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Kray Tor is a character role-played by spicybackpain.

Background Information

Kray Tor (initially Kray-Tor Skullfonder and then Matt Joe for the majority of 2.0) is a thrill-seeking criminal in Los Santos. He is one of the founders of the HOA, once holding the title of Senior Lieutenant; and a jewelry store robbing, car chopping waste lander. His wasteland settlement was built on top of an old Blockbuster Video store, causing Kray Tor's constant movie references and knowledge of said movies to end around the mid-2000's.

Kray Tor in his natural habitat.

Kray Tor hails from the Northern Wastes, and came to San Andreas in search of gasoline and "shiny shit". He found both things almost immediately, and became addicted to robbing the jewelry store.

Shortly after he came to the state he became known for leading the police into the hills strictly for the chase, which he feels is the best thing about committing a crime.

Having no record of Kray Tor's existence prior to his arrival in the city, the government gave him the identity of Reverend Matt Joe, who drowned during a botched baptism at the tender age of 48.


While hiding from the police, Kray Tor helped Siz Fulker obtain a security car for a patrol of Mirror Park. Not wanting to go to jail for hundreds of months (due to his massive debt), Kray Tor volunteered himself to assist Siz with his HOA patrols. This was the first time Kray Tor ever changed out of his classic outfit, and he wound up dedicating all of his time toward building the HOA.

Senior Lieutenant Matt Joe, and Chief of the HOA, Siz Fulker.

At the time, the full time HOA roster consisted solely of Siz, Denzel, Vivi, and Zelda, so Kray Tor was able to give himself any rank he pleased - Senior Lieutenant. Kray Tor is thankful that the HOA has made him feel like he has a purpose, instead of just robbing the jewelry store all the time.


Kray Tor pushed heavy pistols and sometimes 9mm pistols for Lost MC after the group had made a deal with the HOA to make them middlemen. He supplied the Lost with money and/or gold bars in exchange for the weaponry. He has since handed responsibilities over to fellow HOA members Jesus and Stanley.

Wife Knife

Kray Tor came to Los Santos with an ancient Skullfondler relic - his Wife Knife. Anyone who made contact with it indirectly became one of his already many wives. There were at one point five in Los Santos, all of which were on the police force.

The police force were determined to rid him of his knife, and incinerated it any time they managed to take it from him. Since the stores eventually stopped selling machetes, he has been unable to take on any new brides. Following his meeting and subsequent dating of Ava, he decided to break the Wife Knife in his backyard, thus breaking all wedding ties to his previous police wives.


Siz Fulker

He is extremely close with Siz and they consider each other brothers. Siz was one of the first people to help Kray Tor when he was new to the city. In exchange for the occasional shotgun and general criminal assistance he would give Siz any resources or gold watches that he had managed to acquire (as Kray Tor had no other use for these materials.) They first met when Kray Tor complimented Siz' Brawler and they’ve been super close friends ever since. SizDenzel, and Kray Tor are the founding members of the HOA (which Kray Tor often patroled for as Senior Lieutenant), with Kray Tor stating that he “finally has a purpose” after joining the HOA. Kray Tor always calls Siz “SEEZ” and once used him as a sort of bank to hold his money (as his own bank account was greatly in debt).

Denzel Williams

Kray Tor first met Denzel at the Tuner Shop and they hit it off really well as they both shared an interest in planning to murder Luigi Bezos, but they didn’t see each other for months until the HOA was formed. They are both founding members of the group and have been good friends ever since. Kray Tor was one of the few that went to Denzel’s parole hearing after he had murdered Michael Dias.

Grimoire Carolynn Hauttogs III

He has a strange but really good friendship with Gremlin as she can be very unstable and crazy. They both occasionally do jobs together. Kray Tor once wanted her to be part of the HOA and even went shopping with her for a uniform. Unfortunately, this fell through as she took Kray Tor hostage when police arrived and got into a gunfight. That, in addition to the many more overtly hostile acts she's committed towards Kray Tor, Siz, and the rest of the HOA has caused Kray Tor to shelve the idea of her joining the group.

Cooch Cassidy

Kray Tor and Cooch turned out to be long lost brothers and when they figured that out they started to get very close, even going as far as Kray Tor wanting to join Lost MC before the HOA was made. When Cooch passed away Kray Tor was devastated.

