Kelly Smith is a character role-played by rlly.

Kelly 1.0

Kelly originally known for his thin body and cyclist gear is the founder of the Chain Gang bicycle gang.

Despite his best efforts Kelly was not always accepted as a serious criminal. He was often treated poorly by other criminals and civilians. After an altercation with Chang Gang in which Kelly was robbed he decided it was time for a change.

Kelly 2.0

Tired of being ignored and abused, Kelly decided to enhance his scrawny body by taking enhancement supplements. Now Kelly has a larger than life body that commands respect. Now everyone takes notice of Kelly and no one will take advantage of him ever again.

Kelly 3.0

After his transformation he got into the spotlight of Prune Gang. Eugene Zuckerberg decided to recruit him. Kelly now is has the rank of a Plum in Prune Gang. Now as a member of Prung Gang he continues to add mass and grows larger everyday.

Fun Facts

  • Kelly is in a relationship with [[Charisma Star]]
  • Kelly started out as a skinny little wimp
  • Kelly loves to flex his muscles and impress everyone
  • Kelly is way bigger and stronger than you bro
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