia asked if she was sure, to which Bree replied "I would know... I would know... many times over". Amelia started judging Bree on her past involvement with Pred, but Bree stated that Pred is hot and explained that it was a long time ago, a time where she was sad and lonely after her divorce from Boba Stone.[29]

December 2020 - Conflict of Interest 

Conflict of Interest
On December 31st, 2020, Pred was responding to an officer getting attacked inside of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, after securing the officer, Pred alongside other officers on scene decided to do a full sweep of the prison and the inmates for information and contraband. Bree was one of the inmates, and as soon as she heard Pred enter the cell block, she happily exclaimed "Pred?!", Pred cheerfully greeted Bree and asked her how she was doing, however she replied that she wasn't doing all that well.

Whilst Pred was securing and searching one of the other inmates, Trooper Jackie Snow ordered all officers to seize every item on the inmates' person, and if an officer failed to do so, they would be striked. After Pred finished up with the other inmate, Joel Garcia asked Pred to take care of searching Bree, Pred informed Garcia that him taking care of Bree might be a conflict of interest, though he decided not to inform Garcia about his past relationship with Bree. Bree chimed in and stated that Pred had no reason to try and keep it a secret as their affair had been made very public through Weasel News back in the day, and she once again greeted Pred as he walked up to her.

After Pred got done searching Bree's person, he asked her what she did to be locked up in prison, Bree then informed him that she was facing sixty-two counts of accessory to attempted murder. Pred asked her if she had any involvement in the attack of the officer, to which Bree responded that she had no involvement at all, which Pred believed right away. Pred decided to go against the orders of Snow, he made sure that the other officers wouldn't be able to hear him and informed Bree that he wouldn't be taking any of her belongings, nor any of her money, which Bree thanked him for.[30]

After Pred dealt with a few more inmates, Bree expectantly asked Pred if he was single yet, to which Pred regrettably stated that he still wasn't single, Bree disappointedly responded "Damn...".

Lauren Forcer‏‏‎ ‎- Ex-Lover / Best Friend 

Lauren Forcer and Pred are good friends. They initially met during the August 10th, 2019 PD Academy. After Academy, they started a "friends with benefits" relationship which lasted until Pred and Brittany Angel started sleeping together. Pred ended their relationship because, as a result of her appearance, whenever he had sex with Forcer all he could see was Reid Dankleaf.

After Pred ended their affair, their relationship went sour for quite some time, until they found a common interest in Harry Potter that rekindled their relationship.

On February 10th, 2020, Pred and Forcer had sex in the Captain's Office of Mission Row Police Department.

After Pred's resignation from the LSPD, Pred and Forcer linked up one night to discuss things. Pred told Forcer about his frustrations with the LSPD and his brother, Jordan Steele. Forcer understood Pred's frustrations due to her history in the LSPD and gave Pred the idea of possibly joining the BCSO instead.

When Pred joined the BCSO on February 25th, 2020, Pred acknowledged Forcer as one of his best friends.

Platonic Relationships[edit | edit source]

Andi Jones‏‏‎ ‎- Ex-Wife / Best Friend 

Pred and Andi "Ant" Jones have a unique friendship as Pred treats her unlike he does almost anyone else in the city, he seems to genuinely care for her and is uncharacteristically kind and compassionate towards her. While Pred will sometimes tease or bully Ant, she compares this to a boy pulling on a girls' pigtails to try and get attention from her.

After knowing eachother for a few weeks, they quickly started building up to a close friendship, Pred also started flirting with Ant and hinting at wanting to start a relationship with her, however Ant seemed to get quite embarrassed and awkward whenever Pred started flirting with her. Pred didn't let Ant's embarrassment stop him, and continued to flirt with her throughout their friendship, Ant eventually got used to Pred's flirtatious personality and even started to go along with him, flirting back with him on many occasions.

At the start of September, 2020, Pred asked Ant to be his date at one of her events, claiming that he was even willing to pay for it. In a lapse of memory where Ant forgot that Pred was already married to another woman, she agreed to go out on a date with him, though she ended up turning down the date a few days later, stating that she would only go on a date with him if he was single. As their friendship grew closer over the next few weeks, they eventually started referring to eachother as their best friend on several occasions, though Pred was interested in more than just friendship as he continued to ask Ant to either marry, date, or sleep with him. Ant continued to turn down his advances, informing him that she wasn't interested unless he became single, as she refused to aid him in being unfaithful to his wife.

Towards the end of November, 2020, Ant suddenly started to get a bit more brazen as she straight up asked Pred to get a divorce from his wife, so they could get married instead. While Pred was extremely interested in getting married to Ant, he didn't want to divorce his wife to do so, and tried to convince Ant to be his second wife instead, though she refused and stated that he had to be single first. 

At the start of December, 2020, Ant was in danger from a person that Pred was investigating, and in order to protect her from them, they decided to set up a fake marriage to try and keep Ant safe from harm. After the ceremony Judge Coyote informed the city that their marriage was in fact legally binding, only informing Pred that it was a lie. While Pred thought their marriage was fake, though keeping it a secret from anyone else, Ant brought the story of the marriage to Judge Stanton roughly 48 hours later, Stanton considered their marriage to actually be legally binding, and granted Ant an official annulment from the marriage. 

Pred has claimed that his short marriage to Ant was the happiest marriage he has ever been in, and that it was the happiest 48 hours of his life. After their annulment, they still remained best friends, and now often refer to eachother as ex-wife / ex-husband.

This contains a detailed retelling of impactful events and interesting interactions between Andi Jones and Pred.

July 2020 - An Unforeseen Friendship  

First Impressions
On July 22nd, 2020, Pred responded to a downed person at the Mirror Park Lake, this is where he first met Ant, she gave Pred a quick recap of what had happened to the victim before leaving the scene. Whilst doing an investigation into the assailant Pred wound up at the HOA tavern, while there Pred ended up in a stand-off in the street with Kray-Tor Skullfondler, Ant was there an an innocent bystander.

Pred commanded for Ant to hide inside the tavern as she was in danger of their crossfire, the stand-off eventually ended on a nearby roof where Pred shot down Kray-tor. Whilst trying to secure the scene Pred noticed Ant shooting a gun at an unknown individual later identified to be a local, he deemed her a threat and shot her in the back until she was unable to move. During the wait for EMS to arrive, Pred explained to Ant that he shot her down because he saw her as a threat and that she should've been hiding in the tavern as he instructed, she was perplexed as she had not even realized that Pred was the one that shot her.

After getting Ant medical treatment Pred told her that she was free to go and said that he hoped she understood why he shot her. Pred then informed her that if she felt the need to take him to court about what had happened, that she would lose the court case as he had a lot more money and could afford much better lawyers. After Ant pointed out that he had a lot more to lose in court than her due to his vast wealth, she assured Pred that she had no intention of taking him to court over it.

Saving a Life
On July 23rd, 2020, Ant got kidnapped by Remee El-Rahman, he demanded Ant to give him Pred's phone number, when Ant told him that she didn't have Pred's number he forced her to tweet out asking for his number, she tweeted at Pred saying "I NEED YOUR NUMBER TO GO ON A DATE I AM ASKING THIS OF MY OWN ACCORD PLEASE DATE ME NUMBER PLEASE". They ran into Pred shortly afterwards and he got held at gunpoint by Remee, other officers got there in time to chase off Remee, but Remee still had Ant in his car as a hostage.

After driving around for a few minutes Remee forced Ant to make a 911 call asking for Pred's number. After seeing the earlier tweet Pred refused to give out his number and told dispatch to reply for him stating that "he is taken and he is in a committed relationship and he doesn't know who the fuck you are", Ant replied that she was a hostage and needed his number to live.

After driving around for a while longer they ran into Pred again, this time Remee promised him that he would let Ant go if Pred did some LSD provided by Remee, Pred complied and Ant got set free. Pred was forced to do more drugs while taken hostage by Remee until the police department eventually caught up and apprehended him.

The Beauty in Court
On July 26th, 2020, Ant was watching Pred gamble with Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez at Legion Bank for a short while, when Pred noticed Ant standing there, he walked up to her to ask her how she was doing, Pred said that he recognized her and asked whether she was the person he shot in Mirror Park a few days prior, Ant responded that it was definitely her that he shot that day. Pred inquired how she was feeling from the injuries of the shooting to which Ant responded that she was feeling a lot better now, Pred was genuinely glad that she was doing better and apologized for shooting her.

Ant had overheard a conversation between Pred and Flippy about Pred's wealth earlier, so she said that she was happy for Pred because he was rich and happy now, while Pred initially agreed that he was indeed rich and happy, he quickly stated that it was not entirely true as being rich does not make a person happy, though it does help. Ant questioned Pred on why he wanted to torture his brother, Jordan Steele, by buying Garage Q which Ant had overheard him tell Flippy earlier, Pred explained that Jordan had been a piece of shit to him lately and that Pred was getting sued by Jordan in a court case later that day. When Pred mentioned court, Ant suddenly realized that she had seen Pred in a court case before and asked whether he was the person that stated that surrounding yourself with beautiful women and smoking cigarettes to look cool was the way to win a court case, Pred responded that it was indeed a tactic he had used for a court case before. Pred had to suddenly leave to respond to shots being fired in the area but before he left he invited Ant to come to his court case later that day, he said he could use a beautiful woman such as herself to stand next to him during the trial, he stated that the role of a beautiful woman definitely wouldn't be fit for his wife, Brittany Angel.

Later that day Pred responded to a trespassing call at the city water-and-power plant where he caught multiple disguised workers including Ant and Pred's adoptive daughter Carlos "Brie" Sanchez, after putting them in cuffs and questioning them for a while they were let go without their true identities being revealed, while walking out of the facility Pred offered Ant ten thousand dollars to throw a brick at one of the other workers, Ant allegedly agreed to the deal. Before driving off Pred called over the still disguised Brie and asked her whether an earlier offer of a blowjob to set her free was still on the table since he got her out of cuffs, Brie responded "Yeah, call me later dad". Ant was visible confused and surprised at hearing that and said "Wait, dad? what the fu..." Pred responded that he loves it when women call him dad so before leaving Ant replied "Alright, later dad!".[31]

In the evening Ant showed up to the courthouse in order to support Pred in his court case against Jordan, unfortunately they didn't find the time to talk to eachother while there.

The Chicken-Man
On July 27th, 2020, Pred ran into Ant outside of MRPD, Ant nervously told Pred that she had to talk to him, on the way to the office, Ant told Pred that she needs him to either kill or arrest someone.[32] Ant started freaking out and yelled that she was being followed by a "chicken-man", Pred didn't believe her and went into the locker room to grab a chicken mask to pull a prank on Ant. Pred told her to close her eyes, look at the wall, and count to ten, when Ant turned around she ignored Pred's prank because she stated that the "chicken-man" was standing behind him but when Pred turned around he wasn't there. Ant pleaded for him to believe him, but Pred didn't seem convinced and asked her if she was going crazy and needed a psychiatrist, Ant promised that she wasn't crazy and told Pred to stand in a corner and look at Ant, eventually the "chicken-man" showed up but even though Pred saw him, he still didn't believe her.[33]

Pred eventually told Ant that he would take care of it, as he used to hunt monsters all the time, they tried to make the "chicken-man" appear again with a number of different methods, but he didn't show up.[34] Ant was telling Pred that she was disappointed in him for not putting any effort into helping her, when suddenly the "chicken-man" showed up outside MRPD and tried attacking a person standing there, Pred immediately ran up to him and tried attacking him but the "chicken-man" ran around a corner and disappeared.[35]

The Imposter
On July 28th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Ant to inform him that the "chicken-man" is back, Ant described her location as a white pier which Pred figured would be the Chumash pier, while Pred had intended to go straight there, he ran into some delays and called Ant to make sure she'd hold the person there while he was on his way.

When Pred arrived at the pier, Ant was threatening the man in a chicken mask with a bat, making sure he wouldn't go anywhere, Pred immediately recognized the man as Thomas Sullivan and knew this wasn't the "chicken-man" they were looking for, Pred informed Ant that it wasn't the "chicken-man", but Ant said she already figured that out but kept him here anyway because Pred ordered her to do so. Even though they knew it wasn't the "chicken-man", Pred still decided to perform some tests to make sure, he told Sully to lay on the ground and intended to pour gasoline on Sully, Pred didn't have any gasoline so he used lighter fluid instead, he then lit a cigarette and flicked it on top of Sully causing the lighter fluid to set on fire, but besides a small flare, nothing happened and Sully was fine.[36]

While Pred was doing his test another person was filming him doing so, and after concluding that Sully was in fact not the "chicken-man", Pred stole the other man's phone to get rid any evidence of him trying to set fire to Sully, when another officer overheard the man saying that Pred stole his phone, Pred quickly deleted the video evidence and handed the phone back to the man.

Meanwhile Ant got her scooter stuck on the pier so Pred stepped in to help her, while riding the scooter together, Ant made Pred promise to help her find the "chicken-man", Pred stated that he would protect her but also wouldn't hesitate to shoot her in the back, Ant replied that she was very much aware as him shooting her was how they first met. Before Pred left, Ant told him she loved him but Pred drove off without saying it back.[37]

A Song Request
On July 30th, 2020, Ant asked Pred if he would be interested in paying her to write a song for him, Pred inquired about the price and Ant replied that she wasn't allowed to write songs for police officers for anything under $30,000, Pred tried haggling to pay $29,999 instead just out of spite, but eventually agreed to pay the full amount. Ant stated she could get the song done within two days but Pred told her to take her time and not rush it.[38]

August 2020 - To Love and Protect  

The Only Friend
On August 1st, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Ant, she told him that she ran into the "chicken-man" again and ended up in the hospital because the "chicken-man" made her and a group of friends play a game of Survivor where she ended up sacrificing herself to keep her friends from getting hurt, Pred yelled at her for being too sweet and said that someone else should have gotten hurt instead of her. Ant warned Pred to be careful with the "chicken-man" so the same thing wouldn't happen to him or his friends, Pred replied that he doesn't have any friends besides Ant because she was the one person that wouldn't sell him out. Before hanging up, Ant told Pred that she loves him and Pred responded that he loves Ant too.[39]

The Gambling Man
On August 2nd, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Ant saying that she finished the song she wrote about him, they met up at MRPD where Pred and Ant listened to the song together.[40] The song was titled The Gambling Man and it spoke off Pred's gambling habits, him forcefully collecting any debts that are owed, how Pred held Ant at gunpoint and shot her down during their first meeting, and how he threatened Ant not to sue him.

After they got done listening to the song, Pred exclaimed that the song was amazing and that he genuinely loved it, he told Ant that he loves her and asked her to follow him to the ATM, the original deal was to pay $30,000 for the song but Pred liked it so much that he paid her $118,000 instead. Ant was shocked when she noticed the amount he paid her, she gave Pred a hug and thanked him.[41]

They talked a bit more about the song, Ant seemed a bit insecure about the song but Pred promised her multiple times that he genuinely loved it, he ended up making a pinky promise with Ant to show that he truly meant it.[42]

The Murder Investigation
On August 7th, 2020, Pred was called to Pillbox Medical to investigate the murder of John Phillips, while making his way to the deceased person, Pred radioed Lydia Vale to assist him in the investigation. The moment Pred walked into the ward he ran into Ant, he asked her if she had any idea what happened to which she replied that she was the one that killed him, Pred wasn't too sure what to make of her confession and decided to inspect the body first whilst keeping a close eye on Ant to make sure she wouldn't leave his sight. Pred and Vale had a lengthy conversation with the doctors on duty, making sure they got all the details on the cause of death and discussed possible ways it could have went down,

Pred suddenly noticed Ant trying to leave the hospital ward and quickly chased after her, stopping her from leaving. Pred instructed Ant to follow him to a more private location where he questioned her on what she knew surrounding the person's death, Ant yelled out in a scared voice "I don't know anything! What do you mean?!", Pred was immediately suspicious of Ant and guided her into the back of the hospital, behind locked doors to make sure she wouldn't be able to leave. Pred waited for Vale to join him so they could question Ant together, Ant talked about how the deceased person was trying to set fire to Tanner Phillips for being a false prophet, she stated that the deceased man poured a large amount of liquid stating that it was holy water when it reality it was gasoline, someone then told Ant to shoot at the "water" and when she did the man got set on fire, burning to death. Pred informed Ant that she was guilty of murdering a man and would be tried for manslaughter if the story was true, Ant said that she didn't mean to do it and felt sorry for doing it, but Pred responded that being sorry doesn't excuse her from taking another person's life. Pred and Vale talked about the charges Ant would be facing and they told Ant she would have to do jailtime for this, when Ant asked if her going to jail for it meant that nobody else would get charged for it, Pred and Vale got suspicious thinking she was covering up for someone. They tried convincing Ant to give up the person who told her to shoot the gasoline as they were the ones guilty of actually murdering the person but Ant wouldn't cooperate and started getting incredibly nervous, she said that she just wanted to help people but Pred responded that all she did was help a man into an early grave. Ant confessed that she didn't do it and was trying to cover for someone but refused to give up a name, when Vale mentioned charging her with obstruction of justice Ant started freaking out and attempted to run away but she wasn't able to get past the locked doors in the hospital corridors, when Pred asked one more time if Tanner was the culprit, Ant replied that " wasn't NOT Tanner", but she quickly went back on those words stating that she wasn't there and didn't know what happened.[43]

Vale went to interrogate Tanner while Pred and Ant took some time to calm Ant down. Eventually Pred brought Ant with him to talk to Vale and Tanner to see how their stories would line up, Pred and Vale had their suspicions that Tanner was the real culprit and Ant was trying to cover for him, they started pushing Tanner for answers, threatening to charge Ant for the crime if he didn't confess but Tanner feigned ignorance, when Ant answered a phone call during the interrogation, Pred got incredibly aggressive with her, threatening to bash her skull in if she didn't hang it up. After questioning for a while longer, Pred and Vale were convinced that Tanner was the one that killed the man but they didn't have enough proof to convict him for it, they gathered their contact information and ended the interrogation at that.[44]

A Dangerous Romance
On August 13th, 2020, Pred ran into Ant while responding to a downed officer, after the officer got taken care off, Pred struck up a conversation with Ant. She gave him a hug and told him she missed him, she then informed him that after Matthew Payne heard her sing, Payne was looking into buying Tequi-la-la so Ant could perform there, Pred warned Ant to be careful around Payne, Ant responded that Payne asked her to marry him and that she got awkward and avoided that conversation. Pred told her that if Payne ever did anything like that again, Ant should tell him that she's already married to Pred, but Ant replied that Pred already has a wife and that she thought she shouldn't lie because Pred got mad at her for doing that a few days earlier but Pred clarified that there's nothing wrong with lying as long as Ant doesn't lie to Pred, Ant apologized for lying to him, gave him a hug and said she'd never do it again.[45]

Ant suddenly told Pred that she needed his help with something, she told him that she thinks Kraytor isn't happy with the relationship she has with Pred and that he might suspect that she is romantically involved with Pred, they both stated that it definitely wasn't the case but Pred suddenly asked Ant if she wanted to be romantically involved with him, Ant stated that Pred is married and when Pred told her they just wouldn't tell his wife, Angel, she scolded him and told him that he should be loyal to Angel.[46] Pred eventually walked up to Kraytor and told him that if he wanted to have sex with Ant, he definitely would be able to, but that he is in a committed relationship with Angel and that commitment is sacred to him.[47]

Later in the day Pred received a text from Ant saying "If I die, it was Bryce.", Pred immediately got worried and called her to ask what was wrong, Ant explained that her and some others got asked to visit Bryce Miller's house and she was just a bit uneasy about it, Pred told her to send him a ping if anything went wrong and he'd make his way over to her right away. Less than an hour later Pred received a phone call from a very distressed sounding Ant asking for him to come to her, Pred immediately made his way over to her.

When Pred arrived, Ant looked incredibly nervous and was on the verge of tears, she shakingly asked if Pred wanted to roll some dice with her, Pred complied and when they were about to roll, Gioconda Coppola suddenly hopped down from a nearby roof and started blindly firing her gun around, hitting Ant and Pred in the process, Gio tried to make a break for it but was quickly chased down and apprehended. After Gio was secured, Pred went back to pick up Ant and yelled at her for trying to set him up, she apologized and explained that Gio tried to make Ant cut off Pred's penis but that Ant refused to do it, Pred thanked her for that and took her down to MRPD to get a complete statement and to have her identify Gio as the culprit.[48]

After getting Ant to identify Gio in the viewing room behind a one-way mirror, Pred took Ant by the hand and led her back upstairs in MRPD.[49] He then took a full statement from her where Ant explained how Gio tried to get Ant to lure and set-up Pred.[50]

Aggressive Love
On August 16th, 2020, Pred met up with Erin Cox to talk about the hit she put out on him, Ant happened to be talking with Erin when Pred showed up, he immediately yelled at Ant "Hey Ant! Stay away from this dick-cutting bitch!", Pred and Erin got into a discussion about her hit on Pred, talking about the incident from a few days prior where Gio tried to get Ant to hurt Pred, eventually Pred asked Ant and Erin to come gamble with him but Ant decided to just watch instead of participate.

Pred, Ant, and Erin spent a while gambling and talking inside Pillbox Medical when suddenly Darrel McCormik showed up, he walked up to the girls and told them "You ladies should be very careful, this guy has a very jealous girlfriend", talking about Angel. Jim Underwood joined in on the conversation and told the girls that they should report any misconduct from Pred straight to him, Pred grabbed Underwood by his neck and started choking him, telling him "How's this for misconduct?!", McCormik stepped in and punched Pred to make him let go off Underwood, the two officers then left the hospital. Pred, Ant, and Erin continued talking and gambling for a while longer until Ant took her leave and said "I love you, Kyle!", but Pred was too busy in conversation with Erin to notice so when Ant didn't get an answer back from Pred she yelled at him "SAY IT BACK!" causing Pred to immediately yell "I love you!" back at Ant.[51]

Later in the day Pred received a phone call from Erin, she stated that Ant told her, to tell Pred "I want you to ride my vagina like a pogo stick!", Pred was puzzled by the line and didn't quite know what to make of it, Erin stated that she thinks Ant might be a freak to which Pred responded that he knows Ant most definitely is a freak. After they ended their phone call, Erin told Ant, that she told Pred, that Ant wants him to "ride her like a pogo stick" and followed it up by saying that Pred called her a freak. Ant immediately called Pred to ask why he would call her a freak, Ant was under the impression that Pred meant that Ant was weird, so Pred explained that he meant a good kind of freak, not that she's weird. Ant asked Pred if they were still friends, to which Pred stated that they were friend but that the pick up line she used suggested to him that she's interested in a bit more than being just friends. Ant tried ending the call by telling Pred "I love you, bye!", but Pred kept talking and told her that there's nothing wrong with being freaky and asked if she wanted him to put a scarf around her neck, implying that she'd like being choked with it. Ant kept yelling "I love you, bye!" louder and louder until Pred eventually said "Alright, I love you too, Ant!" to which she replied "Yeah, damn right, Kyle!" before hanging up the phone.[52]

September 2020 - A Date With Death  

Lonely Nights
On September 4th, 2020, Pred ran into Ant outside of MRPD, the moment Ant noticed Pred she excitedly walked up to him and gave him a hug, saying that she missed him, Pred gave Ant a hug back, told her he missed her too, and complimented her on her looks. Ant asked Pred if he was interested in investing in her and the Tequi-la-la, Pred laughed at the mention of investing in a business and told Ant that he already invested over $100,000 in her. Ant responded that she used that money to purchase a house, she implored him to atleast think about investing, to which Pred promised he would think about.[53]

Their conversation got interrupted when Pred's adopted-grandson, Dan Faily, yelled at Pred for being too loud, Pred yelled at Dan to shut up but when Dan started to backtalk Pred, they got into a fight which ended with Dan getting knocked to the ground and requiring medical attention.[54] After Pred beat up Dan, he went inside of MRPD with Ant, Ant asked him if he would be interested in participating in a "Roast of Kyle Pred" event, but Pred was hesitant about it, he went and informed his adoptive-father, Tony Andrews, about beating up his own grandson, but Andrews got mad at Pred for interrupting an interview and told him to wait outside the office.[55]

Ant asked Pred to atleast think about participating in a roast event even if it was just to help out Ant, Pred eventually agreed to participate in the roast event for Ant. When Ant clarified that she wouldn't be the one getting roasted, Pred commented that he wouldn't mind roasting her, he said he would "spit-roast" her if she could find someone else she liked as much as she likes Pred, Ant playfully told him to stop and told Pred she loves him. Pred warned Ant not to get too attached to him and that if he ended up getting her pregnant, he would flee to Mexico, Ant didn't quite know how to respond and just said "Okay!".[56] Ant once again implored Pred to seriously consider investing in her, they ended up talking about money for a while until Ant gave Pred a hug and told him she loves and missed him, Pred replied that he missed her too and after Ant told him "Say it back!", he responded that he loves her too.[57]

Later in the day Pred ran into Ant again and told her that whenever he sees her all he can think about is imagining her with her ankles behind her head.[58] Ant was about to leave so she told Pred that she loves him, Pred responded that he loves her too, he then told Ant that he gets lonely with Angel being out of town for a while and invited her to stay the night with him, Ant changed the subject by asking his opinion about her new dress instead. Whilst walking away, Pred told Andrews that he's going to cheat on Angel with Ant.[59]

A Deadly Date
On September 8th, 2020, Pred and Ant were talking at MRPD when Ant mentioned that she was having the grand opening for Tequi-la-la in a few days and asked Pred if he would be there, Pred replied that he'd be there for her.[60] Ant asked him if he wanted to buy a VIP or standard ticket and she explained that the VIP ticket would come with a cute waitress and a cute bartender, Pred interjected and asked Ant how much he would have to pay to get Ant to be his date for the grand opening. Ant replied that Pred would have to pay $50,000 for Ant to be his date, Pred made the stipulation that Ant would have to tell everyone that she is there as Pred's date and that she is sexually attracted to Pred, Ant agreed to that deal. Pred walked over to the ATM and transferred $60,000 to Ant for the VIP ticket and the date.[61]

Pred got asked by Ensley Astra if he really just paid for a date, Pred responded that he isn't afraid to pay for pussy because he'd end up paying for it one way or another. Before leaving, Pred told Ant that he loves her and Ant responded that she loves him too, on the way out Pred told Travis Tribble that he managed to get a date with Ant, but instructed him to keep it a secret from Angel.[62]

