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Kevin Ram is a character role-played by KevinRamm.



  • After losing the February 2022 Mayors election by 71 votes to Emma Gaine, Kevin decided to turn to criminal life. He called Tommy Tate and told him that he wanted to do criminal stuff now when he lost his second election. He asked if Tommy wanted to do a store with him, but at the time, Tommy was busy with other things. He ended up robbing a convenience store up in Paleto without cops showing.
  • On February 7th, 2022, he robbed the convenience store on Prosperity Street near Mandem Block with Tommy Tate, Moses Khan, and Vince Watson, and then the Jewelry Store with the same trio and Ray Mond. They were supposed to do a chase in golf caddies, but the cops did not show up.
  • On February 10, 2022, Kevin was involved in his first S+ boost together with AP, Chap, and Tommy. The car they boosted was a Calico GTF that Chap vin scratched. Kevin and Tommy had an intercepting role if cops got involved and they had to get out. But unfortunately, the cops did not show up for the boost.