Kevin Whipaloo manages the vineyard with his motto "Honest Wine, Zero Crime." He is role-played by sodapoppin.

Bio Edit

A timid idiot who recently moved to this city because he was being bullied by his own town and felt that his reputation was so far down in the gutter that there was no hope in saving it, so his best option was to move to a town with bigger degenerates thus making him move here. Also types a lot of run-on sentences. He also invented Masturbation.

Whimsical Days Edit

Within the first hour of Kevin's arrival to Los Santos, he made the mistake of yellow-booking Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana (a fledgling Vagos member at the time) as a tour guide, and unknowingly coerced into slinging crack cocaine, and wearing Vagos colors in The Families' territory. A shootout between Speedy and two Families gangsters ensued. Speedy was injured, and Kevin was then kidnapped, robbed, and abandoned on the beach by the Families members.

Kevin immediately called the police and snitched after the ordeal.

Trivia Edit

  • His unwitting disposition often leads him into criminal situations, despite constantly stating he wishes to live an honest life.
  • Due to his severe social anxiety, Kevin tends to spill the beans on himself and everyone around him upon questioning (sometimes without question), earning him the nickname Kevin Snitchaloo.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm really stressed out."
  • "I have severe social anxiety!"
  • "I'm not a snitch!"
  • "Ah Jeez"
  • "I just wanted to live an honest life, free of crime."
  • "I'm trying to make an honest living."
  • "I'll call the cops."
  • "You're not recording, are you?"

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