Tribble immediately made his way towards Ant to question her on what she was thinking, Tribble warned Ant that Angel would kill her if she found out that Ant had a date with Pred, Ant tried to downplay it by telling Tribble that she would be too busy to spend any actual time with Pred during their date anyway, but Ellis Pinzon pointed out that what Ant said wasn't what Pred paid for as they agreed to certain stipulations.[63]

After Tribble left, Ant confessed that she actually forgot that Pred was married as she hadn't seen Pred with his wife all that much.[64]

Avoiding The Wife's Wrath
On September 12th, 2020, Pred overheard Ant talking to Ellis Pinzon about the event she had planned for the following day at the Tequi-la-la, when Pred walked up Ant asked if Pred would be coming too, to which Pred replied that he'd definitely come, and that he'd "come right now" if Ant wanted him to, Ant clarified that she meant come to the event and followed it up with a soft "fucking... goddamnit...", their conversation shifted to how Ant's new shoes made her look extremely tall, which Pred and Pinzon teased her about for a while.[65]

Ant started feeling self-conscious about her height and ran off a nearby store to get a new pair of shoes, but she was quickly followed and stopped by Pred and Pinzon. Ant brought up her upcoming date with Pred saying that Pinzon also wants to be her date, Pred replied that he genuinely wanted to be Ant's date which is why he paid her for it, but Ant mentioned that she got multiple warnings that Angel would kill her if she went on a date with Pred.[66]

After Pred commented on Ant's height again, she stated that she was kidnapping him and carried him to a nearby clothing store, they talked for a bit until Ant got a little more serious and told Pred that he really can't be her date, Ant explained that she got lectured by Tribble right after they planned their date where Tribble told Ant that Angel would kill her for going on a date with Pred, Pred responded that Angel would just have to deal with it and stated that he was just trying to support Ant's musical talent like any good producer, by having sex with her.[67]

After Ant changed her shoes to go back to her regular height, Pred told her to put the other shoes back on as he stated that he felt like there's something attractive about tall women, Ant responded by asking Pred if he wanted to "climb her like a tree", to which Pred replied that he's trying to "go up on her".[68] Ant asked Pred how Angel felt about him flirting with other women, but Pred responded that he wasn't quite sure how Angel felt about it. Ant asked if Angel even knew about him flirting with other women, but then quickly changed her mind as she figured that Angel would know the type of personality Pred has. Pred stated that he's the most attractive and one of the richest people in the city, which Ant agreed with but argued that it doesn't explain the way he talks to other women, Pred made up the excuse that he has Tourette's and told Ant she has a nice ass as an example of his disorder, when Ant asked if that meant that everything he told her when flirting with her wasn't true, Pred quickly changed his mind and replied that he meant every word of it.[69]

Ant told Pred that he shouldn't flirt with other women as she imagined that it would make Angel feel bad, but Pred replied that it doesn't make Angel feel bad at all and that she's completely fine with it. Ant was hesitant to believe that Angel would be fine with him going on a date with another woman instead of inviting Angel, Pred responded that if Ant really didn't want to go on the date he would take the money back that he paid Ant for the date. When Ant said she'd give the money back to him, Pred responded that he'd rather go on the date, to which Ant stated that if Pred was single she would go on a date with him, Pred stated that he was single and told Ant "where's my wife at? I don't see her, do you?", Ant laughed and asked if he had object permanence. Pred made the offer for Ant to be his sidepiece using the comparison that Angel would be his steak while Ant would be the side of fries, but Ant replied that she deserves better.[70] Against Pred's protests, Ant eventually paid him back the money for the date.[71]

Before leaving, Pred told Ant that he could tell Angel that they should see other people for a bit, so Ant and Pred could get together, but Ant told Pred that he should tell Angel that he's loyal to her and that he loves her instead. Pred told Ant that they would be able to hang out together, but Ant replied that they already hang out, so Pred corrected himself and said they could "bang out", Ant asked "bang out what?" to which Pred replied "that ass", and told Ant to think about the offer.[72]

Unfaithful Suspicions
On September 22nd, 2020, Pred was at MRPD when Ant showed up, they talked and flirted for a while.[73] Eventually Ant asked Pred if he planned on apologizing to her, Pred immediately realized that she was talking about him not showing up to her event at Tequi-la-la, Pred said he was genuinely sorry for not showing up, to which Ant replied that Pred even yelled and promised that he would show up, and called him a dork.[74] When Pred suddenly put on a different voice during their conversation, Ant asked why he was talking funny, but Pred stated in his normal voice that he had no idea what she was talking about and asked if Ant was okay. Ant said that Pred's mouth was doing weird stuff, which caused Pred to point out his luscious lips and started making a kissing sound towards Ant, Ant told him that he should save it for his wife.

At the mention of Angel, Pred confided in Ant that he has some suspicions that Angel was going to cheat on him with a new cadet, he told Ant how Angel was out all night because she was "training" a cadet, Ant tried to reassure him by saying that he doesn't know for sure that she's actually cheating on him, but Pred replied that he's almost certain that she is cheating on him. Ant asked Pred what he going to do about it, to which Pred replied "Take you straight to Poundtown, I got two tickets baby, one for me and for you, first class, let's go!", Ant laughed and called Pred silly.[75]

Ant asked Pred to help her write a nice note to leave outside of MRPD for people to read, after discussion a few iterations they ended up with a note stating that the note came from Ant and if anyone didn't like it they should contact Pred about it.[76] Before leaving, Ant gave Pred a hug and they said they loved eachother.

Later in the day, Pred got called over the radio by his adoptive-son, Brian Knight, Brian had just read the note that was left outside of MRPD by Ant, based on the note Brian asked Pred if he was going out with Ant, Pred didn't want to talk about it over the radio so they decided to meet up outside of MRPD. Once he met up with Brian, Pred immediately stated "I am not cheating on my wife!", Brian pointed out the note and stated that it implicated a relationship between Pred and Ant. Pred immediately called up Ant, Brian was right next to Pred so he whispered over the phone, he told Ant "I think Brian is onto our relationship... so we gotta keep things on the downlow", Ant exclaimed "What relationship?!", but Pred quickly hung up the phone.[77]

Jealousy, Violence, and Love
On September 27th, 2020, Pred ran into Ant and Mona Sanchez at the Mirror Park Tavern, Ant excitedly ran up to Pred and asked for a hug, Pred gave Ant a hug and told her that she's the woman of his dreams, to which Ant responded that Pred is the man of her dreams. Mona got jealous and asked why Pred wouldn't give her a hug, she also confronted him on calling Ant the woman of his dreams, as he had called Mona the woman of his dreams before.[78] Ant asked Pred to gamble with her, which he gladly accepted, they decided to gamble for $20,000 and Pred asked where Ant got her money from, Ant told him it was from events at Tequi-la-la and angrily stated that he would've known that if he had shown up to her event. Ant won the roll, but Pred tried to convince her that they tied, Ant almost believed him but ended up figuring out the truth, she called him a lying piece of shit and punched him in the face, she then quickly apologized for hitting him, gave him a hug and told him she loves him.[79] Ant ended up saying that Pred only owes her half because she punched him, which Pred gladly paid up straight out of his pocket. Ant was surprised that he carried that much money on him and asked what would happen if she had tried to rob him, Pred responded that he wouldn't mind getting robbed by Ant, to which Ant stated that Pred would probably love to be in handcuffs with Ant.[80]

At the mention of money, Mona showed up stating that she got interested in their conversation when she heard that Pred had a lot of money on him, to which Pred stated that he wasn't surprised that money caught her interest. Mona went on to complain to Ant about how Pred broke her heart, but Pred rebutted that Mona is the one that's always breaking his heart, during their bickering, Ant spoke up and asked in surprise if Mona was Pred's wife, they both denied it and Pred stated that Mona was his mistress instead. Ant commented on how their bickering made them seem like they are best friends, to which both stated that they are best friends. Ant complimented both Pred and Mona on how attractive they are and stated that their babies would be incredibly attractive. Pred then made an offer to Ant, Pred said he would get Mona pregnant and then hire Ant as his nanny that he would cheat on Mona with, but Ant declined saying she didn't want to take care of any kids.[81] Pred gave Ant a hug and told her that he wouldn't tell anyone about the relationship between Ant and Pred, Ant gave him a hug and replied "Okay... I love you!". Mona got jealous of Ant and Pred so she got revenge on Pred by saying that Ziggy Buggs was going to have her babies, this caused Pred to walk off to his car exclaiming that he wasn't jealous at all, and drove off.[82]

Pred later ran into Ant at MRPD, after taking his personal car out of the MRPD garage to lend it to Erin Cox, he accidentally backed up over Ant's scooter, causing both the scooter and the car to explode, Erin was unable to get out of the car in time and went down in the explosion but Pred was able to get out and started running away, he was quickly chased down by Ant who proceeded to punch and scold him for damaging her scooter.[83] Eventually Rocko Colombo called for an HR meeting with Ant and Pred regarding the incident, the HR meeting went on for a while where they both told their side of the story and it was ultimately decided to be settled with a "Trial by Combat", Ant appointed Jim Underwood to fight for her and Pred appointed his adoptive son, Vladimir Reznik. Their fight eventually devolved into a brawl between multiple officers and Ant, in the end they all went down and the HR meeting was called to an end.[84]

A while later, Ant contacted Pred to meet her at Tequi-la-la where she told him that she wanted to gamble with him, one roll for the repair costs of her scooter and another roll for $10,000 plus an admittance of guilt for blowing up her scooter on purpose, Pred ended up winning the $10,000 roll but quickly lost it again after losing a double-or-nothing against Ant. They got into an argument on whether he had to admit guilt after losing the double-or-nothing but Pred insisted that he blew up the scooter on accident, after Ant told Pred that he had to go tell the truth to Colombo, Pred made up the excuse that he had to respond to a police call, but before driving off he once again backed his car up into Ant's scooter, however this time it only fell over and didn't blow up.[85]

Later in the day, Ant decided to sneak in the back off Pred's police cruiser while he was inside of MRPD, Pred eventually went back out on patrol unaware that Ant was in his car. Pred heard Ant's phone ring in his car but Ant quickly turned it off, Pred thought it was his phone that rang and after checking it he decided to give Ant a call, he told Ant that he wanted to call her just to say that he loves her and she happily said it back to him, Pred then went on to ask if Ant was seeing anyone yet, Ant misunderstood the question so Pred clarified by asking if she was having sex with anyone, Ant was taken aback by the question but then said "Only you, Kyle", when Pred got excited over that answer Ant stated that she was saving herself for Pred. Pred stated that he was going to call Angel right away to break up with her, Pred yelled for Ant to hear "Angel, we're done! It's over!" he then acted like he was hurt and told Ant that Angel had stabbed him in the stomach and that he was bleeding out, he then quickly hung up the phone, Ant knew he was lying as she was still hiding in the car with him.[86]

Ant rode along with Pred for a long while until she eventually spoke up, saying "Hey Kyle... do you have any water?", Pred was initially surprised that she was in his car but then brushed it off and handed her a bottle of water.[87] Ant continued to ride with Pred for a little while longer, talking about various topics until Pred eventually dropped her off at a clothing store in the city. Pred complained to Ant about the heat for a bit, then Ant suddenly asked "Do you want me to blow you?", Pred eagerly stated "Yeah, I do!" but when Ant corrected herself by saying "Blow ON you" to cool him down, Pred lost interest. Ant stated that she would be too much for Pred to handle anyway, but he disagreed.[88]

Explosive Lies
On September 28th, 2020, Pred was having an argument with Mona at MRPD when Ant showed up, Mona ran up to Ant to inform her that Pred was being mean to her, to which Ant sarcastically replied that Pred would never be mean to someone. Ant, Pred and Mona talked for a while until Pred got a priority police call that he had to go respond too, he told them he loves them and got in his car to respond, while driving away he ran over Ant's scooter and much like the day before, he blew it up again.[89]

A while later Ant decided to call Pred about blowing up her scooter but Pred was busy with chasing down a suspect so she decided to hang up after telling him to stop blowing up her scooter. Pred immediately called Ant back to apologize for blowing up her scooter, Pred tried telling Ant that he got excited to respond to the police call and in his excitement he didn't see the scooter, but Ant didn't believe him and said he was just being a butthead and did it on purpose. Pred promised that he didn't blow up the scooter on purpose and asked Ant if he would ever lie to her, Ant confidently stated that he would definitely lie to her and that he does it all the time. Ant asked Pred what she'd ever done to him to deserve him doing this to her and asked whether he was acting this way because she refused to help him cheat Angel with her, Pred pleaded that he truly loved Ant a lot to which Ant responded that she loves Pred too but that she never did anything to deserve being treated like this, Pred insisted that it was an accident and promised that he would never do it again. Ant told Pred that she understands that he's mad at her for not helping him cheat on Angel, but that they can still be friends, Pred denied the accusations that he was blowing up her scooter because she wouldn't have sex with him. Ant compared Pred blowing up her scooter to a young boy pulling on a girls pigtails to get her attention, but Pred replied that he wasn't trying to pull on her pigtails, Ant responded that he probably wished he was pulling on her pigtails, to which Pred replied in an aggressive tone "Yeah, I do wish I was!" and Ant replied "Yeah, I bet you do Kyle!", she then yelled at Pred to come to MRPD and help her get her scooter impounded.[90]

Pred eventually showed up at MRPD, where Ant was waiting for him, Ant made him apologize many times over for blowing up her scooter and then told him to get her scooter impounded, Pred noticed a tow truck driving past so he hopped in his car to hail them for help, but Ant thought Pred was trying to get away without helping her so she hopped onto the hood of his car to stop him. Pred wasn't quick enough to react to her throwing herself in front of his car and ended up rolling her on top of the car as he sped off to hail the tow truck. After hailing the tow truck, Pred quickly sped back to where Ant was to inform her that he was just trying to get a tow truck, he got out of his car to assist Ant, who was laying down on the ground. While waiting for the towman to get the scooter on his truck, Ant asked Pred if he was jealous of her scooter because she rides her scooter but refuses to ride Pred, Pred told her that he was indeed jealous.[91]

Ant got in the car with Pred to head on over to the impound lot, but she was still mad at him for blowing up her scooter, she refused to believe he did it by accident and when Pred stated that he would never lie to Ant, she stated that he lies to her all the time and that he's a pathological liar. She used the fact that he tried to make Ant believe that he was breaking up with Angel for her, and that Angel ended up stabbing him for it as a recent example of him lying, Pred made up the excuse that he didn't lie, he just wasn't telling the truth. Ant eventually questioned Pred on his marriage with Angel, and asked if he was unhappy with Angel, Pred responded that he wasn't unhappy with Angel at all and that he genuinely loves her, but that he just gets the urge to try something different every once in a while. Ant asked him if he wanted to be a "hoe" and just wants to bang other girls without any attachment, but Pred replied that it wasn't the case at all and stated that he had a special connection to Ant. Ant challenged him to guess her favourite color to prove their connection, Pred guessed many wrong colours and eventually got the right answer, yellow, Ant pointed out that it should've been obvious as she wears yellow clothes all the time, but Pred responded that he never paid attention to the colour of her clothes as her tits were too distracting.[92] They continued talking for a while longer and eventually went their separate ways after Ant got her scooter back from the impound lot.

Encounter with Death
On September 29th, 2020, Ant was waiting at the prison after a shootout when Angel drove up to ask if she was okay, Ant stated that she was fine, but Angel recognized Ant and as Ant was walking away, Angel called out to her. Angel informed Ant that she heard rumors about Ant going on a date with Pred, Ant instinctually reacted that she wasn't going on a date with anyone, but quickly realized who she was talking too, with a sudden shift in her voice she stated "Oh.. you must be Kyle's wife, I am not going on a date with your husband!", Angel officially introduced herself as Pred's loyal wife, she went on to tell Ant that she was not at all happy about the rumors she heard and demanded Ant stays away from Pred as he is a married man.

Ant tried telling Angel that she isn't going on a date with Pred, and always tells him that he should be loyal to Angel, but Angel interjected saying "He's a married fucking man! You gotta stay away!", Ant raised her voice and stated that she is aware that Pred is married and that she never went on a date with him and wasn't planning on doing so in the future either. Angel refused to believe Ant and said that all she saw in Ant was the face of a liar that is trying not to get in trouble with Angel, Ant rebutted that Angel should know the type of flirtatious personality Pred has and pleaded that she wouldn't go on a date with a married man. Angel stated that Pred would never cheat on her, unless a succubus like Ant would come along and tempt him into cheating on her, so she once again told Ant to stay away from Pred.

Ant moved closer to Angel and revealed that Pred paid Ant $50,000 to be her date to an event at Tequi-la-la, and that while Ant had initially accepted the date, the moment she remembered that Pred was married to Angel, she paid Pred back the money and cancelled the date. Angel stated in distaste "fifty thousand dollars to date you?! He won't even pay the rent to my place!", Ant responded that she knew she wasn't worth the money and informed Angel that she was on her side. Angel drove off yelling "What the fuck?! Oh my god!", whilst Ant genuinely exclaimed that she was sorry.[93]

October 2020 - Best Friends and Mean Pranks 

Best Friends
On October 12th, 2020, Pred ran into Ant outside MRPD, after talking and flirting for a bit, Ant asked Pred if he would show up to her upcoming event, to which Pred replied that he would show up to the event if it wasn't too late at night, and that he also might even consider showing up at night for her. Ant explained that it was going to be a breast cancer awareness event where she would be holding a date auction to raise money, Pred replied that he did love breasts, to which Ant replied that she was very much aware and that was why she invited him. Pred then asked Ant to be his date to the event, however Ant replied that she couldn't be his date as she was going to be sold as one of the dates at the auction, Pred didn't agree with that idea claiming that they had something special and that he didn't want her to go on a date with someone else, Ant replied that he should show up to the event and buy the date with her. Ant was suddenly reminded about the conversation she had a with Brittany Angel, as she angrily informed Pred that his wife came up to her and yelled at her for hitting on Pred and asked him what he had told Angel about her, but Pred replied that he hadn't told Angel anything about Ant. Pred then told Ant that Angel was right, and that she should stop hitting on him and trying to have her way with him, Ant stated that she wasn't trying to have her way with him at all, but that she definitely could if she wanted to. Pred claimed that Ant wouldn't be able to have her way with him, seduce him, and satisfy his needs, and told her to prove that she could do it. Ant asked Pred if he was requesting her to do that, or if he was claiming that she already did that, Pred reiterated that she wouldn't be able to seduce and satisfy him, and once again dared her to prove it, when Ant was at a loss for words on how to respond, Pred accused her of becoming weak around him.[94] 

After talking for a while longer, Pred told Ant that he was interested in joining the HOA with her, Ant seemed entertained with the idea of Pred joining, and they talked a while about what his position within the HOA would be, however when Ant informed Pred that she refused to date anyone that was a part of the HOA, Pred immediately stated that he wasn't interested anymore. Suddenly a freak accident occurred, as a large SUV fell out of the sky, right on top of Ant and her scooter, causing her scooter to blow up and injure both Ant and Pred.[95] As the two were waiting for medical attention, Ant angrily blamed Pred for the accident and started yelling at him, but Pred refused to take blame for the accident stating that the SUV came out of nowhere. After Pred got his injuries treated, he worriedly ran over to Ant to check on her, Ant continued to blame Pred stating that he's the one that injured her and that he had to make it up to her somehow, but Pred continued that he didn't have anything to do with the accident. Ant then grabbed Pred by his collar, called him a monster and told him that he shouldn't lie to her, however Pred told Ant that he would never do anything to hurt her, because she was his best friend. After Pred called Ant his best friend, she was distrustful of his statement, and started guilt-tripping him for not spending as much time together lately, Pred stated that she truly was his best friend, and apologized for not spending more time together as Ant continued to guilt-trip him.[96]

A Mean Prank
On October 14th, 2020, Pred noticed Ant speaking to Matt Rhodes in the captain's office, Pred waved at her through the window to greet her, and Ant responded in kind before she yelled at Pred that she was going to jail forever. Pred joined them in the office as he asked Ant why she would be going to jail, Ant talked about a person that almost drove her scooter off a bridge, and that she pushed that person off her scooter to prevent that from happening, however she accidentally pushed the person off the bridge, causing the person to end up in the hospital with the most recent update being that the person might not make it. Ant started crying and asked for Pred's help as she truly didn't mean to hurt the person, Rhodes informed Pred that the person in question was Tommy Cruizer and asked if Pred happened to have his phone number to try and get in contact with him, however Pred wasn't able to supply Rhodes with the number, Rhodes then asked Pred to stay with Ant while he went off to the hospital to gather more information.

After Rhodes left, Pred asked Ant if she was lying about having killed another person, as she had lied to Pred before, to cover for someone else a couple of months prior, Ant didn't answer as she silently remained seated on the floor of the office. Pred asked her to at least take a seat on the couch with him, however Ant angrily exclaimed "This isn't a porn, Kyle!", as she was under the impression that Pred was trying to set up some sort of "casting couch" scenario. Pred stated that he had no intention of doing so, and that they would both remain clothed, Ant made him swear a promise before she took a seat next to him. Pred asked Ant to detail what exactly had happened between her and Tommy, Ant informed him about how she got her scooter stuck and that Tommy was going to help her, but that he instead acted like he was going to throw the scooter off the bridge, causing her to intervene by pushing him off the scooter. At that moment, Pred chimed in and stated "...And that's when you shot him... and that's when you fucking said, "I'm going to kill this son of a bitch!", and then you unloaded a gun on him. You unloaded a whole clip, didn't you? But that isn't when you stopped, you emptied the magazine, and then you put in a new one, and you shot him again!", Ant replied in a sinister tone "No one would believe you even if I did, Kyle". Ant quickly followed it up by stating in a cheerful tone that she was only joking, Pred replied that he believed her as he knew that she wouldn't murder someone. Pred informed Ant that she would at most be looking at being convicted of manslaughter, and that she didn't have too much to worry about, however Ant somberly informed him that she would lose her business and perfect record if she went to jail. Pred tried to make light of the situation by telling Ant that if she got a couple more charges of manslaughter, she'd be tied with him, Ant replied in a sad tone that she didn't want to hurt anyone. Ant asked Pred if she was still a good person if she hurt someone on accident, however Pred bluntly replied that she wasn't a good person anymore, causing Ant to upsettingly exclaim "WHAT?!", she then dropped down from the couch and started rocking back and forth on the floor. Pred told her that there wasn't anything wrong with being a bad person, and used himself as an example as he stated that he wouldn't have gotten where he was if he wasn't a piece of a shit. Ant responded in a soft voice "Kyle... I'm not a piece of a shit", Pred agreed with her and said that he was only joking, he told that she was genuinely a good person and that he thought she was great, which Ant made him pinky swear on.[97]

After talking for a while longer, Ant noticed that Pred had sent her a text a while ago that read "Hows scooty?", and sternly asked him if he blew up her scooter again, Pred denied the accusation and told her that he would never do anything to hurt her. Ant told him to prove it as she didn't believe that he didn't destroy her scooter which was parked outside MRPD, Pred instructed her to follow him outside to prove it, and told her that if he didn't lie to her, she owed him a date and that she was to be his mistress. As soon as Ant made sure her scooter was still fine, she dragged Pred back into the office to make sure he couldn't do anything to her scooter while they were outside.[98] Ant then told Pred that he should stop making sexual advances towards her, because she didn't want Brittany Angel to yell at her again, Pred replied that he didn't make any sexual advances towards her and that he was just supporting her as a friend, to which Ant responded "Yes, we are just friends, Kyle... Best friends!".[99]

Pred eventually decided to contact Rhodes for any new information regarding Tommy, Rhodes replied that Tommy was alive and breathing, however Pred responded in a worried tony "Wait, he's dead?!", making sure that Ant would overhear him say that. Ant started freaking out as Pred informed her that Tommy had died and that he was going to have to put her in handcuffs, Ant tearfully started pleading for Pred to help her, he gave in and told her that he would sneak her out, he unlocked the door to the office, and instructed her to run away and not look back. Ant quickly started running, Pred not far behind her as he pretended to chase her to keep up appearances, however Ant came to a sudden stop outside the doors of MRPD, when Pred urged her to keep running she stated that she couldn't do it as it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Pred told her that she should flee and assume a new identity, Ant disagreed and once again stated that it wasn't right, Ant moved in front of Pred and got on her knees with her hands behind her head, insisting that Pred put her in handcuffs and take her in. Pred refused to do so and claimed that he would help her escape instead, he ran to his car as he exclaimed "Fuck being a cop!", with Ant trailing not far behind him. As soon as they entered the car together, Pred got contacted by Rhodes instructing him to transport Ant to the hospital, as Pred acknowledged Rhodes instruction, Ant overheard Pred and started crying asking if he was going to turn her in, Pred apologized for deceiving her and informed Ant that a note was found on the body of Tommy that was meant for her, Ant continued to cry as the pair made their way to the hospital.[100] When they arrived at the hospital, Rhodes lead them to the room Tommy was staying in, on the way Rhodes informed Ant that Tommy didn't have much longer to live, Tommy acted like he was actually severely injured to go along with the prank and even had a fake sound of him flatlining being played, causing Pred to immediately blame Ant for the fate put upon Tommy. Ant dropped to her knees and started crying and apologizing for what she had done, until Tommy eventually told her the truth that it was a prank all along, in response Ant pulled out a gun, causing both Pred and Rhodes to pull their own weapons and instruct her to put away the gun, which she did. Ant walked out of the hospital in tears, angry at being led to believe that her friend was actually dying.[101]

While Ant was initially upset with the people that fooled her, she seemingly forgave Pred without any lingering animosity between them, as they continued to spend time together throughout the rest of the month, casually flirting with eachother as their friendship continued to grow closer.

