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Kyle Pred is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description

Kyle Pred is the Sheriff of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #309.

Pred used to be an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, and a Detective for the Baltimore City Police Department.

Physical Description

Pred is a 32-year-old Caucasian male with naturally brown hair, brown eyes, and low cut stubble with a light goatee. Pred can sometimes be seen with his hair dyed blond, and his primary hairstyles are either a side-swept fringe, a front-facing faux hawk, or a classic slicked-back look.

Pred has multiple tattoos on his body; A coloured sleeve tattoo on his left arm of an old-school Corvette in front of a rising sun with the word "Scarlett" written above it on his upper arm, and a tattoo of a tyre tread pattern on his lower arm. He also has his own name, "K. PRED", tattooed on the right side of his chest.


In his personal life Pred is less functional as he struggles with various drug and behavioural addictions, which includes gambling, drinking, smoking, sex, and possibly narcotics. His gambling addiction often leads him into financial trouble, causing him to resort to begging for money from his girlfriend. While Pred claims to have gained his knowledge into narcotics from his time in the BCPD, the likelihood of it being from past personal experience isn't too far-fetched, as he admittedly used to dabble in microdosing various substances.

Aside from his vices, Pred is a rather narcissistic and arrogant person who seemingly has little care for others outside of those extremely close to him, such as his parents, his brother, and his girlfriend. Pred can often come off as highly abrasive and confrontational, however he seems to follow a basic rule of treating others as they treat him, he'll be kind to those that are kind to him, and hostile to those that are hostile to him. His recent transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD has gotten him into some heated disagreements with his higher-ups as he is not yet used to being treated like a low ranking beat cop, after having just left his career as an established detective.

Due to Pred's work as a homicide detective within the BCPD he has self-admittedly become highly detached after being witness to many gruesome and horrifying scenes, due to this detachment he appears to display extreme signs of sociopathy as he shows very little remorse and empathy for those around him, and seems to relish in violence and aggression rather than shy away from it, he even claims to be proud of the many people he has killed whilst acting in the line of duty. Aside from his violence and aggression is his apparent compulsion for lying, this compulsion is often paired with manipulation, deception, and even light forms of gaslighting, and whenever he gets caught out in his lies he'll usually double down by making up more excuses, or claim to be "just joking".

Pred is extremely flirtatious, even though he is in a romantic relationship, and can often be seen flirting with any attractive woman he comes across, whether they're a co-worker, medical staff, civilians, or even criminals. While his flirtations are usually just a playful tease, he does appear to get infatuated by women quite easily, as he has made sexual propositions to a multitude of women, and even confessed his love for a few others, though he rarely seems to follow through with it when the feelings are reciprocated.

Background Information

Pred used to work as a homicide detective for the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD), however the relationship between him and his boss had soured after Pred got caught sleeping with the boss' wife, an affair that had apparently been going on for over a year. Despite the sour relationship Pred had with his old boss, he still continued his work for the BCPD for a while after the incident. At some point during his service for the BCPD, Pred took a leave of absence for a short amount of time, during which he worked as a paranormal investigator, primarily focused on vampires. Pred decided to quit hunting them when a female vampire almost convinced him to drive a stake through an innocent man's heart, which would have landed him in prison for murder.

Pred eventually ended up in a relationship with Brittany Angel, and after they had been dating for a little over six months, he decided to take the opportunity to move to Los Santos and transfer into the LSPD so he could be with her. Once he arrived in Los Santos he moved into Angel's apartment, and after taking a few days of free time to get acclimated to the new city, Pred made his way to MRPD to turn in his transfer papers.

He handed his transfer papers over to Rocko Colombo and Travis Tribble, however as they went over the papers, it turned out that Pred's old boss claimed that Pred had a history of aggression, substance abuse, public nudity, and general misbehaviour. Pred claimed that the accusations on his transfer papers were falsified by his old boss, and explained that his old boss simply had it out for him after he found out about the affair Pred had with his wife, after which Pred's transfer into the LSPD was accepted and he was appointed as a full officer of the LSPD. There have been some minor hints that have pointed to the fact that Pred might've lied about his transfer and that he had actually been forcibly removed from the BCPD due to his actions, instead of leaving on his own free will.


Romantic Relationships

Brittany Angel - Girlfriend

See Pred-Angel Relationship for full details on the relationship.

Brittany Angel and Pred met eachother through an online dating site in early August 2020, and after getting to know eachother a little better, they seemingly hit it off as they started officially dating shortly afterwards.

After they had been dating over long-distance for about six months, Pred decided to quit his job in Baltimore so he could be together with Angel in Los Santos, and once he arrived he immediately moved in with Angel into her studio apartment. While they were happy in their relationship, there were some slight frustrations forming during the adjustment period of recently having started living together, but Angel was convinced that Pred would start pulling his weight fairly rapidly.[1]

Angel quickly realized that she had been wrong in her initial judgment as Pred had been nothing but rude and insulting towards her since his transfer, and seemed to only use her for money. Pred's behavior slowly started to make Angel regret her decision to date Pred in the first place[2], however she has since asked him to treat her a little better, which Pred appears to have been trying as he has been more complimentative and appreciative of her, though not without any issues such as continuing to make somewhat hurtful jokes and comments.

On February 20th, 2021, Pred asked Angel to be more supportive of his ambitions in life, stating that Angel is the only woman for him, and that he would hate to end up resenting her in the future for not supporting him through his rough times. He continued that he didn't want to become the type of person that would end up cheating on Angel with her sister, simply out of pure resentment.[3]

On March 1st, 2021, once Angel got placed in charge of the police union, their relationship started to suffer from it, as Pred felt wrongfully treated by the entirety of the union and had decided to try and cross them at every turn. Whilst Pred made it known to Angel that he didn't want their workplace grievances to affect their relationship, but once Angel started to threaten to break up with Pred due to their conflicts, keeping their work- and personal life separated seemed to be out of the question.

Angel started to feel bitter about Pred making the tremendous amount of work she already had, even more difficult, and Pred started to feel more and more abandoned by Angel as time went by, often stating that he was convinced that Angel hated him and that the only interactions they ever had anymore were Angel telling him to either "Shut up" or "Fuck off". This feeling of neglect had slowly started to push Pred into gravitating towards other women for his emotional desires of kindness and affection, though he still claimed to be very much in love with Angel.

On March 22nd, 2021, Angel came close to kicking Pred out of her apartment after she heard about Pred flirting with her sister, Antigone Weston, and was told that Pred might also be in love with her other sister, Claire Everly. Pred tried to talk his way out of it with a number of excuses, but Angel didn't seem interested in any of them. With the help of Judge Elizabeth Devereaux, Pred eventually managed to convince Angel that Antigone was simply making up the rumours because she wanted them to break up, so she could have Pred for herself, turning Angel against Antigone in favour of Pred. After their relationship had seemingly been mended, Angel clarified to Pred that whilst she had been ready to kick him out of her apartment, she never planned on breaking up with him.

They broke up for a day on April 7th, 2021, with hostility between the two starting off during a police meeting, where Angel called Pred dumb-looking, and Pred insulted her back excessively, causing Angel to kick him out of her apartment and tell him to move in with his other love interest.[4] They officially broke up later that day, when Angel got jealous about Pred having a private conversation with another female officer, and accused Pred of replacing her with the other woman, which Pred decided to play into.[5] They got back together the next day, with Pred also apologizing for his behaviour.

Familial Relationships

Biological Family
Tony Andrews - Father 

Tony Andrews is Pred's father, Andrews shows huge favouritism towards his other son, Jordan Steele, and will often remind Pred how much better of a person his brother his. Pred has noticed that his physical appearance doesn't quite match that of his father and brother, and seems to have some suspicions that Andrews might not be his actual biological father.

Andrews has always had a physical approach to try and correct Pred's negative behaviour in the past, however when they finally reunited after Pred's transfer from Baltimore to Los Santos, Andrews promised him that he would try and be a better father, and that he would use his words instead of physical abuse this time around.[6]

Andrews' promise to be less physically abusive towards Pred didn't last much longer than about a month, as he quickly fell back into the habit of beating Pred to either try and get his point across, or to punish him.

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Andrews and Pred on a monthly basis.

February 2021 - A Better Father

A Better Father
On February 6th, 2021, while Pred was in the middle of a meeting, Andrews called out to him in a stern tone, referring to him by his full name "Kyle Elizabeth Pred", seemingly upset with Pred for some reason. Andrews then accused Pred of destroying one of the police cruisers, however Pred refused to take the blame for it as it was not his fault. After arguing back and forth, Andrews told Pred that he was trying incredibly hard to not fall into his old habits of physical abuse as a form of punishment as he wanted to be a better father to him, and promised to try and take a more verbal and supportive style of parenting, which Pred seemed glad about. However, Andrews followed it up by saying that he was already having some difficulties sticking to that promise due to Pred's behaviour.[6]

At the end of the meeting, Andrews overheard Pred insulting Claire Everly, so Andrews gave Claire permission to punch Pred as revenge, which she did without question, and technically didn't break Andrews' promise as he was not the one to hit Pred. However, Pred decided to get even and punch Claire back, which came as a shock to both Andrews and Claire, as they did not expect Pred to punch a woman.[7]

March 2021 - TBD

A Better Person
On March 3rd, 2021, Pred went out on patrol with Andrews and after a lot of back and forth insulting and bickering, Andrews decided to try and prove that Pred was a terrible officer by keeping track of his strikable offense during their patrol. A while later, Andrews called Mayor Andi Jones to set up a meeting, however when they arrived at city hall to talk to Andi, she refused to talk to Andrews in private without her council, which caused Andrews to angrily walk out of her office. Pred was the one that ended up having to apologize to Andi for Andrews' behaviour, and decided to speak with Andi by himself for a while.

Once Pred and Andi exited city hall, Andrews suddenly put Pred in charge of a newly acquired ridealong named Jolene Grace, whom Pred already had a hostile relationship with, causing Pred to seriously start doubting his father's judgement, as he told him that taking on Jolene was a terrible mistake. However, Andrews didn't care and ordered him to entertain Jolene, which Pred begrudgingly agreed to do. Throughout their patrol, Pred tried to convince Andrews that taking on Jolene was beyond foolish, but Andrews was more focused on trying to prove that Pred's behaviour was unacceptable to even care about Jolene's actions.

At the end of the day, Andrews tried to show Pred that he had to be a better person by pointing out the fiftyish hypothetical strikepoints he could've received for his unprofessionalism, which mainly consisted of insulting the people around him. However, Pred didn't seem to care about what Andrews had to say, as he was convinced that Andrews had it out for him for trying to bring light to the corruption within the police department

Torah Andrews - Mother 

Torah Andrews is Pred's mother, their relationship is very much the antithesis of his relationship with his father, whereas Pred's father is abusive towards him, and shows extreme favouritism towards their other son, Torah is extremely kind and supportive of Pred, and wholeheartedly considers him to be her favourite son.

Pred genuinely loves Torah, though his love for her seems to cross the ordinary boundaries of parental love, as he occasionally makes sexually suggestive comments about her, and while Torah herself doesn't mind the comments at all, Pred's father often tells him off for thinking or talking about his mother in a sexual manner.

On March 8th, 2021, Pred and Torah reunited for the first time since Pred's move to Los Santos, and Torah informed Pred that he had a newly adopted sister, Jolene Grace.[8]

The Reunion
On March 8th, 2021, Pred and Torah reunited for the first time since Pred's move to Los Santos, and Torah's return from Australia. After helping Torah deal with a man that was spreading rumours about her, they had some time to catch up. They talked about the grievances they both had with Pred's father, and Pred talked a bit about how he felt like the relationship with his girlfriend was going downhill since his girlfriend appeared to hate him in his eyes, Torah shared a similar sentiment about the relationship between her and Pred's father as she was considering draining his bank account and filing for divorce.

Torah also informed Pred that he had a new sister, Jolene Grace, as she was adopted by his father, but when Pred informed Torah that there might've been a sexual relationship developing between Pred and Jolene, Torah scolded him and demanded that Pred keeps his hands off Jolene, with Pred promising that he would.[8] They ended up spending a short while at the casino together until Torah had to head back home, they shared a hug goodbye and Pred promised he'd buy her an expensive car if he ever became rich from gambling.

Olivia Copper - Sister 

Olivia Copper is a trooper for the San Andreas State Police, and Pred's biological sister as they share the same father, Tony Andrews, though they do not share the same mother. The familial relationship between Pred and Copper was one that they were not aware of for most of their lives, and only found out about it a few months after Pred moved to Los Santos.

After Pred first met Copper in February, 2021, they quickly started to get along extremely well, and it became apparent that Pred treated Copper quite differently from the other officers as he was much more respectful and complimentative towards her than usual. Copper seemingly enjoyed Pred's behaviour towards her, as she also responded in kind by acting affectionate and endearing towards him.

The reason for Pred's behaviour towards Copper quickly started to become clear as he began to act more amorous, and eventually confessed to having romantic feelings towards her, as he commented that Copper was the love of his life. They have since talked about getting sexually involved with one another on several occasions, and even though both of them showed definite interest in doing so, they never ended up following through with their plans of intimacy.

