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Kimberly Daniels is a character role-played by Zettafrag.

Physical Description

Kimberly has medium length, dark brown/red hair typically kept in a loose ponytail and blue eyes. Since prison she makes sure to maintain a muscular physique and push her strength. Her attire typically consists of baggy, casual clothing that covers most of her body.

There are other features only very few people have ever seen. She is missing two fingers on her left hand which is always concealed with a glove. Her back is covered in scars from childhood of various sizes and shapes; cuts, burns and cruel whip wounds long healed over. The tops of her lower legs have circular burn scars and there is a single scar on her torso from a knife wound.


Prior to arriving in Los Santos she lived in Vice City for two years and spent most of her time at the public library. She is trying to get an appointment with a therapist as instructed by a Doctor she saw multiple times in her former city.

Kim comes from a disturbing and violent childhood where her mother was a heroin addict and her father was violently abusive. They never sent her to school and she doesn't know what her real name is because she only remembers her parents calling her "bastard." She gave herself the name Kimberly Daniels when she was a teenager and started building a sanctuary tree-house in the woods near her home where she could hide away from her family. She has been relocated in a witness protection program twice, once after her Dad tried to kill her and again coming to Los Santos when her dad woke up from a coma. Kim struggles with talking about her family and has some memory loss about events with her dad. The fingers she is missing is from frostbite injury when her father forced her to sleep outside in the middle of winter.


Kimberly is inquisitive, outgoing and friendly. She likes meeting new people, making friends and having fun experiencing new things; favoring intense activities. When Kim is alone she struggles against anxiety and being in a trunk breaks apart her demeanor, causing panic. Kim cares deeply for her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. She talks a lot of shit and is capable of sounding quite cruel. She refuses to drive recklessly through the city, for fear of harming innocent people. Since prison she is unafraid to get into brawls and sometimes squares up against people causing problems.

Despite driving carefully in the city, she drives as fast as possible on the highways around the island. She wants to race and loves motorcycles, especially her chrome Diabolus "Luci".

When Kim first moved into the city she was a law-abiding citizen. Exposure to violence and crime associated with being in and around Condemned MC has changed her dramatically. Her friendliness has begun breaking apart, becoming more hostile to unknown persons. And she now fosters an ever-expanding curiosity about criminal activities, particularly; chopping, racing, laundering, growing weed and other lucrative activities. She loves to learn and values any and all information. Her desire to elevate the club and Mojito Inn constantly drives her to new goals, contacts and avenues.



Kimberly tries to befriend everyone she meets; offering to help them, hangout and inquiring about their lives. Due to this she is familiar with a wide range of people throughout the city despite not living there long.

Kim can often be seen in the company of Derek Bogart. He is her President, boss, roommate, great friend and ex-boyfriend. Due to their dramatic experiences together they are extremely close, trusting each other in many aspects of their lives. She is extremely loyal to him and willing to do anything for him to help advance the club. After being released from 2400 months in prison they got matching tattoos on their left arms. People have hurt Derek multiple times while they were together and so she has developed guard-like behavior around him when they are idle. Particularly around strange company she can be seen patrolling the area looking for threats. Kim loves riding along with him on street races. She loaned him $20,000 to outfit his racing Kanjo the "weebUwU". Derek and Kim work diligently to keep Mojito Inn up and running, both financially and reputation-wise.

Kim professed her feelings for Derek while he was being Held-Until-Trial in prison with this poem:

When we are apart, I feel disconnected - Like the laws of reality are miss-affected
I float and drift through an empty space – Surrounded by an imposing darkness, lost without a trace
Nothing I try roots me back to the ground – No one I’m with makes me feel earth-bound
But when I hear your voice, when I see your face - My pulse begins to race
My spine tingles, my chest tightens – the whole universe brightens
For a brief moment I lose my mind – my wits and senses become hard to find
Then you wrap your arms around me and everything falls into place and I can’t stop the smile from spreading on my face
I feel like the energies around us sync – as if we were always meant to link
A piece that always seemed to be missing in my soul – becomes connected and I am whole
You elevate me to be someone new – A person I’d never dared imagine I’d grow into
Being around you has made me strong – you’ve given me a place to belong
All these feelings are new for me – and I’m unsure of what is really meant to be
But I know as long as we are one – In any way, we’ve won


After Derek was set free from his bail and the whole shadow of the trespassing incident dissipated, their romantic relationship became strained. They quit spending all their time together and he never set aside any for her. She was as patient as she could be with him, putting her position in the MC first but felt hurt every day from the way he treated her. While he was on bail he shared practically everything with her despite her only being a prospect. Afterward, and seemingly out of nowhere, he began scolding her for having information and behaving the same way she always has. She was very confused by his words and overcome with sadness. When she finally got the opportunity to speak with him for more than a few minutes she brought up the fact that their relationship was hurting them more than anything. He agreed and she suggested they take a break for awhile. He took her keys away to the house a few days later. Kimberly is still extremely loyal to Derek and cares about him greatly but is unsure if he has any feelings for her.