November 2020 - The Future Wife 

A Taste of Seduction
On November 11th, 2020, Pred and Ant were talking over the phone when she invited him over to her house to show him a tree that she was getting sued over, after talking for a bit longer Pred made his way over to her house in Mirror Park. As soon as Pred arrived, Ant excitedly ran up to him and told him she had missed him, she gave him a hug and asked if he had missed her too, to which Pred responded that he missed her too, he then told her that he thinks about her every night when he's in the shower, and that he even fantasizes about her when he's intimate with his wife, Brittany Angel.[102] Ant then showed Pred the tree that her neighbour was suing her over, Pred had misheard "Tree" as "Treant" over the phone, so he was slightly disappointed to find it was just an ordinary tree, and they talked about the details of the court case for a while. Ant informed Pred that she actually managed to purchase the house with the money that Pred gave her for the song she wrote for him, causing Pred to immediately ask for a key to the house, he tried to convince her by telling her that she was his mistress and that he needed to be able to sleep over at her house every once in a while, however Ant refused to let him stay over as she was already getting yelled at by Angel for spending time with him.[103] Pred then asked Ant to at least give him a tour of her house, however Ant once again had to refuse as she informed him that the HOA doesn't want her to allow any police officers into the house, this caused Pred to become suspicious of Ant, thinking she might have illegal items in her house. Ant denied the accusations and tried to distract Pred by giving him a hug and complimenting him, when Pred responded that she wouldn't be able to seduce him that easily, Lexi Law chimed in and stated that Ant had clearly seduced him a while ago already, Pred tried to make Ant jealous by claiming that he would replace her with Lexi, however when Ant started to dance seductively for Pred, Lexi pointed out that Pred wasn't able to keep his eyes off Ant.[104] Pred, Ant, and Lexi continued to talk for a while, with Pred playfully teasing Ant throughout their conversations, which made Ant happily point out that it was very clear to her that Pred had missed her by the way he kept teasing her. Pred eventually got ready to leave, so that he could go back out on patrol, when he said his goodbyes and started walking to his car, Ant exclaimed "I love you!", however when Pred didn't say the same back to her, she started to follow behind him, tearfully asking him to say it back to her, but Pred slowly started to drive off without answering Ant, he eventually decided to reverse back up to Ant and tell her that he loved her too, which made Ant happy.[105]

Later that day, Pred received a text message from Ant asking him to meet her at the Vanilla Unicorn, stating that she would be stripping for him, Pred immediately texted back that he would be on his way there. After quickly finishing up his work on a crime scene, Pred made his way to the Vanilla Unicorn where he found Ant and Lexi wearing risqué lingerie, Ant dressed in red and Lexi dressed in white. Pred took a seat alongside Bryce Miller as the girls started dancing for them, with even Tessa Lamb joining in on the dancing. They started off with silly dances before they eventually transitioned into more sensuous lapdances, they continued talking about various topics throughout the dancing, and after the girls were finished with their lapdances, Pred gave them a compliment and offered for them to join him at his mansion for the night, so they could "continue the party, horizontally", he then informed them that prostitution was legal within the city and promised them $250,000 each to take him up on his offer, however Ant declined his offer.[106] They continued talking for a while longer before Pred said his goodbyes to go back on duty, and as he was leaving, Ant cheerfully said to him "Thanks for coming! several ways, I'm sure".

Lust and Desire
On November 23rd, 2020, Pred asked Ant if she wanted to work for him to write his paperwork for him, but Ant declined the offer because she was already too busy taking care of her own two business. When Pred compared Ant's business to a casual diner, she yelled at him that it wasn't anything like that, and he would've known that if he ever bothered coming to one of her events. When Ant sadly pointed out that Pred had promised her multiple times that he would show up to her events, Pred replied that she was just like any other woman in his life, that he tells her that he cares about her, but never actually show up. Seeing that Ant was clearly hurt from that comment, Pred quickly stated that he was only kidding and that he would love to be her date at her next event, to which Ant corrected him by stating that he would love to be her date period, which Pred agreed with.[107] Their conversation started to get derailed when they started talking about pretzels and ice cream for a while, until Pred eventually asked Ant if she wanted to gamble with him.[108] Pred tried to convince Ant to gamble a large amount of money with him, but Ant refused to gamble with him. When Pred confessed that he was struggling with his gambling addiction, claiming that he was fiending for a dice roll with Ant, she argued that he also fiends for Ant herself all the time, but that he seems to get through that just fine, to which Pred informed Ant that he deals with his lust for Ant through self-gratification.[109] Pred continued to try and persuade Ant into a dice roll, but when she kept rejecting his offer, he got upset and ran over to her scooter to push it over. Ant immediately started yelling at Pred, and after picking her scooter up off the ground she tried to hit Pred with the scooter, but Pred managed to dodge her and ended up pushing Ant off the scooter, claiming that she simply tripped and fell over, but Ant got her revenge when she drove up next to him and kicked him to the ground.[110] Pred immediately called for other officers to get Ant detained and in handcuffs for attacking him, which they did, however after Pred got attended to by the medical staff on scene and was being moved into an ambulance, he informed the other officers to let Ant go, as he had plenty of time to press charges against her at a later time. Ant was unaware that she was free to go, so after being uncuffed she attempted to flee from Pred when he threatened to impound her scooter, but she quickly returned to find that Pred was no longer there, after waiting for Pred for a few minutes, she decided to give him a call. Pred was surprised to hear that she was still waiting there, as he had already gone back out on patrol, and informed her that she was free to go for now since he had plenty of time to press the charges later. When Ant tearfully told Pred that she just wanted to spend some time with him, because she had missed him, Pred replied that he had missed her too and that he wouldn't be pressing any charges against her. Pred told her that he cares about her, with Ant telling him the same, and he then asked Ant in a regretful tone why he couldn't have Ant as his wife instead, but Ant replied that she couldn't be his wife because Pred was already married.[111]

The Marriage Proposal
On November 30th, 2020, Ant was talking to Julio Thomas and Kaleb Rush about certain members of the HOA possibly getting married to members of the police department, and after many couplings were mentioned, Ant stated that she would want to marry Pred if he got a divorce from Brittany Angel. Julio and Kaleb were surprised that she would want to marry Pred because of his forceful personality, but Ant stated that she would genuinely enjoy spending the rest of her life with Pred, and that Pred is actually incredibly nice to her. She also recalled that the last time she talked to Pred, he told her that he regretted already being married since he wanted to get married to Ant. Julio pushed Ant to go ahead and try to get married to Pred by convincing him to get a divorce from Angel, so that Pred could get married to Ant instead, Ant seemed interested in the idea of at least trying to get married to Pred.[112]

Later that day Ant was secretly acting as a navigation system for the police department named "Navi", using a more mature and monotone voice. On the orders of Richard Dark she called Pred on the phone to set up a meeting between the two officers. While Dark was waiting for Pred, he instructed Navi to be insulting towards Pred whenever he'd arrive, which she did the moment Dark told Navi to introduce herself to Pred. Pred immediately told Dark that he was going to destroy his car, including the navigation system, which caused Navi to speak up, and Ant in her own voice started to plead for her life, asking Pred not to kill her, and that she would even marry him and be his mistress, successfully convincing Pred not to harm her.[113] After they made their way to MRPD, Ant snuck out of the car to avoid revealing that she was Navi, and so that she could talk to Pred as herself. As soon as Pred noticed Ant they happily greeted and gave eachother a hug, he complimented her by stating that she looked great, and told her that he would love to unwrap her for Christmas, to which Ant replied that she knew exactly what to get him for Christmas then. Ant then informed Pred that the HOA said that he should divorce Angel and marry her instead, and when Pred replied that he would divorce Angel right away if Ant would marry him, she said "Okay! Let's do it!", but Pred seemed hesitant to believe that Ant was seriously considering marrying him, and told her that if she managed to get in contact with a judge he'd marry her right away. Ant stated that he would have to divorce Angel before they could get married, after which Pred confessed that he technically wasn't married to Angel, Ant wasn't aware of that and confusedly asked what he meant by that since he always referred to Angel as his wife, Pred stated that he called Angel his wife as cute term of endearment. Ant then dared Pred into getting married to her, to which Pred once again replied by telling her to get in contact with a judge.[114] While Pred was speaking with Dark inside MRPD, Ant decided to sneak into the captain's office, only to get called out by Nancy Ree since she wasn't supposed to be in there, Pred spoke up and told Nancy it was fine since Ant was his future wife, Ant stated that it was true that she was his future wife, but only if he didn't back out of their marriage, to which Pred replied that he wouldn't back out. Pred was about to get back into his police cruiser before Ant distracted him, so that she could sneak back into his car to act as Navi again, she then told Pred that she was leaving, to which Pred replied "Bye, honey!", and Ant responded "Bye, cupcake!".

Pred and Dark eventually went back out on patrol, with Ant successfully hidden in their car to continue to act as Navi, their navigation system. While out on patrol, Pred told Dark that he was planning on marrying Ant, which came as a surprise to Dark as he asked Pred about his marriage with Angel, but Pred stated that he wouldn't mind having two wives, and that he also wasn't technically married to Angel. Pred then asked Navi to play the song that Ant wrote for him, so that Dark could listen to it while Pred told Dark about how incredibly talented, and attractive Ant is. With the recent development in the relationship between Pred and Ant, Pred decided to call his former love interest, Mona Sanchez, to inform her that he was no longer interested in Mona, because of the incredibly special relationship he had with Ant, Mona told him to have fun with Ant, and that she wished to be invited to their wedding. Over time Pred slowly started to grow more fond of Navi as he continued to interact with her, and the interactions between Pred and Navi gradually started to become more flirtatious and sexual throughout their time out on patrol, Navi even started to refer to herself as Pred's bitch and started calling him "daddy", which Pred definitely wasn't opposed to. Pred eventually decided to ask Navi if she would be able to get personal information about Ant, and find out what her likes and dislikes were, Navi informed Pred that Ant liked to make people happy, warm hugs, and spending time with her friends. Navi then started to give Pred a detailed explanation about Ant's sexual preferences in the bedroom, after which Pred commented that "Anal Andi" was a very fitting nickname for Ant.[115] The trio continued riding together for quite a while longer, with Pred and Navi continuing their flirtation throughout.

Ant eventually started to feel tired and was ready to head home for the day, so she once again snuck of Pred's car at MRPD, and as soon as Pred noticed Ant he happily greeted her, and they gave eachother a hug. Ant questioned Pred on if he was actually telling the truth about not being married to Angel, and Pred restated that he indeed wasn't married, he then told Ant that he was in fact a Mormon, however while Ant was acting as Navi she had overheard Pred tell Dark that he wanted to be married to both Ant and Angel, so she asked him if being Mormon meant that he wanted to marry both her and Angel, but Pred claimed that wasn't what he meant at all.[116] Before Ant headed home, she told Pred that she loved him, with Pred replying the same, however he also told her that he didn't believe that she would actually marry him, Ant assured him that she was actually serious about getting married to him, as long as he would get a divorce from Angel.[117]

December 2020 - The Unexpected Wedding 

Hell-Bent on Marriage
On December 1st, 2020, Pred and Richard Dark were staking out the clubhouse of the Lost MC to try and get an arrest on their members. When they noticed Rudi Rinsen's car driving into the compound, they decided to move in and make an arrest, however it turned out that it was a trap set up by the bikers, because Ant turned out to be the only person in the vehicle. They started to question Ant on Rudi's whereabouts, but Pred got suspicious that it might be a trap and decided to go back to his police cruiser, where he noticed Gary Adams lurking outside the compound. Pred quickly yelled for Dark to get in the car so they could flee the area, but Gary pulled out a rifle and held them at gunpoint before they could leave, luckily for them, Gary made the crucial mistake of lowering his rifle to try and contact the others on the radio, and Pred seized that opportunity to step on the gas and drive straight through Gary while he was distracted, ultimately managing to successfully flee the area with Dark.[118] After Pred and Dark got back into the city, Pred decided to call Ant to talk about what she had done. Pred informed her that she was aiding criminals and obstructing justice, he then stated that he'd have to put out a warrant for her arrest, and apologized for having to do so. Pred then gave her the option to be compliant and either turn herself in, or give him information that would lead to the arrest of the bikers, however Ant replied that she couldn't give him information as she would be killed for doing so, Pred tried to push her into giving up the bikers, but Ant firmly refused, claiming that she didn't even know what was going on. Pred called her out on the fact that the bikers that she was with very clearly had large weaponry on them, but Ant angrily stated that she couldn't tell the difference between all the weapons because she wasn't a criminal. Pred eventually threatened to arrest Ant for felony obstruction of justice, after a nervous shriek Ant stated that she would lose her business if he did that to her, but Pred informed her that he was going to be placing a warrant, and hung up the phone.[119] Pred had no intention of actually placing a warrant out for Ant, however Ant was unaware of that and became extremely scared of losing her business.

Later in the day, Pred ran into Ant outside MRPD, where she was talking to Dark about getting married to Pred. When Pred arrived, Dark told Pred that he should divorce Brittany Angel so he could get married to Ant, but Pred replied that he wasn't sure if he even wanted to marry Ant anymore after she almost got them killed, however when Ant gave him a hug he told her that she was still his future wife. Ant seemed happy that Pred saw her as his future wife, as she pointed out that it meant that he truly loved her, which Pred reaffirmed by stating that he did love her.[120] The very next day, Pred started to refer to Ant as his wife, instead of future wife, because he was dead set on getting married to Ant, she argued that they weren't getting married unless he got a divorce from Angel, but Pred thought otherwise as he claimed that they were getting married, even without him getting a divorce.[121]

Saving a Life
On the morning of December 6th, 2020, Pred decided to call Ant to apologize for accidentally hitting her scooter with his car a little while earlier. Ant was being driven around by Charlie Colcord when Pred called, and when Ant informed Charlie that she was getting a call from Pred, Charlie told her that she should inform Pred that they were hanging out together. Pred had been investigating Charlie for a while, as he was convinced that Charlie was a violent cannibal, however Pred had yet to gather enough evidence against him to attempt an arrest on him, so in the meantime Pred had decided that he would act as a close friend towards Charlie in order to keep an eye on him. As soon as Ant mentioned Charlie to him, Pred wanted to keep Ant from panicking, so he told her that Charlie was a great guy and a good friend to him. After Ant happily forwarded that message to Charlie, Pred lowered the volume of his voice and instructed Ant to act natural while on the phone with him, and that she had to immediately try and find an excuse to get away from Charlie, so she could run to safety. As Ant and Pred continued their conversation, with Ant trying to keep a light tone as to not arouse any suspicion from Charlie, Charlie suddenly asked if Domenic Toretti happened to be around, stating that he wanted to eat with Toretti. After Ant forwarded the message from Pred that Toretti wasn't on-duty at the moment, Charlie stated that he would have to settle for Ant then, when Ant restated that comment to Pred, Pred once again warned her to get away from Charlie as soon as possible, and to contact him if she felt like she was truly in danger. Ant agreed to do so, and they hung up their phone call after telling one another that they loved eachother.[122]

Only a few minutes passed before Pred received a text message from Ant that said "KYLE MORGUE HELP", Pred was in the middle of an active situation, but Ant was more important to him, he yelled at his fellow officers that he had to break off without any time to explain the situation, ran to his car and started making his way to the morgue. Whilst Pred was driving towards the morgue, he tried to contact Angel since she also knew about the investigation into Charlie, and he wanted to have her as backup in case something went wrong, however Angel stated that she was busy and was unable to help him. Pred tried to insist that he had something way more important, but Angel told him off for being too insistent, Pred angrily replied "I'll do it my fucking self then!". When Pred arrived at the morgue he was all alone without any backup, and slowly started to comb through the building in an attempt to try and locate Ant and Charlie. After some searching, Pred managed to find them in the stairwell of the building, where Charlie was leading Ant around whilst holding a knife in his hand, however Pred had to keep up the guise that he and Charlie were good friends, and that Pred was oblivious to any of Charlie's cannibalistic crimes as to not leak the fact that he was investigating Charlie. Since Pred had to act friendly towards Charlie, he gave him a hug, and stated that Ant should be safe if she's with him, Pred then took his leave whilst trying to keep an eye on Charlie and Ant to make sure she was actually safe. With Angel unable to assist him, Pred decided to try and reach out to Jenny Hall instead, and Jenny immediately responded that she was on her way. Whilst waiting for backup, Pred unfortunately lost sight of Charlie and Ant and was no longer able to locate them within the morgue, he suspected that they managed to leave the area whilst he was busy trying to get backup. Jenny quickly arrived at the morgue, and brought both Emma Dupont and Lauren Forcer with her as well, now that they had formed a competent investigation team, Pred informed them about Ant and Charlie, and decided to get in contact with Ant once more to try and move in with the other detectives and extract her from Charlie. Once on the phone with Ant, Pred instructed her to act like she was talking to her mom as to not raise any suspicions, and to try to keep him up-to-date on her current whereabouts. Ant and Pred kept their conversation going whilst she kept informing him with hints about her location, and Pred eventually decided to be truthful with Ant so she knew exactly what she was involved in, he informed Ant that Charlie was actually a cannibal and that was most likely planning to murder and eat Ant. When Ant started to speak tearfully and nervously, Pred decided to keep her entertained with numerous irrelevant topics to keep her mind distracted. Charlie eventually started to bring Ant onto the Paleto lumber mill, and as he started to get into some more gruesome and sinister topics, Ant became increasingly nervous over the phone. When they arrived at the Altruist Camp atop the mountain, Charlie told Ant that she should get off the phone with her mother, and after giving Pred one last hint towards her location, Ant hung up the call with him.[123]

Pred managed to make his way to the camp shortly after Ant and Charlie, however he didn't have any time to think up an elaborate plan or operation, and decided to rush straight in to make sure Ant was safe. Pred jumped out of his car, and confessed his love for Ant in front of Charlie, and thanked Charlie for bringing Ant to her favourite location, Pred then made some small talk with Charlie for a while to keep up the friendly appearances, whilst Ant hid behind Pred's back as she was truly terrified of Charlie. During the small talk, Pred tried to hint towards Ant to get into the back of his car, however she didn't get the hint, so Pred then made up the excuse that he was taking Ant with him to propose to her, and that they were getting married. As soon as Ant got into his car, they immediately drove off, leaving Charlie behind.[124] Now that they had managed to secure Ant, Pred and Jenny decided to bring her to the Paleto Sherrif's Office where she would be safe. On the way there, Pred instructed Ant to call Charlie and tell him that they were getting married to make sure they had a solid story for why Pred took her away from him, Jenny immediately told Pred that he couldn't get married to Ant because Angel would find out about it, but Pred argued that it wouldn't be a real marriage and that it had to be done to make sure Ant's life was no longer in danger. Jenny then told Pred that if he was going to marry Ant, he should at least break up with Angel, but Pred stated that he would never break up with Angel, as Angel was his everything. As soon as they drove up to the Sheriff's Office, Ant received a call from Charlie, and Jenny told Ant to just go with the story that she was getting married to Pred, Ant did as Jenny told her and informed Charlie that Pred had made a huge romantic gesture and that he had proposed to marry her right away.[125] They then went inside the Sheriff's Office where they met up with Dupont and Forcer, and started planning out their next steps, and the wedding between Pred and Ant.

The Wedding
Now that the investigation team had gathered together with Ant at the Sheriff's Office in Paleto, they started discussion the wedding between Pred and Ant. While Dupont and Jenny were taking a statement from Ant on the exact details of what happened between her and Charlie, she received a phone call from Charlie to ask her where she was, Ant made up the excuse that she was at her bachelorette party with her female friends, and that they were picking out a dress for her wedding. Now that Ant had used the excuse that she was actually getting married to Pred multiple times, they all felt like they were forced to go through with the wedding, and Ant made sure with Pred that if they actually went through with their wedding it would be a fake wedding. Jenny pointed out to Pred that he should probably call Angel before they went ahead with their plan, as she should hear it directly from him, Pred stated that Angel would understand that it would be for an investigation, but decided to give her a call either way.[126] After Angel had been informed of the plan, Ant appointed Dupont, Jenny, and Forcer as her bridesmaids and Pred started to contact Judge Coyote Russell to get him ready to officiate the wedding between Pred and Ant. After contacting Coyote, Pred decided to call up Charlie to ask him to be his best man, he did this to both keep up his fake friendship with Charlie, but also to make sure that Charlie would witness the actual wedding ceremony. Charlie stated that he would gladly be the best man, and that he would meet them at the courthouse whenever they were ready. Now that everything had been organized, Pred and the women dressed up into wedding attire, which took the women a while to coordinate their dresses. Once they were all set and ready, Ant tweeted out "Marrying Kyle Pred @ Courthouse shortly!".

Eventually the investigation team alongside Ant arrived at the courthouse and started mingling in the increasingly large crowd of attendees, but when Ant got close to Angel, Angel got mad at her and advised her to stay away, to which Ant exclaimed that the wedding wasn't even her idea, but Angel didn't care as she sternly told Ant that she was growing more and more angry whilst in her presence. Pred eventually stareted organizing the ceremony with Ant and Coyote, making sure to inform Coyote that the wedding had to be fake, and that he had to make sure that he asked for objections after they gave some of the attendees a chance to give a speech. Before they were about to begin, Coyote handed both Pred and Ant a copy of some Christian vows they could say during their wedding, and everyone then got ready to begin the ceremony.

Now that all the attendees had formed two lines on the courthouse steps, and everyone had gotten their preparations out of the way, the official wedding ceremony began by Pred and Ant joining hands as Judge Coyote made his opening remarks and introduced them as the bride and groom. Coyote then addressed the couple, starting by asking Pred if he would take Ant to be his wife, to which Pred replied "Yes, I do", Coyote then swore in Pred's vow by asking "Do you promise to love, honour, cherish, protect, care, and forsaken all others and holden only onto her?", and Pred replied "Of course, yes!". Coyote then turned to Ant and asked her if she would take Pred as her husband, to which Ant replied with a deep sigh "Yep...", Coyote then swore in Ant with the same vow as Pred, and Ant once again replied "Yep". Coyote then offered the couple to read their personalized vows, starting with Pred and followed by Ant.

"I, Kyle Pred, take you Andi "Ant" Jones, as my partner and love. I vow to walk beside you in Christ's name as we build a loving faithful Christian family" - Pred's vow to Ant

"Kyle "can't cook" Pred, every day I wake up grateful that you are in my life, and that we are life partners. I know your heart, and you know mine, today let those hearts join as one as we move forward as a married couple. Together we will raise a growing, loving, Christian family" - Ant's vow to Pred

With the couple having spoken their vows, it came time for the best man and the maid of honour to give a speech.[127] First up was Charlie as the best man, who gave a very disturbing speech with numerous cannibalistic undertones.[128] Since Forcer had been appointed as the maid of honour, when it came to her turn to give a speech, she decided to recite a poem by Lewis Carroll called "Jabberwocky".[129] After those speeches were given, some attendees seemed to be eager to give speeches themselves, and Coyote allowed a few of them to do so. Now that all the speeches had been given, Coyote moved on to the moment everyone had been waiting for, the objections, and as soon as Coyote asked if anyone wanted to object, numerous people spoke up, including Angel. Angel yelled out at Ant "We're fucking married you dumb cunt! We have nine kids together, you fucking homewrecker!", Ant then ran away from the wedding, but she was being chased by Angel, who had her assault rifle in hand and yelled at others to kill Ant. Ant quickly got into her car, with Angel continuing to threaten to kill her, and demanding she get out of the car, but Ant managed to drive away.[130] Angel wasn't going to let her go that easily, and decided to chase after Ant in her own car, once she caught up to Ant, she once again started yelling at her, but Ant desperately exclaimed "I didn't do anything, Angel!", when Angel refused to accept that excuse, Ant informed her that it was all Pred's idea in the first place. Angel informed Ant that she wouldn't have to worry about that, as she was going to speak with Pred next.

While Ant had been getting chased after by Angel, Pred had also left the courthouse after Ant ran away, and shortly afterwards he received a phone call from Charlie. Charlie informed Pred that he would keep Ant "off the table", despite the failed wedding, it seemed that Charlie felt like the friendship between him and Pred was reason enough for him not to hurt the people Pred clearly cared for.

The Unexpected Twist
With the operation coming to a seeming successful end, Pred and Dupont walked up to Coyote to thank him for his help in their endeavours, however Coyote suddenly asked Pred who he should give the marriage certificate for Pred and Ant's marriage to. Pred asked in a more serious tone what Coyote was implying, and Coyote informed him that the objections didn't decide whether they could go ahead with their marriage or not. Pred dejectedly asked if he was actually married to Ant now, and when Jenny asked the same thing, Coyote clarified that they were in fact legally married, to which Pred stated that they did both verbally agree to the marriage during the ceremony. Jenny immediately advised Pred not to tell Angel about the marriage, but when Pred argued that Angel was going to find out either way, Jenny informed Pred that Angel had already gone after Ant with a rifle. Pred commented that he had seemingly made things worse by putting Ant in the sights of Angel instead of the cannibal, and when Dupont agreed that his wife was much worse, Pred stated that technically Ant was his wife now, and Angel was just the other woman.[131]

Jenny suggested that Pred should inform both Angel and Ant, as they were must likely unaware of the legitimacy of the marriage, however when Pred was about to do so, he got pulled aside for a private conversation by Coyote. Coyote informed him that in his eyes, their words didn't actually mean anything, and as long as there was no paperwork to state otherwise, he wasn't actually married to Ant, but wanted to give Pred the opportunity to make everyone else think otherwise. Pred seemed to enjoy the idea, and Coyote wished him luck with creating some chaos.[132] Pred decided to start by calling Ant, and informed her that they were legally married and that the judge had legal paperwork for their marriage, Ant got extremely upset and started yelling at Pred, Ant refused to accept the marriage and informed him that everyone hated her for coming in between him and Angel. During their phone call, Coyote put out a state announcement that informed everyone of the successful marriage between Pred and Ant, which infuriated Ant even more. Ant stated that she only agreed to Pred's plan because she was convinced that he would never actually marry her due to his relationship with Angel. Pred told Ant that Angel had now become the other woman, and when Jenny overheard that she suddenly realized that Pred and Angel had never actually had a ceremony for an official wedding. Ant kept insisting that their marriage wasn't real, but Pred told her that she was now officially "Andi Pred", before hanging up the phone. Jenny then started heatedly explaining how Coyote had messed up the entire ceremony by having them read off their vows and making their promises before having others speak up for objections.[133] Now that Pred had informed Ant, he decided to call for Angel over the radio, who immediately started to yell at him and threatened to kill him.[134] Pred eventually met up with Angel in a secluded location, where they got into a heated argument before Angel gave him an ultimatum to get a divorce from Ant within twenty-four hours, otherwise Angel would be divorcing Pred.[135]

With the ultimatum between Pred and Angel being decided, Pred decided to give Ant another call to meet up with her too, she answered the phone by immediately yelling "WHAT DO YOU WANT, KYLE?!", but quickly calmed down when Pred informed her that he just wanted to talk to her in person, and they decided to arrange their meeting at the Mirror Park Tavern. When Ant arrived they went into the tavern to talk, Ant seemed extremely distraught as she explained to Pred that she didn't intend for any of it to happen, and that everyone had been extremely mean to her by calling her a homewrecker for getting married to an already married man. When Pred stated that she technically was a homewrecker, Ant accused Pred of putting this fate upon her, but Pred argued that this wasn't any of his intention either, and that he just like Ant thought the marriage was going to be fake. He angrily exclaimed that Angel was actually going to murder him for this marriage, and that he couldn't go around having two wives, he then informed Ant that he had already talked to a judge and that they would get the paperwork for a divorce sorted out within twenty-four hours. Ant stated that a divorce wouldn't change the fact that people hated her now, but when Pred suggested that Ant should come forward to those people about the truth of the operation, Jenny interjected and stated that she actually couldn't talk about the investigation at all. Ant seemed extremely confused on what the wedding even accomplished, not knowing that she had been saved from Charlie, and when she then stated that they could've changed their story so that they had a fight and weren't getting married anymore, they blamed Ant for not coming up with that plan earlier. When Pred eventually stated that he was going to prove Ant wrong, and said "I'm going to be the best god-damn husband to a homewrecking bitch like yourself ever had", Ant immediately stormed out of the tavern, extremely upset with Pred's behaviour.[136]

The Happiest Moments
On December 7th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Ant as she was wondering if he had seen her scooter anywhere, but Pred didn't know either. After a small argument, Pred told Ant that she wasn't being a very supportive wife, and reminded her that they had yet to consummate their marriage, but Ant informed him that they were never going to consummate it either. Pred then blamed Ant for Angel being extremely upset with him for trying to save Ant's life, however Ant informed him that he should be grateful because Ant had decided to go down the route of annulment instead of trying to divorce him and take half of his assets. They then decided to meet up in person at the Integrity Apartments. After Pred was about to drive off with Ant, Pred noticed Kareem Lyon coming out of the apartments, since Pred hadn't seen Kareem for a long time he told him to get in and come along with him and Ant. Kareem happily greeted them and they decided to go get some food and drinks, on the way there Pred informed Kareem that Ant was his new wife and told him about the investigation into Charlie. After spending some time at the restaurant, Pred decided to drop off Ant at a garage near the Integrity Apartment, Ant pointed out that she still needed to talk to Pred privately and didn't want to get out of the car, but Pred insisted that they'd talk later. Ant begrudgingly got out of the car and called Pred an asshole for wasting her time, Pred replied that her comment was actually quite hurtful, and as they drove off Kareem commented that his marriage didn't seem to be going all that well, Pred agreed that the marriage definitely wasn't going great. Kareem suddenly remembered that Pred had been with Angel, and asked him what was going on with them, Pred stated that he currently had two wives, but that he felt like he made a big mistake of trying to help out Ant, and that in hindsight he should've just let Ant get killed by Charlie.

