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Kenzie Silvius is a character role-played by stitchybird.


"Do not speak unless spoken to

Do not speak unless spoken to

You are insignificant

You are a pawn

You are worthless

Children should be seen and not heard

Do not speak unless spoken to"

Kenzie Silvius was born March 13th 2001 to Bridget and Mark Silvius in Orlando Florida. She was the youngest of their 2 children. Mitch, her older brother, was not kind to Kenzie, nor for that matter were her parents.

You see, Kenzie was a mistake. Kenzie was never meant to be. Kenzie ruined Bridget's body and for that she needed to pay.

Her parents often abused her, emotionally, physically, mentally. She was forgotten about, left alone at the house while the rest of the family went on vacation, forced to do the majority of the tasks around the house, constantly berated and screamed at, beaten, and hurt in unspeakable ways specifically by her older brother.

3 days before Kenzie's 20th birthday she snapped. Kenzie was in the kitchen doing her usual, dishes, mopping, dusting, etc. Kenzie, in the process of cleaning up the previous nights dinner, was snuck up on by Mitch. Mitch came at her from behind and tried to grab her, but when he turned her around he realized Kenzie had a kitchen knife in her hands. The kitchen knife went straight into Mitches stomach, and he fell over, bleeding and moaning in pain.

In a panic, Kenzie put the knife in her pocket and fled. She just kept running, and running, and running, until she collapsed in exhaustion. From there she just kept going, eventually hitchhiking to the farthest point she could find, Los Santos.

Kenzie still carries the knife with her.

Arrival to Los Santos and "first day" incident

Kenzie arrived in Los Santos on March 14th 2021, after she was dropped of she was able to secure a government assigned apartment. Kenzie studied a map of the city to get a general feel of where things were. She soon discovered the newly installed job application on her phone.

Kenzie's first priority was to find a mode of transportation. After checking out the catalogue at PDM and realizing everything was beyond her tiny budget, she discovered the bike store in Vespucci Beach. She made her way down and was able to purchase a bike.

Afterwards she browsed the available jobs in the application and decided to try her hand at delivering goods. She made her way down to the delivery depot and signed up.

Shortly after signing up, however, something sinister happened.

A black van backed up to her and a woman, masked up with a helmet, came out of the passenger seat and approached her. Calmly she told Kenzie to get into the van. Kenzie was hesitant at first, however she realized the situation she was in and complied. The man, who was the driver, and the woman, began asking Kenzie questions; where was she from, did she have any family, any friends, her age, birthday. Kenzie knew she was in trouble when, after mentioning she has no friends, the man began laughing.

They took Kenzie to a dock in an industrial complex, telling her to get out of the van and walk to the end of the pier. During the trip she learned the womans name was Mia Mersion, and that she dropped out of college where she studied art. At the end of the pier the woman asked what Kenzie saw, she replied "A beautiful ocean", what do you smell "Salt, the ocean, a bit of sourness from the pollution", what do you hear? "I hear horns in the distance, ships, the creaking of wood."

The woman attempted an apology, but then told her she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She then told Kenzie to face her.

Looking her in the eyes, Mia shot Kenzie. Kenzie fell unconscious and was bleeding out on the pier.

Thankfully a few dock workers who were on overtime heard the gunshot and found her, they were able to stop the bleeding until the cops and EMS arrived.

At the hospital the doctor was able to close up the gunshot wound to her chest, thankfully it had not hit any vital organs and Kenzie just suffered blood loss. As she was in recovery Luka Kozlov questioned her about the incident. Kenzie answered the questions as well as she could, afterwards she was released where she went home to her apartment to rest and recover from her wound and the shocking day she had.



  • Calm and reserved, she handles most stressful situations better than most due to how numb she is to life from her abuse.
  • Observant, she usually is very aware of her surroundings.


  • Shy, she does not make friends easily and is often afraid of strangers
  • Reclusive, she prefers to be alone

Other facts:

  • Despite being born and raised in Orlando Florida she's never been to Disney World or any of the theme parks.
  • Loves cats as she feels a kindred spirit with them
Played By: stitchybird
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