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Kermit Delaw was a character role-played by asteroba. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Los Santos.


He was shot and killed by Chang Gang (specifically by Mr. Chang) outside of Premium Deluxe Motorsport while Adrienne West was being kidnapped. This was all done on Bovice Wilkinson‘s orders. Ryan Carthus was present and was the one that called 911 once the kidnappers left. Deputy Lauren Forcer was the first LEO on scene.

Posthumous Trial

Chang Gang faced trial for charges including murder and terrorism. District Attorney (at the time) Katya Zamalodchikova sought the death penalty for the four involved in his death; Mr. Chang, Vinny Pistone, Uchiha Jones, and Mario Le-Pipe. The Chang Gang were represented by Murphy Braun who encouraged them to create a fake video of the murder of Kermit Delaw. The trial was overseen by Buck Stanton on October 21st, 2019. The murderers of Kermit Delaw were found innocent of all charges, leaving no justice for his death.


Adrienne West - Adrienne and Kermit were super close. When she heard he passed away she didn’t believe anybody, stating that she “wanted to see him” and asking “where is he,” even after multiple people said he passed. Her state of mind and response was so heartbreaking and uncontrollable that she was admitted to Parsons.

Played By: Asteroba
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