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Kiki Pendragon is a character role-played by AmRainbowBee.

General Description[]

Kiki Pendragon was the Chief for the Emergency Medical Services, callsign Honeybee-8.


Kiki was once a kind, gentle, quiet young woman. However, years of living in Los Santos has changed her. While still kind, she is no longer quiet. Gentle? Sometimes. But she is cautious and protective above all. Her trust has been broken far too many times, and so she has become someone less willing to freely give it. However, Kiki is not without care or compassion. Everyone gets a first chance, only some get a second. Very few seldom get a third. She has been burned too many times.

She is trying to move on from the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality and hopes to be a better example for those around her. That isn't to say Kiki doesn't enjoy fun, good vibes, and chaos, but she is more cautious these days than she once was. She's grown and she's learned how the streets of Los Santos works, and she's got just enough spice in her to stay alive while keeping things interesting.

Background Information[]

Kiki Octavia Pendragon grew up in small town New England with her mother and father Sharon and Louis Pendragon, as well as her older and younger sisters Maggie and Ginny. Eventually Maggie moved out, got married, had children, and Ginny moved out to pursue a career in law, before Kiki as well. This left her in a state of worry and constant anxiety, being the middle child still at home but reaching well into adulthood in comparison to her seemingly more successful sisters. It wasn’t anything new to her, unfortunately. She had always been compared to Maggie by family, peers, and authority figures alike. And there came a time where even Ginny had become a point of comparison against Kiki as well. She was the "stereotypical" rebellious middle daughter, the one who mostly raised herself because her parents had been too tired with her sister but then were rejuvenated by the time Ginny came along. The one who dyed her hair in green, rainbows, and neons to stand out amongst the rest of her consistently blonde family. It was exhausting, and it also came with it a laundry list of insecurities instilled in Kiki that continued to torment her well into adulthood; from career attempts, to relationships, to even just casual day-to-day friendships. She never felt like enough, and always ended up feeling like the second choice.

When enough was enough she packed up and left. She attempted a natural science degree, dropped out after two years, and fled to Los Santos out of shame in 2018. When that didn’t work out she returned home, tail tucked between her legs, and moved back in with her mother and father until enough was enough and she left for Los Santos one more time. There she made new family and friends, a father figure better to her than her biological father, mothers who loved unconditionally, sisters that she didn’t need to compete with, brothers in the form of protective best friends, until many of them too eventually drifted away from her or... fucking died. And after years of trauma, abandonment, stalkers, attacks, and literal wars she’s a very careful and sometimes intense person these days. To the point of when offered a chance at happiness, love, and adoration, she got scared at the last minute and fled.

Kiki fled, and continued to kind of just.. backpack and couch surf her way around the country. She spent time with loved ones such as the Bundys, friends, and other family. But it was also a time of peace for her. Kiki finally had that cozy cabin in the snowy mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It was a peaceful few years with just her, the occasional visitor, and her animals, until she eventually was offered an opportunity to move back to the city of Los Santos and rebreathe life into it by dragging the EMS department from the ashes.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Emergency Medical Services[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Chief of EMS EMS Chief Rehired as Chief of EMS; Callsign H-8 December 15th, 2023
EMS FTO Cert FTO Certified January 12th, 2024
Retired from EMS March 9th, 2024


  • Kiki previously suffered from severe PTSD with triggers such as explosions, beeping, being startled from behind, the phrase "get in the car", among others. Her dog, Freya, was trained and certified as a service dog to assist her with this disability.
  • Due to a previous drug addiction and abuse, Kiki no longer feels the sensation of hunger and occasionally forgets how to feel emotions correctly. She has since gone to rehab and therapy to process these issues and develop proper habits and coping mechanisms to live a normal life again.
  • Her Blood Type is A+


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