Copper eventually found out about her familial relationship with Pred through Andrews, and Copper ended up informing Pred about them sharing the same father on May 4th, 2021. Despite their newfound relationship, that hasn't stopped the two from frequently flirting with each other with Copper calling Pred "a snack" and him referring to her as "his sexy sister."

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Copper and Pred on a monthly basis.

February 2021 - TBD

First Meeting
Pred first met Olivia Copper on February 8th, 2021, when she helped him get set up with an MDW-profile and official police badge to fully complete his transfer from the BCPD to the LSPD. They talked a little bit about their aspirations within the police department, and both Pred and Copper shared a common interest in working their way into the Major Crimes Division, so they would most likely be working closely together on investigations in the future.

A Night-Time Invitation
On February 10th, 2021, Pred was about to head off duty after saying goodnight to Copper, and when Copper asked him where he was planning on going, Pred suggested that he'd wait on Copper in her apartment for a romantic evening together. Copper didn't seem to mind the idea and agreed to see him after her shift, however Pred then made the stipulation that she had to keep it a secret from his girlfriend, which Copper complied with.[9] However, During a later conversation it turned out that Pred had decided against going over to Copper's apartment

Seduction and a Shower
On February 16th, 2021, Pred was having a hard time paying attention to Copper's explanation, so she decided to dance seductively for him, to try and keep his attention. However, it seemed to have the opposite effect as he wasn't paying attention to anything she was saying, and ended up throwing money at her like he was in a stripclub.[10] Copper later commented that she felt like she truly had a connection with Pred, and ended up inviting him to join her in the shower after their shift[11] Whether they actually ended up going through with it is unclear, as they have never confirmed them being sexually involved.

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Copper and Pred.

  • They share the same biological father, but have different mothers.
  • They are frequently judged by their coworkers for their borderline incestuous relationship.
  • Pred takes pictures of Copper in her swimwear and lingerie for her to use on Instagram.[12]
  • Copper received one of Pred's limited "Get Some" stickers.
  • Copper once flashed Pred as a prank.[13]
  • They used to cuddle in bed together.[14]

Kael Soze - Uncle 

Kael Soze is considered to be the brother of Pred's father, Tony Andrews, however they do not share any blood relation and Soze is therefor only considered to be Pred's uncle in name, and not through a biological relation. Pred went most of his life believing that Soze was his true biological uncle, and it wasn't until Pred moved to Los Santos that Soze explained the details of the brotherly relationship between him and Andrews.

Soze revealed to Pred that the brotherly bond between him and Andrews originated from Soze's sexual relationship with Andrews' wife, Pred's mother, Torah Andrews. Pred quickly started to realize that there was a possibility of Soze being his true biological father, however the theory was quickly moved past by Soze, and hasn't been brought up since.

The true relationship between Pred and Soze is still a mystery, and for now Pred considers Soze to be his uncle and nothing more.

Adoptive Family
Fiona Stewart - Adoptive Mother 

Fiona Stewart is Pred's adoptive mother and fiancée to Pred's best friend, Marlo Stanfield. Despite being his mother, Pred has an obvious attraction towards Fiona, which he is very open and forward about.

Pred and Fiona have had a friendly personal relationship since their very first meeting, with Pred having an immediate attraction towards Fiona, as he would hit on her whenever they ran into eachother, and even proposed starting a relationship together. While Fiona appreciated the compliments, she'd always turn him down politely, however that didn't dissuade Pred from pursuing her, with the fact that she has white hair only amplifying his attraction for her, as Pred had always had an infatuation for white-haired women.

After Pred became close friends with Fiona's fiancé, Marlo, Pred and Fiona would see eachother more often as the three of them would occasionally get together for either a friendly conversation, or to assist and support one another. Pred would also be privy to some of the troubles in their romantic relationship every once in a while, where he would either try to help them, or seemingly sabotage them to try and get with Fiona himself.

With Pred and Marlo forming a strong bond of friendship, which also encompassed Fiona to a certain extend, Fiona ended up adopting Pred as her son without a second thought. While Marlo was initially against the adoption as he didn't want Pred to call Fiona, "Mommy", he ended up accepting it as Pred's future step-father.[15]

Phueng Madee - Alleged Daughter 

Phueng Madee is Pred's alleged daughter as she has referred to him as her father since their very first meeting, and while Pred often goes along with Madee's delusions, his attitude towards her is extremely varying as he can be both very loving and caring towards her, but also extremely abusive and insulting.

Madee's initial idea that Pred was her father was born from a misunderstanding when Pred called himself her "daddy", with Madee stating that he couldn't be her father due to their age, unless he was a time traveler. Pred decided to go along with it, and stated that there was a definite possibility that he could be a time traveler in the future, eventually going back through time and becoming her father.[16]

Madee quickly latched on to the absurd theory and started treating Pred like her actual father, but Pred didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Madee and always shunted her away, stating that he definitely wasn't her father. Over time Pred's attitude changed and he started to accept Madee as a possible daughter and started to be more caring towards her, although he also seemed to start taking advantage of her, whether it was for favours or monetary gain, and generally seemed to be convinced that Madee was just some mentally unstable woman.

After Pred got critically injured and ended up in the ICU, Madee revealed that she was fully aware that Pred wasn't her actual father, and that she used their relationship as a coping mechanism for never having really known her real father since he was a deadbeat that only cared about other women, drinking, and gambling.[17]

Salem Barghouthi - Adoptive Father 

Salem Barghouthi is Pred's adoptive father, often referred to as his "baba". With Pred always feeling conflicted about his true biological father, Salem became the kind of father that Pred had always hoped for, as the two have formed a strong familial bond over the time they've known eachother.

The initial adoption of Pred was a curious one, as Salem adopted him as part of a blackmail operation rather than out of love for Pred. Salem had been the victim of unlawful police brutality by Pred, which was caught on camera by a bystander, and as part of Salem not pressing charges against Pred, he made Pred call him "baba", which means father in Arabic.

While the initial adoption was out of spite rather than love, over time the two started to develop an actual familial bond, and Salem quickly started to treat Pred as his actual son, with Pred naming Salem as the father he actually cared about.

Jolene Grace - Adoptive Sister 

Jolene Grace was adopted by Pred's father, Tony Andrews, making her Pred's adoptive sister. While Pred had a horrible first meeting with Jolene, and ended up disliking her for the initial start of their relationship, he has since started to grow quite fond of her. When he found out that Jolene had been adopted by his father, he started treating her differently, and even stated to have a sexual interest in her despite them being considered family.

On March 8th, 2021, Pred's mother, Torah Andrews, informed Pred that Jolene was his newly adopted sister.[8]

First Meeting
Pred first met Jolene Grace on March 2nd, 2021, when she illegally towed his police vehicle outside of the courthouse, causing Pred to pull a gun on her and threaten to retrieve the vehicle. They got into a heated argument which eventually ended with Jolene in cuffs being taken off to jail by other officers, Jolene even falsely claimed that she witnessed Pred having sex with Erin Cox whilst he was on duty.

The Ridealong
On March 3rd, 2021, Pred's father, Tony Andrews, introduced Pred to Jolene as a new ridealong for the police department, making Pred immediately question Andrews' decision making, however Andrews ordered Pred to take Jolene with him, so he did what was asked of him. Pred and Jolene immediately started bickering and insulting eachother back and forth, when Pred got sick of waiting for his father, he decided to take Jolene to get food at a nearby restaurant. As soon as they arrived, Jolene suggested that they should hold hands and act as a couple to get a discount, with Pred immediate telling her never to touch him, however when Pred was ready to order he ended up introducing Jolene as his girlfriend for a discount anyway.

Later that day Andrews threatened to replace Pred with Jolene as his new child, but when Pred got accused of having civilians call in bomb threats, Jolene stood up for Pred stating that even though they didn't get along at all and she would rather kill him, Pred would never do anything of the sort. Pred appreciated the support from Jolene and stated that she was actually starting to grow a bit more fond of her.

A New Sister
On March 8th, 2021, Pred got informed by his mother, Torah Andrews, that his father had adopted Jolene, officially making Jolene his sister. Pred then joked with Torah that he felt like him Jolene were actually developing into a sexual relationship, but his mother immediately slapped him across the face and ordered Pred not to get involved with Jolene.[8]

Sibling Love
On March 10th, 2021, Pred was talking to William Gunner outside of MRPD when Jolene ran into them, it was the first time Pred and Jolene met up after becoming siblings, and Pred happily introduced Jolene as his sister to Gunner. Jolene then told Gunner that even though she was Pred's sister, they actually went on a date before, referring to the time they acted as a couple to get a discount. Pred then followed it up by telling Gunner that he's incredibly attracted to Jolene, simply because she is his sister, with Jolene responding that she quite liked it too.[18]

In Laws
Antigone Weston - Girlfriend's Sister 

Antigone Weston is the twin sister of Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel, and she works as a Judge within the Department of Justice. Pred is extremely complimentative, considerate, and affectionate towards Antigone, though his comments often seem to be underlined with a flirtatious and suggestive nature.

Pred has been attracted to Antigone since their very first meeting, and started flirting with her whenever they ran into eachother. While Pred started out by innocently flirting with her, he quickly became a lot more forward in his intentions towards Antigone, as he went from flirting to outright talking about wanting to cheat on his girlfriend with her.

Pred started to become progressively more infatuated by Antigone the more they saw eachother, seemingly developing more than just a sexual attraction towards her, and even hinting at having stronger romantic feelings for Antigone than his own girlfriend.

Antigone doesn't necessarily seem to mind the way Pred engages her, but she will always remind him of the fact that he is already in a relationship with her sister, and that her sisterly-bond with Angel prevents Antigone from getting involved with Pred.

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Antigone and Pred on a monthly basis.

March 2021 - The Wrong Sister

First Meeting
Pred first met Antigone on March 4th, 2021, when Pred came into MRPD to do paperwork on his day off, where he ran into Antigone. They ended up having a short conversation, with Pred seemingly having an interest in Antigone as he started hitting on her, though Pred and Antigone ended up introducing themselves to eachother as Angel's boyfriend and sister respectively. After their conversation, Antigone sent a text to Angel stating that even though Pred was hitting on her, she still approved of him as Angel's boyfriend.

Family Support
On March 13th, 2021, Pred informed Antigone about his plan to run for Sheriff and asked for her support, Antigone seemed excited at the idea and stated that even though she would already support him due to his relationship with her sister, she genuinely supported him based on his confidence and passion. Later that day Pred ran into Antigone and Vincent Glass, after complimenting Antigone on her beauty, he flirtily told her that he'd love to see her when he wakes up every morning, to which Antigone pointed out that he already did that, with Brittany Angel being her twin sister.[19] He then asked them for a ride to the nearby Vespucci police department, which they gladly did. During the ride over Pred continued flirting with Antigone, until Angel came up in conversation as Antigone commented that she rarely saw Angel anymore, and that Claire Everly had become her favourite sister. Upon hearing that, Pred immediately voiced his disgust in Claire, and stated that Claire was both a monster and a bitch.

Sexual Favours
On March 14th, 2021, Pred became a lot more forward with his advances towards Antigone, he initially started flirting with her but ended up offering her sexual favours in exchange for a mistrial on a court case.[20] Shortly afterwards, Pred decided to step it up a notch by sneaking into the judge's chambers, and waiting half-naked for Antigone to arrive in an attempt to seduce her. Antigone was speechless when she walked in on Pred, Pred told her that he'd do whatever it takes to make Antigone happy, to which Antigone reminded him that he was in a relationship with her sister, and amusedly ended up taking a selfie with the half-naked Pred to send to Angel.[21] While Antigone shot down Pred's advances, she wasn't disinterested in him either, because when another Judge offered to get a shirt for Pred, Antigone insisted that he was just fine remaining shirtless. Pred was later confronted by Angel about the picture, however Pred made up the excuse that he was just getting comfortable after a long day of work.[22]

Family Dinner
On March 16th, 2021, Pred ran into Antigone within MRPD and immediately made sexual advances towards her, however when Antigone told him off for doing so, Pred stated that he was only joking, and that she was almost like a sister to him due to their relationship to Angel. With Vincent Glass also being present, Pred decided to pull Antigone away from Glass for a private conversation with her.

Pred seemingly pulled her aside just so he could flirt with her, eventually telling her that he would always be there for her, whether that be needed help at work, discussing ideas, or even to satisfy her sexual needs in case Glass wasn't able to, stating that he'd never tell Angel about their potential affair. Antigone replied that she genuinely couldn't do that to her own sister because of their "sister code", which was a big deal to her, plus the fact that she'd have to deal with Claire Everly being judgmental of her for getting involved with her sisters' boyfriend. At the mention of Claire, Pred immediately started talking badly about her, even go so far as stating that Claire deserved everything bad that happened in her life.