Later in the day, Pred ran Ant off her scooter claiming that he didn't see her, but when Darrel McCormik called him out for running over his wife, Pred made up the excuse that he thought she might've gotten pregnant so he was making sure it wouldn't become a problem. Pred then drove off after Ant as she left on her scooter, and pulled her over on the side of the road stating that he wanted to talk to her. Ant complied, and Pred then told her that their marriage was probably the happiest he's ever been, and that he genuinely didn't want it to end, Ant however had the opposite feeling as she stated that it was the unhappiest she'd ever been due to being hated and being called a homewrecker by everyone. When Pred called her selfish for not taking his happiness into consideration, Ant got upset as she exclaimed that all she does is make other people happy whilst nobody was trying to make her happy, she then demanded that Pred give her money now that he was her husband. Pred agreed to give her an allowance now that she was his wife and handed her two hundred fifty dollars, stating that if she was a good wife to him he'd give her more money. When Ant drove off after their conversation, she made an illegal U-turn, forcing Pred to pull her over and write her a ticket. Ant tried to talk her way out of the ticket by claiming that it was a conflict of interest for Pred to charge his wife, but Pred pointed out that his number one priority will always be his job, and his next priority after that was Angel. Ant did eventually manage to talk her way out of the ticket by acting cutesy and innocent.

The Annulment
On December 8th, 2020, Pred had a discussion with Brittany Angel and Claudia Gartner regarding the legality of his marriage to Ant after he stated that him and Ant were never actually married to try and keep Angel from divorcing him, however Angel argued that they had clearly said their vows to eachother and told one another that they would be eachother's husband/wife in front of a marriage officiant, and on top of that there had been a state-wide announcement about it too, so as far as Angel was concerned, Pred and Ant were definitely married. When Pred argued that there was no legal paperwork, Claudia chimed in and stated that them taking vows in front of an officiant made their marriage binding, and when she asked if they had any witnesses for it, and got informed by Angel that they had over fifty witnesses at their wedding, even Claudia was convinced that Pred and Ant were officially married. Pred once again fell back on the fact that they hadn't signed any paperwork, at which point Claudia informed him that nobody in Los Santos signed paperwork for their marriages as having a judge preside over it was already binding, Claudia stated that she knew this from first-hand experience due to her own wedding being without paperwork. Pred was initially shocked as he nervously exclaimed "What...?", but seemed to be in denial as he turned it on Claudia and stated that her marriage must've not been legally binding, but Angel told him off for doing so. After they discussed it for a while longer, Pred was eventually convinced by Angel and Claudia that he might actually be married to Ant.[137] Pred and Claudia eventually got in the car with Angel, and as they drove off together Pred stated that he definitely didn't enjoy the fact that his marriage to Ant was real, since he didn't want his legal name to be "Kyle Elizabeth Angel-Jones-Pred".

Later in the day, Ant decided to get in contact with Judge Stanton in order to try and get an annulment for the marriage between her and Pred. After Stanton listened to the story about the wedding between Pred and Ant, Stanton recognized Pred and Ant as officially married and started working on the paperwork to grant Ant her official annulment from the marriage. Shortly afterwards, while Pred and Angel were in the middle of a dangerous hostage negotiation with Kiki Chanel atop a mountain, they received a state-wide announcement from Stanton that stated that Pred and Ant's marriage had been officially nullified. Pred immediately turned to Angel to inform her about the annulment, and stated that it was just the two of them now, however he got interrupted by a phone call from his now ex-wife, Ant. As soon as Pred answered the phone, Angel immediately ordered him to get off the phone with Ant, and as Pred hastily informed Ant that he had to hang up, she worriedly exclaimed "Ex-husband, stay safe!". After hanging up, Kiki started to demand for Pred to call Ant back, and Angel immediately yelled at Pred that he wasn't allowed to talk to Ant anymore, that she was dead to him now, and that he should never get in contact with her ever again, however with Kiki having a hostage, Pred was forced to comply with Kiki's demand. Pred was forced to tell Ant that Kiki was the best mayor, and Ant immediately realized that Pred was doing so under duress, and after Pred told Ant what Kiki had instructed him to say, Ant worriedly asked "Are you okay?!", but Pred had already been forced to hang up the phone before he could answer.[138]

After the hostage situation was resolved and under control, Pred and Angel eventually decided to head back into the city, on the way there Pred decided to give Ant a call to get back to the conversation they were unable to finish earlier. However, the moment Pred told Angel that he had to give his ex-wife a call, Angel got upset with him for calling Ant his ex-wife since he had claimed that the marriage wasn't real to begin with, however Pred confessed that he had been mistaken as the marriage did turn out to be real, officially making Ant his ex-wife. Pred and Ant talked about their annulment for a short while, with Ant informing Pred that she had asked Stanton to sort out the annulment for them, however Pred seemed disappointed with her. When Ant eventually told Pred that she did still love him even without their marriage, Pred refused to tell Ant that he loved her too, causing Ant to heartbrokenly ask him "You don't love me anymore?", however Pred didn't answer and instead hung up on her. Ant immediately called Pred back, but he refused to answer his phone, so instead she decided to text him "YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE? :'c", Pred read her text, but once again decided not to answer her, leaving her message on read.[139]

The Confrontation
After their annulment Pred had seemingly been avoiding and ignoring Ant ever since he refrained from responding to Ant's texts asking him if he still loved her. On December 11th, 2020, Ant managed to get information on Pred's whereabouts through Bryce Miller and decided to go confront him in person at the Ammu-Nation that Pred and Bryce were at. Pred was on the phone with his daughter, Brie Sanchez, when Ant suddenly showed up in front of him, Pred immediately told Brie "Oh shit... my ex-wife is here", as he knew that Ant would be upset with him for ignoring her. Ant quietly stood in front of Pred, angrily staring at him whilst he continued his phone call with Brie. As soon as Pred addressed Ant by telling that she looked good, Ant angrily yelled out "WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ON READ?!", causing Pred to quickly hang up the phone. Ant once again asked Pred why he was ignoring her, this time in a more gentle and sorrowful tone, to which Pred made up the excuse that he simply forgot to respond to her because he was busy with his work, however Ant didn't seem to believe him one bit. Pred seemed upset about the fact that Ant decided to get their marriage annulled as he claimed that he apparently wasn't good enough for Ant, and that their love for eachother was seemingly not real, however Ant assured Pred that she still loved him.

After a short discussion on whether they would be Andi Pred or Kyle Jones after their marriage, but both stated that they weren't willing to take eachother's last names, however Pred argued that Ant would make an amazing wife as Andi Pred. He then asked her if she wanted to get married to him again, but Ant replied as she usually would, stating that she wouldn't marry him whilst he was in a relationship with another woman. After their conversation, their relationship seemed to be back to normal, with Pred no longer avoiding Ant, and once again flirting with her, and Ant rejecting Pred's advances as usual.

Mona Sanchez‏‏‎ ‎- Ex-Best Friend 

Pred and Mona Sanchez used to consider eachother to be their best friend, while both have admitted towards being sexually attracted to one another they don't act on this attraction because of their respective relationships with their significant others.

Pred and Mona's relationship started off on the wrong foot because Pred was under the impression that Mona continuously tried to make sexual advances towards him which he turned down because of his relationship with his common-law wife, Brittany Angel, Mona however was only trying to be friends with Pred and eventually she had a private conversation with him to explain that her intentions with him were purely based on friendship and nothing more, after which they decided to be best friends.

When people close to Pred would question him on his intentions with Mona after either hearing or seeing him flirt with her, Pred would usually answer them that he had no intention of actually cheating on Angel, claiming that he is completely loyal to her, and that he was only trying to mess with Mona's boyfriend and potentially cause them to break-up.

Towards the end of October, 2020, The relationship between Pred and Mona slowly started to become strained over time after Mona had informed Pred that she was intending to get married to Jack Cortair, as Pred had always held a general dislike towards Jack for multiple reasons and was completely against their relationship. Pred tried to convince Mona to break up with Jack many times, even proposing for Mona to get married to Pred instead, however Mona refused to do so, as Pred was already with another woman. When Mona invited Pred to her wedding with Jack, Pred refused to even attend as he firmly disagreed with their relationship and would object to their marriage if he was present.

Nearing the end of November, 2020, Pred and Mona had a short counseling session with Anna-Marie Black where they briefly discussed how their friendship had grown weaker over time, and how they used to have romantic feelings for eachother, though the session eventually turned into bickering and arguing before coming to a close without any real improvement to their relationship. A few days later, Pred informed Mona that he no longer held any feelings for her, and that Mona was in the past for him, claiming that he had feelings for Andi Jones instead, and that he had developed a special relationship with Andi, that was the last time Pred and Mona ever spoke to eachother.

This contains a detailed retelling of impactful events and interesting interactions between Mona Sanchez and Pred.

July 2020 - A New Temptation 

New Best Friend
On July 5th, 2020, Pred ran into Mona at MRPD and asked her why she was always following him as he would frequently run into her around the city, Mona denied the accusation that she was following him, Pred continued by saying that he understood why she was infatuated by him as he stated that they were both very attractive people, they then started talking about how their days had been for a while. Mona wished him a happy late birthday and got him a sandwich, some fries, and a cola for his birthday, another person walked up to the two of them and asked whether they were dating, Mona replied that they weren't but Pred followed up saying that Mona was definitely interested in dating him as he had noticed that she was wearing less clothes whenever he ran into her, he mentioned this to be one of her seduction tactics. Pred and Mona got into an argument when Pred accused Mona of making sexual advances towards him, saying that she was always "meat gazing" when talking to him, he stated that Mona was seducing him and that it was working too. Mona started getting a bit irritated and denied the accusations, but when Pred complimented her perfume she changed to a more cheerful tone as they continued to discuss the various descriptions of her perfume.

After Pred once again accused Mona of trying to seduce him she decided to have a serious conversation with him explaining that she is just trying to be friends with him, Pred asked Mona if that meant that they were best friends to which Mona responded that she wouldn't mind being best friends with him, Pred replied that he wouldn't mind being best friends with her either as long as she wouldn't see him as a "simp" for being friends with an attractive women, Mona agreed saying that she hated whenever people would get classified as a "simp" for just being friends.[140] After they talked some more, Pred was ready to head back out on patrol and told Mona that he had to abandon her for now, Mona responded in a sad tone "We just became best friends and you're going to abandon me already?", Pred put his finger on her lips and told her to stay quiet, it had to be this way.

A while later Mona tweeted at Pred asking for his phone number, after Pred replied with his number he received a call expecting it to be Mona, instead it was Matthew Payne calling to inform Pred that he could no longer speak with Mona, Payne then accused Pred of playing with women's emotions. Pred denied his accusations saying that he would never play with a woman's emotions, Pred explained to Payne that Mona is a good friend of his, or atleast he thought she was but if Mona didn't want to talk to him anymore then that was up to her, after hearing that, Mona, who could hear the conversation as she was sitting next to Payne, let out a sad "Awww". The three got into a discussion over the phone about the relationship between Pred and Mona for a while, before ending the phone call Pred told Payne that he cares a lot about his friendship with Mona and that he thinks that she's a terrific person.

A Bad Joke
On July 7th, 2020, Mona showed up at a court case where Pred was defending the PD against Vladimir Raven, Pred asked Mona and Leila Issaa to stand next to him during the case as "surrounding himself with hot women" would be his tactic for the case, they agreed and stood by him for the case. During the court case Mona got mad at Pred when he called her "one of his hoes" and told him that she would be leaving, Pred claimed that he would replace Mona with Leila as his new best friend, Mona got upset at hearing that but decided against leaving when Pred said that Mona would still his best friend.

During a recess in the court case Matthew Payne pulled out his phone and starting filming a vlog addressed to Mona's boyfriend, Payne talked about how close Mona and Pred had been all day long, Mona walked up to Payne to call him out but Pred made it worse by claiming on video that he had been having sex with Mona, Mona ended up punching Pred for it, after which he quickly said that he was only making a joke but Mona wasn't happy and left the courtroom.[141]

After the court case was over Pred decided to call Mona to apologize for the joke, Mona responded that her boyfriend wouldn't see it as a joke and that he would think Mona is cheating on him with Pred, when Mona started crying and saying that Pred hates her, he tried comforting her saying that he doesn't hate her and she truly is his best friend, Pred eventually admitted that he was partially to blame but that Payne was the main culprit.[142] Mona asked how Pred would feel if she went up to one of Angel's friends and tell them that she'd been having sex with Pred, he replied that Angel would just threaten to kill him but that she would also know that it isn't true because of the strong bond and friendship they have.[143]

Mrs Pred
On July 11th, 2020, Pred was talking to Darrel McCormik at Pillbox Medical when Mona showed up, she walked up to Pred and handed him a coffee and a donut, Pred thanked her for being his "simp" which Mona wasn't too happy about. Mona said that if giving him a coffee and a donut made her a simp, him giving her flowers and a drink the day before made him a "simp", Pred agreed to which McCormick stated that everyone knows that Pred is a simp, at that moment Pred's adoptive-son Frank Beans drove past yelling at him "stop simping!" and telling Mona that she's tearing apart his family.[144] Pred accused Mona of trying to be a homewrecker in the already difficult time he was having mentioning that his wife was in the ICU, when asked what happened to his wife, Pred stated that she "tripped and fell" to which McCormik responded "Did you beat her again, Kyle?", but Pred denied the accusations of beating his wife.[145] He then told Mona that her boyfriend had been asking questions about him and Mona but stated that he told her boyfriend the truth, that nothing was going on between them.[146]

Pred had to leave to respond to a robbery, after him and Mona said their goodbyes Pred left and Mona ended up running into Pillbox to look for Angel in the ICU as she was eager to meet her, she started yelling for her, referring to Angel as "Mrs. Pred", but she didn't end up finding her.

Meeting at the Pier
On July 14th, 2020, Pred received a text from Mona asking him to meet at the Del Perro Pier, once Pred arrived he was disappointing to find that Mona wasn't alone and had one of her friends with her, after some short conversation Mona handed Pred the breakfast she prepared for him, Eggs and Bacon, a donut and a coffee. Pred inquired Mona about how her relationship with her boyfriend was doing to which she replied that they were doing good, she then asked Pred how him and Angel were doing, Pred told her that Angel had lost an eye but when Mona asked what happened to her Pred avoided talking about it, he instead talked about how he felt like he wouldn't be able to leave Angel if he ever wanted to due to her new disability, which Mona agreed with.[147]

After talking for a bit Mona stated that she doesn't believe that Pred actually has a mansion and wanted to see it for herself, Pred replied that he might show her some other time and after rolling some dice with Mona's friend, Pred said goodbye and left.

Unwavering Loyalty
On July 19th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona saying that she had a surprise for him and asked to meet up, Pred picked Mona up at Ammu-Nation and they drove to Forum Drive to meet up with Mona's "surprise" which turned out to be a hooker who went by the name of "Onika", after a short conversation with the women in which Onika was trying her best to seduce Pred, Onika asked him if he had some time to take her with him, Pred replied that not only was he busy with his duties as a police officer, he also has a wife. Mona was surprised at Pred being loyal to his wife and said "Wait, since when did that stop you?", Pred replied that there's a big difference in talking about being disloyal and actually acting on it, Mona responded in an admiring tone that Pred had successfully passed her test.[148]

After continuing their conversation for a bit, they both went their separate ways and once Pred was gone Mona told Onika that Pred responded much differently than she was expecting.

Craving Attention
On July 21st, 2020, Pred was invited over to Vladimir Ivanov's house where he ran into Mona, Pred spent a while talking with Vladimir without giving Mona much attention which made her upset, when Pred finally asked Mona how she had been she replied that Pred has been acting like he doesn't even know her and that he doesn't even call or message her anymore, Pred rebutted that Mona doesn't call him either and that she even stopped making breakfast for him. Pred stated that Mona is treating him "like some guy that you fucked and then walked out on me and never called me again", Mona replied that they never had sex to which Pred clarified that she just treats him like that, not that they actually did. Mona continued that they're both in a serious relationship and while it might seem like they want to have sex, they haven't.[149]

They continued talking for a while and when Vladimir tried to get Pred to taze Mona, Pred replied that wouldn't taze her because he likes her too much, Mona stated that he had tazed her before but Pred replied that he only did that out of love. Before leaving, Pred and Mona shared a hug and Pred told her that if he were to ever cheat on Angel it would be with Mona.[150]

A Broken Heart
On July 31st, 2020, Pred was chasing a masked woman driving a stolen car, when the woman crashed the car, Pred pursued her on foot and tazed her but when he tried to put her in handcuffs she started resisting and swung a punch at Pred, as a response Pred started getting physical with her and when she started getting aggressive towards other officers Pred ended up shooting a bullet into the left side of her chest to neutralize her.[151]

While waiting for medical services to arrive he told the woman that she reminded him of Mona and when Pred talked to her about how he liked Mona but would probably get tired of her Australian accent pretty quick if they were together, she threatened to tell Mona that he said that about her as soon as she would get the opportunity. After the woman got loaded into the ambulance, Pred decided to get in with her and talked about how Mona always tells him that she wants to cheat on her boyfriend with Pred, after he said that, the woman revealed that she is in fact Mona and started crying about how Pred had beaten and even shot her, Pred stated that he only did it because she got physical first but still felt bad after realizing that she was Mona.[152]

At the hospital Mona got upset with Pred for talking about how fast he would get tired of her and claimed that she was already sick of Pred anyway, Pred stood by her bed while she was getting treated and she told him that he would have to pay for the expensive corrective surgery on her breast for shooting her but Pred refused as he was only doing his job.

While on the way to MRPD, Pred told Mona that he was extremely disappointed in her for being a criminal, he started yelling at her for punching him and leaving him no choice but to shoot her, Mona started crying asking him why he would shoot her and exclaimed that he hates her and is mean to her.[153] Once she was placed in her cell, Pred once again told her how disappointed he was with her, Mona cried to him about how he hurt her and shot her in the heart, to which Pred responded that she broke his heart and that unlike her wound, his broken heart wouldn't heal.[154]

August 2020 - Friendship, Jealousy, and Desire 

Planning a Date
On August 5th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona, she was upset with him for not calling her back and for shooting her a few days prior, she followed it up by saying that he broke her heart and tore it to pieces, to which Pred angrily replied "You broke MY heart, you fucking Australian temptress!". Mona apologized for what she did, saying that she didn't mean to do it but that she was still heartbroken, Mona asked Pred to apologize too but Pred refused saying that he wasn't going to apologize for doing his job.[155] When Pred mentioned that he had to change clothes, Mona recalled the day before where she ran into Pred while he was in his off-duty clothes and she hardly recognized him, she didn't like the way he was dressed back then and asked to take him shopping some time so she could dress him up, which Pred eventually agreed with. Mona complained that he would probably be too busy to go shopping with her anyway and said that the only thing he's good for is breaking hearts, Pred replied that he'd come over and break her bedframe instead, they continued planning a day together which ended up with the plan of going shopping, breaking her bed, and Mona cooking him dinner.[156]

After the phone call, Pred got confronted by TJ Mack, who overheard the entire phone call, Mack asked him how he got hooked up with Mona but Pred replied that they're only friends and is just trying to mess with her boyfriend by flirting with her.[157] Mona got questioned by her friends about the phone call to which she explained that her and Pred have a weird friendship, but when one of her friends said that it sounded like she'd be getting two servings of meat, implying that it's more than just friendship, she didn't deny it.[158]

Spreading Rumors
On August 7th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona, she said she wanted to talk to him about something but wouldn't say what about, they agreed to meet up at PDM. There was a crowd of people at PDM, so Mona took Pred aside for a private conversation, Mona told Pred that she received a phone call from someone that said Pred told them that he'd been having sex with Mona, when Pred denied the rumors Mona called him a liar but Pred insisted that he did no such thing. Pred followed it up by saying that while he never told anyone that he had sex with Mona, he definitely would be up for it and pointed out a nearby ambulance saying that he'd have sex with her in the back of the ambulance right then and there.[159]

They continued talking for a while, and when Mona commented on Pred fidgeting with a stack of coins Pred explained that he's the most degenerate man Mona would ever meet in her life, he continued by saying that the two things he loves most in life are gambling and women, in that order. Pred stated that gambling has given him bigger thrills in life than women ever have, to which Mona replied that she didn't believe him as Angel has probably given him plenty of thrills in his life.

Suddenly Viper Rodriguez walked up behind Pred and pointed a gun at the back of his head, ordering him to put his hands up and placing him in cuffs. Mona complained to Viper because she was in the middle of having a conversation with Pred, but Viper ignored Mona and started leading Pred away, forcing him into his car.[160] After Viper left with Pred, Mona talked to Olivia Harvey and asked if they should go save Pred, while they wanted to go save him they decided against it in fear of being labeled as rats for saving a cop, Mona was conflicted as she wanted to help Pred and told Olivia in a sad tone that she loves Pred.[161]

While Pred was getting transported to a barbershop by Viper in order to get his head shaven, Mona drove around the city trying to find them. Mona managed to find Pred and Viper before it was too late, she tried her best to talk Viper out of shaving Pred's head but Viper refused to listen to her, in the end Mona was unable to do anything but stand by and watch as Viper shaved Pred's head, dyed his beard purple, undressed him into his underwear, and eventually made Pred do a "walk-of-shame" at MRPD.

The Australian Angel
On August 10th, 2020, Pred ran into Mona and Leila Issaa outside of the Integrity Apartments, when Pred overheard Mona calling Pred a "simp", he stated that he isn't a "simp" and called her an asshole for calling him that, Mona got mad at Pred for calling her an asshole but Pred replied that just because she is attractive doesn't mean he is always going be nice to her, he stated that she needed someone to talk down to her because being nice becomes boring real fast, Leila agreed with Pred saying that nice guys are boring. Pred followed up by telling Leila that she would be replacing Mona as his new best friend, she would be his new Mona, Mona got mad at Pred for saying that and exclaimed "Fuck you!" multiple times, Pred eventually went back on his words and told Mona that he wouldn't be replacing her, Mona responded with "You better not fucking replace me!".[162]

Mona still seemed upset but that quickly changed when Pred told her "You're my best friend, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen... with two eyes", explaining that he is already with Angel, who he considers to be the actual most beautiful woman but she only has one eye. Pred stated that he's into woman with one eye now and asked Mona if she ever considered taking one of her eyes out and dying her hair white, so she could be "AU Angle", the Australian Angel, Mona responded that she looked pretty hot when she was wearing an eyepatch but that she wouldn't dye her hair, Pred dramatically replied that it would never work out anyway because Mona is a criminal.[163] They got into an lengthy argument about whether or not Mona was a criminal and Pred eventually left with Leila to go gamble, leaving Mona behind, which she definitely wasn't happy about.

After gambling with Leila for a while, he brought her back to Integrity but before she stepped out of the car, Pred asked Leila to help make Mona jealous by claiming that she's best friends with Pred now, in the middle of Pred asking her that, Darrel McCormik parked up next to them and questioned Pred on why he had another woman in his car, Pred responded that he was just talking with his friend Leila, who just happened to look a lot like Angel but still had two eyes. McCormick responded by asking Pred if he was dumping Angel because she has one eye now to which Pred responded in an offended tone that he would never leave Angel, especially now that she has a handicap.[164] After McCormik left, Leila questioned Pred on if he was actually leaving Angel, but Pred stated that he would never leave Angel and was just messing with McCormik.