After Condemned MC Treasurer Mattias Nilson took a beating from Derek for seeming to cooperate with police Kimberly was saddened to see him injured. The moment she hugged him a deep connection sparked between them. He started spending most of his time around her instead of out hunting, and she began to look forward to seeing him everyday. They spend nearly every moment they can together in the city, exploring, committing crime, and talking about everything. When HOA shot one of her employees in her place he was furious, going as far as incriminating himself with a selfie of kidnapped HOA member Kian Mercer and his associate so she could experience revenge through his eyes. Mattias robbed knuckle dusters off them to gift to Kim knowing she would absolutely love it. Later that day Julio Thomas(HOA) gunned down Kim and Mattias in the Paleto clothing store in retaliation. They were rushed to the hospital, but Mattias was unresponsive for nearly half an hour. Kim spoke to him the entire time, holding his hand and begging him to wake up. He finally did while she was leaning over his hospital bed. They were incapacitated for the rest of the day, choosing to get some drinks and take a rest at the beach. Both of them got quite drunk and unloaded a lot of their history, concerns and mutual feelings. Mattias spoke of always wanting to be by her side, to protect her and be near her. He revealed his past and told her about losing his girlfriend in a fire at their business. Kim showed him her hand and missing fingers, explaining about her father and her deal with witness protection from him. They cuddled and she told him she greatly enjoys the time they spend together and wants more.


Kimberly and Mattias are recklessly in love with one another. Neither of them have ever been in such an involved relationship and are pretty dramatically tunnel-visioned about it. Their relationship is incredibly distracting, almost to the point of detriment. Kim is willing to sacrifice MC and Mojito time to do things with him instead. Their complacency when near each other has likely already resulted in them being injured multiple times. They often disagree on things but it never gets in the way of their feelings for one another. Even when those things are life-changing and important for their lives and the club.

Kimberly's best friend is Fritz Ericson. They spent several hundred months in prison together due to the trespassing incident and regularly bond over various activities and conversations. She often calls him to make sure he isn't in too much trouble because of his penchant towards crime, regarding him as her 'crime mentor'. Fritz is her go-to for any illicit questions and she delights in having him teach her things. During Derek's bail hearing he offered to get a house with her, which she found both comical and maybe a good idea. Kim trusts him with information she would hide from most people, even sensitive concerns involving Derek and Mattias. When the club captured former CI Günther Klean she attempted to murder him in order to protect Fritz from his vengeance list, deliberately disobeying Mattias' order not to shoot him; firing 9 rounds into the back of his head after violently beating him with her brass knuckles. Kim is extremely excited about his decision to join the MC and what that means for the club's certain growth.

Trey Walker's relationship with Kim is steadily growing. She hired him as a booth worker for the Mojito Inn and then helped him become involved with the club, resulting in him becoming a prospect with Condemned MC after proving himself multiple times. She trusts him to watch her back when she needs to take care of business no one else can and feels at home when he is around, considering him a brother she never had. He is always one of the first few people she calls when looking for friends in the city. She regards him as a little brother despite him being older than her.

Major Events

Murder Kitty & Memory Loss

On Kimberly's second day in the city, she was persuaded to go out into the wilderness with a "survival expert" named Beer Grills. This adventure led to her left leg being mauled by a mountain lion and witnessing the brutal death of said expert. The sight of so much blood eventually caused her to faint. She awoke briefly while the EMS crashed on the way to the hospital. Once Kim was returned to the vehicle she began speaking very strangely and in an aggressive manner. In the hospital she called herself "Archangel" when the doctor inquired about her name. Kim does not recollect any events since she passed out in the mountains and awoke to find mysterious new clothing in her closet and a note left on her desk in her own handwriting "In one week you need to get a rabies booster shot at Pillbox".

The 9s In Prison For Trespassing

On Kimberly's 9th day in the city she went out fishing with her friend Derek Bogart. They stumbled across a warehouse near their fishing spot filled with over 100 weed plants inside. Despite Kim stating that they should leave the place alone they went inside and Derek took two buds from harvest-able plants. They left and drove to Grapeseed. Believing the site to be an illegal grow operation he began making plans to heist the place, calling in two other individuals Fritz Ericson and Arthur Morgan. Derek offered Kim to stay at a nearby building to keep a lookout on the streets, knowing she may not be comfortable participating in such events. She wanted to but could not handle the idea of being alone in a strange place so she refused. The group taught her to create a disguise and change her voice to avoid recognition. They returned to the apartments and stashed the two buds separately, one in Kim's apartment and one in Derek's. Eventually they returned with two Sandkings and ran inside, Kim stayed outside for a moment and spotted a ranger running up the hill towards them. She ran inside and told everyone. The group was never hostile towards the single Ranger, and compliant with other Rangers that eventually arrived and even though they did not possess any stolen material on their persons the entire group was arrested and placed into a 24 hour investigatory hold because of two plants that were previously missing from the warehouse.