As Pred was about to leave, Pred and Antigone shared a hug as he told her that he was going to miss her, and that he genuinely felt a bond of closeness to her, at which point Antigone shared the idea of having a large family dinner at some point. At the mention of a dinner, Pred bluntly stated "I could always eat pussy, you know what I mean?", causing Antigone to walk off laughing, unable to hold back her genuine amusement at the comment.[23]

As they were leaving the police station, Antigone commented that Pred and Glass could be brothers-in-law in the future, to which Pred hesitantly replied that it was a definite possibility, in the event he decided to get married to Angel. He then looked at Antigone and stated that they'd never know what could happen in the future, as he continued to stare intently at Antigone, implying that a future with Antigone instead of Angel could be the curveball in their lives.[24]

The Wrong Sister
On March 21st, 2021, Pred pulled Antigone aside during a recess in a court trial just so he could flirt with her, and he ended up telling her that he felt like he made a mistake and chose the wrong sister, implying that he'd rather be with Antigone than Angel. When Antigone asked him to explain, Pred stated that Angel was being a bitch towards him, which almost started an argument between them, but Dennis LaBarre intervened and told them to take it into a private office. Antigone jokingly stated that Pred might take his clothes off again if they went into a private office, to which Dennis replied that he did in fact see the photo of Antigone with a half-naked Pred, as she had apparently shared the photo with more people than just Angel.[25]

Later that day Pred ran into Antigone and Elizabeth Devereaux outside of city hall, where Pred and Devereaux initially had some hostility between them, however when Devereaux asked what problem Pred had with her, he stated that the only problem he had in life was that he chose to be in a relationship with the wrong sister, staring at Antigone as he said so. Antigone replied that Pred couldn't keep talking about Angel like that, stating that she didn't want to hear about how he was interested in dating her other sister, Claire Everly. Pred, who was clearly talking about Antigone, immediately started yelling that he had zero interest in Claire and made it clear that he despised and hated Claire.

Pred then explained to the two women that he had been withholding sex from Angel to try and leverage a promotion, but that it was failing miserable as Angel went and bought a vibrating showerhead instead, and that it was unfair as no man would be able to compete with such a thing, which Antigone wholeheartedly agreed with. Antigone went on to ask if Pred actually hated everyone in her entire family, to which Pred responded that it was only Claire that he hated, as he genuinely loved Antigone's adopted daughter, Daisy Dukakis.[26]

The Homewrecker
On March 22nd, 2021, Pred got called into the garage of MRPD by Angel, where he got greeted by Antigone and Angel, with Angel immediately asking what he had meant by telling Antigone that he was dating the wrong sister, as Antigone had apparently told Angel in detail about the comments Pred had made towards Antigone. Pred immediately went into self-preservation mode as he made up the excuse that Antigone's boyfriend, Glass, was insecure about their relationship, and that Pred had been trying to seduce Antigone to help prove to Glass that Antigone was loyal to him. However, at that exact time Glass decided to join the conversation, and when Antigone turned towards Glass for the truth, Glass punched Pred in the face and told him to stop spreading lies. Pred then quickly tried to tell Glass to go with his story to avoid him getting in trouble with Angel, but Glass refused to go with it.

While Pred was going with the story that he was trying to seduce Antigone, Antigone then turned it on him when she stated that his comments about dating the wrong sister were meant to imply that he was trying date their other sister, Claire, and not Antigone. Pred saw an opportunity to call Antigone out as a liar towards Angel, as he had been very open about the fact that he genuinely hated Claire, however Angel refused to believe him and told him to go date Claire instead of her. The more heated Pred got about his hate for Claire, Antigone and Glass pointed out that he was clearly very passionate about Claire, at which point Angel stated that she believed in Antigone more than she did Pred.[27]

When Angel then threatened to throw Pred out of her house, Pred turned to Glass and blamed him for it, stating that he was only trying to help Glass out and that he now had to deal with the backlash, he then blamed Antigone for trying to break them up because Antigone was actually interested in him, however Antigone argued that if she truly wanted to, she could've slept with Pred during one of the many times they were alone together, including the time he was shirtless in her chambers. With Angel being unsure of what to do about Pred, Pred once again turned on Glass and decided to punch him in the face, stating that he was trying to do him a favour by not sleeping with Antigone, and that Pred was getting blamed for it all. He then continued to blame all of the backlash on Antigone and Glass, stating that they were clearly just trying to break them up, and that he had no interest in sleeping with Antigone nor Claire.[28]

Pred eventually ended up pulling Antigone aside for a private conversation, where he told her that Glass was actually cheating on her with a female corrections officer, once again causing a fight between Glass and Pred when he overheard Pred's lies, but Antigone refused to believe Pred. As Antigone and Glass kept up the story that Pred was trying to sleep with Claire, they pointed out that Pred's passionate hatred for Claire came very close to love, and when Angel revealed that Pred had already mentioned Claire's name in his sleep, Pred decided to give up on trying to clear his name, and left to go back out on patrol, seemingly having his relationship with Angel turned upside down by Antigone.[29]

The Bathroom Escape
Late in the day on March 22nd, 2021, Pred received a phone call from Devereaux telling that Antigone got herself locked in a bathroom and asked Pred to come help her. Antigone, however, would've preferred anyone but Pred to respond to the situation as she didn't want rumours about her and Pred being in a bathroom together to spread. After Pred kicked in the locked door, and both Pred and Devereaux joined Antigone in the bathroom, she revealed that Devereaux was the one that locked her in, Pred told her that he was glad Devereaux did that to her, as Antigone tried to ruin his relationship with Angel, and Devereaux also chimed in by calling Antigone a homewrecker. While the two were talking, Antigone was more worried about the fact that Pred and Devereaux let the door lock shut behind them again, locking the three of them in together.

With the three of them contemplating how to get out of the bathroom, Pred decided to try to shoot out the hinges of the door with his pistol, with Antigone and Devereaux promptly taking cover behind him. Pred then instructed Devereaux to grab him by his hips to support him, as Devereaux moved in behind him and grabbed hold of his waist, Pred amusedly told her to move her hands even lower on his body and continued to flirt with her, with Antigone also pushing Devereaux to do as Pred instructed. He eventually took aim and fired his gun at the two hinges, letting them walk out of the bathroom to their freedom.[30]

After walking out of the bathroom, Pred immediately started flirting with both Antigone and Devereaux, and when Pred made an advance on Antigone, she acted surprised as she stated that Pred was supposed to be interested in Claire and not her, at which point Pred told her that he was never attracted to Claire, and that it had always been Antigone. Devereaux seemingly had told Antigone the same thing earlier, as she pointed out that she had been right about Pred being into Antigone the whole time. Pred followed it up by telling Antigone that if she was ever mad at her boyfriend, he'd be available for her.[31]

When Angel showed up at city hall shortly afterwards, Pred tried to make things better with her by telling her that he saved both her sister and Devereaux, however Angel didn't seem to care all that much. Pred and Angel eventually got into another fight, with Pred being angry at her for believing Antigone over him when she didn't have any evidence, with Pred eventually walking away angrily. After Pred left, Devereaux stepped up to support Pred and told Angel that Antigone had been flirting with Pred for a long time, and with Devereaux stepping up, Angel started to believe that Antigone actually had been the one that was making moves on Pred, tying together the text messages she had received from Antigone about how Pred was flirting with her, and the picture of Pred being shirtless while with Antigone. Devereaux's support eventually helped undo the discourse in the relationship between Pred and Angel by blaming it all on Antigone.[32]

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Antigone and Pred.

  • Pred once offered Antigone sexual favours in exchange for arranging a mistrial.[20]
  • Pred once showed up at Antigone's chambers half-naked.[21]
  • Pred confessed to having fantasized about Antigone during sex with Angel.[33]
  • Pred once mistook Angel for Antigone during sex.[34]

Claire Everly - Girlfriend's Sister 

Claire Everly is the biological younger sister of Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel, Claire used to work as a dispatcher and is now a deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Pred expresses extremely mixed feelings towards Claire, as he regularly claims to hate her, which is often coupled with insulting her or making fun of her. Over time this hatred started to get overtaken by other feelings, as he began showing a more caring and friendly side for her, and even started showing hints of having a sexual attraction towards her, though Pred often refuses to acknowledge any of his positive behaviour towards her.

Pred's initial hatred for Claire after meeting her in early February, 2021, was a result of both having a terrible first interaction with her, and already having heard negative stories about Claire's past from Angel, who also appeared to share a dislike for Claire. Pred's initial hatred for Claire ran deep enough that when he found out about Claire's romantic relationship with Mina Price, he made it his personal mission to try and break them up.

After Pred became the Sheriff in April, 2021, he slowly began expressing a friendlier side to Claire, both by being more complimentative towards her, and actively wanting to spend more time with her. Despite becoming more friendly towards her, he still enjoyed teasing her and giving her a hard time, which often consisted of talking about his explicit sexlife with her sister, Angel, often to the embarrassment of Claire. Aside from being friendlier, he even started showing hints of a sexual attraction towards Claire, both in his words and actions around her.

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Claire and Pred on a monthly basis.

February 2021 - Anger and Hatred

First Meeting
Pred's first introduction to Claire was on February 6th, 2021, after Pred had gotten into a vehicular accident which landed him injured within MRPD. They immediately got off on the wrong foot, because when Pred explained how he ended up injured, Claire refused to believe him and tried to gaslight him into thinking he was going crazy. At that moment, Pred's views on Claire aligned with Angel as he informed Claire that he didn't like her at all, and called her a bitch.[35]

Claire later tried to apologize to Pred informing him that she was just worried about him, but Pred was still upset with her for claiming that he had gone crazy. When they got into another argument a while later, Pred's father, Tony Andrews, gave Claire permission to punch Pred for his behaviour, which Claire did without hesitation, however Pred instinctually punched her back, which shocked both Andrews and Claire.[7]

Redirected Anger
On February 7th, 2021, Claire tried to make up with Pred for their terrible first interaction, however Pred didn't seem interested in making up with Claire at all, though they did end up having a friendly conversation about their personal lives. Pred talked a bit about his past experience as a Detective in Baltimore, and Claire told Pred about her fiancée, Mina Price. Shortly afterwards, Angel got mad at Pred in front of Claire when Pred tried to help Angel with legal advise, so Pred decided to direct his anger at Claire by yelling at her and insulting her, undoing the slight bit of bonding they had done in their prior conversation.

March 2021 - TBD

Unwanted Sympathy
On March 9th, 2021, Pred found out from Claire that she had been accepted as a Cadet for the police department, and commented that the standards for hiring seemed to be getting lower. Claire later tried to get back at Pred by claiming that her new goal was going to be to outdo Pred, but when Pred stated that it wasn't going to be hard as he was never going to get promoted, Claire started to feel bad for Pred and told him that he should think more highly of himself. When Claire brought up the topic of Pred's father, Pred got brutally honest about the disdain for his father and insulted him multiple times, Claire seemed to show some sympathy for Pred and asked if he needed someone to talk to, but Pred insulted her instead.[36]

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Claire and Pred.

  • Pred occasionally mentions Claire in his sleep.[37]
  • Claire used to be Pred's personal enforcer for the BCSO.
  • Pred's biggest secret is that he wants to sleep with Claire.[38]
  • Pred once puked on Claire after he got drunk on duty.[39]
  • Pred demoted Claire from "Enforcer" to "Penforcer", also known as paperwork lackey.

Mina Price - Claire's Wife 

Mina Price is a deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Mina and Pred share a loose familial relationship as Mina is married to Claire Everly, the sister of Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel.

Pred and Mina appear to be good friends and have gotten along extremely well since their very first meeting, though Pred is interested in being more than just friends as he has been quite forward about his true feelings for Mina by expressing his sexual interest to her on various occasions, though Mina has kindly rejected him each time.

Besides his sexual interests in Mina, he has even expressed a romantic interest in her as he has proposed for Mina to leave her wife, Claire, so they could start a relationship together instead, however he once again ended up getting turned down by Mina.

Pred's true motive behind his romantic advances appear to be based on messing with Claire rather than out of love for Mina, as he often claims that Mina deserves someone better than Claire, but also confessed to Mina that even if they started a relationship together, he would never leave Angel for Mina.

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Mina and Pred on a monthly basis.

February 2021 - First Attraction

First Meeting
Pred first met Mina Price on February 7th, 2021, when he introduced himself to her outside of MRPD as a new transfer. Mina introduced herself in turn, and pointed out that whilst her nameplate said "Rice", her actual name was "Price", she explained that her name had been misheard during orientation, which caused the error on her nameplate. Pred flirtily responded that he'd make sure to never mishear anything she'd say, and called her a "beautiful blonde-haired bombshell", before heading back out on patrol.

