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Kingle "Kinglemesh" Dan is a character role-played by Surefour.


Kingle Dan is a bored old man and member of the Dan Clan. He claims to be the personification of Fingle Dan's ego and everything Fingle wishes to be, but is otherwise referred to as Fingle's brother.

Kingle Dan is extremely arrogant and considers himself the "King of Kings" and "King of the World." He thinks he is above the law and looks down on other people because they are mere peasants to him. He likes to be referred to as "King" or "Kinglemesh", a reference to the legendary king Gilgamesh. Occasionally, he talks about himself in third person.

When approaching new people, he asks for "tribute" or "patronage," thinking that the "peasants" around him are lucky to be there, and as such must give Kingle a gift.

His mission is to complete "The Gates of Dan," a process which involves collecting one of every single weapon available in Los Santos. Upon completion, Kingle plans to go to the police department, show off the weapons while making a formal announcement, and then disappear.

Notable Transgressions

Kinglemesh does not easily forgive, and whenever a person does him wrong, he keeps their "transgressions" in mind for future revenge. Upon accumulating three transgressions, the offender will be executed.

  • Fingle Dan - Constantly accumulates transgressions and as a result, occasionally Kingle will shoot out Fingle's kneecaps.
  • Dan Faily - Accumulated multiple transgressions after refusing to kiss Kingle.
  • James Arsenal - After Fingle Dan, Fingill Dan and Kinglemesh pushed James down multiple hills while in a wheelchair, James decided to do the same thing to Kingle to get revenge. After pushing Kingle off the dam while in a wheelchair, Kingle bumped his head on the way down and got knocked out in the water. After being rescued by Fingle and Fingill, Kingle swore to seek revenge on James as he had committed the "transgression that transcends all transgressions."


  • "Yesh, man."
  • "Do you have tribute for Kinglemesh?"
  • "I demand patronage. NOW!"
  • "My name is Kinglemesh. King of Kings. Personification of Fingle Dan's ego. Kingle Dan."
  • "I will take note of this transgression."
  • "That's a transgression!"
Played By: Surefour
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