Mona walked up to the car and told Pred to step out, but Pred refused saying that Mona was going to stab him to which she replied "How'd you guess?", Pred eventually asked Mona to get in the car with him so they could talk about their problems, Mona complied. Pred joked to Mona about how nobody could ever find out about their hidden romance because Angel would kill him, when Mona laughingly tried saying that they don't have anything going on, Pred put his hands on her lips and told her to shush, Pred continued that a relationship with Mona could never work out, maybe at a different time they could have been together but Pred stated that he is committed to Angel, he is dug in and set in stone on being with Angel forever.[165]

Pred and Mona joked around with eachother for a while, whilst going on a "romantic drive" they made up for their fight earlier and went back to being friends, Pred made sure to emphasize that they could never be more than friends as he is a taken man, they messed around with eachother for a while longer before Pred dropped Mona off at Integrity.[166]

A Daytime Wife
On August 16th, 2020, Pred ran into Mona and Leila outside of the Integrity Apartments but when Pred went over to talk to Mona, she seemed upset with Pred stating that Pred never called her anymore, Pred decided to take Leila with him to a nearby bank to gamble with her where he ended up completely bankrupting her before the two made their way back to Mona. Pred went up to Mona and asked if she would be willing to give Leila a loan because he bankrupted her, Mona got mad at Pred for doing that to her friend Leila, but Pred responded that Leila is his friend too.

When Pred was teasing Leila by handing her five dollars to buy a burger, Mona tackled Pred to the ground and Leila pulled a gun on him, shortly followed by Mona also pointing a gun at him, they ordered Pred to put his hands up and start walking. They decided to lead Pred to the back of Integrity and demanded $10,000 from him, which Pred didn't have on him so they decided to take the $3000 he did have. Meanwhile multiple 911-calls were made about Pred getting kidnapped, so in the middle of Pred getting robbed, other officers showed up to negotiate for his safety. Leila immediately got scared and started handing Pred a part of his money back, Pred wasn't satisfied and threatened to tell the other officers that Leila stole his Police-issued ArmaLite Rifle, Pred ended up taking all of Leila's money in this reverse-robbery. After Pred got the money he yelled at Vladimir Raven that Leila might have taken his weapon causing Leila to run away in fear, leaving Mona and one other person to deal with the hostage negotiations. Pred tried to get Mona to give up and surrender, she was hesitant but when Pred made up a lie that Mona got forced into it by the other person, Mona went along with the story and put her hands up to surrender.[167]

Eventually both Leila and Mona got placed in cuffs, Mona told her arresting officer, Ellis Pinzon, that she got forced into it so Pinzon came up to Pred to confirm her story, Pred told Pinzon that Mona was lying and was willingly part of it. Mona asked Pred in a sad voice if he would come visit her in prison, she stated that she missed him and that this was the only time she got to spend some time with him, Pred replied that he would come visit, he then told Pinzon to cover his ears so he could say something to Mona in private, after Pinzon did as he was asked, Pred proposed for Mona to be his "daytime-wife" during the time Angel would be sleeping, Mona replied that she couldn't do that because of her boyfriend, Pred mentioned that the offer would still be on the table either way.[168]

Overflowing Jealousy
On August 22nd, 2020, Pred got into a minor car accident with a white car driving into the opposite lane of travel, after pulling the car over it turned out to be occupied by Mona and three of her friends, Leila Issaa, Olivia Harvey, and Elena Vega. Mona introduced Pred to the girls that hadn't met him yet, Pred joked around, talked, and flirted with the girls for a bit and ended up giving them a warning for their driving.

When Pred left to go to a nearby clothing store, he took Leila with him causing Mona to get jealous towards Leila on their group's radio, Mona angrily asked Leila "Are you simping for my simp?!", Leila responded that she was indeed simping for Pred causing Mona to yell at her "That is MY simp! You back off MY simp, alright?! Girl code!", Leila replied that Pred told her that Mona is the one that simps for Pred to which Mona replied that it's a two-way relationship where they both simp for eachother.[169]

After Pred talked to Leila for a bit the two made their way back to Mona and her friends, after they met back up Pred asked Mona how her relationship with her boyfriend was going to which Mona replied that they broke up, after hearing that Pred said "Well... then you know who to call" but Mona replied "Not you? ...because you're married?" and Leila chimed in saying "What the fuck Pred? You cheating on me now?!" which caused Mona to snap at Leila telling her off, saying that Pred is hers.[170]

Mona and Pred slowly started flirting with eachother and talking about the things they'd do to eachother which went on for a while, meanwhile Mona's friends were within earshot talking about how awkward it is to listen to the pair.[171] Pred eventually got into his car to leave but Leila asked him to give her a hug before he left, Pred complied causing Mona to once again get jealous with Leila stating that Pred didn't give her a hug, but Pred responded that Leila asked for a hug and Mona didn't, Leila wanted to leave with Pred again but her friends got mad at her and said she isn't allowed to go with him.

After Pred left, Leila told the other girls that it'd be hot if Leila and Mona shared Pred, but Mona responded that she can't because he's married, she continued that she doesn't mind flirting and talking dirty with him but that she doesn't feel comfortable going further than that because of Pred's relationship with Angel, Leila disagreed and said she'd totally be down to go after Pred and try to steal him away from Angel.[172]

The Sting Operation
On August 24th, 2020, Pred got approached by Matt Rhodes who asked if he wanted to help catch people with outstanding warrants, Pred happily complied and the first person on their list was Mona. Pred decided to call up Mona and made up a lie about having purchased a Mustang and needing it repaired, so he could try and meet her at the tuner shop for repairs, Mona replied that she was on a date and couldn't repair his car right away, when Pred asked Mona who she was on a date with, Mona refused to answer to which Pred replied that he was starting to get jealous. Mona asked Pred for a favor, to wingman Mona into getting a date with Jackie Snow, Pred told Mona that Snow is gay and that she would never be able to make it happen, but Mona insisted that she could have whatever she wanted and said that if she wanted to have Pred she could make that happen right away too. Pred eventually agreed to wingman for her in an effort to meet up and arrest her for her warrant, they agreed to meet up for "car repairs" later.[173]

A while later Pred received a call from Mona saying that she was ready to meet up, they argued for a bit and after they ended their phone call, Pred immediately went to inform Rhodes that they have a shot at arresting Mona, they grabbed their police cruisers and headed up to the tuner shop. Once they arrived Pred went ahead to the office to talk to Mona while Rhodes made sure to lay out spike strips in the exit incase Mona would try to escape in her car, Mona immediately asked Pred where his car was as he had shown up in a police cruiser instead of a Mustang, Pred made up the excuse that he was referring to Mona as she was the Mustang that he had always wanted to drive. After talking for a bit, Mona was making her way out of the office when Pred and Rhodes made their move, they told her to not run and that she was under arrest, Mona tried running out of the tuner shop to escape but was tazed and apprehended shortly after.[174] Pred told Mona that doing this to her hurt him, but she replied saying "Fuck you Kyle Pred, I fucking hate you... is this because I wanted to have sex with you, is that what it is?", Pred promised that it wasn't like that and Mona got informed about her outstanding warrant. Mona told Pred that she was going to block his number and never talk to him again for setting her up, Pred responded that Mona would be getting fired from her job and would end up working at the stripclub, to which Mona replied that Pred would be visiting the stripclub and paying her every night to see her shake her ass, Pred agreed with her saying that he had plenty of money to pay her.[175] Before Rhodes drove off with Mona, Pred apologized to Mona for setting her up but Mona replied that she hates him.

Later that day Pred received a phone call from Mona while he got drugged with LSD, Pred apologized to Mona for setting her up again but told her that he was just doing her job and that she should take him more serious, Mona replied that she takes him very serious and that she wouldn't mind taking something else from him but stated that she can't, Mona asked if he still needed his car fixed but Pred confessed that he didn't even own a car, Mona laughed and asked him to go car shopping with her, Pred replied that they should go car shopping, Mona asked him to take a break from work and go shopping but Pred informed her that he was in a pursuit and under the influence of drugs, barely being able to tell what was going on. Mona asked if he would answer any question she asked truthfully since he was on drugs but when Pred said that he would answer anything truthfully, she refrained from asking him any questioned and ended the phone call shortly afterwards.[176]

A few hours later Pred called Mona to apologize again and ask her how she was feeling, Mona replied that she was doing fine besides Pred slowly chipping away at her heart but Pred replied that Mona was the one that been chipping away at his heart, Pred tried to make Mona jealous by stating that he was going to replace her with Leila to which Mona responded that Pred would get replaced by Snow, Pred got mad at Mona stating that he was only trying to make her jealous but that she was just being hurtful and he hung up. Mona immediately called him back and they got into an argument which ended with Pred telling Mona that he was never going to leave Angel.[177]

September 2020 - The Angel Called Death 

Future Step-Dad
On September 9th, 2020, Pred ran into Mona while out on patrol, after not having seen eachother for a while they seemed to have forgotten all about their quarrel from last they talked and were just happy to see eachother again. Mona quickly stepped out of her car when she recognized Pred and excitedly exclaimed "Kyle, I've missed you!", Pred responded that he missed her too. Mona commented that Pred was looking as sexy as always, and they talked about how they were doing until their conversation got interrupted by Kyle Brovloski, when Pred yelled at Brovloski to shut up, Mona scolded Pred for yelling at him explaining that he's her son, Pred stated that he liked Mona enough to be willing to accept Brovloski as his step-son, Mona agreed saying that Pred has to be nice to him.[178] Pred walked over to Brovloski and told him in a low voice, so Mona wouldn't hear, that he was going to fuck his mom, Mona questioned Pred on what he told her son but Pred made up a lie saying that he just said some very motivational words.[179]

They talked for a while longer and when another person interjected asking what was going on, Mona replied that nothing was going on and that she was just introducing her son to his future step-dad. Pred eventually had to leave to respond to a priority police call, but before he left he told Mona he would call her later and take her on a date to go dancing.

Atfer Pred left, Mona excitedly told her son that she gets to go dancing with Pred and wondered how hard they'd dance and how much bouncing would be involved in it.[180]

The Fear Sets In
On September 11th, 2020, early in the day Pred and Angel were busy arresting a man, the man was talking to Angel when Pred told him "Hey, quit hitting on my woman, alright? She's not interested in you", the man replied that he was going to tell Mona that Pred called Angel his woman, apparently the man witnessed a conversation between Mona and Pred on September 9th, where Mona and Pred talked about Pred being the future step-dad of her son, and talked about going dancing, so he was under the impression that Pred and Mona were dating. After the man said he would tell Mona, Angel responded "Wait, what? ...You're going to tell Mona? Why would you tell Mona?", the man then told Angel that Mona and Pred were dating, Angel stared at Pred for a long while with Pred staying silent. Angel walked away with the man, commenting on how Pred was silent because he knew that he fucked up and that Angel had to kill him later tonight, the man didn't quite know what to say as Angel continued on how she'd have to murder Pred for fooling around with other women. The man offered to give Angel his phone number, which made Pred yell at him that nobody wants his number, Angel turned around and asked Pred how he could do this to her, the man commented on how Mona and Pred went on a date and went dancing to which Pred stated that no such thing ever happened, but Angel didn't believe Pred.[181]

Much later at night, Angel responded as a backup unit to Mona getting arrested by Thomas Metzger, Angel stayed at a distance and had a talk with her adoptive-son, Brian Knight, Angel asked Brian what was going on and Brian stated that it was Mona who was getting arrested, Angel commented resentfully "Oh, it's this know, she's trying to steal your father away from me", Brian exclaimed in surprise "Wait, what?!", Angel continued that Pred refused to admit it but that she has a feeling that Pred is cheating on her with Mona, Angel went on to say that she doesn't understand what Pred even sees in Mona as her ass isn't even as nice as Angel's, and that while Mona has a nice tan, Angel has the vampire-aesthetic going on, she also stated that her tattoos are cooler than Mona's. Brian responded that he's surprised as he was under the impression that Mona was dating Vinny Pistone, Angel replied that she wasn't sure if what she heard about Mona and Pred was actually true and that they were only just rumors she'd heard for now.[182]

After Angel left, Brian walked up to Mona and questioned her on if she was trying to steal Pred away from Angel, Mona seemed surprised at the question and Brian threatened to call Vinny, but when Mona commented that she broke up with Vinny, Brian asked her if that was the reason she was going after Pred, Mona stated that she wasn't going after Pred because he's married.[183]

After Brian left, Metzger told Mona that she was never going to get Pred, Mona once again stated that she had no intention of going after a married man, but Metzger called her a homewrecker. Mona quickly realized that Angel had been told rumors about Mona and Pred, she immediately started fearing for her life, expecting Angel to kill her for thinking Mona was messing around with Pred.[184]

The Crazy Wife
On September 12th, 2020, Pred was called to assist in the arrest of a woman, when he arrived the woman turned out to be Mona, he chased Mona yelling at her that she should give up or she'd make things worse, at which point Mona quickly stopped running from him. When Pred called Mona a "hot piece of ass", Mona told him to not call her that because someone went and told Angel that Mona had said that Pred is her boyfriend, Mona continued that she is scared that Angel wants to kill her now, Pred replied that Angel definitely wants to kill Mona.[185]

Pred proceeded to put Mona in handcuffs whilst she insisted that she was innocent, when Pred informed Mona that he would be performing a search of her person, Mona asked if someone other than Pred would be able to search her because she doesn't want Angel to think that Mona is into Pred.[186] Pred disappointedly told that Mona that he thought they had something special, Mona stated that she thought they had something special too, until she found out that Pred has a crazy wife that wants to kill her because of a rumor.[187]

Late Night Comfort
On September 15th, 2020, Pred decided to call up Mona to see how she was doing, during the conversation, Pred referred to Mona as his "soon-to-be-wife", while Mona would usually go along with Pred's flirtations, she instead exclaimed "excuse me?!" and told Pred in a stern tone that she isn't looking to die, as she already feared that Angel was coming after her.[188] Pred mentioned to Mona that he was at her place of business, the Tuner Shop, but when Mona asked if he needed any help, Pred replied that he doesn't need anything from her. Mona stated that she'll remember that he doesn't need anything from her for when he calls her late at night, crying, and asking to cuddle. Pred stated that he isn't the type of man to call a lady whilst crying, but when Mona stated that he did that just a few nights ago, Pred angrily hung up the phone.[189]

Hunted by Death
On September 27th, 2020, Pred was talking with Crocodile Steve at MRPD when Steve asked Pred if he could get Mona to come to talk with him for an investigation, Pred made a phone call to Mona and asked her to come down to MRPD to talk with Steve which she agreed to, they then continued flirting over the phone for a while. After the phone call, Pred got questioned by Jenny Hall on his behaviour with other women since he is supposedly married to Angel, Pred replied to Jenny "I'm only married to the game, girl", but when Jenny threatened to tell Angel that he said that, he quickly stated that he was married to Angel.[190]

When Mona arrived at MRPD, Pred had already left to work on an investigation and Steve was nowhere to be found, so she decided to call Pred, Pred got in contact with Steve for Mona and got him to make his way back to MRPD, before hanging up Mona said she was hoping to see Pred as it had been some time since they saw eachother, Pred responded that he was currently busy so Mona asked him to fit her into his schedule at some point. A short while later, Pred received a phone call from Nancy stating that Mona was trying to seduce Ziggy Buggs at MRPD, Pred decided to call Mona and confront her about flirting with Ziggy, he angrily told Mona that he thought they had something special and wasn't happy about her putting the moves on Ziggy, Mona told Pred that Ziggy would whisper sweet things to her, and that while she loved it when Pred yells at her, she wished he would whisper things to her too, after continuing the conversation for a while, Pred hung up the phone after angrily yelling "Bye! Have fun with Ziggy Buggs!".[191]

Later in the day, Pred received another call from Mona but he answered her in a very cold manner that Mona wasn't used too, Pred stated that because of her flirting with Ziggy, he would be treating her like any other woman, like a piece of meat that he doesn't have any affection towards, Mona wasn't happy with how Pred was acting towards her and asked to meet up at MRPD. When Mona arrived at MRPD, Pred ignored her for a while to converse with another officer over the radio, eventually Pred invited her to talk in the office for a bit. Pred informed Colombo that he'd be busy with Mona in the office real quick, which Mona followed up with "We're gonna be real quick... winky face", when Pred apologized for not being Ziggy, Mona called Pred a good replacement for him, Pred angrily replied "Fuck you!", Mona told him it was just a joke and asked him to calm down. After they got into the office, Mona got upset with Pred for never calling her anymore, but Pred replied that he was too busy with his job, Mona then informed Pred that his "crazy-ass wife" was hunting Mona a few days ago, Mona continued that she had been told that Angel showed up at the Tuner Shop with an AK in hand, looking for Mona. Pred responded with a slight smile in his voice "..Really?", Mona said she's scared of Angel, to which Pred replied that he'd be scared too because Angel is "kinda fucking nuts" and informed Mona that Angel is a psychopath, Mona stated that she had been informed on how crazy Angel was. Pred told Mona that it made the friendship between him and Mona that much more exciting, he stated that when he sleeps next to Angel at night he wonders if she's going to stab him in his sleep, he then went into the hypothetical of sneaking out at night to go see Mona, but when Mona told him to imagine that when he got to Mona's window he'd see her laying in bed with Ziggy, Pred upsettingly walked out of the office.[192]

Pred got stopped from leaving MRPD by Mona, Mona told Pred that while she asked Ziggy to whisper to her, she loves it when Pred yells at her and asked him to yell something at her, Pred angrily yelled "I hate you!" at her and they got into an argument about them breaking eachother's hearts. Pred noticed that someone was recording their argument with a video camera and didn't want to risk an argument that made it look like Mona and Pred were actually dating getting leaked to anyone, he threatened the man to give him the camera's SD card or he would beat him up, when the man didn't comply Pred got even angrier and threatened to beat his head in and even told him to put his mouth on Pred's gun as a threat, the man quickly handed over the SD card and Pred calmed down. Pred received a priority police call that he had to respond to, before leaving Mona told him that she loves him, and Pred told Mona that she's the woman of his dreams.[193]

Pred later ran into Mona and Andi Jones outside the Mirror Park Tavern, where he decided to get revenge on Mona for flirting with Ziggy by giving Andi all his attention, Pred gave Andi a hug and told her that she's the woman of his dreams, just like he told Mona earlier. Mona immediately walked up to Pred and called him out on telling Andi what he told her, but Pred acted like he didn't know what she was talking about, he then told Mona to take care of his police cruiser while he spent time with Andi.[194] Mona eventually walked up to Pred and Andi, and told Andi that Pred broke her heart causing a discussion between Mona and Pred on who broke who's heart. Andi got confused by their relationship and asked if Mona was the wife that Pred always talked about, but Pred clarified that she wasn't his wife, and stated that Mona was his mistress. Andi told them that they seem like best friends, which they both agreed with, Andi then told them that they would make very pretty babies as they are both incredibly attractive, when Pred made an offer to Andi to be the nanny he'd cheat on Mona with after getting Mona pregnant, Mona stated that Ziggy would be the one to have her babies which caused Pred to angrily drive off stating that he wasn't jealous at all.[195]

Emotional Mind Games
Early in the morning on September 29th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona, and after some back and forth flirting, she asked him if she could borrow his relatively new Nissan Skyline R32 for the day, as she had been borrowing it for the last few days whenever she was able to get in contact with Pred. Pred had no issue with lending out his car to Mona, and they decided to meet up at MRPD. Mona asked Pred if they could go for a drive together as they never really had much time to do so, and after going for a short drive together, they eventually ended back up at MRPD, where Pred handed the car keys over to Mona. They spent some time talking and flirting together, until Pred suddenly got called away against his own wishes to assist in a priority police call. Whilst Mona was driving around in Pred's car, she ran into Matthew Payne, who started to question her on what was going on between her and Pred as he had noticed that she was driving Pred's car, Mona informed Payne that Pred would always lend her his car whenever she asked for it, because they were good friends and nothing more. Payne, seemingly jealous of the relationship that Pred and Mona had, decided to call up Pred to taunt him, Pred was dealing with a fleeing felon that he had just managed to capture and detain, when he received the call from Payne. Payne lied to Pred stating that he was driving around in Pred's car and that he was going to water damage the car, implying that he planned on driving it in a body of water, however Pred reacted indifferent to Payne's threats and stated that he would just get the car repaired. Pred's indifference started to annoy Payne, so he decided to go for something more personal and stated that Mona liked Payne a whole lot more than she did Pred, and when Pred still didn't seem to care, he lied to Pred stating that Mona only used Pred to be able to drive in his car, Pred hung up the phone after telling Payne that he would call Mona about it, as he was disappointed to hear that she would say something like that.

Pred apologized to the detained felon for dealing with personal issues instead of focusing on him, and told him that he was dealing with some relationship problems as his side chick was acting out, referring to Mona. Pred called Mona and told her that he was genuinely hurt by the fact that she only used Pred to be able to use his car, Mona replied in surprise that she wasn't using Pred for his car at all, however Pred continued that her liking Payne more than Pred hurts even more and that he could literally cry over how Mona seemingly felt about Pred. Mona tried to argue back in a worried tone, that none of what Payne told him was true, but Pred told her to have fun with Payne and hung up the phone, after hanging up the call, Pred told the detained felon that he had to pretend to have feelings when he really didn't care.[196] Meanwhile, Mona felt genuinely sorry for Pred as she truly considered him to be a good friend and didn't want him to think badly of her, she went and angrily scolded Payne for lying to Pred, eventually causing Payne to get away from Mona after a lengthy argument between the two. No more than a minute later, Mona called Pred again, Pred answered the phone by calling Mona a heartbreaker, but Mona informed him that Payne had left her after their argument. Mona told Pred that she wasn't at all using him for his car, as she had known Pred way longer than he had even owned that car, when Pred started fake sniffling, Mona once again started to feel sorry for Pred. Mona told Pred that she was the one that had Pred's car and not Payne, after which Pred informed Mona that Payne had threatened to water damage his car, but Mona reassured him that nothing was going to happen to his car, as she was taking care of it. She then made fun of Payne stating that he would only water damage the car from the amount of crying that he does, which Pred agreed with, after laughing about Payne together, they were both in an uplifted mood and happily said their goodbyes before hanging up the phone.

October 2020 - Enticement and Disappointment 

The Reverse Mistress
On October 20th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona asking him to come see her at MRPD, Mona wanted to meet up with Pred because they hadn't seen eachother for a while, and she missed him. After finishing up a conversation with another officer, Pred made his way over to Mona. As soon as they met up, they immediately started flirting with eachother, until Mona eventually asked Pred to talk in a more private location, as there were a couple of other people around, listening in on them. They made their way to the office in MRPD, however before Pred closed the door behind them, Darrel McCormik advised Pred not to do anything he shouldn't in the office, both Pred and Mona told McCormik that they were only going in the office to talk privately, and Pred followed it up by informing McCormik that the last time he had sex with a woman in that office, he didn't even get punished for it. After closing the door, Mona informed Pred that she was out on parole and that she was scared that she might be going back to jail because she heard a rumor from another officer that there were pictures of her committing crime, but when Pred asked for more details and the name of the officer, Mona refused to tell him anything because she was scared the other officer would get in trouble for releasing information to her.

Since Mona refused to be honest with Pred, he told her that she should just go talk to Jackie Snow instead as that seemed to be the only officer she was interested in, referring to an interaction in their past where Mona tried to make Pred jealous by claiming that she had a thing for Snow. Mona informed Pred that she only told him that as a joke and that it was a long time ago, she then stated that she was now single and wasn't interested in dating anyone currently, Pred seemed pleased to hear that Mona was single, he replied that he still wasn't single, but that he would love to have Mona as his mistress as long as nobody found out about it, however Mona refused the offer stating that she wasn't interested because he was already married. Pred confessed that he wasn't actually married, because he never said "I do", to which Mona replied that he was still engaged to someone, Pred argued that he wasn't engaged either and that he was in fact only engaged-to-be-engaged, but Mona replied that she still wasn't interested because he was still in a relationship with someone else. Since Mona wasn't interested in being his mistress, Pred offered to be Mona's mistress instead, but Mona stated that she wouldn't have to hide him from anyone because she wasn't dating anyone, so he couldn't be her mistress either, to which Pred replied that they could at least pretend, however Mona still wasn't interested in a relationship with Pred unless he actually became single.[197]

Calling the Bluff
On October 23rd, 2020, Pred was busy organizing a tow truck for an illegally parked at the side of the road, when Mona noticed him as she drove by with her boss, she told her boss to pull over the car further up ahead, so she could go greet Pred. When Mona noticed that Pred had changed his hair from the usual dyed brown to his natural blond color, she complimented him on the look as she had never before seen his natural hair color. As Mona stood next to Pred, she realized how short he was compared to her as she was wearing a pair of high heels, and made fun of him for it, however Pred stated that he didn't care how tall Mona was, he'd still be attracted to her either way, Mona went on to say "Hey... if you hug me you could...", she didn't want to finish that sentence, but Pred did it for her by stating that with her heels on, he could motorboat her if he were to give her a hug.[198] During their conversation, Pred was busy looking through his phone for a towman, causing Mona to get upset with Pred for not paying attention to her, as she was walking away from Pred, he started to dramatically yell for Mona not to leave him, even though she was only a few steps away from him, Pred continued yelling for Mona to come back, stating that he was sorry for not paying enough attention to her, Mona was satisfied with the apology.[199] Pred and Mona continued flirting for a while, Mona eventually told Pred about her new job as an assistant and asked Pred if he wanted to hire her too, but Pred stated that she would be the worst kind of assistant because she would be too much of a distraction for him. Mona told him that she would drop his pens on the ground and intentionally bend over right in front of him, Pred however misheard pens as pants, and stated that Mona was being quite forward by stating that she would drop his pants and then bend over for him.[200] After flirting for a while longer, Mona walked back to her boss when Pred's towman arrived.