Hypothetical Invitation
On February 9th, 2021, Pred decided to pull Mina aside in private and proposed her with a hypothetical situation, he asked her that if his girlfriend were to ever be out of town for a few days, whether Mina would be willing to come over to his apartment whilst he was alone, however after Mina gave it some thought, she ended up turning him down.[40]

March 2021 - TBD

Unexpected Confession
On March 10th, 2021, Mina handed Pred an invitation to her wedding with Claire, however Pred replied that he was too busy to attend that day. Mina knew Pred well enough to realize that he was lying, and told him that he definitely wasn't busy and that he should stop lying to himself since he secretly wanted to come to their wedding. As usual, Pred deflected by talking about how big of a mistake Mina was making by marrying Claire.[41] A short while later, Mina confronted Pred about his animosity towards her, however the reason why Pred was acting that way came as a big surprise to her. Pred revealed that he wanted Mina to break up with Claire because he desired to be with Mina himself, and confessed that he was attracted to Mina and wanted her to either cheat on Claire or leave her at the altar, however Mina replied that it could never happen.[42]

Daisy Dukakis - Antigone's Daughter 

Pred and Daisy Dukakis have a minor familial relation due to Daisy being the niece to Pred's girlfriend, Brittany Angel, which has been a topic of discussion between Pred and Daisy in the past.

Aside from their family ties, Pred and Daisy have both a good working relationship and friendship, and while the two don't see eachother all that often due to working different shifts, whenever they are together they are generally supportive of one another and seem to enjoy eachother's company.

When Pred was questioned by Daisy's adopted mother, Antigone Weston, about his true opinion on Daisy, Pred informed her that unlike some of their other family members, he genuinely loved Daisy.

First Interaction
Pred and Daisy ran into eachother a few times since Pred's transfer from Baltimore, though most of it was mainly just passing glances and greetings. On March 1st, 2021, Pred and Daisy had their first substantial interaction when Pred asked her if she was a member of the police union. When Daisy acknowledged that she was indeed a member, Pred stated that Daisy made him sick for being a part of them, however Daisy explained that the only reason she paid the dues was to get her already spent money for repairs refunded.

Cannibalistic Dare
On March 7th, 2021, Pred and Daisy were at a crime scene where a multitude of body parts were found in a dumpster behind a restaurant. During the investigation Pred tried to convince Daisy to taste a part of a human ear or finger, however Daisy amusedly refused and tried to convince Pred to do it instead. Jenny Hall eventually told Pred off for attempting to mess around with evidence.[43]

International Women's Day
On March 8th, 2021, Daisy was one of two female officers that Pred tried to "empower" for International Women's Day, and apologized to her for misogynistic comments made by others. Daisy appreciated the sentiment displayed by Pred, and when Pred stated that he genuinely loved women, Daisy replied that they love him too.

Disrupting a Marriage
On March 13th, 2021, Daisy was giving Pred a ride when Pred told her about his plan to break up Claire Everly and Mina Price. Daisy then informed Pred that Claire was actually her aunt, immediately panicking Pred as he thought Daisy might've been adopted by his girlfriend, Brittany Angel, however Daisy reassured him that she was adopted by their other sister, Antigone Weston.[44] As Pred continued to talk about attractive Mina was compared to Claire, Daisy accurately questioned Pred whether he wanted them to break up because he himself had feelings for Mina, and that she wouldn't put it past him to cheat on Angel.[45]

Close Relationships

Close Friendships
Shelby Lane - Close Friend / Partner 

Shelby Lane works as a paramedic in the city, she is one of Pred's best friends[46], his absolute favourite paramedic[47], and one of his most prominent romantic interests. Pred genuinely loves spending time with Shelby and has mentioned her to be the sunshine of his day[48]. Pred commonly refers to Shelby as his partner for life as an indication of their friendship.

Shortly after getting to know eachother, Pred started to gain a personal interest in Shelby as he became more affectionate towards her, often complimenting or flirting with her, until he eventually confessed to being attracted to her due to her talents, smarts, and beauty.[49]

Since his initial confession, Pred has asked Shelby out on various dates and made many sexual advances, such as inviting her back to his apartment for the night[50], however Shelby has turned him done every time as she is very aware that Pred is already in a relationship, and will routinely tell him off for trying to be with her despite that fact.[51]

Even though Shelby has turned him down so many times, Pred is convinced that Shelby has the same feelings for him as he does for her, and he has every intention of trying to start a romantic relationship with her in the future, or at the very least a sexual one.

Ever since Shelby helped Pred with an undercover operation, he started to refer to Shelby as his "partner", and while Shelby was initially against being his partner as she didn't want others to get the wrong idea, she has since accepted it and often refers to Pred as her partner in turn.

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Shelby and Pred.

  • Shelby designed and printed Pred's personal "Get Some" stickers.
  • They rode together for the "Boe Memorial Race".
  • Pred considers Shelby to be his "partner for life".
  • Pred bought Shelby a VIP ticket for his VLC fight against Toretti.
  • Shelby is the assigned veterinarian for Pred's K9; OJ Simpson.
  • Pred used to have a picture of Shelby in a bikini as his phone wallpaper, until Shelby changed it.

Lea Nova - Close Friend / Enforcer 

Lea Nova has quickly become one of Pred's best friends within the police department and one of his most trusted patrol partners. They share very similar personality traits making it very easy for them to get along, they are also incredibly loyal towards one another, which has made them form a powerful bond of friendship. Pred genuinely enjoys spending time with Nova as she both matches him in energy and share a similar taste in humor, but is also incredibly capable at her job.

Pred first got to know Nova when she was working as a parking attendant at MRPD, where Pred would run into her on a daily basis and would often spend some time with her for a short conversation, or just to flirt with her as he was very open about being attracted to her. Nova also seemed to enjoy the time she spent with Pred, always greeting him with a smile and often giving him small compliments, or even bringing him gifts whenever they ran into eachother.

Pred's flirtations with Nova started to grow stronger over time until he eventually decided to invite her back to his apartment, at which point Nova made him promise to never tell his girlfriend about the attraction he had for Nova, as she wanted to avoid any possible backlash due to his girlfriend also being her boss. While Pred agreed to the promise, it only made him more interested in Nova as he continued asking her out on dates and making sexual advances towards her, always being turned down by Nova as she was genuinely afraid of his girlfriend.

After Nova got hired by the police department and decided to join the BCSO, the true bond between Pred and Nova started to form, Pred had always believed Nova to be an amazingly talented new hire, but became increasingly more impressed with her as the two started to spend more time together, Pred eventually placed enough trust in Nova to name her as his personal enforcer. Nowadays Pred and Nova can often be seen out on patrol, or gambling at the casino together, with both of them often yelling out their signature catchphrases "BCSO!", or "Get some!".

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Nova and Pred.

  • The first time Pred met Nova, he tried to scam her out of money with Burger Shot toys.[52]
  • Nova used to always call Pred "Honey", when she was working as a parking attendant.
  • When joining the police department, Nova chose BCSO over LSPD largely because of Pred.
  • They once got high on painkillers together while on duty.
  • Nova received one of Pred's limited "Get Some" stickers.
  • Pred replaced Claire Everly with Nova as his personal enforcer for the BCSO.

Marlo Stanfield - Best Friend 

Marlo Stanfield is the manager for the Diamond Hand loan company, and considered to be Pred's best friend outside of the police department. Due to their vastly different careers and social circles, Pred and Marlo often contact eachother for small favours, to exchange helpful information, to talk about their collectibles, or to gamble together. Marlo also became Pred's future step-father, after his fiancée, Fiona Stewart, adopted Pred as her son.

The initial relationship between Pred and Marlo was one that developed out of necessity rather than friendship, with the intent of providing eachother with favours in expectancy for rewards. This started when Marlo was a witness to Pred unlawfully beating a man in an alley, which is where they struck their first deal, for Marlo to look the other way in exchange for getting his criminal record cleared of any crimes.

The second big favour in their relationship happened when Pred got banned from the Diamond Casino, and he contacted Marlo to request a life-time high-roller membership. In exchange, Marlo once again requested his record to be cleared, this time because he planned on running in the mayoral election. They both ended up fulfilling their sides of the deal in a matter of days.

Since then they slowly became friends and eventually started to do small favours or exchange information out of friendship rather than any expectation for reward. As their relationship continued they eventually started to refer to one another as their best friend. As best friends, Pred would often meet up with Marlo while his fiancée, Fiona, was with him, and Fiona eventually decided to adopt Pred as her son with Marlo's approval.

Erin Cox - Close Friend / Arch Nemesis 

Pred and Erin Cox have a very dysfunctional friendship which consists of them yelling and insulting one another on a daily basis, and sometimes even resulting in physical violence towards eachother. Despite their hostility towards eachother, they both appear to have a soft spot for one another as they try their best to help eachother out whenever possible. Outsiders often seem to mistake their relationship as a sexual- or romantic one, instead of a friendship.

For as much as Pred likes to insult Erin, he does appear to be very protective of her and has even threatened others against hurting or harassing her, and even though he acts like he genuinely hates Erin, he has admitted to actually considering her a good friend. Erin acts similarly to Pred, however when one of her friends questioned her on why she spent so much time with a police officer, Erin stated that Pred was special to her.

While Pred initially hinted at having a physical attraction towards Erin, and Erin often acting fairly suggestive and provocative towards him, both of them vehemently deny being attracted to one another. Even though they are not in any sort of sexual- or romantic relationship with eachother, both of them have suggested otherwise to outsiders, with Pred having referred to Erin as his "side chick", and Erin having claimed that she's had sex with Pred.

Pred and Erin eventually ended up coining eachother as their arch nemesis, which started when Erin referred to Pred as such after he arrested her. Pred initially stated that Erin wasn't worthy of becoming his arch nemesis, but he has since changed his mind.

This tab contains recaps of the impactful events and interesting interactions between Erin and Pred on a monthly basis.

February 2021 - From Hatred to Friend

First Meeting
Pred first met Erin on February 6th, 2021, when he noticed her walking in the distance and decided to catcall her, causing Erin to walk up to Pred and seductively show off her body for him. After they introduced themselves to eachother, Erin began bragging about how she had gotten in trouble with the law for animal abuse, and about her business idea of creating dolphin sushi, causing Pred to swiftly lose interest in her as he claimed that she was the type of woman that was a lot better to look at than to actually engage in conversation with. Erin was clearly offended by his remark, and they got into a heated argument before Pred eventually decided to leave after insulting her one last time.[53]

Shared Likeness
When Pred ran into Erin at a traffic stop a few days later, Erin was immediately hostile towards him and referred to him as a douchebag, however as their conversation went on, it turned out that they actually shared a lot of similar opinions, such as their shared hatred for condoms and preference for the "Pull-Out Method". They also seemed to share a clear disregard for animal life, and a comparable indifference towards animal cruelty.

March 2021 - The Friendly Nemesis

Loss and Integrity
On March 6th, 2021, Pred was on the phone with Erin when he asked her to do him a favour and try and get him into a poker game that would be starting shortly at the casino, the issue being that police officers were banned from the premises. Erin replied that she'd try her best to get him in, even at the risk of losing her job at the casino, however she called him back within about a minute to inform him that there was unfortunately no way for her to get him into the poker game.

Pred ended up managing to find his own way into the casino where he ran into Erin at the poker table, and she ended up spectating the game by his side for a good while. After Erin watched Pred lose a large amount of money at the poker game, she started throwing single dollar bills at him, calling him her personal stripper and asking him to dance for her, but Pred refused, stating that he still had some integrity left.

Modelling and Gems
On March 7th, 2021, Pred ran into Erin while she was walking around barefoot, and asked Pred on his opinion on her feet as she was planning on selling pictures of her feet at the art gallery. Pred offered to take the pictures for her, which Erin gladly accepted and led to an impromptu photoshoot with Erin as model. After taking the photos, Pred asked Erin for a favour as he was looking to acquire gemstones to investigate the appraisal process at the art gallery, and offered Erin a free favour in exchange for a few gems. Erin replied that she would only do the favour for Pred if he would put her toes in his mouth, though Pred immediately denied the request. In the end Erin agreed to try her best to get the gems for him in exchange for a favour down the road.

Unusual Assault
On March 9th, 2021, Erin physically assaulted Pred in front of the district attorney by running her tongue through his mustache, causing Pred to immediately recoil from her, angrily accusing her of assaulting him, and calling her a "pink-haired floozy". Erin tried to claim that she didn't assault him, but even the district attorney agreed that she most definitely assaulted him, though they ended up not pressing charges against her.[54]

Lake-Side Rescue
On March 13th, 2021, Erin called Pred as she was out hunting, slightly worried about her safety when she had a suspicious man following her at the the lake atop Mount Gordo, and asked Pred to help her scare him in some way, which he agreed to do. As Pred got close to the location, Erin informed him that even more men had shown up, and that the men had also pointed their guns at her, immediately causing Pred to call for additional units over the radio, including a request for a helicopter unit. As Pred was watching over Erin for her safety from a concealed location whilst awaiting the additional units, he noticed a man standing next to Erin with a pistol in hand, giving him enough reason to believe Erin's earlier claims.

Erin was stood atop a rock in the middle of the lake surrounded by three men when Pred moved in as the first unit alongside the helicopter unit, negotiating for Erin's safety in exchange for one of their friends whom Pred had already detained a bit further away from the lake. One by one the men swam towards Pred as they got surrounded by multiple armed officers who came in as backup, until all the men were placed under detainment, and Erin was recovered to safety.[55] Pred discussed the men's punishment with Erin, to which she wished to have Pred scare the men, but not arrest them.

