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Kookie Louw is a character role-played by kookie279.


Kookie Louw was born in South Africa and was raised without her biological father due to his unknown cause of death prior to Kookie's birth. As a child, she was raised in a chaotic household which included an abusive stepfather, drug addict brothers, and her mother. One day, her mother was mysteriously murdered by an unknown individual. Kookie would later uncover that the unknown individual who murdered her mother was her stepfather. As a sign of vengeance, she took her stepfather's life and fled the country. She now resides in Los Santos in hopes to rebuild her new life, away from the troubles back in her hometown.

One day, she decided to embrace the life of crime and came into contact with Jean Paul to rob The Paleto Bank. After finishing the job, she was officially invited to join Gulag Gang Academy.


  • Occasionally forgets she is muted


  • "Beef jam?"