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Kian Mercer is a character role-played by Ntviiper.


Kian Mercer is a tall, dark-skinned male who often gets mistaken for Juan Carlos Hernandez as they look nearly identical cause of their similar haircut and skin-color. He is often called "FlipB" or "notFlippy".

Membership in the HOA

Initially was a bartender for the HOA after Siz Fulker hired him on the spot after he randomly walked into the Mirror Park Tavern with Dante Thomas. He climbed up the ranks of the Tavern by hosting events and selling plenty of alcohol out of the place. He was promoted to Team Leader, then manager, then CFO, and now COO and CEO. When he is not at the Tavern, he is up at the Andi Jones Farmers Market and Dean World running the booths.

On April 24th, 2021 he was made a full-member of the HOA under the blessing of Siz Fulker due to his exemplary work at the Tavern (with the hope that he would also also help reinvigorate the then stagnate HOA).

After being burnt out from running the Tavern, he asked Siz if he could be more hands-on with the criminal-side of the HOA. He acts as a methamphetamines cook or lookout and when the HOA receive their shipment of guns and thermite he asked to help push them.