Pred ended up punishing the men in various different ways; the first man he personally insulted in front of his friends, the second one he scared by threatening to send him to jail for suspicions of weapons trafficking, and the third he beat up with his nightstick.[56] With Erin's life seemingly no longer being in danger, Pred made his way back to the city.

Vouch Under Oath
On March 15th, 2021, Erin called upon Pred to vouch for her in a court appeal. Pred got off on a shaky start by talking negatively about Erin, however when he asked for clarification on what exactly Erin was appealing, he realized that Erin had actually been mistreated by another officer. Pred pointed out the mistakes that were made by the other officer, and ended up greatly helping Erin's appeal, resulting in the reinstation of her driver's license.[57]

The Unforeseen Sting
On March 16th, 2021, Pred was in pursuit of Frank Fritugo, who was fleeing from Pred in a car whilst Erin was in Frank's passenger seat. After a lengthy pursuit, Frank ended up getting into a rough car crash, which somehow ended up saving him as he got flung from the car, out of Pred's sights, however in doing so he left Erin behind. Pred ended up questioning Erin for Frank's whereabouts, but she refused to cooperate, causing Pred to force her into helping him set up a sting operation to catch Frank, in exchange for not getting charged with obstruction of justice.

Pred called in a tow for Frank's crashed out vehicle, and made Erin wait next to the vehicle to try and lure Frank out of hiding, whilst Pred went and hid on a concealed vantage point. After watching Erin for a long time, Frank was nowhere to be seen, but the tow operator did show up, alongside two other unknown men. As the other men were talking to Erin, one of them suddenly pulled out a firearm, immediately causing Erin to raise her arms in the air, and Pred to rush down from his vantage point to aid her. Pred forcefully instructed the men against the car at gunpoint, however as Pred was placing one of them in handcuffs, he tried to pull out his firearms, causing Pred to shoot him in the back out of self-defense.[58] In the end, the entire situation turned out as a misunderstanding and Pred disappointingly let them go free after getting the injured man medical attention.

As Pred was about to leave, Erin asked him for a ride back into the city, however as they were walking to his car, Pred pulled out his nightstick and threatened to beat Erin in an alleyway for information about Frank's whereabouts. Erin hesitantly followed Pred into the alleyway towards Pred's car, keeping her distance as she stated that she'd only allow Pred to beat her in the bedroom.[59]

The Punished Samaritan
On March 17th, 2021, Pred was getting chased by his own father, Tony Andrews, who was threatening to beat him with a flashlight, when Pred received a call from Erin. Pred ended up screaming for help from Erin, who immediately offered to rescue him as she urgently asked him for his location, which Pred relayed to her. As Andrews chased Pred onto a rooftop of an apartment building, Andrews fell off, causing other police officers to respond to the injured officer.

Erin ended up showing up a short while later, screaming for Pred to get into her car as she was already being chased by other officers as she broke several traffic laws to rescue Pred in a hurry. Pred was about to get in with Erin to get away together until Travis Tribble forbade him from going with Erin, leaving Erin to flee from the other officers by herself, whom were only after Erin because she tried to save Pred.

After Erin's lengthy car chase, which Pred wasn't further involved in, Erin ended up going to jail for a long time, and with a hefty fine attached to it, which she fully blamed Pred for. Following many angry texts and comments from Erin, Pred ended up partially paying for Erin's fine from her attempted rescue.

Start of Becoming a Nemesis
On March 21st, 2021, Erin had been on the run for a couple days, successfully evading the police in many pursuit, but placing a large target upon herself from law enforcement, during those days she had also been taunting Pred in various ways for being unable to catch her. Erin stated that the main reason she was even on the run from the law, was because she enjoyed playing a game of cat and mouse with Pred more than she originally expected.

This day initially seemed like a repeat of the previous days as she continued to evade Pred and other officers numerous times, that was until Pred came incredibly close to catching her as her vehicle was running very low on fuel due to an especially long pursuit, forcing her to leave her own car behind as she had to call one of her friends to pick her up in the middle of the pursuit. Whilst her friend managed to keep Erin out of Pred's custody, Pred was content with the result as he had managed to grab hold of Erin's personal vehicle and had it brought back to MRPD for seizure. Before having the car seized to the impound lot, leaving Erin with a heavy fine to pay should she wish to have her vehicle returned to her, Pred decided to take a selfie with the car to claim it as a personal victory, eventually sending the picture to Erin to taunt her, who was noticeable bitter upon seeing the picture.

Later in the day, Erin had managed to retrieve her car from the impound lot and once again got into a lengthy pursuit with the police, eventually losing control of her vehicle and rendering it immobile after flipping it onto it's roof. Erin was finally brought into police custody after being on the run for multiple days, giving Pred the honour of officially unmasking her on the scene, gleefully taunting her as he did so.[60] With Erin having her car retrieved from impound, Pred decided to take the chance to make Erin watch him drive her car and do victory laps in front her, before once again taking her car down to MRPD for another expensive seizure fine.[61]

Even though the pair had a fierce competitive rivalry whilst Erin was on the run, once she was transported down to the holding cells, Pred immediately changed his behaviour when Erin was facing excessive criminal charges that Pred heavily disagreed with. Much like when Pred was vouching for Erin in court a week earlier, he once again pointed out how Erin was being unfairly treated, and how the higher ranking officers were making big mistakes leading to a cruel and unusual punishment for Erin. Pred standing up for Erin turned into a lengthy argument between multiple officers, eventually leading to the excessive charges being dropped in favour of Erin, exactly like Pred had been pushing for.

Later that night, Pred received a phone call from Erin as she told Pred in a sad tone that she didn't have enough money to get her back from the impound lot after Pred seized it. Pred initially refused to give her any money, but as she kept pleading for help, Pred gave in and made his way to the impound lot for her. As Pred handed her the money, she lovingly said "Thank you, my favourite shrimpy!".[62]

Declared as Nemesis
In the early morning of March 22nd, 2021, Pred received a call from Erin asking to meet up for an unknown reason, however Pred was unable to do so as he was in the middle of an investigation, and Erin didn't have the time to wait for him. When Pred started calling Erin a criminal, as Pred no longer regarded her as just a business owner after she went on the run for days, Erin declared herself as Pred's arch nemesis, with Pred immediately replying that Erin wasn't worthy of being his arch nemesis, leading to a lengthy argument between the two.[63] Later in the day, Pred ended up changing his mind a bit, whilst still not finding her worthy enough to regard her as his arch nemesis, he decided to take her declaration seriously, and go harder on her whenever he would catch her breaking the law.

The Underground Raid
In the late afternoon of March 22nd, 2021, Erin came to Pred asking for help in regards to her employee interviews for the Digital Den, stating that she wanted some way to employ a scare tactic to see how they'd react. She asked Pred to raid them during their interview and act like they were getting arrested, once Pred gladly agreed to help her, they decided to act out their plan in a sinister-looking underground fighting pit. Pred decided to relay the plan along to Jackie Snow, and the two ended up getting multiple other officers involved for the raid.

They ended up gathering eight officers in total, and set up against the door to the underground area. After a quick count down, all the officers breached and made their way down the stairs with their assault rifles at the ready, yelling multiple orders as they did so. They rounded up all the interviewees against the wall and placed them in handcuffs before moving further into the building, where they found Erin and her employees interviewing a woman in what appeared to be torture room, seemingly to enhance the fear factor of the interview.

Pred eventually had a moment in private with Erin, where she stated to be extremely happy with the result and Pred's help. However, both Pred and Erin did end up getting scolded by Travis Tribble for getting other members of the police force involved without giving them proper information on the exact reason for the raid.[64]

Rumours of a Girlfriend
On the morning of March 23rd, 2021, Pred received a phone call from an upset Erin as she informed Pred that she heard rumours about Pred going around calling Erin his girlfriend. Pred loudly informed her that he never told anyone such a thing, however Erin replied that she had received calls from multiple people saying otherwise. Erin even claimed that she caught Pred lurking around her apartment at night, but Pred strongly denied every single rumour. They ended up getting into a lengthy argument with both of them denying any sort of romantic feelings for one another, and stated that they meant nothing to eachother.[65]

A while later, Pred ended up picking Erin out front of her apartment as he needed her help to get products from Frank Fritugo. As Pred and Erin drove around together, Erin genuinely asked him why he was claiming her as his girlfriend and asked if he was infatuated by her, however Pred fiercely denied being attracted to her, and instead claimed that Erin was the one that was infatuated by him, with Erin also denying his claims in return. Erin then pointed out that Pred didn't actually need her to get in contact with Frank, seemingly only getting her involved so he could spend time with her, with Pred not having much of an excuse to fight back with, he instead deflected by calling Erin a "stage five clinger". When they arrived at their destination, they ran into Dimitri Barkov who immediately referred to them as a couple of lovebirds, which only ended up furthering Erin's claims.[66]

The rumours about Pred calling Erin his girlfriend turned out to have been spread by Dimitri himself, as Dimitri had been the target of both verbal and physical abuse from Pred since he was an employee of the burger shot, and that was his way of getting revenge on Pred.

Supporting a Nemesis
On March 23rd, 2021, Pred ended up in an extremely lengthy car chase with Erin, as she had made it a habit of trying to evade Pred at every opportunity as part of her rivalry with him. After Erin led Pred on a chase through the entirety of the city, the mountains, and the desert, he finally managed to catch her when her vehicle broke down due to excessive damages from the pursuit, at which point she immediately surrendered to him. As he placed her in handcuffs, another officer informed Pred that Erin's drivers license should be revoked on court orders by Judge Buck Stanton. Erin argued that Stanton's ruling was extremely unfair and biased, and when the other officer tried to place the blame on Erin, she got very direct with him and told him to stay out of it. In response, Pred told Erin to calm down against the other officer, and that Pred himself was also aware that Erin was being mistreated by Stanton, at which point Pred made the decision to take it upon himself to take Erin with him and go talk to Stanton. As Pred was placing Erin in the back of his cruiser, Travis Tribble warned Pred to keep it professional with Erin, whilst Pred was unsure what Tribble meant by his comment, Erin was quite entertained, as she had told Tribble earlier that she had sex with Pred during a police ridealong.[67]

As they made their way to city hall, Pred called both a lawyer and Stanton to set up a meeting between the four of them, with Stanton gladly giving them the opportunity to plead their case. As they arrived, Pred gave Erin the benefit of the doubt and gave her the freedom to walk around by herself, trusting that she wouldn't flee as he was doing her a favour, though Pred did end up briefly putting a leash on her and tying her to a pole when he had to leave her from his sights, even though Erin stated that she'd rather have Pred hold her on the leash than being tied to a pole.

Before going into the meeting with Stanton, Pred advised Erin to have a reasonable conversation with Stanton and articulate her feelings in a civil manner, but Erin replied that she didn't trust Stanton to be reasonable, because Stanton treated her unfairly purely because he knew he could get away with it, and it was entertaining to him. During the meeting, Pred initially let both Erin and her lawyer have the opportunity to speak with Stanton whilst Pred quietly listened in, but when her lawyer seemingly failed to get the correct points across, and Erin was getting in her own way by insulting and arguing with Stanton, Pred stepped in. Pred explained to Stanton that treating Erin unfairly would turn her from a business woman to a common criminal, and even though her attitude towards Stanton was very disrespectful, Pred pleaded Stanton to still try and help her out as she was a victim of legal negligence rather than her own faults. Stanton ended up siding with Pred, and giving Erin another chance, stating that he never once had Pred vouch for anyone such as he did for Erin, and that was very impactful for Stanton's decision.[68]

After getting Erin's drivers license reinstated, Pred finally took her down to MRPD to process her for the earlier pursuit, however on the way there Pred ended up scolding Erin for being disrespectful towards Stanton, as it made it harder for Pred to help her.[69]

Working Relationships

Police Departments

Matt Rhodes - Undersheriff 

Matt Rhodes is one Pred's most trusted members of the police department, and one of his close friends. Rhodes was appointed as the Undersheriff by Pred.

The initial relationship between Pred and Rhodes when Pred transferred in as an officer from Baltimore was off to a shaky start as Pred would often argue and fight against Rhodes' orders, despite the fact that Rhodes outranked him. They eventually tried to make up their differences after a while, but shortly afterwards Pred stated to have lost all respect and trust in Rhodes after he sided with the police union in their extortion against Pred.

With Pred losing his respect for Rhodes, he became extremely combative and belligerent towards him, which Rhodes ended up trying to punish Pred for, but the punishment was voided by those higher ranking than Rhodes. Pred eventually decided to sit down with Rhodes to have a heart-to-heart, after which they managed to talk out their differences and started working on a better work relationship and friendship, with Rhodes stating Pred to be one of the most capable officers in the department.[70]

A while after Pred became sheriff, he decided to blindsight his captains who were vying for the position of undersheriff, and instead decided that he wanted Rhodes to be the one standing next to him at the top. Rhodes made himself a promise never to accept any rank higher than sergeant, but stated that the only one who he would break that promise for was Pred, as he accepted the position of undersheriff.