Wednesday Mushkin

Kray Tor and Wednesday were both HOA members at one time and he has a crush on Wednesday, calling her his ”big titty goth girl”. When others point out that he likes Wednesday, he gets really shy, always denies it, but usually slips up into admitting that he actually does. He has tried to impress her on multiple occasions but most times it doesn't end up working out and it just ends up embarrassing him.

Ava Ridge

Kray Tor met Ava after Wednesday introduced her and The Goths to him. Kray Tor then introduced The Goths to molotov cocktails, oxy pills, and marijuana which made a long lasting positive impression on Ava in regards to Kray Tor. This long lasting impression eventually developed into a mutual crush between the two, however Kray Tor kept denying his love interest for Ava and when it was brought up he used to state that she was merely a friend. Ava was the first person to introduce Kray Tor to LSD and the wonders of raving in secluded places.

Despite previously being adamant that they are just good friends. The two have also had movie nights together and on April 13th 2020, Kray Tor gifted Ava a Dune Buggy. He has also expressed how much he cares for her and that he is afraid to lose her. On April 18th 2020, Kray Tor asked Ava to be his girlfriend and they officially started dating.

On April 27th 2020, the HOA and Kray Tor were pulled over for a routine traffic stop and ended up being arrested. After multiple attempted breaks from custody, the four in the group were transported to Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Ava and Kaleb Rush attempted to sabotage the prison transport and break the HOA out of custody; it failed. Subsequently, the duo were also sent to prison. While serving their time the police arrived to search the penitentiary for stolen police equipment. The members of the HOA and Ava began to run around the yard to frustrate the officers. In the midst of this, Kray Tor tackled senior officer TJ Mack. Mack was not happy about this and beat Kray Tor down with a flashlight.

Unarmed and angry, Ava began to punch the officer. She was warned to stop or else she would be shot. But, before she had a chance to truly back down she was shot by two officers with automatic assault rifles. Ava was sent to the Intensive Care Unit.

Kray Tor was filled with rage like he had never felt before and began to plot his revenge on Mack. He was overjoyed to discover that Mack was in a relationship with psychologist Thalia Hayes and planned to reap his revenge by getting to her. However, after taking Thalia hostage for a Paleto bank heist and spending more than 15 minutes with her, Kray Tor decided the best revenge would be letting her live and have Mack continue to date her and deal with her non-stop nagging.

Because of her rare appearances in the city their relationship was often ridiculed by other members in the HOA, with Kray Tor himself even seeming to have moved on to macking on other women. Kray Tor claimed she was merely playing video games in his garage and didn't like to be disturbed; however an in-joke quickly developed revolving her actual fate, of which posited that she actually died and Kray Tor had her body preserved for use in pleasuring himself to her visage or for use as a sex doll. Siz in particular had often referred to this when discussing Kray Tor's relationship with Ava to other women, much to their confusion and disgust.

Lady Of The Lake - Vessel


In June 2020, the Lady of the Lake began performing miracles in and around Mirror Park Lake. These included healing Huckleberry Guthrie from horrific burns and accidentally placing Blaine's soul within Huck. Every time the Lady appeared in the lake, Kray Tor would mysteriously disappear and awaken hours later wearing heavy makeup and having longer blue hair. These effects would last a day or two before fading away.

The Lady explained to Huck that Kray Tor was being used as a vessel to contain her spirit and the physical transformation Kray Tor would go through to contain her would always leave behind temporary physical side effects. However, she warned him that spending too much time within him or performing too many miracles would leave more and more severe and long lasting effects. At some point Kray Tor may be irreversibly left as a physical representation of her. Due to this Huck told everyone except for Kray Tor to hold off on asking for miracles.

Kray Tor summoned the Lady to bring Daryl Dixon back from the brink of death on June 6th, 2020. After The Lady disappeared into Mirror Park Lake with Daryl, Kray Tor awoke in a nearby bush, fully transformed to resemble her. Although the previous transformations begin to fade after going to sleep, Kray Tor awoke to find nothing had faded away.