During her first day in prison Kimberly was petrified, shaking and barely able to think straight. She would always be cowering behind Derek, the only familiar thing she had. The lifer inmates terrified her with their stories of mass murder and deranged behavior. They tried to purchase her from Derek but he was defensive, essentially making her his prison wife. Another inmate forced them to play a demeaning game of 'Ned Says' that resulted in her being forced to punch Derek. Her first day was long, confusing and exhausting. She could hardly formulate words and was at a loss as to how to interact with such dangerous individuals. She witnessed a prison riot and was exposed to a multitude of bodies laying around the grounds. She woke up the next day before Derek did and spent half the day alone, trying to avoid people. Eventually she met Rocksy Faye who befriended her thanks to her interactions with Fritz. Kim spent the rest of the day bonding with him. Kim was in prison for so long the lifers somewhat accepted her into their ranks, affirming they would help her if she needed it and that she could come to them if any temps or other lifers tried to do anything. She learned how to fight from brawling with Dash, Jake and others. Now she is quick to square up when in conflict with other people.

Kim served approximately 2350 months in prison, and 727 months of that was spent awake. This changed her demeanor dramatically. She is no longer quick to fear and has a much higher tolerance for being around aggressive verbal behavior. Simple crimes do not surprise her anymore. She still does not wish to harm people, however, she now understands that sometimes may be necessary. Kim accepted that if they had simply taken out the solo Ranger in the very beginning none of them would have ever gone to prison, but still wishes there could have been another way. She bears a grudge against Pinzon for sending her to prison and leaving her there for so long.

Joining Condemned MC

The day Derek Bogart was released on bail from the raid charges brought on by the trespassing incident he was attacked by the Lost MC. Most of the day Kim was diligently escorting him around, ensuring he wasn't capable of breaking his parole conditions in any way. However, they became separated when she was riding his bike back to the house and the Lost ambushed him while he was driving the armored Rumpo. Kimberly saw from a distance them ramming him off the road with a truck and holding him up at gun point. In a panic she drove up, hopped off her bike and pulled her gun out. Before she could even yell at them to stop they began firing at her, she returned fire -for the first time in her life- shooting at another human being in an effort to harm them and save Derek from being killed. She failed to take any of them down and was shot twice, once in the vest and one clean shot through the leg. She witnessed them abduct Derek and was frantic after being taken care of at Pillbox, calling everyone she could whom she knew was associated with the MC. Derek was brought to the hospital not long after her with gun shots and a leg crushed by a sledgehammer. This incident was the defining moment in her decision to join Condemned MC. She witnessed too many events where there were no members around to aid in conflicts. Kimberly is now a prospect, determined to advance the interest of the MC and be there in an official capacity when needed.

Attempted Murder

The first time Kimberly ever intentionally and deliberately hurt someone was the day Condemned captured former CI Günther Klean. He had returned from his fake death and began killing people on a list for revenge for what his life turned into. Kim had heard word of Günther's return a few days prior after he killed a judge and wanted to find him before he could touch Derek or Fritz whom she knew would be on his list. Günther had kidnapped Condemned member Garry Roche at a clothing store and Mattias, Trey and Kim were waiting for his return at his bike when Günther pulled up to drop him off after a 'talk'. Condemned captured Günther, discovering his identity and took him to a remote location near Paleto along beach cliffs. Kim fought within herself not to shoot him in the head in town as well as up on the cliffs. When she interrogated Günther about the names on the list she shot him in the foot when he mentioned Fritz and Derek. After moving locations from the gunfire, Mattias deliberated with Garry about letting Günther go but allowing Kim to beat the hell out of him with her brass knuckles. Kim however, was determined to prevent Günther from ever leaving in order to protect Fritz and Derek. Once she was finished beating him and kicking him into the ground she pulled out her pistol and fired 9 shots into the back of his skull despite Mattias telling her not to shoot him. She was devastated about what she had done but did not regret it and would do it again to save the people she loves. When the group returned to the house Kim was in a daze and washed her hands and brass knuckles for half an hour, repeatedly, staring into the water and blood running down the drain. An hour later, to Kim's astonishment, Günther sent her a text asking her not to reveal him so he could finish his list. Kim has sworn to do worse to him if she ever finds him again and ensure he doesn't get back up next time.


Kimberly is the CEO of Mojito Inn. She enjoys working at the Farmer's market booths where she can meet new people, sell delicious food, and train/hire new workers as she builds the business. Kim pours her heart and soul into Paleto, and is willing to do anything to show the world what Mojito Inn can be to Los Santos.

Recently, Kim has been hired on as an Event Organizer for the NPA. She enjoys paint-balling a lot and enjoys running games.

Aside from the markets, Mojito and NPA, Kim is an aspiring book writer and enjoys reading stories and poetry aloud in front of an audience.