Jenny Hall - Sergeant 

Pred and Jenny Hall have a good working relationship, most of their work together is based around investigations where they can often rely on eachother's help, though outside of investigations Jenny will often be quite stern towards Pred when she disagrees with his behaviour or decisions.

Pred appeared to have had an attraction towards Jenny since very early on in their relationship, as he can often be seen hitting on Jenny when they run into eachother, even asking her to either be his mistress or girlfriend at one point. While Jenny humorously puts up with most of his advances and antics, she's made him very much aware that she has no sexual or romantic interest in Pred.

Once Pred decided to take part in the election of trying to become Sheriff of the BCSO, he became a bit more hostile in his interactions with Jenny, as she was also vying for the position. While Pred made it clear that he had no hard feelings towards Jenny as opposition, Jenny felt differently as she stated that if Pred became the Sheriff, she would quit being a police officer.

Travis Tribble - Senior Deputy 

Travis Tribble used to be the acting sheriff before Pred took over his position as the appointed sheriff of the BCSO. Pred has always regarded Tribble to be a mentor and a father-figure to him, and Tribble is the deputy that Pred has always had the utmost loyalty to.

While Tribble was acting as sheriff, him and Pred would often patrol the city together, with Tribble always threatening to kill or fire Pred due to his antics and behaviour, however Tribble always tried to support and protect Pred whenever he looked to be in actual trouble. During that time, Pred ended up swearing his loyalty to Tribble, stating that he would do anything Tribble asked of him, no matter how morally wrong the request was.

After Pred became sheriff, he stated Tribble to be the single most influential person in his rise to sheriff, as both an amazing mentor and close friend. While Tribble is no longer his superior, Pred will always have a tremendous amount of love, respect, and loyalty for him, no matter what happens.

Richard Dark - Deputy 

Pred has enjoyed bullying Richard Dark since their very first meeting, and has continued to do so ever since, whether it be hurling insults at Dark or physical abuse such as punching or slapping him. Dark can often be heard yelling back at Pred as a response, though he doesn't necessarily seem to stand up for himself against Pred.

Dark has also taken it upon himself to start investigating Pred for any signs of corruption or criminal involvement, however Pred is very much aware of Dark's investigation into him due to outside sources informing him of such, and has hinted towards Dark that he knows exactly what Dark is up to.

While there is some definite strife in their relationship, Pred seems to consider Dark as a friend, and has hopes of becoming investigative partners with Dark in the future.

Sam Baas - Chief of Police 

Pred and Sam Baas initially developed a good working relationship over the time they worked together, with Pred always supporting Baas and trying to keep his best interest in mind. However, that changed when Baas transferred from the BCSO to the LSPD and was seen as a traitor in Pred's eyes.

During Pred's fight against the union, Baas was on of few officers that was actually willing to hear Pred's side of the story, and ended up supporting him in his cause. Pred gained a lot of appreciated for Baas due to his unbiased support, and Baas became one of the few trusted officers that Pred informed about his investigations and plans, with Baas offering his help whenever needed.

After Pred became Sheriff, Baas got into hot water after serious accusations of violating a civilian's human rights and was facing termination from the LSPD. Pred offered for Baas to come be part of his ranks in the BCSO, promising to protect and advise Baas to the best of his abilities, an offer which Baas gladly accepted.

While Pred ended up punishing Baas for his actions, he successfully kept Baas from getting fired from the police department. Baas eventually transferred back to the LSPD after he was appointed as the Chief of Police, but praises and respects Pred for the help he offered him when he was in the lowest point of his career. However, Pred didn't share that same respect for Baas as he regarded him as a snake and a traitor that had now stabbed him in the back multiple times.

Domenic Toretti - Assistant Chief 

Domenic Toretti appears as one of Pred's most hated members of the police department, as Pred will quite often bully and insult him, however it's actually quite the opposite as Pred considers Toretti to be his absolute best friend in the police department.

Ever since their first meeting Pred has kept a close eye on Toretti as he has always been very suspicious of him being involved in various criminal acts including corruption, extortion, and embezzlement among a list of others. In return, Toretti kept a close eye on Pred's behaviour and would often threaten to tell Pred's girlfriend about his flirtations and sexual advances on other women.

When Pred was still an officer for the LSPD, he was outranked by Toretti, however despite Toretti often waving his higher ranked status over Pred's head as a warning, Pred would always bully him around and push his buttons as much as possible, seemingly having no respect for Toretti as a higher ranked officer.

After Pred became sheriff, Pred started waving the fact that he was now the higher ranking one over Toretti's head, much like Toretti did to him, often threatening with suspensions or strike points, though rarely actually following through with the threats.

Johnny Divine - Captain 

Johnny Divine is a Captain for the LSPD, and the Head of the Major Crimes Division.

Pred initially had a decent relationship with Divine since their first meeting, but their relationship slowly started to deteriorate due to small conflicts after Divine got promoted to head of the MCD.

When Pred started an internal investigation into the police union on suspicion of corruption, Pred's relationship with Divine hit an all-time low, as Pred felt like Divine rarely had time for him, or intentionally brushed him off whenever he came to Divine for advise or information.

Fortunately, their relationship has slowly been mending since then, and Pred has started to grow fonder of Divine once again. Divine has also seen a lot of potential in Pred and has informed him to be one of his potential future hires as a Detective for the MCD.

Kareem Lyon - Lieutenant 

Since their first meeting, Pred and Kareem Lyon have seemingly formed a strong friendship, and while they do enjoy messing with eachother every once in awhile, they work extremely well together and appear to place a lot of trust, and have a lot of respect for one another.

Kareem is one of few officers that doesn't shy away from gambling with Pred, as they have done multiple dice rolls worth thousands of dollars together.

Bob Smith - Sergeant 

Pred and Bob Smith quickly formed a bond as close friends since their first meeting, primarily due to their similar habits and opinions, and the fact that they could comfortably share their true thoughts without either of them feeling judged for them by the other.

Emma Dupont - Senior Officer 

Pred and Emma Dupont have gotten along extremely well since their very first meeting, not only do they enjoy working together, they simply enjoy eachother's company whenever they're together. Pred and Dupont have a lot of similarities in their personalities which attracted them to eachother in the first place, and whilst they've butted heads on a few rare occasions, it was always easily resolved with a simple apology.

Pred is a lot less flirty with Dupont as he is with some of the other officers, but instead expresses his genuine love for her a lot, with Dupont also vocalizing her love for him. While they are close friends and hold genuine love for one another, Pred's love for Dupont seems to go a bit deeper than just a platonic love, as the idea of leaving his girlfriend to try and start a relationship with Dupont has crossed his mind.

Lily Pond - Senior Officer 

Pred and Lily Pond don't get too work together all that often, but whenever they do, they work very well together and seem to genuinely enjoy eachother's company, often joking around together.

Pred has had a superficial attraction towards Pond since early on in their relationship, and will often make flattering comments about her appearance, and flirt with her at almost every opportunity. Pred has continued this behaviour even after finding out that she was already married, and after she had turned down his advances on several occasions, though Pond doesn't really seem to mind Pred's flirtatious behaviour towards her.

Lauren Forcer - Senior Officer 

Pred and Lauren Forcer used to have an extreme love-hate relationship since the very beginning, seemingly acting as best of friends one day, yet being at eachother's throats the next. However, after Forcer transferred to the LSPD, Pred lost all trust and support for Forcer and seemingly stopped seeing her as a friend altogether.

During the love part of their relationship, Pred could often be seen flirting with Forcer and trying to help her in any way he can, with Forcer unconditionally supporting Pred in whatever he does or say, no matter what.

During the hate part of their relationship, Pred could often be heard slinging insults or making fun of Forcer, causing her to either bite back at him, completely ignore him, or tell him how much of an asshole he is and how much he hates him.

After Pred became Sheriff, he genuinely wanted to help Forcer strive towards a brighter and more successful future, however no matter what he did, it simply wasn't enough to satisfy Forcer. Forcer eventually decided to apply for a transfer to the LSPD after a new Chief of Police got appointed, Pred gladly granted the transfer as he no longer wished to deal with Forcer's exasperating behaviour and would gladly put that burden on someone else.

After Forcer's transfer to the LSPD became official, Pred had no longer any reason to support Forcer and therefor had no intention in doing so, as he would put any single BCSO deputy before any of her needs. Despite being glad with Forcer's transfer, Pred still regarded her as a traitor and refused to place any trust in her ever since.

Jackie Snow - Trooper 

Ever since their first meeting, Pred has developed a huge amount of respect and appreciation for Jackie Snow, and Snow has become one of very few officers that Pred will place his complete trust in, no matter the situation. In turn, Snow has been one of few officers that has complete faith in Pred's abilities compared to those that question him, and will only question his methods and decisions in order to protect Pred.

"I'll have your back as much as I can... just don't get fucking fired, please. You're a good officer, and I need you during this time." - Snow's words to Pred.[71]

Tessa Lamb - Senior Ranger 

The relationship between Pred and Tessa Lamb has changed a few times within a short time period, Pred initially started out by pretending to hate Tessa and insulting her at numerous occasions, which he later confessed was due to his own misconception of getting the impression that Tessa disliked him.

Once Pred and Tessa seemingly started to form a friendship, Pred started to act a bit more flirtatious and suggestive towards her, even referring to her as his girlfriend for a short period of time, which lasted until Tessa confessed to him that she was actually a lesbian.

After finding out that Tessa was a lesbian, Pred named Tessa as one of his "bros" and took it upon himself to try and find Tessa either a date or a girlfriend, which he so eloquently referred to as a "slam piece".

Tessa has since become one of Pred's steady patrol partners, with Pred often trying to partner up with her whenever they're working the same shift.

Pillbox Medical Center

Emma Gaine - Doctor 

Emma Gaine is a doctor and physical therapist working for Pillbox Medical Center. Emma makes use of her "healing voice" during therapy, which Pred has also utilized to coax criminals into confessing their crimes to Emma.[72]

Pred and Emma became good friends rather early on in their relationship, and when Pred took her on a police ridealong she became one of the "Kyle's Angels", alongside Andi Jones and Mina Price.

Pred seems to have some form of attraction towards Emma as he occasionally flirts with her, however whether that attraction is a superficial one, or something deeper is unclear. Tony Andrews once claimed that Pred has an interest in dating Emma, and while Pred didn't confirm whether that was true, he didn't deny it either.[73]

Regina Bunny - Therapist 

Regina Bunny is a therapist that works alongside Pillbox Medical Center, Pred and Regina have a complicated relationship, as Pred is always suspicious of Regina being up to no good, with his main suspicious being that Regina is either an escort or a prostitute. After Regina got caught with illegal medication on her person, Pred also became suspicious of her possible being a drug dealer.

While there are some definite tensions during most of their interactions, with Regina often acting quite skittish around Pred and frequently having to clear up his misunderstandings or misconceptions, Pred has stated that he does consider Regina to be a good friend and genuinely enjoys spending time with her.

Mila Smoak - Paramedic FTO 

Mila Smoak used to be considered Pred's favourite paramedic in the city[74], Pred has been attracted to Mila since the very first time he met her, however his interest in her doesn't appear to be anything more than a superficial attraction.

Early on in their relationship, Pred would always flirt with Mila whenever he ran into her, with Mila happily going along with his flirtations to entertain him, despite being aware that Pred had a habit of flirting with many of the women in the city.

However, after Pred became friends with Mila's best friend, Shelby Lane, Pred started to confuse Mila with Shelby, referring to Mila as Shelby on several occasions.[75] [76] Mila was obviously unhappy with Pred seemingly forgetting who she even was despite the two knowing eachother for months, and stopped going along with his flirtations, stating that none of his pickup lines or flirtations would work on her anymore.

Pred initially claimed that he genuinely wasn't able to tell Mila apart from Shelby, and even stated that he'd have to see the two of them in the same room before believing that they were two separate women.[77] However, he later confessed that he had always been able to tell the two apart, and only referred to Mila as Shelby to diminish her self-esteem to try and hook up with her.

Mila has also started to take notice of the fact that Pred and Shelby started to spend time together on a daily basis, and became convinced that there was something going on between them. Mila even went around pretending to be Shelby at one point, and claimed to be dating Pred to several people.[78]

Department of Justice

Elizabeth Devereaux - Former Judge 

Pred and Elizabeth Devereaux have a somewhat peculiar relationship as the dynamic between them is ever changing, sometimes acting as close friends with Pred relentlessly flirting with her, yet at other times being at eachother's throats, seemingly unable to withstand the other.

The initial relationship between Pred and Devereaux was off to a horrible start when the both of them ended up insulting and yelling at eachother at their very first meeting, having to be separated from one another by their coworkers.

However, the more the two interacted with eachother, the fonder Pred grew of Devereaux and the more attracted he became to her. The tipping point for their relationship to turn into a friendship came when Devereaux supported Pred against Antigone Weston, who was trying to ruin the relationship with his girlfriend by revealing the sexual advances he had made towards her, which Devereaux managed to place complete blame for on Antigone instead.