After a few weeks of being stuck halfway between The Lady and himself, the rest of the HOA eventually worked on a plan to cause The Lady to restore Kray Tor's normal form. Their original plan was to cause The Lady massive indigestion by imponding a large amount of cars to her at once, all filled to the brim with burritos. This seemed to have little effect on The Lady and instead they decided to draft a compromise with The lady regarding Kray Tor's body. It was decided that 90-percent of the time Kray Tor would remain his normal self, while 10-percent of the time The Lady would reserve the use of his body as a vessel to do her deeds...and "other things" involving Manny.

Andi Jones

Kray Tor brought Andi into the HOA after he saw that she was new to the city and wanted to show her around. Initially she was a hangaround, but in late August Andi was made a full-time member of the HOA and received her own kutte. Kray Tor had developed feelings for Andi and the two even started dating, though he began to only think of her as a replacement for his probably-dead, former girlfriend, Ava Ridge and even dressed Andi to look like her once. This got weird looks and remarks from his fellow HOA members.

Ant and Kray Tor dated for only a few days and she immediately ended the relationship after there was a weird awkwardness and tension between the two. They are still good friends, but deep-down Kray Tor still has feelings for her but she doesn't reciprocate those feeling.

Days after the breakup, Kray Tor swore to Huck and Kleb that he was done with dating, citing it as a hindrance to the HOA and himself.


  • "Seez!"
  • "Unfuckable Slut!"
  • "Toodaloo!"
  • "Just another day in the HOA."
  • "Pay the man, Seez!"
  • "Seez NOOO!"
  • "De fek?"
  • "DRL!"
  • "Heavens, no!"
  • "Yeah buddy!"
  • "Pussy man of soft ass!"
  • "It's pronounced 'Ma-Sheet' (Machete)!"
  • "I don't like it!"
  • "Niew."
  • "Wait, WHAT?"
  • "Goddamn lightning, AGAIN!"
  • "Senior Lieutenant Matt Joe of the HOA!"
  • "MEOW, BITCH!"
  • “AVA NO!”
  • "ANT NO!"

Fun Facts

  • Has a stash house that used to be Michael Dias’ main house. It is in Stanley Wilkinson’s name.
  • Is an avid collector of shiny things.
  • Originally hated guns and refused to use them, but eventually fell in love with shotguns.
  • Has a weakness for big titty goth girls.
  • Is a confirmed Boomer, constantly confusing the people of Los Santos with obscure movie and television references.
  • Was originally repulsed by money and refused to use it, instead relying on bartering for goods and vehicles.
  • Spends a lot of his time being chased by the police through the mountains on his Doom Buggy.
  • Does not bathe, and wipes his ass by rubbing it along a grassy area - like a dog with worms.
  • Loves driving his Doom Buggy in the mountains and dancing on Simba Rock after he escapes from the cops.
  • His main partner in crime is Siz Fulker, who helped him out early on in his time in the city.
  • After a few months on NoPixel, Kray Tor's full name was legally changed to a more generic name (Matt Joe), as server admins at the time told spicybackpain that his original last name was "unrealistic" (despite the myriad of other characters with joke names.) There was no in character explanation for this sudden name change until many months later, with most non-governmental employees continuing to refer to him as Kray Tor. When the city released the 3.0 phone update, Kray Tor took the opportunity to change his legal name from Matt Joe to just "Kray Tor".
  • He was meant to be a one-life perma character but when Spicy noticed that Kray Tor made more money through his crimes than any other character he made, he decided to keep the character.
  • Easily one of the worst shooters in all of Los Santos.
  • Kray Tor is the vessel for the Lady of the Lake, Nimue du Lac. Every time she disappears, Kray Tor wakes up with blue hair and blue make-up all over him.

Criminal Record

  • Accessory to Robbery x4 
  • Battery on a Peace Officer x1 
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x5 
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x9 
  • Criminal Possession of a Taser x1 
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x1 
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x1 
  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License x3 
  • Evading x7 
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x2 
  • Failure to Stop x1 
  • Grand Theft x2 
  • Grand Theft Auto x1 
  • Joyriding x6 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x1 
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Proper Identification x1 
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the Third Degree x3 
  • Reckless Evading x30 
  • Resisting Arrest x14 
  • Robbery x34 
  • Third Degree Speeding x1 
  • Trespassing x2 
  • Unauthorized Operation of an Off-Road Vehicle x1 
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1

Drivers License: 15 Points (Valid)

Kray Tor "Klips"


Played By: spicybackpain
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