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Kitty Dream is a character played by ikittyyyy.


Kitty Dream was born on July 4th, 1996. Her notable features include her jet black hair and pale ivory skin. She is a mixed Filipino and Caucasian girl. Her decision to move to Los Santos was sparked by her desire for a fresh start after her mother had moved overseas. It is still unclear about the relationship between her and her father as there has been no mention of him yet so far.

Kitty is known for her kindness, even to people she does not know. Even though she may seem shy in people's eyes, she is surrounded with friends and family who care deeply about her. She often finds herself making friends very easily but she is only loyal to those who deserve it and she would do anything to help out a close friend. Although Kitty is a civilian who does not commit any crimes herself, her life revolves around the criminal world because most of her closest family and friends are well-known and powerful criminals, including her current boyfriend Raymond Romanov. Kitty is also accepted by the Cleanbois and is seen as "FEMLY" because of Raymond's affiliation to them. She was even given house keys to the Clean Manor. Kitty's involvement in the racing scene as a 'professional passenger' has lead her to many important relationships as well. Kitty is an honorary/family member of The Phantom Thieves. She was included in the conversation that founded The Phantom Thieves at Rooster's Rest with the original founders (Jay Que, Mayumi Himura and Octavio Stenberg).

Kitty is also known as a hard worker and a high achiever. She has 10 active jobs and she is the CEO to Betta Life Pharmaceuticals and Nu Chem Industries and a soon-to-be co-owner of Unique Antiques. Kitty is quite clumsy, naïve and slightly gullible too. Therefore, from time to time, trouble will find its way to her. Although this may sound worrying, Kitty's criminal family and friends would do whatever it takes to protect her from harm's way. Kitty's biggest fear is losing the people she cares for.

Kitty is also widely recognised by her exquisite driving skills, that a series, titled "Legend of The Submarine", is made to showcase her remarkable skills.

The Legend of The Submarine (TV Series 2021– )

Episode 1 - The origin of Kitty RP

Episode 2 - The Akuma Edition

Episode 3 - Five Seconds Submarine (ft. Felix Volk)

Episode 5 - Ariel ikitEvil

Episode 7 - TBA


Burger Shot
Kitty was hired at Burger Shot by Robert Spowylamywanowski not long after she first arrived at Los Santos. She quickly bonded with the people there and she treated them like family. She always felt at home whenever she worked there. However, she had felt underappreciated recently as she was treated unfairly. She was denied a promotion over and over again because of having a job at the Rooster's Rest and is constantly placed under the microscope of the management, mostly by Shelly Smith, who is looking for any given opportunity to fire her. Now that many of her closest co-workers, including Cece Beyond and Sherry Paie, have quitted, it is unclear as to what Kitty's future at Burger Shot will be like or if she still has one there. Only time will tell.

Rooster's Rest
Kitty is one of the head managers of Rooster's Rest. When Kitty was first hired as a trainee at the Rooster's, she was fired not long after due to suspicions of Burger Shot employees aiding and abetting the resale of Rooster's products. She was rehired directly by Lang Buddha upon learning her adoption by Robert Spowylamywanowski, just to anger the man Lang has beef with. Kitty quickly settled in, due to her relationships with Raymond Romanov and the Nerds. Her work ethic paid off and she was given the keys to the establishment after a few weeks. She feels trusted by her colleagues and they treat her like "FEMLY". Kitty continued to work as hard work was recognised by Lang who promoted her to head manager on August 13, 2021.

Betta Life Pharmaceuticals
Not long after Betta Life Pharmaceuticals was founded, Kitty was hired as a staff through Raymond Romanov to help him with the business. The company did not do well and is barely active after the departure of Noah Drake. Kitty took the initiative to take charge in reorganising the company and was rewarded with a position as the current acting CEO of the company.

Clean Co.
Kitty was one of the first Clean Co.'s designers after impressing Dreah Johnson with her house decorations as well as having connections to Rooster's Rest and her relationship with Raymond Romanov. She is now one of key members of Clean Co., known as "Clean Queens". She is now promoted to the director of events after being actively involved in bringing business opportunities to the company.

Corleone Prime Steaks
After the purchase of the Clean Manor, Tony Corleone decided expand Corleone Prime Steaks into fine dining, where guests will be able to enjoy the luxurious steaks and wine in the manor. Kitty is hired as the one of hostess and is their wine supplier, after gaining the access to Marlowe Vineyards.

Bob Mulet Salon and Barbershop
After impressing Bobby Brown during her interview as well as completed the task set by Bobby, she was hired as one of their stylists.

Nu Chem Industries
Kitty is Nu Chem Industries's current acting CEO, after taking over the position from Lexi Law. She also manages Pleasure Lab, the child company of Nu Chem.

Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club
Kitty is a bartender and a disc jockey (DJ) at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.

Hardcore Comic Store
Kitty is hired at the Hardcore Comic Store by Kayn Larp, aka Yeager. Her main job is to appraise NoPixel Trading Cards.

Tuner Shop
Kitty is hired as a receptionist at the Tuner Shop by Chip Wheeler. Her responsibilities include greeting customers, handling paperwork for repairs, test drives and vehicle interest list and selling magazines.

Ottos Autos
Kitty was hired at Ottos Autos under the premise that she will be working as a mechanic during the EU/AU hours, when there were no mechanics available. She quitted because she does not want to commit to the job in a full time basis.

National Paintball Association
Kitty was hired as one of the event coordinators of National Paintball Association by Nancy Drew, the CEO of NPA. Kitty was fired after an misunderstanding, where a friendly paintball event was hosted without clarifying it with management prior to the event. She was reoffered with the same position by Nancy but she rejected it.


Type Plate Value Description

HG3G254B $1.0k - $2.0k One of Kitty's first form of transportation.

"Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

Karin Dilettante
C173J19X $20k - $30k
(Not upgraded)
Kitty's first car bought from Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM). It was briefly sold to James Barnes, to fund for the purchase of her first home, before buying it back a few months later.

"Submarined" count: 1 time(s)

9E4J744W $1.0k - $2.0k Kitty's second bike.

"Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

SOULLESS $100k - $150k
(Partially upgraded)
Bought from Kayn Larp, aka Yeager, before it was temporary sold to Raymond Romanov, on May 31, 2021, to get the funds needed to complete the purchase of her first home without drawing unnecessary attentions from the eyes of the law. It was returned to her possession on September 4, 2021.

"Submarined" count: 0 time(s)
Screenshot 2021-06-27 122457.png

Mercedes-AMG GT63
MERMAID $1.0M - $1.5M
(Fully upgraded)
Bought first-hand from PDM on June 26, 2021 for $615k after tax. Kitty had fully paid off a $540k loan on September 27, 2021

"Submarined" count: 2 time(s)

S3K5A5B5 $7.5k - $8k
(Not upgraded)
This vehicle was purchased by on September 17, 2021 from PDM. It was bought as an extra storage unit for Raymond Romanov to store his GNE sticks. The total cost of $8k after tax was fully paid off by Raymond.

"Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

Type Plate Description

RDNH0V12 "Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

Baller LE
F5H625U7 "Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

5R236BC4 "Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

Sandking XL
83I72HBR "Submarined" count: 0 time(s)

Photo Address Value Description
Capture (6).PNG On Del Perro Beach $500k - $600k Bought for $375k + tax under Kitty's name since May 11, 2021. Unofficially, Kitty and Raymond share equal ownership of the house.


  • Kitty ate lasag"nya" with ketchup and almost tried to eat Pop Tarts with ketchup.
  • Submarine! Glory To The Sub! Need not say more.
  • Kitty is known as the conqueror of jobs, the Queen of the ocean and farmer of bonks.
  • Kitty has 10 jobs currently with 2 or 3 more lined up while awaiting for business approval from the mayor's office.
  • Kitty has crashed 150 times and submarined 6 vehicles.
  • Kitty completed her first full race on August 7 and achieved her first Top 3 finish (2nd / 7) on September 27, 2021.
  • Kitty won $250k after winning the "Scamily" race, with Goofy.
  • Kitty is the Queen of ERP.
  • Kitty's favourite "aminal" is unicorn because "it is cute and horny" - Kitty 2021.
  • The only illegal drug Kitty had taken was the one and only line of cocaine she took with the Rooster's Rest family on Lang Buddha's birthday on August 8, 2021.
  • Even though Kitty cannot drive, she enjoys being in the passenger sit of her friends' cars that drives exuberantly.
  • Kitty does not carry a firearm but her phone is the greatest weapon.
  • Her favourite song is Don't Forget Me by Sheldon Jones.


  • "My name's Kitty, nya!"
  • "Don't do murder, eat a burger, nya! But if you do a murder, come back for a burger!"
  • "Glory to [your] cock!"
  • "Are you doing something SEK-SHUAL?"
  • "I don't want to talk about it..."
  • "Zoom! Zoom!"
  • "I like your dumpy!"
  • "Enjoy my creampie, nya!"
  • "Are you cooming?"
  • "Don't be a fool! Number one dumpy is Abdul!"
  • "Senpai!"
  • "Nyaaaaaaa!"
  • "Oh nyoooo!"
  • "We outta that!"
  • "Speaking from a third party with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, ..."
  • "Hypothetically, allegedly, possibly, maybe, ..."
  • "Amine" and "Aminal"
  • "I like unicorns because they are cute and horny."

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