Ever since then Pred has been openly hitting on Devereaux whenever he ran into her, even commenting that if he wasn't already in a relationship, Devereaux would be his primary romantic interest. However, when Devereaux asked Pred what he would do if she actually gave in to his advances, Pred stated that he would absolutely follow through with it, despite being in a relationship.

Dennis LaBarre - Former Judge 

Pred and Dennis LaBarre have formed a close friendship, with Dennis being arguably one of Pred's most supportive yet fair contacts within the Department of Justice.

When Pred was being threatened with wrongful termination by the police department, Dennis agreed to lend Pred a helping hand, and even offered Pred a position as a Judge in case he ended up getting fired as an officer.

Dennis also played an important part in aiding with one of Pred's long ongoing investigations, namely uncovering a multitude of human body parts within the kitchen of the Burger Shot.

Paige Green - Former Defense Attorney 

Paige Green is a Defense Attorney within the Department of Justice, she works closely alongside the police department, which is how Pred and Paige ended up meeting as Pred came to Paige for help against the police union.

Pred will often come to Paige for advise or help on interesting or difficult cases, and the two slowly learned how to effectively work together over the time they spent together. Pred has developed an enormous amount of respect for Paige and gladly takes up any opportunity to work with her.

While Pred has always treated Paige with respect and courtesy, and rarely ever flirts with her, he does appear to have developed a superficial attraction towards Paige, as he has admitted to his attraction for Paige to other officers, though never to Paige herself.

Ursula Leichenberg - Deputy Mayor 

Ursula Leichenberg used to work as the Director of Journalism for LSBN, which is how Pred and Ursula initially became friends as she would often run into him, asking for an interview or general information regarding police-related happenings in the city. Pred genuinely loves Ursula as a friend and considers her to be one of his closest friends outside of the police department.[79] He always tries to make time for her, whether it be for an official interview, answering general questions, or just some small talk.

Ursula comes across as very flirty whenever she interacts with Pred, seemingly being interested in more than just a friendship, and while Pred will occasionally flirt with her in return, he often seems to miss Ursula's intent whenever she's hitting on him. Despite Pred's seemingly lack of interest, he did once tell Ursula that if he wasn't already in a relationship, he'd definitely be interested in her, this caused Ursula to reveal that she herself was actually in an open relationship and gave him an open invitation to call her whenever he was interested.[80]

Personal Relationships

Love Interests

Current Interests

Mina Rocket 

Mina Rocket is an employee for the Burger Shot, and she is considered to be one of Pred's close friends. Pred has stated her to be his absolute favourite Mina in the city, and she is also one of his primary romantic interests.

Pred has been attracted to Mina since very early on in their relationship, while Pred initially started out by innocently flirting with her, he quickly stepped it up by asking her out on various dates, and propositioning her to sleep with him on various occasions. While Mina didn't seem to mind the attention as she could often be heard happily giggling at his advances and compliments, she has turned him down on almost every occasion as she is both afraid of Pred's girlfriend, and is also already in a relationship with someone else.

Despite being turned down by Mina, Pred didn't let that phase him as he continued flirting with her whenever possible whilst also building up a close friendship with her, spending time opening card packs together in his apartment, and exchanging various gifts and affections with one another.

When Pred was in a moment of worrying for his life, he called Mina to tell her that if he wasn't already in a relationship, he was convinced that the two of them would be together, to which Mina replied that she felt the same way.

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Mina and Pred.

  • Mina once came back to Pred's apartment to open card packs together.
  • Pred signed Mina's collectible "Kyle Pred" trading card for her.[81]
  • Pred gifted Mina a watch, stating it to be a precious family heirloom.[82]
  • Mina made Pred a drawing of them opening card packs together.[83]
  • Mina received one of Pred's limited "Get Some" stickers.
  • Mina once agreed to go on a "date" with Pred, but he stood her up.

Kitty Dream 

Pred and Kitty Dream have a complicated relationship, with Kitty being an employee for the Burger Shot, she is often a target of Pred's insults and impatience whenever he comes in for food or drinks. Yet, even though Pred often seems hostile towards Kitty due to her work, he claims to regard her as one of his close friends, and even confessed to having a crush on her, however Pred's true feelings for Kitty are somewhat ambiguous as he stated that he'd say anything to get her to sleep with him.

Their relationship didn't initially start out as hostile, as Kitty was actually one of very few people in the city that Pred directly revealed some of the darker parts of his past work in Baltimore to. Kitty also quite liked Pred at the start, and even confessed to finding him rather attractive when she first met him.

The hostility in their relationship began when Pred started to yell and insult Kitty, as he was accustomed to doing with most Burger Shot employees, and he even ended up giving her the nickname "Shitty", which Kitty didn't appreciate at all, and made her slowly develop a sense of hatred for Pred.

Despite Pred's hostility he did show slight hints of an attraction towards Kitty, as he would occasionally make flirtatious comments towards her, and later explained that he only called her "Shitty" as a cute petname, not as an insult. However, Kitty rarely appeared to pick up on Pred's flirtations, and seemingly refused to believe him about the petname.

Once Kitty's life was put in danger, she saw a completely new side of Pred, as he suddenly became extremely kind and protective of her, seemingly leaving Kitty with very confused feelings as she never expected him to act that way. During that same time, Pred confessed to having romantic feelings for her, which appeared to make her act even more nervous and unsure, though she did genuinely seem to appreciate his kindness and affection.

Past Interests

Mari Posa 

Mari Posa used to Pred's strongest romantic interest, he used to be extremely infatuated by her and their relationship is the closest he came to actually cheating on his girlfriend.

Pred's interest in Mari initially appeared to simply be a shallow attraction, however that rapidly turned into a true romantic interest as he treated her unlike any other woman and would do almost anything for her. Mari was very aware of the feelings Pred had for her, and promised that she'd be willing to give him a chance as they got to know eachother better, a challenge that Pred gladly accepted.

As their flirtatious and affectionate friendship began to develop further, Pred was going through a rough patch with his actual girlfriend, and started to refer to Mari as his girlfriend instead, despite the two not actually being in a relationship, and Mari eventually started to refer to Pred as her boyfriend as well. After many talks about going on a date, or spending some private time together, they eventually ended up going out on a date to the casino together, but their relationship never developed into an actual romantic relationship.

After Pred mended his relationship with his actual girlfriend, he became less interested in Mari outside of purely physical attraction, and when Mari referred to herself as his ex-girlfriend, Pred made it clear that they were never an official couple. Pred does still flirt with Mari whenever he runs into her, but the bond between them has severely lessened than what it used to be.

This tab contains fun facts and trivia about the relationship between Mari and Pred.

  • Pred got Mari's phone number through a deal with KJ of the Vagos.[84]
  • Pred used to give Mari the lockpicks he confiscated off of arrested suspects.
  • Mari used to gift Pred various types of fruit that she brought from work.
  • Mari once invited Pred back to her apartment for coffee[85], but he stood her up.[86]
  • They once went out on a date to the casino.
  • They used to refer to eachother as their boyfriend/girlfriend.[87]
  • Mari gave them the couple name #Kyri.[88]
  • Mari once stayed with Pred for a few nights while his girlfriend wasn't home.[89]

Ash Ketchup 

Pred first met Ash Ketchup when he asked Curtis Swoleroid to pull over in a red light where Ash was arguing with Vinny Pistone. Pred would not ask for his Curtis' license in exchange for Ash's number which she didn't give in the end. He played the rejection off by toying with her last name instead.

Pred started to develop romantic feelings for Ash when he heard about the gang war between the Vagos and the Ballas over Ash, planning to get in between respective members Benji Ramos and Outto-Tune Tyrone and make her fall in love with him instead. Knowing that Ash and Benji are now officially together, it didn't stop him to take an interest in her, frequently visiting her at work in Burger Shot, asking if she and Benji are still together, and always telling her that she "can do better".

While Ash doesn't appear to share the same feelings for Pred, she always gets flustered and panicked when Pred starts flirting with her and insinuates sexual innuendos. In turn, Ash has been fairly receptive, telling him she likes him even though he's cranky and demanding. Every time Ash tells him that, though, he would respond instead that he loves her.

Cindy Tipton 

Cindy Tipton works as both Pred's personal assistant, as well as administrative assistant for the police department.

Pred first met Cindy when she was still working as a freelance assistant, he initially mistook her for a prostitute, but ended up hiring her as his personal assistant after making it abundantly clear that he was paying her to be his assistant, and not for sexual services.[90]

While Pred originally didn't have much work for Cindy, he ended up finding a use for her by making her assist him with his police reports, which consisted of Pred narrating events for Cindy to transcribe into reports.

Once Pred found out that Cindy was hired by the police department, he initially seemed a bit jealous about losing his personal assistant, but Cindy promised to hold a special place in her heart for Pred, and still keep up with her work as his personal assistant.[91]

Cece Beyond 

Cece Beyond is an employee for the Burger Shot, and one of very few employees that Pred has always been nice to, compared to the ones that got insulted on a daily basis.

While Pred had always been somewhat flirtatious towards Cece, he started becoming a lot more interested in her when he found out that she was in possession of one of the rarest collectible toys in the city, in an effort to persuade her to sell the toy to him, he started calling her "the most beautiful woman in the city", and making sexual advances towards her whenever he ran into her.

Pred and Cece ended up negotiating for the sale of the toy, where Pred offered her $100,000, a job within the police department, and even offered to break up with his girlfriend to marry Cece instead, which Cece quickly turned down.[92] After taking some time to think about it, Cece agreed to take $100,000 for the toy to be made in payments of $10,000 a week, which they set up a contract for.[93] Cece ended up giving Pred a payment-free week for his birthday, and voided the contract after 5 payments in exchange for helping her get a job as an officer.

While Pred initially amplified his flirtations with Cece as part of a ploy to convince her to sell the toy, he has seemingly started to develop an actual attraction for her as he has ended up asking her out on several dates, and asked her to spend the night with him on various occasions, however Cece has turned him down each time, stating that she was unfortunately already taken by another man.

Mia Joy 

Pred and Mia Joy were initially very hostile towards eachother, but them insulting one another suddenly turned into flirting, with Mia quickly developing a crush on Pred and claiming him as her "puppy".

Mia has been very open about her feelings towards Pred, as she has been extremely flirtatious and suggestive towards him, and even told him that she wants to marry him. While Pred is somewhat wary of Mia as he has stated that he thinks she's the wrong kind of crazy, he does seem to enjoy flirting with her and is often quite affectionate towards her.

Pred has been completely honest towards Mia about already being in a relationship, including the fact that he also has feelings for yet another woman. However, Mia doesn't seem to care as she still wants to be with Pred, even if that means sharing him with other women.

Oki Doki 

Oki Doki is an employee of the Burger Shot, however, unlike most of the employees there, Pred was actually somewhat friendly towards Oki early on in their relationship.

That friendliness didn't end up lasting too long, as Pred became suspicious of Oki being involved in human organ harvesting after finding posters placed around the city that said "Buying human organs", with Oki's phone number on them.

A few days later, Pred ended up barging into the Burger Shot with several armed officers to bring Oki in for questioning, however it seemed to be in vain as it didn't end up furthering his investigation much. Pred had since been convinced that Oki was involved in some grand human harvesting scheme and started to become fairly hostile towards her.

When Pred later came across human body parts on the premises of the Burger Shot in a nearby dumpster, Pred was once more convinced that Oki had some part to play in all of it, yet once again had no proof. He continued to aggressively question and accuse her at every opportunity.

The seemingly final nail in coffin of restoring their somewhat friendly relationship came when Pred found a multitude of human remains within the kitchen of the Burger Shot, ever since then Pred has increased his hostility towards Oki and appears to be committed to enact some kind of legal revenge against her.

Bobby Beats 

Bobby Beats is a podcaster in the city and runs a podcast named the "Bobby Beats Experience". Pred and Bobby have a good personal relationship, Pred occasionally helps Bobby with small favours, and has been a repeated guest on his podcast.

During the first meeting between the two, Bobby told Pred about the idea of running a podcast, and Pred was immediately on board to help him out however he could, Pred ended up being Bobby's first guest on the first episode of his podcast.

Pred and Bobby have since built up a friendship with them chatting on a regular basis, whether it be just regular small talk, or Bobby coming to Pred for police related issues and questions, Pred is always willing to lend Bobby some of his time.

Since their initial meeting, Pred has helped Bobby on several occasions when he got in trouble with the police, and also with setting up some of his events. Pred has also been featured on Bobby's podcast various times since the first episode, whether Pred himself was on to speak, or with Pred as a topic of conversation.

This tab contains podcast episodes of the "Bobby Beats Experience" with Pred as a guest.

Dawn Hearte 

Pred and Dawn Hearte have a dysfunctional friendship as Pred is quite manipulative and vilifying towards her, though their relationship didn't start out that way, as Pred was initially quite kind and flirtatious towards her.[94] While Pred doesn't treat Dawn very well, he has confessed to considering her one of his good friends.

