Kira Light is a character role-played by pmsproxy.  

Background Edit

Kira Light is an Officer for the LSPD. Badge #499

She is a very caring and compassionate person and often gives people the benefit of the doubt. Kira has an eidetic memory and eagle eyes that help her remember a lot of details. She is known to be extremely flirtatious and smooth with the ladies and attracts them like a magnet.

Past Edit

Kira was a previously a State Trooper in the last city she was in, her call sign was 299 and this often caused her to accidentally use her old call sign. She also has some prior history with Mike Bayo, Tony Andrews, Kurt Leonard, Olivia Copper, Brittany Angel, and Emma Dupont having worked together in the past prior to her coming to this city. It also seems she and Kiki Chanel also have some prior history.

New City New Cop Edit

When Kira entered the city she immediately applied to be a cop, and having past experience helped her ace the interview and academy to become a cadet.

As of October 4th, 2019. Kira Light was officially promoted to full Officer.

Relationships Edit

Matthew Espinoz Edit

Kira Light's best friend and frequent patrolling partner. If both of them is on duty at the same time they will ride together.

Rose Edwards Edit

On August 20th 2019, Kira started dating Rose Edwards, an Interior designer in the city. Light is living with her and they plan on having an apartment together.

On September 4th 2019, Kira & Rose Edwards went their own ways.

Brittany Angel Edit

Light and Angel have an awkward flirty friendship with each other, however both have made it clear they have girlfriends by the way.

Richard Dark Edit

Kira Light and Dark tend to run together as partners known as Gay Patrol due to the fact they are both gay.

Quotes Edit

  • "Fucking Buttholes"

Gallery Edit

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