Kiki Chanel is the owner of KOC (Kiki's Organic Clothing), a self-proclaimed fashionista. She is roleplayed by MiltonTPike1.

Description Edit

Kiki was a former body builder that abused anabolic steroids, explaining her big build.

She enjoyed long walks on the beach and star gazing in the night, just kidding! Kiki was known for causing havoc everywhere she went.

She enjoyed hijacking cars, and running from the police in them. She was known for her violent outbursts and very detailed sexual innuendos towards any male she saw. If anybody insulted her in any way she'd make sure to snap back with a quick and violent drag, although sometimes they could become very long and detailed, sending the other person into an "I shouldn't have done this" moment.

One of the things she loved to do is impersonate Brenda Pancake, but Kiki referred to her as Breadna. Every time they saw each other it's always a situation to step back from, due to the violent screaming they both did towards one other.

Kiki Chanel is now in Witness Protection under the name Jessica Glittersnatch, due to Bovice. Everyone thinks Kiki is dead because of a prerecorded message system (prerecorded voicemail) on her phone. Alex Casterman has no idea Kiki is still alive and is under a different identity.

Deputy of Fashion Kiki Chanel

Deputy Officer of Fashion


Deputy Officer of FashionEdit

Deputized by the Rolan Peebody Los Santos School of Fashion, Design and Costume Ethics, it was her duty as a sworn fashion officer of the state to intercede when she sees crimes against fashion taking place.

"You have the right to remain stylish, anything you wear can and will be used against you in the court of fashion. You have the right to an attorney, without one immediately available your trial will proceed and you will be forced to compile your own defense. With these rights in mind are you willing to talk to me about the charges against you?" ― Deputy Officer Kiki's arrest chant

In her fake cop outfit she would pretend arrest Stan Wheeler who had promised her a date along with Jimmy Bending on Mar 27, 2019.

Notes Edit

  • Sometimes went demonic
  • Was a professional at judging people's clothing choice
  • Enjoyed "Sending It"
  • Frequently stole cars
  • Was currently 100k+ in debt, but only spent money on clothing, lockpicks, and repair kits
  • Resided at the Pink Cage motel
  • Most likely had a personality disorder
  • Made a deal with Irwin Dundee to stay hidden in the Club to hide from Bovice. None but the Patched members know this.
  • Kiki has a 3 year old daughter named Fran Franky, who sometimes calls random people based on Kiki's phone contact list, and sometimes answers the phone when people call her.


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