Once Pred took note of how gullible and susceptible to persuasion Dawn was, he started to take advantage of her by acts such as extorting her for money[95], and encouraging her to smoke cigarettes against her own better judgement.[96] Dawn initially started to become quite skittish around Pred due to his manipulation, however she has seemingly come to terms with it since then.

Mother Midnight 

Pred and Mother Midnight have had a fluctuating relationship since their first meeting, Pred started out with an intrigue towards Midnight as he suspected her of being a witch during their first meeting in the crypts, this intrigue mainly stemmed from his involvement in the paranormal. His intrigue later changed into a superficial attraction as he started playfully flirting with Midnight during their interactions, with Midnight seemingly adoring the positive attention.

Since then Pred's flirtations with Midnight have greatly diminished as he has taken more of an interest towards her paranormal side, making use of her services as a witch for his own personal gain. Midnight has developed a vested interest in Pred as she has taken on a motherly-role in his life, and informed him that she wanted to spoil him as much as she could. Midnight also decided to entrust Pred with the knowledge of her real name, "Alexandria", which was the very first time she ever told anyone her real name.[97]

Gambling Statistics

Last Updated: December 2nd
🎲 Dice Roll Statistics 🎲
Total Wins Total Losses Winrate Amount Won Amount Lost Total Profit
24 22 52.17% +$153,700 -$236,500 -$82,800
🎡 Spinning Wheel Statistics 🎡
Total Wins Total Losses Winrate Amount Won Amount Lost Total Profit
3929 10187 27.83% +$6,793,750 -$7,058,000 -$264,250
🃏 Card Game Statistics 🃏
Poker Blackjack
Total Wins Total Losses Winrate Amount Won Amount Lost Total Profit
+$13,234 -$22,875 -$9,641 +$2,396,500 -$1,815,000 +$581,500

Vehicles & Housing

Vehicle License Plate Value Status Note

Ford Explorer
(Black & Gold)

PY163685 $190,000 Owned One of his patrol vehicles, mainly specialized for off-road use.

Ford Crown Victoria
(Ghost Livery)

DEVUWU $80,000 Owned One of his patrol vehicles, Pred had a specialized black "ghost livery" made for it.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera
(Limelight Livery)

IRN3S6Q0 $680,000 Owned His personal vehicle, gifted to him by Dean Watson on a contractual basis as part of Pred's position as Head of Security at the Diamond Casino.

Bravado Banshee

Bravado Banshee

4V0ZN46O $175,000 Owned An unmarked police vehicle, mainly used for unmarked and undercover work.

Invetero Coquette

Invetero Coquette

IK622WN5 $170,000 Owned An unmarked police vehicle, mainly used for unmarked and undercover work.

Maibatsu Manchez

XSB105N $55,000 Owned A personal vehicle, Pred purchased the bike second-hand from Luke Webb for $40,000.

Lawn Mower

D8Q631RV Unknown Owned A housewarming present given to Pred by Marlo Stanfield. It's main purpose is for doing chores around Bean Manor.


- $2000 Owned An off-road bicycle, mainly used for on-duty bike patrol.
Past Vehicles

Cadillac Escalade

CASINO 1 $560,000 Returned A company vehicle loaned to him by Dean Watson, to be used for his work related to the Diamond Casino.

Sabre Turbo

Sabre Turbo

T68374W8 $67,000 Sold Pred's first bought personal vehicle in the city, he ended up trading the car for a collectible Rob Toy from Burger Shot.
Property Address Market Value Status Note

Angel's Apartment

3 Alta Street Unknown Rented A rented studio apartment shared with Brittany Angel. Pred often refuses to pay his share of the rent.

Bean Manor

Rockford Hills $3,000,000 Given a Key The family manor owned by Pred's adoptive mother, Fiona Stewart, and adoptive step-father, Marlo Stanfield. Pred has a shared room in the manor with his other adoptive siblings.

Shelby's House

West Mirror Drive Unknown Forged a Key The house owned by Pred's partner, Shelby Lane. Pred forged a key to her home, and occasionally comes over to hang out, or spend the night on her couch.

Anna's House

Route 68
$101,000 Given a Key The house owned by one of Pred's friends, Anna Swallows. After Anna told Pred about her house being next to a popular pawnbroker, Pred asked to be her roommate and she immediately agreed.
Past Housing

Diamond Casino Hotel

Room 512 $24,000
Evicted A hotel room rented to get access to Diamond Casino exclusives such as a high roller Blackjack table, and luxury soaps. Also used to "bring mistresses back to his apartment". Pred ended up getting evicted from the hotel room for refusing to pay rent.

Jamestown Street

Jamestown Street 20/Apt 78 $334,400 Sold An accidental purchase that started a war between the PD and the Vagos. Pred sold the apartment for 50% of the market value after the war ended.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Transferred from the Baltimore City Police Department; Badge #410 February 5th, 2021
Appointed as the Sheriff of the BCSO [98] April 18th, 2021
Swapped badge number with Bob Smith; Badge #309 April 19th, 2021
Demoted to Captain by The Senate, sent to work at the DOC until the Sheriff's Election concludes November 15th, 2021
Re-elected as the Sheriff of the BCSO, District of Paleto *department name pending December 2nd, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor
FTI Cert.png
Sheriff FTI Certified April 18th, 2021
K9 Handler
K9 Cert.png
Sheriff K9 Certified; Handler for OJ Simpson June 17th, 2021
SWAT Cert.png
Sheriff SWAT Certified October 29th, 2021


Item Note Status
High Roller Card A high roller membership card to the Diamond Casino, given to him by Marlo Stanfield. Expired
Pair of Shoes A pair of shoes belonging to Bobby Smith, Pred stole them during the BCSO vs LSPD Civil War on April 18th, 2021. Lost
Police Badge His first retired LSPD police badge; "410 Officer Kyle Pred". In his personal locker
Jackie Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, purchased from Cece Beyond for $100,000. In his apartment
Rob Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, traded for his personal vehicle, a Sabre Turbo. In his apartment
Kyle Toy A collectible Burger Shot toy, given to him by Mina Rocket as a birthday present. In his apartment
Teddy Bear An Oswald teddy bear plushie, given to him as a gift by Phueng Madee, Pred's alleged daughter. Discarded
Pet Scorpion His venomous pet scorpion named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, given to him by Julio Thomas. He keeps it safe in a sturdy pouch. In his personal locker
Buddha Toy Stolen from Lars Haverford during a raid on his apartment, with the intention of someday returning the toy to him. Given to Penny
Lightsaber A red lightsaber given to him by Darth Vader. In his personal locker


  • "Boy howdy, that just really chaps my ass." - about animal abuse.[99]
  • "I don't mind a rimjob every once in a while, maybe a good-old Rusty Trombone if I'm feeling adventurous and we're in the shower." - to Emma Natt.[100]
  • "I'll kick you in the pussy so hard, you'd think you have a dick!" - to Jolene Grace.[101]
  • "I thought pussies were pink, not green!" - to Dexx Martin.[102]
  • "You guys are as impressive as my dick in a snowstorm!" - to the Vagos.[103]
  • "Eating ass is a lot like licking a stamp... at first you don't really like it too much, but then it loses it's flavour, and then it's just like licking a stamp with no stickyness on it." - to Claire Everly and Mina Price.[104]
  • "This motherfucker likes to jerk off with peanut butter and then make a sandwich afterwards, he just slaps his hand on the bread!" - about ESB Kitty.[105]
  • "You know, I've been watching a lot of "Love on the Spectrum", Jaden, I think you'd do well on the cast." - to Jaden Bane.[106]
  • "I'm glad you're in a wheelchair, now your physical handicap reflects your mental one." - to Valentina Hops.[107]

  • "Lissen..."
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "GET SOME!"
  • "3.. 2.. 1.. ROLL!"
  • "Alright, lemme tell ya something."
  • "Here's the thing..."
  • "Bingo!"
  • "That's what I like to hear."
  • "I'll beat the fuck out of you!"
  • "I'm a god among men!"
  • "I'm watching you like a fucking hawk!"
  • "Scared money don't make no money!"
  • "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!"
  • "I'm ready to suck today's dick!"
  • "You don't know dick about shit!"
  • [Southern Drawl] "If anybody's gonna fuck my sister, it's gonna be me!"
  • "Shut the fuck up, pussy!"

  • Trivia

    • Keeps a set of golden dice on Brittany Angel's desk in MRPD.[108]
    • Has an extreme gambling addiction.
    • His favourite liquor is whiskey, specifically Jameson.
    • His favourite cocktail is a Mimosa.
    • Has been addicted to smoking since he was sixteen years old.[109]
    • Had a 2% clearance rate for murder cases as a Detective in Baltimore.[110]
    • Has a habit of messing up the Phonetic Alphabet, to the amusement of other Officers and Dispatchers.[111]
    • Joined the Jitsu Clan, led by Jihn Jitsu.
    • Has a hidden stash of dirty money, just in case he gets fired or needs to flee the country.
    • Only receives his paycheck once a week, usually on Fridays.
    • The only paranormal entity he refuses to investigate are gargoyles.
    • Has two pets; a husky named OJ Simpson, and a scorpion named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
    • Used to have the license plate "NOBUDGET", in reference to false rumours of him stealing money from the BCSO budget.
    • Currently has the license plate "DEVUWU", in reference to Elizabeth Devereaux.
    • Used to live in the Barrio, after accidentally signing a housing contract for a small apartment on Jamestown Street.
    • Used to be marked in the MDW as affiliated with the Vagos.




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    14. Pred and Copper used to cuddle in bed together -
    15. Fiona adopts Pred as her son -
    16. Pred meets his alleged daughter, Phueng Madee -
    17. Madee uses Pred as a coping mechanism for her father -
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    25. Pred tells Antigone he's with the wrong sister -
    26. Pred talks to Antigone about Angel and Claire -
    27. Antigone told Angel about Pred being with the wrong sister -
    28. Pred gets mad at Antigone and Glass -
    29. Pred tries to convince Antigone that Glass is cheating on her -
    30. Pred gets locked in a bathroom with Antigone and Devereaux -
    31. Pred tells Antigone he's always been into her and not Claire -
    32. Devereaux tells Angel that Antigone flirts with Pred -
    33. Pred fantasized about Antigone during sex with Angel -
    34. Pred mistook Angel for Antigone during sex -
    35. Pred and Claire get off to a bad start -
    36. Claire tries to show sympathy for Pred -
    37. Pred says Claire's name in his sleep -
    38. Pred wants to have sex with Claire -
    39. Pred gets drunk and pukes on Claire -
    40. Pred gives Mina a hypothetical situation -
    41. Mina invites Pred to her wedding -
    42. Pred confesses his feelings to Mina -
    43. Pred tries to convince Daisy to taste a human body part -
    44. Pred scared about Daisy possibly being his daughter -
    45. Daisy asks Pred if he's into Mina -
    46. Pred calls Shelby one of his best friends -
    47. Shelby is Pred's favourite EMS -
    48. Pred tells Shelby she's the sunshine of his day -
    49. Pred tells Shelby he's attracted to her -
    50. Pred asks Shelby if she wants to sleep together -
    51. Shelby calls Pred out for hitting on her -
    52. Pred meets Nova and tries to scam her -
    53. Pred's first time meeting Erin -
    54. Erin assaults Pred by licking him -
    55. Pred brings the entire police force for Erin's safety -
    56. Pred beats a man and launches another -
    57. Pred vouches for Erin in court -
    58. Pred sees a man threaten Erin with a gun -
    59. Pred threatens to beat Erin in an alleyway -
    60. Pred unmasks Erin after being on the run for days -
    61. Pred does victory laps in Erin's seized car -
    62. Erin calls Pred her favourite shrimpy -
    63. Erin declares herself as arch nemesis -
    64. Pred raids Erin's Digital Den interview -
    65. Erin calls Pred about girlfriend rumours -
    66. Pred calls Erin a stage five clinger -
    67. Erin tells Tribble she had sex with Pred -
    68. Pred convinces Stanton to give Erin her license back -
    69. Pred scolds Erin for being a bitch -
    70. Rhodes describes Pred as an officer -
    71. Snow's words to Pred -
    72. Kyle's Angels get a confession -
    73. Andrews claims Pred wants to date Emma -
    74. Pred calls Mila his favourite paramedic -
    75. Pred mistakes Mila for Shelby -
    76. Pred mistakes Mila for Shelby again -
    77. Pred believes Mila and Shelby are the same person -
    78. Mila pretends to be Shelby and claims to be dating Pred -
    79. Pred tells Ursula he loves her -
    80. Ursula tells Pred she's in an open relationship -
    81. Pred signs a card for Mina -
    82. Pred gifts Mina a family heirloom -
    83. Mina gifts Pred a drawing she made -
    84. Pred gets Mari's phone number from KJ -
    85. Mari invites Pred to her apartment for coffee -
    86. Mari is angry at Pred for forgetting about their date -
    87. Mari calls Pred her boyfriend -
    88. Mari comes up with a couple name for her and Pred -
    89. Mari stayed at Pred's apartment and used Angel's toothbrush -
    90. Pred hires Cindy as personal assistant -
    91. Pred finds out Cindy got hired by PD -
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