A while later, Pred noticed Mona making her way back to the integrity apartments and asked if she planned on going to sleep already, but Mona stated that she was only going in for a quick change of clothes and asked if Pred wanted to help her get changed, expecting Pred to decline the offer because of him already being in a relationship. However, Pred didn't decline the offer and said that he would gladly come and help her change out of her clothes, Mona didn't quite know what to say and when Pred dared her to go through with it, she stated that it probably wasn't a good idea for Pred to come with her.[201] They talked a bit about what would happen if they actually slept together, and continued flirting for a while, until they eventually said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Objection and Proposal
On October 24th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona saying that she had some exciting news to share with him, and happily exclaimed that she had gotten engaged to someone, Pred didn't seem happy about the news at all and asked her who she had gotten engaged to, when Mona replied that she had gotten engaged to Jack Cortair, Pred got upset and angrily exclaimed that Jack had murderer a woman, namely Kym Johnson, more commonly known as Lil 'K. Pred asked in a more serious tone if Mona was actually serious about marrying Jack, to which she offendedly replied by asking what was wrong with marrying Jack and claimed that he was a good guy and that he makes her happy, but Pred immediately stated that he objects to their marriage. When Mona asked Pred why he was objecting to their marriage, Pred asked Mona to marry him instead, to which Mona responded that Pred was already getting married to another woman, however Pred stated that he was only engaged-to-be-engaged.[202] After arguing for a while longer, Pred told Mona that he almost beat Jack to death a few days prior during a fighting event, after which Mona threatened to hurt Pred if he ever touched him again. When Pred once again offered Mona to get married to him instead, Mona once again denied his proposal stating that Pred has had his chance, Pred asked in surprise when he had a chance with her, to which Mona replied that he had his chance while she had been single for months. Pred stated that Mona was still single the day before and that he couldn't believe that she was suddenly getting married a day later, he then once again proposed to marry Mona, stating that he would get a judge to marry them right away if she decided to break up with Jack, but Mona once again refused his proposal.[203] When Pred started insulting Jack, Mona called Pred an "immature jealous bitch", and stated that Pred's objection to her marriage wouldn't keep her from getting married to Jack.

A while later, Pred ran into Mona, and after some bickering, he asked her to go for a drive in her car together, so they could have a talk, which Mona agreed to. Pred genuinely asked Mona not to get married to Jack stating that he was legitimately a murderer, however Mona claimed that she didn't care about anything he had done before they had gotten together. Pred then informed Mona about the details surrounding the murder of Lil 'K, telling her how Jack murdered Lil 'K in front of a large crowd, Pred informed her that they had many witness testimonies against Jack, but that they weren't able to get him for the murder because they didn't have enough witnesses that were actually willing to testify in court. Mona seemed indifferent about the murder, and refused to believe that it was true because he was never charged for it, Mona argued that Pred probably murdered plenty of people himself, to which Pred confessed that he had murdered people, but that he had done so in the name of the law. Pred then told Mona that Jack is a horrible murderous person, and that the relationship between them would never work out, but Mona wouldn't budge on her decision to marry Jack.[204] Pred made a final offer, telling Mona that he would give her his expensive car if she married him instead, but Mona once again refusing the proposal stating that she wouldn't marry Pred because he was already married to someone else. Pred told Mona that he was incredibly disappointed in her, because he was under the impression that they were building up to something special in their relationship, and that she was throwing it all away to get married to Jack instead, however Mona argued that Pred threw out the option of their relationship being anything more than friends by being married to another woman. When Mona stated that they had built up their relationship to a really good friendship, but nothing more, Pred got upset with Mona, said "Fuck you" to her, and got out of her car, stating that he would be walking back to MRPD instead of driving there with Mona.[205]

November 2020 - Counseling and Closure 

Hostility and Aggression
On November 20th, 2020, Pred and Mona ran into eachother, and Mona immediately got mad at Pred for not showing up to her wedding. She had invited him to the wedding the day before, and told him to bring his wife, Brittany Angel, with him, however Pred had replied that he would only show up to object to her wedding. As Mona was confronting Pred about not showing up, Pred claimed that she wouldn't have wanted him to show up at her wedding, because he truly would have objected to the marriage, but Mona didn't seem to care about that and was generally upset that he didn't show up at all. Mona started insulting Pred and when she called him a loser, Pred replied that he at least had a lot of money, after which Mona claimed that Pred was going to gamble all of his money away at some point anyway. In response, Pred told Mona in a taunting manner to gamble with him and follow her to a nearby bank, but Mona resentfully told Pred that she wasn't going to follow him. Since Mona was being spiteful towards Pred, he decided to turn on his lights and sirens and ordered Mona to the side of the road, as he had found a petty reason to write her a ticket claiming that she had crossed the stop line. When Mona refused his order, Pred backed his car up and drove into her and the scooter that she was on, causing her to get knocked off the scooter and scraped against the pavement, he then drove away without any care for her well-being.

After Mona got up from the pavement and back on her scooter, she managed to pursue Pred to a nearby bank where they started yelling, arguing, and bickering with eachother. Their argument eventually got onto the root of their problems as Pred angrily started yelling at Mona about getting married to Jack Cortair, Mona responded that Jack actually put a ring on her finger, which is something Pred never did for her, to which Pred dejectedly responded that he had missed his opportunity with Mona, and that he'll always wonder what they could've had together.[206] He then accused Mona of most likely filing for a divorce if she ever did get married to Pred, just so she could get ahold of his wealth and assets, this caused another heated argument between the pair, until Pred eventually decided to hit Mona with his car door before driving off.

Violence and Counseling
On November 28th, 2020, Pred received a phone call from Mona, she was angry at him because she had heard rumors about Pred talking badly about her husband, Jack Cortair, Pred didn't deny the rumors and stated that he always talked badly about Jack, he then told Mona that he was worried about her as he claimed that she went from hooking up with Pred on the side, to being married to Jack.[207] This caused a heated argument between the two, which eventually turned into Mona threatening to hurt Pred the very next time they saw eachother in person, and dared him to talk badly about Jack to her face, which Pred gladly accepted as he told her to meet up with him at the prison. When Pred noticed that Mona was standing close to another officer, namely Ziggy Buggs, Pred ordered over the radio to get Mona in handcuffs, Mona immediately started panicking over the phone, and struggling against Ziggy who was trying to put her in handcuffs on the order of Pred. After getting confirmation that Mona had been detained, Pred left the prison and made his way to Ziggy, he thanked Ziggy for his assistance, and took Mona into his own custody. As Pred was moving Mona past the prison gates, he informed her that she was going to get charged for conspiracy against harming a police officer, Mona pleaded that if Pred ever cared for her, he should let her go, Pred responded that he cared about her more than she knew, and that he was the only one that truly did care for her, but that he couldn't let her go because she broke the law by threatening him. Mona became heated when Pred wouldn't let her go, she told him that the moment she would get released from prison, she would come find him, beat him down, and slice the skin off his face.[208] Pred continued moving Mona deeper into the prison, whilst Mona continued to threaten to murder him in various ways, until they eventually walked in deep enough for Pred to let her go from his grasp, so they could have a personal conversation, Pred tried to talk to her about their relationship, but Mona just kept threatening to hurt Pred, and when Pred started calling Mona "baby" in an endearing way, she informed Pred that she was going to beat him up every time they would see eachother in the future.[209] Before Pred sent her away to be locked up he told her that he still loved her, but Mona stated that she hated him and didn't have any love for him anymore, and once again threatened that she would come find and hurt him the moment she would be released from prison.

A while later, Mona was released from prison and ran into Pred outside MRPD, as soon as Pred stepped out of his car, she started punching him whilst telling him that she hates him, when Pred got back into his car to get away from her, Mona made the mistake of following him into the car and getting into the backseat, Pred immediately drove off with Mona in the car and informed her that he was going to bring her back to the prison for assault and battery. On the way there, Mona started slapping Pred in the car, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crashing into the guard rail. With the vehicle inoperable and Mona not yet detained, Pred was forced to subdue Mona through the use of his taser, with Mona resisting the detainment, Pred had to deploy his taser a multitude of times before eventually resorting to the use of hitting her with his baton a couple of times to finally get her under control.[210] Due to the injuries sustained by Mona, Pred had to drive back to the city to get her medical treatment, on the way there Mona continued to cry about how much she hated him, and how she wanted to hurt him. Pred stood by Mona's bedside whilst waiting for her to get medical treatment, he tried to be nice to her, but she kept berating and insulting him. Eventually Noah Drake came around to treat Mona's injuries, Mona started talking about Pred's personal life to Drake, claiming that Pred was a beta that was getting bent over by Angel, but when Pred informed Mona that he was confident enough to be submissive to Angel, Mona stated that Angel could do a lot better than Pred and that she didn't at all understand how Angel and Pred could be together, however Drake took Pred's side in the argument, to the further annoyance of Mona.[211] Pred and Drake continued to annoy Mona for a while, until she was finally ready to be released from the hospital, as they were leaving Drake informed Pred that Pred was probably going to have to listen to Mona complain for a while, but Pred stated that he didn't mind it at all, because spending time with Mona made him realize how attracted he was to Australian women.[212] Pred once again sent her back to prison, this time for assault and battery. This cycle of Mona getting released from prison, assaulting Pred and getting subdued before she could do any real harm, then getting sent back to prison continued a few more times, as Mona continued to inform Pred on just how much she hated him, and how she wanted to seriously harm him every time she got detained.

After getting beaten, tased, restrained, and transported to the hospital for the fifth time that day, Mona started pleading for Pred to punish her in any other way that didn't involve getting sent off to prison. Pred agreed to punish Mona without sending her to prison, and when he noticed his therapist, Anna-Marie Black, walking past in the lobby of the hospital, he decided that Mona's punishment would be a therapy session with Anna-Marie. Mona immediately started to regret her decision, stating that she didn't want a therapy session, but Pred had made up his mind and organized the session with Anna-Marie, he gave Anna-Marie a hug and flirted with her for a bit, causing Mona to speak up and immediately verbally assault Pred, calling him a bitch and a simp among other things, though neither Pred nor Anna-Marie seemed to care too much about Mona's words. After Pred and Mona once again got into a verbal disagreement, Anna-Marie suggested holding a couples therapy session instead, which Pred agreed with, they then moved into a more private location within the hospital to start the session. As soon as the session started, Pred and Mona immediately started arguing, with Anna-Marie commenting that the relationship between Pred and Mona seemed quite complicated. Pred and Mona both claimed that the other was in love with them, and Mona talked about how Pred refused to show up to her wedding because he was going to object to the marriage, Anna-Marie then questioned Pred on why he didn't show up to the wedding to object and admit his love for Mona at that wedding. Pred claimed that he was unavailable, but Mona immediately argued that it wasn't the truth, as she had called Pred right before the wedding to invite him and his wife, to which Pred responded that he went home to sleep right afterwards instead of going to the wedding. Mona claimed that Pred had called her in tears that night, begging her not to get married to Jack whilst professing his love for her, which Pred didn't deny. Mona went on to say that Pred did have a chance with her in the past, but when she found out that he was already in a relationship, she backed away from getting involved with him. Anna-Marie asked Pred if he regretted not telling Mona his true feelings for her, and if that's where their animosity came from, but Pred stated that him and Mona both knew that they were in love with eachother, and that he was vehemently against her relationship with Jack, informing them about the murder that Jack took part in, and the fact that Pred almost beat Jack to death during a fighting event, Jack being brought up once again caused the discussion to turn into a verbal argument between Pred and Mona. Anna-Marie suggested that they patch up their relationship as it was clear to her that they still wanted to have some semblance of a relationship, but that there was definitely a lot of animosity between them, in response both Pred and Mona talked about how the other was clearly still in love with them. Mona brought up how Pred would call her in the middle of the night to tell her that he loved her, and they talked about how they had sent eachother erotic pictures and videos in the past. The therapy session eventually got wrapped up when Pred got called down to MRPD by another officer, and the time that was required for Mona's punishment had been fulfilled.[213]

The Final Goodbye
On November 30th, 2020, Pred and Mona had a short conversation over the phone, since Pred and Mona had seemingly been growing apart in their friendship, and Pred had grown extremely close to Andi Jones instead, Pred decided to inform Mona that he now had a new love interest in his life, and that he no longer had any interest in Mona as she was now in the past for him, Mona replied that she didn't really care that much, even though Pred claimed that she was crying about it. Pred then told her that his new love interest was Andi, as they had formed a special relationship, to which Mona responded that she wished him a lot of fun with Andi, and that she hoped to be invited to their wedding, she once again restated that she truly didn't care, but Pred once more urged her to stop crying. Pred then spent a short moment trying to convince Mona to meet up with him to set her up, because Mona was being looked for by the police department, but Mona claimed to be busy, and they eventually ended the phone call with a rushed goodbye. This phone call turned out to be the last time Pred and Mona ever spoke to eachother.[214]

Familial Relationships[edit | edit source]

Adoptive Family[edit | edit source]

Tony Andrews - Adoptive Father‏‏‎ 

Tony Andrews is Pred's adoptive father, he disciplines him with tough love (usually involving verbal or physical beatings). Despite Pred's rogueish nature, Andrews sees great potential in him and attempts to push him to do better police work. When they are both on duty at the same time they can often be seen riding together.

On October 11th, 2019, Andrews forced Pred and Jordan Steele to patrol on bikes around the Legion Square and Pillbox Medical Center area.

On November 2nd, 2019, Andrews forced Pred to do bike patrol again.

On November 11th, 2019, both Pred and Jordan Steele officially got adopted by Tony and Torah Andrews.

On June 26th, 2020, Andrews gave Pred the middle name of "Elizabeth".

Torah Andrews - Adoptive Mother‏‏‎ 

Torah Andrews is Pred's adoptive mother, the two have gone on a few ride-alongs together, but don't see each other that often.

On November 26th, 2019, Pred informed Torah that her husband, Tony Andrews, adopted him and that she is now his mother.[215]

Jordan Steele - Adopted Brother‏‏‎ 

Pred and former officer Jordan Steele originally met during their police academy on August 10th, 2019. When Steele was still an officer he and Pred would often patrol the city together, empowering women. They shared similar interests, including verbally degrading anyone that challenges them and preforming "tandem beatings" on anyone that would run from them. Pred and Steele developed the "tandem beating tactic", and got the approval of the then Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven, to teach it to their fellow officers.[216]

After Steele was fired from the LSPD Pred attempted to keep him in line by suggesting that he attempt to rejoin the LSPD or even find another job. Pred's efforts were sadly in vain as upon hearing of Kayden Dell'Anno's passing, Steele started drinking and taking crack which eventually led to him being shot down and administrated into the ICU after a police chase.

It's unclear how Pred feels about his brother nowadays, as the two don't see each other often. When the topic of his brother is brought up, Pred will refer to him as a two-time convicted murderer and a potential terrorist, despite Steele never being found guilty of the murder of Boba Stone.

On June 23rd, 2020, Pred & Steele got into a verbal disagreement which eventually escalated into Steele pulling a AP pistol on Pred and firing at his police cruiser as Pred was driving away. After getting out of imminent danger Pred called for backup and arrested Steele for assault with a deadly weapon & criminal possession of a firearm [class 2]. Jordan plans on taking Pred to civil court because Pred punched Jordan while he was in cuffs during the incident.

On June 25th, 2020, Steele declared Pred and Brittany Angel "on sight" [217] after hearing a exaggerated story about Pred and Angel beating the shit out of James Apeller at Garage Q on June 24th, 2020.

On July 30th, 2020, Pred and Steele were forced to talk things out by their father. The two talked things out and agreed that they should run Garage Q together, and talked about renaming it "Brother Chief's Impound."

Adopted Family[edit | edit source]

Brian Knight - Adopted Son‏‏‎ 

Brian Knight is Pred's adopted son, they get along well and sometimes patrol together.

When Brittany Angel originally adopted Brian in late 2019, Pred was against the idea of him being his son. But, on January 14th, 2020, Pred officially accepted Brian as his adopted son.

Tahj Carter - Adopted Son‏‏‎ 

Tahj Carter was adopted by Pred's wife, Brittany Angel, this made Carter Pred's adopted son.

Pred didn't care much for Carter, which he didn't hesitate to tell Carter to his face. Pred wanted Carter to develop a more assertive personality, and would sometimes resort to physical violence to try and get that point across to Carter, and when bystanders would comment on his abusive behaviour towards Carter, Pred would tell them that it was his right as a father to strike his child.

The day before Carter was killed, Pred decided to have a conversation with him after Carter told Pred that he was under the impression that Pred hated him. Pred explained to Carter that he didn't hate him, he just truly didn't care for him. He then told Carter that he wouldn't let Carter die if he happened to be able to save him, but that if he did die, he honestly wouldn't care. Pred then told Carter that he was his second least favourite son, stating that the only son lower than him was Bobby Russel, and the only reason that Russel was lower, was because Russel had become Pred's favourite daughter.

Carter was killed the very next day by Doctor Jason Ledson on September 13th, 2020.

In-Laws[edit | edit source]

Adrienne West - Sister-In-Law‏‏‎ 

Adrienne West is Brittany Angel's biological twin sister, Pred's common-law marriage to Angel makes West his sister-in-law.

While Pred has claimed in the past to have had a threesome with Angel and West, this was only ever discussed as a potential option and never actually happened.

Adrienne West was murdered on the night of October 10th, 2020.

Claire Everly - Sister-In-Law‏‏‎ 

Claire Everly is Brittany Angel's biological younger sister, Pred's common-law marriage to Angel makes Claire his sister-in-law.

Pred first heard about Claire arriving in the city on November 3rd, 2020, Frank Williams told Pred that he met a woman that looked almost identical to Angel, at which point Jeffrey Bundy chimed in and stated that Frank was most likely referring to Angel's sister, Claire. Pred was surprised to hear that Angel had another sister as she had never mentioned Claire to Pred, and when Frank mentioned that Claire was actually a very nice woman, Pred seemed excited to meet her.

Pred first met Claire on November 20th, 2020, Pred initially mistook Claire for Angel as he walked up to her to greet her, Claire informed Pred that she was Angel's sister, after which Pred and Claire shortly introduced themselves to eachother. Moments later, Pred walked up to Angel and told her that Claire seemed like a nice person, but Angel informed Pred that Claire was an evil person and that he shouldn't say anything nice about her, Pred quickly went along with Angel to avoid upsetting her.

Due to Angel's behaviour towards Claire, Pred followed suit and started bullying and insulting Claire whenever he saw the opportunity, Pred would often bring up his sexual relationship with Angel to Claire, going into more detail than Claire had wished to hear. Whilst Pred treated Claire unkindly, he would still make sexual advances towards her behind Angel's back. There have been a few rare occasions where Pred has shown some semblance of kindness towards Claire, though never when Angel is around to witness it.

When Claire found out that Pred had been trying to meddle with the relationship between her and her fiancée, Mina Price, Claire was determined to find out why Pred hated her and was trying to ruin her life, but when she confronted Pred about it, he was very upfront about the fact that he didn't hate her at all, he just didn't treat her nicely because Angel hated her. Claire then implored Pred to forget about their past squabbles, and start over as good friends, Pred replied that he would love to be good friend with Claire and seemingly changed his behaviour towards Claire immediately.[218]

Olivia Copper - Daughter-In-Law‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎

Olivia Copper is married to Pred's daughter, Emily Reinhart, making her Pred's daughter-in-law.

Copper is a trooper for the San Andreas State Police, however most of the time when Copper gets on duty, Pred can be seen going off-duty shortly afterwards. When Copper confronted him about this behaviour, Pred stated that he has to go off-duty in order to resist the urge to cheat on his wife, Brittany Angel, with Copper. During the rare occurrence when Pred and Copper are actually on-duty at the same time they can usually be seen patrolling together, with Pred flirting with Copper and her usually returning in kind.

Angel once asked Copper to take care of Pred if Angel were to die, Copper responded that Pred wouldn't be able to handle her but agreed to take care of him nevertheless.[219]

Copper has stated in the past that she's genuinely rooting for Pred and Angel to stay together forever, mainly because she does not want to deal with Pred when he is single.

Work Relationships[edit | edit source]

Los Santos Police Department[edit | edit source]

TJ Mack‏‏‎ 

When TJ Mack transferred to the LSPD from his old city, Pred reached out to help Mack learn the ropes of Los Santos.

The two get along well, and when Pred resigned from the LSPD on February 16th, 2020, Mack inquired about his plans for the future and told him that he should come back to the LSPD.

Stephen McClane‏‏‎ 

Stephen McClane and Pred are rivals, with both of them claiming to be the true father of Brian Knight. Although they enjoy messing around and getting into petty fights, if the scenario requires it they will put aside their differences and work together. McClane regularly attempts to sleep with Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel, which, for obvious reasons, angers Pred and causes him to act hostile towards McClane.

On May 20th, 2020, McClane commissioned Bryce Miller to make a diss track about Pred. He released the track just a day later, on May 21st, 2020.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office[edit | edit source]

Mina Price 

Mina Price and Pred first met eachother when Mina started working for the Department of Corrections, after a few friendly conversations they quickly became friends. Pred started to refer to Mina as his favourite corrections officer, and whenever Pred would run into Mina, he would take the time to strike up a conversation, which would often include flirting with her. Their relationship remained more or less the same after Mina got accepted into the BCSO, though they did manage to see eachother more often.

On October 22nd, 2020, Pred was about to sign off duty when Mina ran over to him, Pred asked if Mina was also going off duty, and invited her to come over to his beach house with him, Mina replied that she wasn't going off duty yet, but that she wouldn't mind coming over after she finished her shift. Pred gave her the address and instructions to his beach house and told her that he would leave the door unlocked for her, to which Mina replied that she would find her way there after she got done working.[220] The details on what exactly happened between them later that night are unknown.

On November 11th, 2020, Mina got pressured into accepting a dice roll against Pred, but when Mina lost the dice roll she refused to pay her debt, which started a feud between Pred and Mina as Pred was very insistent on collecting the money that he was owed. Mina later stated that their relationship had turned into a "Frenemy" relationship because of the money, however Pred disagreed as the gambling debt was nothing personal to him, it was strictly business. The animosity in their relationship slowly faded over time, as Pred seemingly stopped caring about the money she owed him. Once they went back to being good friends, they started spending more time together whilst on duty, and decided to refer to their coupling as "Pride".

When Mina told Pred that his sister-in-law, Claire Everly, had proposed to marry her and that she said yes to the proposal, Pred tried to convince Mina that she was making a huge mistake, and that she could find a much better and more suitable woman than Claire. Pred even went as far as to propose to her himself, stating that they should both leave their significant others and start a relationship together, but Mina declined his proposal.[221] Since then Pred has slowly been working on trying to find another woman for Mina, with the main contender being Tessa Lamb.

Emma Dupont‏‏‎ 

Pred and Emma Dupont are good friends and enjoy working together, Pred has always held a high respect and trust for Dupont when it comes to their work as police officers. While Pred enjoys patrolling the streets together with Dupont, he particularly enjoys involving her in more meaningful investigations, making Dupont one of his go-to partners when it comes to his work as a detective.

During Pred's early days as a cadet, Dupont would voluntarily spend time going over Pred's written reports and correcting his many typographical errors, informing him of his mistakes the next time they ran into eachother. Pred has been attracted to Dupont since the very first time they met, and would often sneak glances at her when he thought she wouldn't notice.[222] Whenever Pred would flirt with her, she would usually indulge him and go along with it, however she also wouldn't hesitate to put him in his place when she felt like he needed it.

Pred once confessed to fantasizing about Dupont in the shower, causing her to question Pred on his relationship with Brittany Angel, seemingly reacting slightly disappointed when Pred informed her that he was in fact still in a relationship.[223] When Pred asked Dupont to be his second wife a few days later, she refused his request, stating that while she thought he was a very attractive man, he simply had too much baggage, referring to the many children he had adopted with Angel.[224]

Rocko Colombo‏‏‎ 

Pred and Rocko Colombo are good friends and Pred often calls him the "Fun Boss". Pred and Colombo started the trend of using tennis rackets during HR meetings in an attempt to "stop the racket".

Colombo has forced Pred to attend multiple PD HR meetings as a result of his relationship with LSPD Sergeant, Brittany Angel.

When Pred attempted to transfer back to the LSPD on April 7th, 2020, Colombo replied to his request with "denied lmao kyleisDab".

On April 21st, 2020, Colombo approved Pred's transfer request to the LSPD after Pred walked all the way up Mount Chiliad and threw "Smeagol" (Vladimir Raven) off of the side.[225]

On July 14th, 2020, Colombo tasked Pred with winning a local jousting tournament in order for him to get promoted to the rank of Senior Officer. After Pred lost the tournament, Colombo told him that he would need to fight Angel in a 1v1 in order to get promoted. Both Pred and Angel agreed to the fight and, after losing within 10 seconds, Colombo promoted Pred to the rank of Senior Officer.

Matt Rhodes‏‏‎ 

Pred and Matt Rhodes attended the same academy class, joining the police department in the same recruit of Cadets. While they joke around a lot, Pred shows respect for Rhodes and often turns to him for assistance if required. Pred and Rhodes routinely attempt to disrupt each other's relationships.

Randy Wrangler‏‏‎ 

Randy Wrangler and Pred get along well and enjoy riding together when they are both on duty.

San Andreas State Police[edit | edit source]

Jackie Snow‏‏‎ 

Pred holds great respect for Jackie Snow, and vice versa. Snow often attempts to push Pred in a more serious route as he sees great potential in him.

When Pred was a cadet, Snow was one of the main people to FTO him.

Pillbox Medical Staff[edit | edit source]

Choi Zhangsun 

Choi Zhangsun is a doctor working for Pillbox Medical Center, Pred and Choi have always had a very friendly relationship, and whenever Pred would run into Choi he would often flirt with her, which she didn't seem to mind.

During early January, 2020, Pred was on a break from his relationship with Brittany Angel, and had developed an interest in starting a potential relationship with Choi instead. Pred asked Choi to spend more time together outside of work, and Choi agreed, though she made it clear that they would start their relationship as just friends before moving any further. After the two continued flirting with eachother for a few days, Pred eventually confessed to Choi that he wanted to start an actual relationship with her, though Choi was interested, she was also very hesitant as she was very much aware that Pred liked to toy with women's emotions. She told Pred that she wanted to be sure that Pred was serious about her before agreeing to anything, after which Pred promised to prove to Choi how much she meant to him. When Choi later found out that Pred had planned to spend the night with her co-worker, Pixie Plum, she informed Pred that he wasn't off to a good start, in response Pred decided to cancel his plans with Pixie, so he could prove to Choi that he truly meant what he had told her.

The two never ended up in a relationship as Pred eventually got back together with Angel, though Pred never stopped flirting with Choi since then. A few months later, Choi confessed that she would have started a relationship with Pred if he hadn't gotten back together with Angel.

Saphira Sinclair 

Saphira Sinclair is a paramedic working for the Emergency Medical Services, Pred and Sinclair have a friendly relationship, though a very flirtatious one as Pred has a history of "Empowering" a number of female EMS workers. Pred was once caught flirting with Sinclair by Leonardo Sand, who told him to stop hitting on his medical staff.

