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Kenneth "Ken-sama" Foreman is a character role-played by Pengwin.


Ken-sama is an otaku or person who consumes Japanese media very heavily. He is an avid anime viewer and manga reader, he also collects anime figurines and wears anime clothing. Though he may look like he's 45, he is actually only the tender age of 25. He is severely obese and has trouble breathing sometimes, wheezing almost every waking moment. He is also a heavy eater as he is able to consume about five or more Burger Shot meals in a single sitting.

Despite his outward appearance, Ken has a strong set of values and a courageous disposition. He is always willing to fight for justice, and is ready to defend his friends at any moment. Although he might be motivated to do so to fulfill his fantasy of being the protagonist in the anime of life; his intentions are always honest.


Not much is known about his previous jobs, but he is currently working as a fast food worker at Burger Shot. He was hired by Robert Spowylamywanowski on February 9th, 2021 after he told Ken to wait 24-hours. Ken impressed Rob by defending him against two men who were berating him. Currently fired for fraud now homeless.

Ken is a hard worker who spends most of his time at Burger Shot. He often greets and interacts with customers using Japanese words and phrases, causing them confusion, and sometimes anger. However, many customers embrace this, and sometimes even reply in Japanese.

Ken has claimed that he only started socializing once he started working at Burger Shot, having previously only stayed at home watching anime. He considers his coworkers to be his first real friends.

Ken often recommends the Heartstopper burger as the best item offered in Burger Shot.

Lost a court case against X, relating to the purchase of fries. The judge ruled the case in X's favor, charging Ken with fraud.

He was later fired from his position, due to the threat of an audit on the Burger Shot accounts. However his position was reinstated the following day, due to mass employee discontent.


Ken-sama is constantly in the search for waifus to join his harem. He claims this is a place for ladies that like him, where they hang out. The current known members of the harem are:

There is no known ranking or preference system in the harem, but Ken seems to share an especially close bond with Oki Doki.

Oki punches Barry in defense of Ken

Involvement with Johnny Silverhand

On February 7th, 2021, Ken was approached by three people in a car while waiting for his order at Burger Shot. He then discovered the group was led by Johnny Silverhand, who was looking for 25 people to fight against a group of Net Runners infiltrating the system. The group took Ken to Lifeinvader, where he assisted in accessing the mainframe. During the operation, Ken acted as a support to Johnny, helping him with gathering people to go to Lifeinvader, and helping him with other administrative tasks. Throughout the quest, Johnny and Ken developed a master and disciple dynamic, with Johnny even calling Ken his padawan.

After getting all 25 people to combat the Net Runners, Johnny tasked Ken with finding out the real identity of someone called Arasaka.

Ken-sama assisting with the operation

Ken and Johnny Silverhand

Murder attempt and recovery

Lana shooting Ken

On February 22nd, Robert Spowylamywanowsi tasked Ken-sama with firing Lana Valentine or Cece Beyond as a test of loyalty and proof of his worth to become manager. Choosing to fire Lana, Ken delivered the news accompanied by Robert Spowylamywanowski, Pilbis Shonly, and Lenny Large. After a long confrontation, Lana fired one shot into Ken's neck, after being provoked by Pilbis Shonly. Ken-sama was rushed to the ICU, where he remained unconscious.

A few days later, Ken woke up in the ICU. During his stay he was assisted by "EMT-chan", who appealed to Ken's otaku sensibilities. He was first visited by Robert Spowylamywanowski, Pilbis Shonly, and Barry Briddle. To help Ken regain his strength, Robert offered to bring Ken an anime waifu, and played an episode of Attack on Titan for him. However, Ken requested to watch an episode of High School DxD instead. During his stay he was also visited by Kitty Dream, who claimed to have visited Ken while he was unconscious; and Oki Doki, who was the anime waifu Robert mentioned.

After the incident, Ken was promoted to firing manager by Robert.


Ken being held by an unknown group

A few days after his attempted murder, Ken headed to Premium Deluxe Motorsport to buy his first car with Shelly Targaryen, Freddy Price, and James Marco St. Marco. On their way there, Ken heard a voice say "I'm watching you," but none of the others claimed to hear the voice.

Immediately after arriving at the dealership, Ken was kidnapped by an unknown group of assailants. The kidnappers called Ken a number of insults related to his weight, but did not exert any physical violence. They also took his gun, but allowed him to keep his Burger Shot headset and work receipts. They then proceeded to take Ken to a number of banks, where they required him to stand with his hands on the back of his head. He was also asked if he was a weeb, to which he replied he was an otaku.

Ken was rescued by police, unscathed.

Convenience Store confrontation and conspiracy

Oki Doki fighting Lana and company

Ken shooting Lana Valentine

On the same day as his kidnapping, Ken was found by Lana Valentine, Jupiter Adams, and Hannah Hiltop in the convenience store close to Burger Shot while buying ingredients with Oki Doki and Cece Beyond. Lana approached Ken wanting to apologize to him but out of fear from before he hid away behind the counter. It was then, Oki and Lana engaged in a heated conversation in which Oki became protective over Ken. In the midst of the argument, Hannah approached Oki to slap her. Oki then pulled out her gun as a warning for Hannah to back away, then Lana pulled out her gun and tried to shoot Oki- but accidentally caught Hannah in friendly fire, and one shot both. In shock, Lana stood there and hesitated on shooting Ken out of guilt. After witnessing Oki falling to the ground, Ken fired three shots into Lana's head, and was then shot by Jupiter, rendering him unconscious once again. Cece was not present during the conflict, but found Oki and Ken at the scene.

Ken was rushed to the hospital along with Oki, where they were assisted by Dr. Noah Drake. This time, Ken did not go into ICU, and was able to return to work.

After returning to Burger Shot, Ken was ordered to take it easy, and was given a temporary managerial position. During his time at work, he named Oki Doki employee of the day. He was then informed by Oki that Barry Briddle had been seen at the convenience store during the confrontation. In a conversation between Ken, Oki, and Cece, the three speculated that Barry knew about the incident, and might have even caused it by paying Lana to attack Ken, due to Ken having fired Barry the day before.


  • "Watashi wa Ken-sama!"
  • "Black Flash!"
  • "I'm gonna be the racer among racers! I'm gonna be the racist!" - (In response to his first street race with Charles White)
  • "Oh god! / Itai!"


  • After watching a lot of Anime, he is able to somewhat speak Japanese.
  • He uses Japanese honorifics when talking or texting people (i.e.: using -kun, -sama, -san, -chan, etc.)
  • He is the Burger Shot Paper Bag connect for the HOA.
  • He hired "Lilia-chan" for $100 a day to be his harem waifu.
  • He has 3 shelves full of Hatsune Miku figurines.
  • He has a mountain of body pillows.
  • His rival is Barry Briddle.
  • His favorite anime is High School DxD.
  • He considers Attack on Titan to be overrated.
  • He is a master of the six martial blades, and is capable of levitation.
  • The fan he carries around his neck is filled with gamer girl bath water.
  • He has the same birthday as Naruto Uzumaki.
Played By: Pengwin
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