Kevin Mcloughlin is a character role-played by the_halfhand.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kevin is an attorney who is bar certified by the Los Santos Department of Justice.

Events[edit | edit source]

Ricky Attack[edit | edit source]

Kevin was kidnapped and had his eyes removed by Ricky Robins. Kevin was found at the beach, and rushed to the hospital then placed in the ICU. Doctors were able to surgically replace his eyes and he was released from ICU. He made a full recovery and continues practicing law.

The People V. Jordan Steele[edit | edit source]

Officer Jordan Steele was accused of hit and run by his wife Jean Steele. She claimed he got drunk and ran her over with his vehicle, charges he vehemently denied. Kevin was chosen as Steele's defense attorney. He argued that Steele was not drunk he was simply upset over the death of fellow Officer Michael Dias. Ultimately, Judge Buck Stanton decided in favor of the DA's office and found Officer Steele guilty of all charges including reckless endangerment and felony hit and run. Jordan faced 10 months in prison, but Kevin was able to get the sentence reduced to mandatory driving classes, and ride alongs with senior police officers.

Biggaz Raid[edit | edit source]

Kevin was contacted by Wayne Biggaz to represent him during a police raid and investigation. Wayne's property was raided and 164 marijuana plants were confiscated and destroyed. He negotiated with police attempting to help reduce Wayne's charges. Wayne however ultimately went on the run from police.

McGrawl V. Steele[edit | edit source]

Chris McGrawl sued Jordan Steele for $500K for allegedly putting him in a jail cell and leaving him there on December 25, 2019. Kevin represented Steele during the case. Jordan denied putting him in the cell and cited that McgGrawl must be a witch because he pushed himself through the bars. Judge Buck Stanton presided over the case and ruled in favor of Steele. This was Kevin's first court win and his first victory while representing Jordan Steele.    

Steele Vs. LSPD[edit | edit source]

Kevin and Larry Hallow represented Jordan Steele during his pension trial against the LSPD and DA's Office. Jordan went to his pension trial against the LSPD presided by Judge Katya. Jordan limped to the stand and testified that he tripped on a boulder and his shin nearly exploded on a titanium bike rake and his leg was blown in half. He explained that he was in ICU and then tried to patrol a shift while injured, and he was medically discharged from the LSPDJordan was awarded one thousand dollars per week for 8 months in disability pay by Judge Katya.    

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His eyes were implanted into Eugene by Dr. Choi
  • Kevin has visible scarring on his face from the attack
  • DA Lawrence Splainer was highly impressed with his performance during Jordan's criminal trial
  • Kevin received new eyes that were taken from the body of deceased Deputy Michael Dias
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