In late November, 2020, Pred made sexual advances towards Sinclair, however she informed Pred that she wasn't available as she already had a boyfriend, though she also stated that she rarely saw her boyfriend. A few days later, Sinclair responded to Pred getting injured in a car crash and worriedly worked on stabilizing him and bringing him to the hospital. As they entered the hospital, Pred thanked Sinclair for saving him, and told her that appreciated her, he then stated that if he were to ever cheat on his wife, it'd be with her. Pred asked Sinclair if she was single, but quickly reminded himself that she already had a boyfriend, after pointing out that she rarely saw her boyfriend, he asked her to come over to his mansion later that night. Sinclair agreed to come over to his mansion, and asked Pred for the keys, which he swiftly handed over to her.[226] Shortly afterwards, Pred found out that Sinclair was dating Pred's co-worker, Matt Vice, and was amused by the fact that he'd be hooking up with Vice's girlfriend. The details on what exactly happened between Pred and Sinclair later that night are unknown.

A few days later, Pred's son, Domenic Toretti, showed a romantic interest in Sinclair, and Pred pushed him to try and get a date with her, however after Toretti left, Pred walked up to Sinclair and stated that she shouldn't be with Toretti, and that she should be with Pred instead.

Personal Relationships[edit | edit source]

Love Interests[edit | edit source]

Whitney Crawford 

Whitney Crawford is a judge working for the Department of Justice, Pred has been attracted to Whitney since their very first meeting, however he has also shown hints that his interests might be deeper than just physical attraction, as he has alluded to having a romantic interest in her as well. Pred is extremely nice to Whitney and treats her with a lot of respect, he has also told Whitney that he would do literally anything for her.

Pred first met Whitney on October 8th, 2020 at MRPD, as soon as Whitney showed up, Lisa Adkins pointed her out to Pred, stating that a new toy had arrived for him. Pred and Whitney were seemingly attracted to eachother at first sight, Whitney then started circling Pred to get a good look at him, and asked him if he would be interested in being her pool boy. When Pred stated that he wouldn't mind being Whitney's pool boy, Whitney handed over her phone number to Pred, but when Pred was handing over his number in return, Ashley Smith chimed in to mention that Pred had a wife. Pred told Whitney that she shouldn't pay any attention to what Ashley was saying, and Whitney seemed more than happy to gloss over the fact that Pred was married.[227] When they ran into eachother a few days later, Pred confirmed with her that he had gotten the job as Whitney's pool boy.

While Pred was attending a court case presided by Whitney as a judge, TJ Mack asked Pred who the new judge was, to which Pred stated that she was incredibly attractive, and that he was in love with her. When Pred saw an opportunity to address Whitney, he told her that he had purchased her a bouquet of flowers, and that it should be waiting for her at home, and Whitney happily thanked him for the kind gesture. After flirting with Whitney for a short while during a recess in the case, Pred informed Emma Dupont that he was planning to try and get together with Whitney.

Jacklyn May‏‏‎ 

Pred and Jacklyn May are good friends, they don't get to see eachother very often, but whenever they do, Pred is always exceptionally nice and caring towards her. Pred once told her that she is the person he cherishes the most in the world.

Since shortly after their first meeting, Pred had seemingly developed a romantic interest in Jacklyn, as he has shown an interest in starting a relationship with her on several occasions, however Jacklyn has always declined his propositions in an apologetic manner, stating that she was already in a relationship with someone else. This doesn't keep Pred from flirting with her whenever he gets to see her, which Jacklyn doesn't seem to mind.

During the time when Pred was keeping his relationship with Brittany Angel a secret, Jacklyn was one of the first people that Pred confided in that Angel was actually his girlfriend, and when Pred told her that he had actually fallen in love with Angel, Jacklyn made sure to inform Angel about it the very same day. This pushed Angel to confront Pred about it shortly afterwards, and caused them to go public about their relationship.

After Pred first purchased his Nissan Skyline R32, he almost immediately called Jacklyn to show her his new car, and to get her to take a look under the hood, since she worked as a mechanic for QuickFix. While Jacklyn was working on the car, Pred decided to name the car "Jacklyn", as a tribute to her, and stated that if he were to win the Benchmark Race, he would dedicate the win to her, in hopes of winning over her heart. Jacklyn replied in an adoring tone that it was a romantic gesture of him, but that she was still in a relationship with someone else. During the time that Pred owned that car, he took Jacklyn out for a drive on several occassions, and eventually decided to make Jacklyn the exclusive mechanic for his car, stating that she would be the only mechanic allowed to repair the vehicle for him.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Susie Carmichael‏‏‎ 

Susie Carmichael is one of Pred's gambling friends, whenever Pred runs into her he will ask her to roll some dice with him, she usually accepts the bet without hesitation as she has a hard time resisting it due to her struggle with a gambling addiction. Pred has expressed a sexual interest towards Susie multiple times, however also mentioned that he wouldn't act on it unless his wife, Brittany Angel, were to be involved.

July 2020 - Bankruptcy and a Breakup  

On July 20th, 2020, Pred responded to a jewelry store robbery in which Susie was involved, they were about to flee from the store before Pred decided to challenge Susie to a dice roll, the stakes were everything Susie had gained from robbing the store against Pred's $25,000, Susie agreed to the roll but ended up losing, she quickly fled the scene without paying her debt as she was under the impression that Pred was cheating by using loaded dice.[228] After apprehending Susie, she continued to claim that Pred was cheating but after going back and forth for a while she believed that he wasn't using loaded dice, she then challenged him to a $50,000 dice roll however Pred told her that he had lost his trust in her because she ran away without paying her debt. While transporting her down to MRPD, Pred called over PD radio that Susie would like to be patted down by a female officer while Pred would take pictures, Susie was laughing in the backseat claiming that the other officers wouldn't believe him.[229] During processing Susie inquired whether Pred was still together with Angel, when asked why she wanted to know she said that he had once invited her back to his mansion to sit on his face, Pred stated that he probably did say that to Susie but that he was still together with his "Cyclops engaged-to-be-engaged fiancé" Angel, when questioned on the cyclops part he mentioned that he accidentally knocked out Angel's eye.[230] He then challenged her to a dice roll for her entire bank account but said that she would first have to pay off the debt she still owed him, Susie agreed to the challenge and would come find him when she got out of jail. Later that day Susie approached Pred with a suitcase filled with $35,900 to pay off her debts, after Susie mentioned that she had been in jail for a very long time Pred was under the impression that she was asking him to hook up but she quickly denied it saying that she wanted to dice roll her entire bank account with him.[231] Pred took some time to think about it but eventually decided to take on the bet, Susie ended up losing the roll and paid up her entire bank account which consisted of $344,000 to Pred.[232] Later in the day Susie approached Pred and offered him a $50,000 roll, he gladly accepted the bet but after she once again lost the roll against Pred she confessed that she didn't actually have the money to pay him and ended up in debt to him with the promise that she would pay him the money.[233]

Higher Stakes
On July 21st, 2020, Pred was taking care of Susie who got injured during a shootout, while watching over her Pred asked if she was in a relationship with anyone, when she responded that she was, Pred challenged her to a dice roll for her relationship, the bet was that if Pred won, Susie would have to break-up with Raul Rodriguez and start dating Pred and if Susie won, Pred would break-up with Angel, but Susie turned down the challenge as she wasn't willing to gamble her relationship.[234] When Pred asked her to gamble for her house instead, Susie told Pred that Raul got mad at her for gambling so she couldn't gamble anymore. While waiting for medical to arrive Pred asked to roll Susie for her medical bills, she seemed interested and asked what she would have to put up, Pred replied that if she lost she would have to spend the rest of the day resting in the ICU, Susie agreed to the bet and ended up losing the dice roll.[235] Susie asked to double-or-nothing which she also ended up losing turning it into two days of rest in the ICU. While Susie was being treated in the hospital she desperately asked to triple-or-nothing the bet which she finally ended up winning, now that she didn't have to spend time in ICU she was ready for Pred to take her to jail, they spent a while gambling together in the holding cells of MRPD and before she got sent off to prison Pred and Susie made a promise to keep her gambling a secret from Raul because he would break-up with her if he found out.[236]

The Addiction Grows
On July 22nd, 2020, Pred ran into Susie and Raul outside of the Bean Machine, Raul went ahead inside and left Susie outside with Pred, Pred asked Susie how much money she had on her as he was looking to gamble with her, but Susie replied that she was broke after her money got taken away so she wouldn't gamble anymore. Since Susie didn't have any money, Pred instead asked her to roll for her shoes, Susie replied that they were brand new as Raul had just bought them for her, but she was willing to roll him for her shoes, suddenly Raul walked up beside them and Susie immediately stopped talking about gambling and said that she had to go get some burgers.[237] Pred talked to Raul about how Susie was trying to gamble with him again but Raul said he already knew as he had overheard their conversation, Raul continued that he is really trying to put a stop to her gambling but that he is lost on what to do about it, Pred suggested that she might just need to feel the rush of winning a roll and asked how much money she had in her accounts, Raul replied that he had already frozen all of Susie's accounts to keep her from gambling.[238] Susie came back and the three continued talking about gambling, Susie got desperate as the conversation went on and begged Raul to let her gamble with his money, Raul seemed fed up with her and told her to do whatever she wants as she's the one making the mistake, after Susie asked Raul to lend her $10,000 to gamble against Pred he simply walked away from them in disappointment, Pred and Susie didn't end up gambling as Pred suddenly had to leave to respond to a priority call.[239]

Too Afraid to Lose
On July 23rd, 2020, Pred had Susie in custody when he asked her to gamble with him, but Susie refused claiming that she was reformed and wouldn't roll with him anymore, Pred kept trying to persuade her until she eventually challenged him for a roll against her relationship with Raul, she said she would put up her relationship against Pred's $344,000, Pred refused the bet as he stated that he wouldn't get anything out of it. When Susie kept taunting him saying that he was scared he instead suggested to roll for both of their relationships, Susie breaking up with Raul if she lost and Pred breaking up with Angel if he lost, when Susie called his bluff and said she'd take the bet, Pred quickly changed his mind making up the excuse that he doesn't trust Susie.

Feeding the Addiction
On July 27th, 2020, Pred ran into Susie outside of Legion Square Bank, Susie was with her therapist, Regina Bunny, who was helping Susie get over her gambling addiction, Regina immediately told Pred to back away from Susie and told him that he wasn't allowed to roll dice with her anymore. Pred told Regina that he isn't forcing Susie to do anything and tried to convince Susie to roll $10,000 with him, Regina repeatedly told Susie to say no but Susie had a hard time turning down the dice roll, after Regina kept insisting to say no Susie told her that she was just going to hang out with Pred as friends without gambling. When Regina threatened to tell Raul, Susie said that Raul broke up with her because of their irreconcilable differences, Pred seemed to feel sorry for her but told her that Lady Luck and her pair of dice would never leave her.[240] Regina kept chastising Pred for trying to get Susie to gamble until Susie told Pred to follow her and led him away from Regina. Susie and Pred hid behind Pred's car and gambled out of sight of Regina, Susie ended up losing the initial roll and a double-or-nothing, paying out $20,000 to Pred.[241] Pred offered to teach Susie some of his tricks to help with her gambling, but unfortunately Pred had to leave to respond to a police call.

Sharing the Love
On August 1st, 2020, Pred was gambling with Susie when she talked about getting some flowers for herself while at Pillbox, Pred offered to buy the flowers for her, and told her that if he wasn't in a committed relationship with Angel, he would definitely be interested in being with Susie because of their mutual love for gambling, Susie responded that Pred would always ask her to come back to his mansion with Angel, and now that Raul broke up with her she wouldn't be opposed to joining them.[242]

Natalie Martell‏‏‎ 

Pred and Natalie Martell have a friendly relationship, Pred often refers to her as "Nat". When Pred started gambling he noticed that Natalie had a difficult time turning down a dice roll whenever he started to pressure her into it, this caused Pred to keep pushing her into gambling with him whenever he saw her. Natalie ended up getting bankrupted several times at the hands of Pred due to her inability to turn him down. After losing her money again and again, Natalie started to blame Pred for ruining her life, however they still remained friendly towards one another, and continued to gamble with eachother.

Once Pred became a multi-millionaire, Natalie asked Pred if he would be willing to adopt her as his daughter, hoping for either an allowance or inheritance from him. Pred refused to adopt her due to his sexual attraction towards her, and instead offered to bring her back to his mansion to have unprotected sex, but Natalie declined the offer, pointing out that Pred was already married to another woman. When Natalie started to call Pred "Dad", he seemed to enjoy it a little more than he should've, and she almost managed to sway him into adopting her, but he refrained from doing so in the end.

Coop Holliday‏‏‎ 

Pred and Coop Holliday became close friends rather quickly. The two men tend to overshare and brag about personal accomplishments in the bedroom among themselves and to others. One specific situation from when they first met involves them "tag-teaming" Claire Seducer at Coop's house.[243] Claire claims this never happened, as she can't remember it, due to her memory condition.

Other[edit | edit source]

Juan Carlos Hernandez‏‏‎ 

Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez and Pred have a fierce rivalry, whenever the two cross paths Pred often initiates the conversation with an insult, to which Flippy often responds to with another insult. Due to Flippy being a criminal, the two often find each other in the opposite sides & focus on one another during skirmishes, calling each other by names and continuing with the insults.

Gioconda Coppola‏‏‎ 

Gioconda Coppola has a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with Pred, who once kept seeking her out for lap-dances, including ones inside moving police vehicles, even though he was is in a relationship with LSPD Sergeant, Brittany Angel.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Loss of The Eye (Empty) 
The Gambling Man 

*** Work in Progress ***

The Gambling Man
When Pred hit rock-bottom in terms of his financial status, he decided to take up gambling to try and become rich. This is the story about how Pred became a millionaire within five days of gambling, each chapter includes a detailed list of dice rolls at the bottom for the corresponding dates it covers. The extras include a list of Pred's highest stakes rolls, and the various vehicles he has won with his gambling.

Chapter One - Humble Beginnings 

Humble Beginnings

On July 14th, 2020, Pred hit rock-bottom in regards to his financial status having only $315 in his bank account. Pred decided that he was going to borrow money from someone and gamble his way to wealth, all he needed was someone willing to lend him money. He started by asking for a loan over the PD radio, the first officer to respond was TJ Mack who immediately refused. Ben Kruezer then spoke up asking Pred for his current location and shortly afterwards showed up at the Fleeca bank that Pred was located at. After Pred failed to convince Mona Sanchez to lend him money over the phone, he turned to Ben asking him for a $50,000 loan. Whilst Ben sounded very hesitant, he still decided to comply and sent Pred $50,000 to his bank account. Whilst Ben was transferring the money, Pred promised him he would pay him back eventually, Pred then stepped into his cruiser to look for someone to gamble the money with. Pred ran into Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana outside of the Integrity Apartments and straight away asked him for a $50,000 dice roll, Speedy agreed to a game of "3 6" where they both roll three six-sided dice and the person with the highest score wins. Pred rolled a 13 against Speedy's 11 making Pred the winner. While they were ready to head over to the bank and settle the debt they instead decided to "double or nothing" meaning that if Speedy lost he would have to pay $100,000 and if Pred lost he wouldn't receive any money. Pred proceeded to roll a 12 against Speedy's 8, once again making him the victor and winning him a total of $100,000. After collecting his winnings from Speedy at the bank, Pred decided to do a three-way roll with Benji Ramos and Hershy each putting up $25,000. Pred was once again victorious with a roll of 10 against Benji's 5, and Hershy's 8, winning him another $50,000. Some time afterwards Pred ran into Ben and instead of paying him back, he asked him to roll for the money he owed Ben. However instead of straight up rolling for the debt, Ben suggested a roll where Ben would put up $25,000 and Pred would put up $50,000, Pred agreed. After numerous rolls Pred ended up winning a double or nothing, clearing him of the $50,000 debt that he owed Ben. Later that day Pred ran into his adoptive-son Frank Beans and challenged him to roll for Frank's entire bank account, which was a total of $85,299 after some hesitation Frank decided to agree to the roll. Pred proceeded to win the roll with an 11 against Frank's 7, however immediately upon losing Frank made a break for his motorcycle and sped off to avoid paying his gambling debt. After a number of run-ins and phone calls with Frank, where Pred demanded him to pay him his money and even threatening to bill him for the amount he was owed, Frank still refused to pay his debt. During his patrol of the city Pred did a number of dice rolls with Ryan Parker which eventually ended with another $10,293 profit for Pred. Later on in the day Pred convinced Nicky Santana to agree to a dice roll for his entire bank account which consisted of $9,743, Pred won with a 13 against Nicky's 6, Nicky however tried to run to his motorcycle to get out of paying his debt but immediately got chased down by Brittany Angel and pushed off his motorcycle by her. Pred proceeded to forcibly drag Nicky to an ATM but as soon as Pred loosened his grip on Nicky, he once again ran for his motorcycle, this time getting punched off the motorcycle by Pred. After getting into an extended fight with Pred, Nicky once again got forced back to the ATM by Pred, this time however Pred got distracted by getting into an argument with Angel, and Nicky successfully managed to run away and dodge his gambling debts. Pred ended up with $221,103 in his bank account after a successful day of gambling.

List of dice rolls on July 14th 
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 1.png
Chapter Two - The Hustler 

The Hustler

On July 16th, 2020, Pred's first roll off the day was against Erin Cox for $20,000, Pred won the roll and immediately after depositing the money at the bank, Pred tried to convince Kevin Keyte to roll his entire bank account against Pred but he refused. Pred then tried to manipulate Erin into gambling a large sum of money or even her car, she immediately tried leaving to avoid making the mistake of losing a large bet, but kept getting challenged to a roll by Pred, Erin kept refusing to roll and eventually Pred switched his attention to Kevin who did agree to a $10,000 roll that Pred won. Erin eventually caved in and agreed to roll against Pred again but after Pred won a $10,000 against her, he did another roll with her and lost the same amount, putting him back to even. Later in the day Pred managed to convince Ben Kruezer for a roll against his entire bank account, which consisted of $105,159, Pred ended up winning the roll and upsetting Lauren Forcer in the process. A while later Pred managed to convince Garry Berry to also roll his entire bank account, which Pred once again ended up winning, adding another $23,000 to his account. Pred then asked both Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez and Curtis Swoleroid to roll against him, they agreed to quite a large roll and Pred ended up losing $50,000 to Flippy, but he still came out ahead when he won a $75,000 roll against Curtis right after. Curtis tried to talk Pred into rolling more money against him, but Pred refused saying that he was trying to save up for a Mustang and advised Curtis to go roll other people instead so he could build up his bank account and then come back to Pred for another big roll. While Pred was at MRPD, Vincent Glass asked to roll Pred for $20,000, Pred gladly accepted the bet and ended up winning, which caused Brittany Angel to call Pred a cheater as she couldn't believe how much money he had been making in such a short time, Pred did a few more rolls against Glass and came out with another $15,000 in profit. Before the end of the day, Pred did one last roll against Tony Corleone for $20,000 which Pred ended up losing. Pred finished the day with a profit of $198,545 and a total of $430,262 in his bank account.

On July 18th, 2020, -

On July 19th, 2020, -

List of dice rolls on July 16th 
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 2.png
List of dice rolls on July 18th 
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 3.png
List of dice rolls on July 19th 
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 4.png
Chapter Three - The Millionaire 

The Millionaire

On July 20th, 2020, -

List of dice rolls on July 20th 
Millionaire Dice Rolls Day 5.png
Extra - High Stakes Rolls 

High Stakes Rolls
This list contains any dice rolls with a value higher than $200,000.

Participant(s) Wager Dice Rolls Winner Result
Brie Sanchez $200K 13 - 7 Pred +$200,000
Susie Carmichael $344K 9 - 7 Pred +$344,000
Buck Stanton $200K 8 - 15 Stanton -$200,000
Shane Powers A Kiss 10 - 15 Shane Shane got a kiss
Ash Huddy Hudson $200K 9 - 13 Huddy -$200,000
Outto-Tune Tyrone $200K 14 - 12 Pred +$200,000
Jordan Walker $500K 4 - 20 Jordan -$500,000
Jordan Walker $600K 13 - 9 Pred +$600,000
Buck Stanton $300K 11 - 9 Pred +$300,000
Jordan Walker $500K 14 - 2 Pred +$500,000
Jordan Walker $250K 2 - 3 Jordan -$250,000
Liv Lassen A Lapdance 6 - 11 Liv Liv got a lapdance
Jason Paul $200K 12 - 4 Pred +$200,000
Jason Paul $200K 6 - 15 JP -$200,000
Jason Paul $200K 15 - 11 Pred +$200,000
Jason Paul $200K 11 - 9 Pred +$200,000
Leila Issaa A Date 9 - 16 Leila Pred didn't get a date
Ash Huddy Hudson $200K 13 - 9 Pred +$200,000
Reid Dankleaf $300K 10 - 9 Pred Reid is in debt
Buck Stanton $200K 8 - 13 Stanton -$200,000
Arush Patel Santana $400K 6 - 9 Speedy Speedy cleared his debt
Juan Carlos Hernandez $200K 9 - 12 Flippy -$200,000
Matthew Espinoz $200K 16 - 5 Pred +$200,000
Karl Johnny Black $250K 9 - 10 KJ -$250,000
Karl Johnny Black $300K 11 - 9 Pred +$300,000
Juan Carlos Hernandez $200K 4 - 8 Flippy -$200,000
James Apeller $500K 10 - 7 Pred +$500,000
James Apeller $350K 6 - 11 Apples -$350,000
James Apeller $690K 15 - 13 Pred +$690,000
Juan Carlos Hernandez $500K 8 - 13 Flippy -$500,000
Joel Garcia $400K 9 - 16 Garcia -$400,000
Joel Garcia $800K 13 - 7 Pred +$800,000
Jordan Walker $1000K 12 - 8 Pred +$1,000,000
Noah Drake $250K 9 - 13 Drake -$250,000
Jordan Walker $1000K 4 - 16 Jordan -$1,000,000
Juan Carlos Hernandez $1000K 5 - 10 Flippy -$1,000,000
Unknown $250K 5 - 10 Unknown -$250,000
Unknown $550K 16 - 14 Pred +$550,000
Wayne Biggaz $800K 9 - 13 Wayne -$800,000
Ruger Danielson $200K 8 - 16 Ruger -$200,000
Juan Carlos Hernandez $400K 9 - 7 Pred +$400,000
Juan Carlos Hernandez $400K 12 - 8 Pred +$400,000
Outto-Tune Tyrone $500K 10 - 14 OTT -$500,000
Outto-Tune Tyrone $500K 8 - 12 OTT -$500,000
Outto-Tune Tyrone $450K 11 - 13 OTT -$450,000
Extra - Vehicles Won 

Vehicles Won
This list contains the vehicles that Pred has won from gambling.

Car Model Previous Owner Wager Status
Super Diamond James Apeller $50,000 Owned
Banshee James Apeller $50,000 Owned
Kuruma Cedric Stanfield $25,000 Given to Johnny Divine
Buffalo S Cedric Stanfield $25,000 Owned
Sultan Bred Baker $125,000 Owned
Blista Amoris Pax $20,000 Given to Robert Banks
Porsche 911 Matthew Espinoz $650,000 Lost to Outto-Tune Tyrone

On July 14th, 2020, Pred was called into the lower MRPD office by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo and Sergeant Brittany Angel. After entering the office Pred is approached by Colombo and is asked if he thinks he has what it takes to be a Senior Officer. Pred responds to Colombo by he's thought himself as a Senior Officer ever since he was born, and that he's ready to be the next Chief of Police. Colombo informs Pred that he's gonna put him through a trial to see if he's truly ready to be promoted, and that he requires him to win a local jousting event if he wants to be promoted. As they head to the jousting event Colombo tells Pred that he originally wanted to do the Lord of The Rings again, but it would've taken too much effort to organize and they pretty much did all the movies for when Pred transferred back to the LSPD. The three of them then head to the jousting event at the racetrack by the casino. While driving to the event Pred informs Colombo that he's earned over $300,000 from gambling with criminals. After spending around two minutes figuring out how to actually get there, they finally arrive at the event.

After arriving at the event Allen Widemann and Vinny Pistone explain the rules to everybody and the event begins. The event briefly gets hijacked by multiple Rickys taking Angel hostage but eventually gets back on track after the Rickys exchange Angel for free passage and flee. After getting Angel back, Pred is up against Wayne Kerr and instantly gets taken down. As his body is carried to medical Colombo compliments him on his near instant failure while Pred makes excuses for his lose. Colombo then orders Pred to stand in the middle of a nearby field and await further instructions. After talking with other officers for a second, Colombo walks towards Pred and informs him that in order for him to be promoted, he needs Pred to 1v1 Angel. Pred then calls Angel over to the field and prepares for the fight. After Angel gets to the field, Colombo calls her over and tells him of his plan. Angel is very open to fighting Pred.

"I'm gonna punch him so hard in the dick it fucking flies to Uranus..." - Angel, after learning that she has to fight Pred.

Colombo then calls over Stephen McClane, Olivia Copper, and Brian Knight to spectate the fight and put bids on who wins. Colombo puts $10,000 on Angel winning, Lydia Vale puts $2,000 dollars on Pred, McClane puts $5,000 on Angel, Copper puts $6,000 on Angel, Knight puts $1,000 on Pred, and Pred tries to put $100,000 on Angel winning, but gets denied. After taking everybody's bets, Colombo walks over to where Angel and Pred are and informs them of the rules:

  1. Anything goes, except for guns and tasers
  2. Keep it as unfair as possible because that's how life works

As Colombo begins to countdown to the beginning of the fight, Pred tells Angel that he loves her and that they don't have to fight. Angel responds by saying that she loves him too, but they most definitely do have to fight. Within 10 seconds of the fight beginning Angel tackles Pred and stabs him multiple times downing him. As Angel stands over Pred's body, the crowd chant for her to take his eye. She then stabs him and the eye and he passes out. As Pred gets treated by EMS, Colombo informs him that even though he lost the fight, he's still being promoted to Senior Officer. After being treated Pred walks over to Angel and tells her that he was gonna propose to her during the fight, but because she stabbed his eye out he's not gonna do it, and then heads to bed.

