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Kermy Fulker is a character role-played by Asteroba.

General Information

Kermy Fulker is a member of the Fulker family and is the twin brother of Siz Fulker.


Separated at birth at an early age Kermy and Siz were raised in different places and under different circumstances. Kermy was raised by two meth head parents. His biological father is in prison whereas his biological mother is in a mental institution.

He has a sister named Martha, has two foster brothers named Diz and Fiz, has another supposed sister named Liz.


At the beginning of his time in Los Santos, Kermy had a streak of never being caught by the police, but the Fulker plot armor doesn’t last forever and he has been to jail for a multitude of crimes since.

Kermy started out doing jobs with, Mary Mushkin, Flippy, and Curtis as they were the first group of people he met in the city. Now he does jobs with Siz and the rest of the HOA.

He once had a stint where he studied the art of drifting at the Overboost Drift School to become the Baby Driver of the HOA, but that has since been shelved. Fellow members of the HOA still tease him for wanting to buy a drift car.


By extension of his brother, Siz Fulker, Kermy is a fully-patched in member of the HOA. He hangs around with the group and commits various jobs and crimes with them.


Kermy came back from a long vacation in Costa Rica or Puerto Rico now complete with dreadlocks and a floral-patterned shirt. Recently, he returned from Guantanamo Bay after he was tortured and interrogated by the U.S. government for aiding and abetting known former terrorist Carlos Sanchez


Benefactor Feltzer

Fun Facts

  • The first time Kermy shot a gun was at Trooper Kael Soze.
  • The first friend he made in the city was Mary Mushkin, and they are currently best friends.
  • Kermy's primary language in English, but he also somewhat multilingual as he knows some Spanish and French.
  • Kermy's character model is the same pedestrian/story-mode model used for Siz Fulker, sans facial deformity.
  • He was caught for his first crime by Thomas Metzger after speeding and evading cops.
  • He is a very big Star Wars fan. He once forced Erin Cox, his adoptive step-sister, to dress up as Slave Leia as a hostage for a HOA Star Wars Porn Parody job. If you make fun of Star Wars he gets very mad and will threaten to kill you. He also managed to get a second date with Emma Gaine because she is also a Star Wars fan.
  • Once ate a human liver on 2/16/21.
  • To help get out of a traffic stop he claimed to have AIDS and once be a Make-A-Wish kid whose wish was to ride in a cop car.


  • "Just another win for K-ER-MY!"
  • "Fuck you, Siz."
  • "Alright."
  • "Do you like Star Wars?"
  • "Your mom!"