The Quest to Return to The LSPD 

On April 21st, 2020, Pred was called into the captain's office by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo and Sergeant Vladimir Raven. As Pred enters the captain's office, Colombo begins reciting a speech while playing fantasy music.[244]

"Kyle Pred. It has come to my attention that you wish to switch from the BCSO to the LSPD. But, the journey will not be that simple my friend. You will have to, uh, voyage to the top of Mount Chiliad. Only there will you find the answer to your question 'Will I be able to switch to the LSPD'. You will be dressed in the proper attire and dropped off at a location to venture alone on foot to the top of Mount Chiliad. Only then will you know the answer to your question." - Colombo's pre-journey speech.

After Colombo finishes his speech, Pred asks Colombo what the "proper attire" is and Colombo tells him that they'll dress him up correctly, and begin escorting him into the PD locker room. While in the locker room, Colombo tells Pred to dress up like a hobbit. As Pred dresses himself both Colombo and Brittany Angel remark about how great this quest is going to be. Eventually, Pred dresses in a black beanie, black backpack, black vest, brown leather pants, and no shoes; he also put on a long-haired wig and a fake beard. After finishing his outfit, Colombo, Raven, and Angel take him up to the roof of MRPD and all four of them get in a helicopter and set out to the starting location.

While flying to the starting location Angel asks Pred to sign a life insurance policy in case he somehow dies on his journey, to which he denies. Eventually, the helicopter sets down about halfway up Mount Chiliad and Pred begins his journey. He first lights a cigar, puts it in his mouth, and begins listening to the soundtrack from The Lord of The Rings. While Pred continues his perilous hike, Colombo, Raven, and Angel are dying of laughter in the helicopter and decide to head down to the clothing store in Grapeseed and dress up as characters from The Lord of The Rings. Angel dresses up like Galadriel, Colombo dresses up as Gandalf, and Raven dresses up like Gollum. Angel puts on a long flowing white-colored wig, a white pearl necklace, long blue dress, and high heels, Colombo puts on a white dunce cap, a fake white beard, a gray scarf, a long white jacket, a gray undershirt, white pants, and black boots, and Raven puts on a zombie mask, and shorts. After all of them are finished dressing up they get into the helicopter and head to the top of Mount Chiliad. As they fly up Angel remarks that her favorite scene in The Lord of the Rings was when Gandalf flew over the mountain in a helicopter with thermal vision. After a short flight, they land on the top of Mount Chiliad and head up to the roof of the trolley station and wait for Pred to make his way up. Eventually, Pred finally makes his way to the top, and slowly walks towards Colombo, Raven, Angel, and a random Monkey that tagged along.[245] As he walks over to the top of the trolley station, Colombo welcomes him as Gandalf and asks him if wants to transfer to the LSPD, with Pred saying that he does. Colombo then asks Pred why he transferred to the BCSO in the first place, and says that it was a huge waste of PD High Command's time. Pred explains that he transferred because the LSPD shot his brother, Jordan Steele, and because of "character development". Colombo tells him that they're cops, so they're not allowed to develop as a character, and is confused on how Pred didn't know that already. Colombo then sends Pred up the top of the trolley station where there lies a note with the answer to his transfer quest. The note read "lol no" and Pred stared at it for a couple of seconds before yelling at Colombo that he could've just told him that, and that he hiked up a mountain in his bare feet. Colombo then tells Pred that the answer isn't as simple as just a "lol no", and asks him if he's seen the ending to The Lord of The Rings, with Pred responding that he has, several times in fact. Colombo then explains that Pred needs to fight Raven for his spot in the LSPD. Pred then picks Raven up, walks over to the side of the trolley station, and throws him off the mountain.[225] After throwing Raven off the side of the mountain, Colombo exclaims that Pred has proven himself, that Pred has proven that he really wants to rejoin the LSPD and stop wasting PD High Command's time with stupid transfers, and then officially accepts the transfer request.[246] As the music finishes Colombo, Angel, and Pred remark that that was fun, but Pred did actually throw Raven off the side of the mountain and they should probably get him medical treatment. The Monkey then tells Pred to get his shit together and throws him off the mountain as well.[247] As Pred falls down the mountain Angel runs back to the helicopter so that they can retrieve Raven and Pred.

Angel then flies close to where Raven landed and makes Colombo retrieve his body. Angel then flies down to where Pred landed and makes the Monkey save him, as the Monkey gets out it also falls to his demise but somehow picks itself back up and picks up Pred's body. As the Monkey is retrieving Pred's body, Colombo loads up Raven's body into a car, picks up Pred, and the Monkey and attempts to head down the mountain. The EMS then asks for a status update.

"Gandalf is retrieving Frodo, don't worry about it. Smeagel fell from the tower." - Angel updating Dispatch on their status.

Colombo gets their car stuck on a rock, and Angel boops them with the helicopter to get them unstuck and says over the radio "Drive you fools."

Eventually, Colombo successfully maneuvers the vehicle down Mount Chiliad and sets course towards Pillbox Medical Center. As they drive towards Pillbox Medical, Colombo crashes the car into another car launching all four of them out of the car. Colombo then escorts Pred into the helicopter and the Monkey brings Raven. Eventually, the five of them land at Pillbox Medical.

"Look, long story short we went on a long quest and I'm Gandalf the White." - Colombo explaining the situation to the EMS.

Pred and Raven then receive medical treatment while Colombo explains to the doctors what happened. After everyone receives medical treatment Colombo and Angel agree that they've milked this for long enough and should probably go do police work. As they leave they run into Brian Knight and explain what happened. Colombo then informs them that he's going 10-42 and that he won't allow Pred to switch departments again. Pred and Angel then get a ride back to MRPD from Knight and head back on routine patrol.

"360 converting once again to the call-sign 410." - Pred, after officially transferring back to the LSPD

Private Investigator 

On February 18th, 2020, Pred started offering his services as a private investigator, and a monster hunter. After returning to law enforcement work, Pred still operates as a PI and a monster hunter during his free time, but not that frequently.

On March 13th, 2020, Pred fought Jason Boorhees on the Sandy Shores airfield.[248]

LSPD Resignation 

On February 16th, 2020, Pred was angered by LSPD's response to Jordan Steele's actions. Earlier that day, Jordan was gunned down in a shootout, after opening fire on police officers. While Pred seems to understand why Jordan was shot, he was angered that no one seemed to want to help Jordan; as it was apparent that he was not in the right state of mind after losing his job.

After visiting Jordan in the hospital, and brief discussions with other officers, Pred left the hospital. He made his way to Mission Row Police Station, handed his badge over to Lance Malton, and stormed out while Malton ran to inform the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith about the incident. Bobby decided to keep Pred's badge on-hand, hoping that Pred would reach out, and eventually return to his job.[249]

On February 25th, 2020, Pred returned to law enforcement work by joining the BCSO after speaking with Travis Tribble.[250]


On November 27th, 2019, following the success of Pred's raid on Aaron Flocko, and the positive feedback on his suggestion regarding attorneys, Pred approached Trooper Tony Andrews about his interest in joining the State Police Joint Task Force. Pred noted that Aaron Flocko had been recently "blooded in" as a gang member for The Families, and inquired about potentially having The Families as an SPJTF target in the future.

Aaron Flocko Raid 

On November 24th, 2019, Pred was able to help gather evidence and conduct a raid on Aaron Flocko. When the raid had concluded, he also proposed a search warrant for the phone records of Flocko's attorney, Gladys Berry. Pred had witnessed Gladys making a phone call after speaking with her client directly before the raid began. He suspected Gladys of reaching out to Flocko's associates, in order to move any incriminating items or evidence.

Pred suggested to High Command that going forward, all defense attorneys called into MRPD for representation during these types of events, should have their radio and phone confiscated. These items are to be removed prior to discussing the raid with their client and returned only after the raid had fully concluded.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Accepted into Academy August 10th, 2019
Passed Academy - Badge #556 [251] August 14th, 2019
Signed off on Booking and Comms by Trooper, Jackie Snow August 27th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Cleared for Solo Patrol by the Asst. Chief, Olivia Copper - Badge #656 [252] September 7th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Signed off on Pursuits by Senior Officer, Brittany Angel September 7th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Signed off on Investigations by Trooper, Jackie Snow September 11th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Took his final evaluation with LSPD Lieutenant, Jack Ripley September 19th, 2019
Promoted by Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven - Badge #410 [253] October 3rd, 2019
Official promotion ceremony[254] October 4th, 2019
Lead an investigation and raid on Aaron Flocko [255] November 24th, 2019
Invited into the SPJTF, after his raid on Flocko November 27th, 2019
Resigned; Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, held his badge for if he returned[249] February 16th, 2020
Joined BCSO after speaking with Sheriff, Travis Tribble - Badge #360 [250] February 25th, 2020
E-mailed Sergeant, Brittany Angel, requesting a transfer back to LSPD April 7th, 2020
Transferred back to the LSPD; Approved by Undersheriff, Rocko Colombo - Badge #410 [246] April 21st, 2020
Suspended for 24 hours; bought 7 LSD tabs from Eugene Zuckerberg in front of MRPD June 17th, 2020
Senior Officer
Promoted by Undersheriff, Rocko Colombo [256] July 14th, 2020
Senior Officer
Rejoined the roster of the Joint Task Force [257] August 5th, 2020
Senior Officer
"Fired" by Chief of Police, Bobby Smith August 13th, 2020
Senior Officer
"Re-Hired" by Chief of Police, Bobby Smith August 13th, 2020
Senior Officer
FTO Certified[258] October 13th, 2020

Mementos[edit | edit source]

Item Note Status
A Rolex Watch Pred "legally" acquired this watch while clearing a store robbery.[259] In his apartment
An I.D An I.D belonging to "Sleepy Nappington". Lost
A Phone A phone that Pred stole from Mary Mushkin. Stolen by Olivia Copper
Shoes A pair of shoes taken from Drew Harrison. Unknown
A Broken Tec-9 Given to him by Gazpacho Prince. Unknown
A Gameboy Given to him as a Father's Day Gift by Dan Faily. Given to Apples
Two Gold Bars Given to him as a Father's Day Gift by Gazpacho Prince. Unknown
A Trophy Purchased from Luther Caine. In his apartment
A Stress Penguin A penguin-shaped stress ball given to him by Regina Bunny during anger management therapy, Pred named it "Allen the Anger Penguin".[260] On his person
A Knife Given to him by Brittany Angel, she placed the knife in his hand whilst Pred was in a coma, recovering from a traumatic incident.[261] Unknown
A Paper Bag Mask The iconic paper bag mask belonging to Apples, Pred won it from him in a dice roll. Unknown

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]


  • "Listen."
  • "Alright, lemme tell ya something."
  • "Whadya say?"
  • "Hell yeah."
  • "Fantastic."
  • "Baybee."
  • "K. Pred, yo."
  • "Nailed it." - when with Brittany Angel.
  • "GET SOME!!!" - when with Brian Knight.
  • "I bet I can break these cuffs 25 times."
  • "I'll just lie in court."
  • "I'm an alcoholic."
  • "I'll beat the shit out a child."
  • "I'm allowed to beat my kids."
  • "Wanna roll some dice?"
  • "I'm rich."
  • "I'm a multimillionaire."
  • "I'm going to be a Sergeant."
  • "I'll fold you up like a pretzel."
  • "King Kong ain't got shit on me!"
  • "That's a tight shitter you got."

Quotes[edit | edit source]


  • "656 10-38 westbound Vespucci Blvd, one black Rumpo occupied unknown-- GET THE FUCK BACK IN THERE-- be advised, no additionals required."[262]
  • "My pullout game is on point, sheriff." - to Travis Tribble.[263]
  • "You dirty empowered bitch... it's hard doing all this empowering with a hard-on" - to Bree Matthews.[264]
  • "You're a cunt." - to Lauren Forcer, over the PD radio.[265]
  • "She's so hot, I'd jerk off her dad just to see where she came from." - about Lauren Forcer.[267]
  • "I'm a degenerate, ma'am." - while under oath during Angel v Copperpot.[268]
  • "I'm not afraid to hit a kid! I'm not afraid! If you're old enough to talk shit you're old enough to get hit, bitch!" - to Gazpacho Prince after beating him.[269]
  • "Just so you know, it's impossible to cuff me now." - seconds before getting cuffed by Brittany Angel.[270]
  • "Umm... I'm gonna need medical." - after jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute.[271]
  • "360, 76 my LSD connect."[272]
  • "I see you once a month, you're my period." - to Olivia Copper.[273]
  • "Science is just magic." - to Brittany Angel.[274]
  • "Auggie ate a box of Nerds out of a hookers asshole and I'm just trying to make sure he paid for it."[275]
  • "I'm sorry guys for not understanding the problems of your masturbation"- to Brittany Angel and Sydney Bearmont.[276]
  • "In my defense, I did not kill that dog. Did I kidnap it off the street? Yes. Did I take it to the hospital and lock it in a closet? Yes. I took it to Mission Row to feed it and it just dropped dead, it had a heart attack."[277]
  • "I'm Sergeant Brittany Angel, look at my gigantic tits, tell me more about this." - to Mike Bayo.[278]
  • "Hey Curtis, bring that dick over here I've always been curious what cum tastes like." - to Stephen McClane.[279]
  • "You know, I happen to be a dentist Mona... close your eyes and I'll test your gag reflex." - to Mona Sanchez.[280]
  • "Don't stick your dick in crazy, unless you wanna have a great fucking time, but a lot of fucking regrets." - to Lorenzo L.[281]
  • "I'll do a shot of Jameson out your asshole right now, just to prove a point." - to Senna Wolfhart.[282]
  • "I'm such a hard shooter, one time I gave this girl a facial and I knocked her head back." - to Rocko Colombo.[283]
  • "Your hair looks great, it really distracts everybody from your ugly face." - to Lauren Forcer.[284]
  • "I got the softest hands, you'll think you're being choked by a baby." - to Olivia Copper.[285]
  • "Damn, Ant! Everytime I see you, I just imagine what you'd look like with your ankles behind your head." - to Andi Jones.[286]
  • "Cocaine in moderation isn't going to ruin your life, but it sure as shit will make it better."[287]
  • "If you had balls, I would cup them." - to Susie Carmichael.[288]
  • "What kind of man doesn't pull a woman's hair and choke her until she's unconscious in 2020." - to Katrina Kappa.[289]
  • "I wouldn't mind taking you to Chick-fil-A breakfast, and then eating your ass for lunch." - to Olivia Copper.[290]
  • "You're just gonna drop my pants and then bend over right in front me? That's what I heard. ...Alright, I guess you're not such a bad assistant after all." - to Mona Sanchez.[291]
  • "God damn Chief, I didn't know you were such a chad in the gay community!" - to Bobby Smith.[292]
  • "I think about you every night when I'm in the shower... or when I'm on top of my wife." - to Andi Jones.[293]
  • "I wouldn't mind folding you up like a pretzel, but then covering you in semen instead of salt." - to Andi Jones.[294]
  • "You don't have to be interested in her to put your cock in her, I don't care if you turn her around and just put your finger in her ass, and pretend like you're fucking her!" - to Bryce Miller.[295]

Quotes related to his relationship with Brittany Angel can be found here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Claims to be the "sexiest cop on the force".
  • Can't grow a full beard.
  • Has proven in a court of law to have a big dick.[296]
  • While on duty, he "allegedly" killed Clerence Folten, due to blunt force trauma caused by his baton.[297]
  • Pred started a riot while working desk duty as a result of him "allegedly" killing Clerence Folten.[298]
  • "Allegedly" waterboarded Ryan Kindle with gasoline.[299]
  • Perfected the "tandem attack" with his brother, Jordan Steele.[216]
  • Known for his ability to empower women.
  • When he was a cadet, Pred granted himself the title "Chief of Cadets."
  • Received the "The D.I.C.K Certification" on December 16th, 2019.[300]
  • Enjoys throwing rocks at the lawyer, Solomon Seerson.
  • Was once banned from patrolling in the southside by Rocko Colombo after repeatedly antagonizing gang members.
  • Has been stabbed by Brittany Angel a total of (5) times.[301] [302] [303] [1]
  • Has been forced to attend (4) PD HR meetings as a result of his relationship with Sergeant Brittany Angel.
  • Was previously being held in the BCSO against his will for the amusement of Undersheriff Rocko Colombo.
  • Pred is a self-described degenerate.
  • Once helped Gazpacho Prince perform Breast Enlargement Surgery on Carmella Corset.
  • Was able to break out of cuffs 14 times in a row before failing.
  • Is an alcoholic.
  • He chose #410 as his Badge# because it is the area code for Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Tricked Sydney Bearmont into activating her ejection seat while in Air-1.[304]
  • Has a diss track about him made by Bryce Miller, paid for by Stephen McClane.
  • Is extremely accurate when shooting at smaller & more mobile targets, such as dogs but struggles with common criminals.
  • Claims to love dogs.
  • During Pred's stay in Los Santos, he's owned six cars (an Albany Washington, a Toyota Supra, an Imponte Dukes, a Vapid Dominator GTX, a Sterling GT, and an Elegy Retro), most of which have been repossessed as a result of Pred not paying the weekly payments.
  • Owns an anatomically correct Brittany Angel body pillow.[305]
  • Is legally owned by Brittany Angel.[306]
  • Once took down Lang Buddha, Eugene Zuckerberg, Curtis Swoleroid, and Tony Corleone alone on an ATV.
  • Once took down Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez on a 1v1 skirmish in the Fleeca Bank of Hawick Avenue.
  • His middle name is Elizabeth.
  • When he is the highest ranking officer on duty he goes by the title of Chief Pred.
  • Has made over 2 million dollars a lot of money from rolling dice.
  • Kyle found out he was allergic to bees after a run in with ‘The Poacher’. He was in the maze and ran into a bee nest he was then also shot in both legs and his stomach by an arrow trap straight after.
  • Once had a one-on-one sanctioned street race against Mary Mushkin which he ended up losing.[307]
  • Has an ongoing bromance with Noah Drake.

Highlights[edit | edit source]

Combat Highlights[edit | edit source]

General Highlights[edit | edit source]

Highlights related to his relationship with Brittany Angel can be found here.

Misc. Media[edit | edit source]

"Pred Diss" by Bryce Miller


Pred Diss - Bryce Miller

"The Gambling Man" by Andi Jones


For Kyle Pred

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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  136. Pred and Ant talk at the tavern -
  137. Angel and Claudia inform Pred his marriage was real -
  138. Pred gets his marriage annulled during a hostage situation -
  139. Pred refuses to say he loves Ant after their annulment -
  140. Pred and Mona become best friends -
  141. Payne records Pred and Mona in court -
  142. Pred calls Mona about the recording -
  143. Angel wouldn't believe lies about Mona -
  144. Mona is tearing the family apart -
  145. Pred claims that Angel tripped and fell -
  146. Vinny was asking questions about Mona and Pred -
  147. Pred can't leave Angel due to her disability -
  148. Pred turns down a hooker because he has a wife -
  149. Pred and Mona don't cheat -
  150. Pred and Mona talk about Vegemite -
  151. Pred shoots down Mona -
  152. Mona revealed to be a criminal -
  153. Pred is disappointed in Mona -
  154. Mona broke Pred's heart -
  155. Mona and Pred broke eachother's hearts -
  156. Mona and Pred plan a date -
  157. Mack asks Pred about Mona -
  158. Mona and friends talk about Pred -
  159. Mona accuses Pred of spreading rumors -
  160. Mona watches Pred get kidnapped by Viper -
  161. Mona wants to go save Pred -
  162. Pred threatens to replace Mona with Leila -
  163. Pred tells Mona he's into one-eyed women -
  164. Pred would never replace Angel -
  165. Pred tells Mona his relationship with Angel is set in stone -
  166. Pred and Mona mess around with eachother -
  167. Mona and Leila take Pred hostage -
  168. Pred asks Mona to be his daytime-wife -
  169. Mona tells Leila to back off from Pred -
  170. Mona tells Pred she broke up with Vinny -
  171. Mona and Pred talk dirty to eachother -
  172. Leila wants to steal Pred from Angel -
  173. Pred tells Mona that Snow is gay -
  174. Pred and Rhodes set-up Mona -
  175. Pred would pay Mona every night at the stripclub -
  176. Pred talks to Mona while on LSD -
  177. Pred tells Mona he's never leaving Angel -
  178. Mona excited to see Pred again -
  179. Pred tells Mona's son he's going to fuck his mom -
  180. Pred invites Mona to go dancing -
  181. Angel gets told that Mona and Pred are dating -
  182. Angel tells Brian that Pred is cheating on her with Mona -
  183. Brian confronts Mona on trying to steal Pred from Angel -
  184. Mona thinks that Angel is going to kill her -
  185. Mona tells Pred that Angel wants to kill her -
  186. Mona too scared of Angel to be searched by Pred -
  187. Mona tells Pred he has a crazy wife -
  188. Pred calls Mona his "soon-to-be-wife" -
  189. Mona says Pred calls her late at night -
  190. Jenny threatens to tell Angel about Pred -
  191. Pred calls Mona about hitting on Ziggy -
  192. Mona tells Pred that Angel is hunting her -
  193. Pred threatens a man for recording him with Mona -
  194. Pred makes Mona jealous with Andi -
  195. Pred isn't jealous of Mona and Ziggy -
  196. Pred pretends to have feelings when talking to Mona -
  197. Pred asks Mona to be his mistress -
  198. Pred could motorboat Mona if they hugged -
  199. Pred gives Mona a dramatic apology -
  200. Mona would drop Pred's pants and bend over -
  201. Mona asks Pred to help her get changed -
  202. Mona tells Pred she's engaged to Jack -
  203. Pred asks Mona to marry him instead of Jack -
  204. Pred tells Mona about Jack murdering Lil 'K -
  205. Pred tells Mona they were building up to something special -
  206. Pred yells at Mona for marrying Jack -
  207. Mona angry at Pred for talking shit about Jack -
  208. Mona threatens to slice the skin off Pred's face -
  209. Mona threatens to beat Pred until he quits being a cop -
  210. Pred has to subdue Mona with a baton -
  211. Mona states that Angel bends Pred over -
  212. Mona made Pred realize he's attracted to Australian women -
  213. Pred and Mona get couples therapy with Anna-Marie -
  214. The last phone call between Pred and Mona -
  215. Pred informs Torah that she is his mom -
  216. 216.0 216.1 Pred and Jordan tandem beating -
  217. Jordan declares it's on sight -
  218. Claire asks Pred to be friends -
  219. Angel asks Copper to take care of Pred when she dies -
  220. Pred invites Mina over to his beach house -
  221. Pred asks Mina to leave Claire for him -
  222. Pred gets caught staring at Dupont -
  223. Pred fantasizes about Dupont in the shower -
  224. Pred asks Dupont to be his second wife -
  225. 225.0 225.1 Kyle "Frodo" Pred throws Gollum (Raven) off the mountain -
  226. Pred hands Sinclair keys to the mansion -
  227. Whitney asks Pred to be her pool boy -
  228. Susie rolls for jewelry store loot -
  229. Pred claims Susie wants to be patted down by a woman -
  230. Pred talks about his cyclops fiancé -
  231. Susie pays off her debt -
  232. Susie rolls for her entire bank account -
  233. Susie can't pay up after a roll -
  234. Pred asks Susie to roll for her relationship -
  235. Susie rolls Pred for ICU -
  236. Pred and Susie promise to keep their gambling a secret -
  237. Pred asks Susie to roll for her shoes -
  238. Raul tells Pred that Susie's accounts are frozen -
  239. Susie begs Raul for money to roll Pred -
  240. Susie tells Pred that Raul broke up with her -
  241. Susie and Pred gamble in secret -
  242. Susie wants to join Pred and Angel -
  243. Pred and Coop with Claire -
  244. Colombo and Raven put Pred on a quest -
  245. Kyle "Frodo" Pred reaches the top of the mountain -
  246. 246.0 246.1 Kyle "Frodo" Pred's transfer request get's approved -
  247. A Monkey throws Kyle "Frodo" Pred off the mountain -
  248. Pred defeats Jason -
  249. 249.0 249.1 Pred turns in his badge -
  250. 250.0 250.1 Pred joins the BCSO -
  251. List of accepted cadets -
  252. Pred gets cleared for solo patrol -
  253. Pred promoted to Officer -
  254. Pred's promotion ceremony -
  255. Flocko raid approval -
  256. Pred gets promoted to Senior Officer -
  257. Pred rejoins the Joint Task Force -
  258. Snow promotes Pred to FTO -
  259. Pred accidentally robs a store while clearing it -
  260. Pred receives a stress penguin from Regina -
  261. Angel places her knife in Pred's hand during his coma -
  262. Get the fuck back in there! -
  263. Pred informs Sheriff Travis Tribble that his pullout game is "on point" -
  264. Pred calls Breea dirty empowered bitch -
  265. Pred calls Forcer a cunt over PD radio -
  266. Pred explains whats in a Bank Truck -
  267. Jerk off her dad -
  268. Pred admits to being a degenerate while under oath -
  269. Not afraid to hit a kid -
  270. Pred is impossible to cuff -
  271. Pred might need medical -
  272. 360, 76 my LSD connect -
  273. You're my period -
  274. Science is just magic -
  275. Auggie ate a box of Nerds -
  276. Sorry for not understanding your problems -
  277. Pred did not kill that dog -
  278. I'm Angel, look at my gigantic tits -
  279. Pred would rather taste his own -
  280. Pred tells Mona he's a dentist -
  281. Don't stick your dick in crazy -
  282. A shot of Jameson -
  283. Pred is a hard shooter -
  284. Your hair looks great -
  285. I got the softest hands -
  286. Pred imagines Ant with her ankles behind her head -
  287. Pred talks about cocaine in court -
  288. I would cup them -
  289. Choke her until she's unconscious -
  290. Pred is taking Copper to Chick-fil-A -
  291. Mona would bend over for Pred -
  292. Chief Bobby is a chad in the gay community -
  293. Pred thinks about Ant when he's with his wife -
  294. A pretzel without salt -
  295. Pred and Bryce discuss women -
  296. Pred whips his dick out in the courtroom -
  297. Pred kills Clerence Folten -
  298. Pred starts a riot -
  299. Pred waterboards Ryan Kindle -
  300. Pred receives The D.I.C.K Award -
  301. Angel stabs Pred #1 -
  302. Angel stabs Pred #2 -
  303. Angel stabs Pred #3 -
  304. Sydney activates her ejection seat -
  305. Angel tells Flippy about Pred's body pillow -
  306. Angel receives ownership of Kyle Pred -
  307. Mary vs Pred street race (side-by-side) -

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