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Keith Wanderlust, also known as Lando Stormborn, is a character role-played by Fyzicul.

Early History

Lando and his party all came to Los Santos together to embark on a grand adventure. While the Guild has no leader, it is heavily implied that Lando is the de facto leader of the Guild. In the early days they would take any quest that was given to them in the hopes of earning gold, and experience points. While wandering the would encounter Lang Buddha and Donny. Which lead them to taking being assigned guests for them. Lang saw the group as easily manipulated as long as you could phrase the task in the form of a quest. The guild then took on a quest to work at the Roster's Rest which they saw as the Temple of the Stromlord. Overtime however Lang began to see them as part of his family.

He was given a quest by Kevin Whipaloo to slay a dragon, which was a woman that Kevin had paid to pretend to be a Dragon. He was caught served and served time in jail for attempted Dragonslaying (attempted murder).

Rooster's Rest

Being the most level headed member of The Guild at the time was given the role as head manger second only to Petunia Brookshire. This ended up being a wise decision since he was able to hold down and keep the Rooster's Rest safe duing the late night hours in the early days, and was able to thwart an arson attempt with the help of Denzel Williams.

During the Feud with Burger Shot, and subsequent prize fight Lando was chosen to be the anchor of the team. Where he was able to defeat Sheldon Jones and Pilbis Shonley before losing . Even though he the The Guild was defeated Lando proved to be a capable fighter, and is second only to Stanly Lessfield in terms of martial prowess. among guild members.

Was the first of The Guild to be told about the Meth Operation, and for a while stored the key and first batches of Meth in his apartment.


Olivia Copper : Lando has formed an unlikely friendship with Tropper Copper, they met when Copper was looking for the Shadowlord, who had tackled her during a traffic stop. He then invited her to play Dungons and Dragons with the guild. She is often seen at the Rooster's Rest while off duty, and goes on adventures with The Guild, and shows them around the city. She was given the adventuring name "Terminator"

Ai Musori : Lando was originally romantically interested in Ai after meeting her at the burger shot. After getting her number he used to send her upwards of thirty to text messages a day, and only get a response of " k" before sending thirty or so more. During the feud with Burgershot, he wanted her to switch sides and come work for the Rooster's Rest which she eventually ended up doing. Taking up the adventuring name "Thundercock". Now a days these two go on adventures almost every day.


  • "It is I Lando Stromborn of the moutain kingdowm in the north, head manager of the cock, glory to the cock, and attempted Dragonslayer"
  • ( Imitating Lang) " I don't have any money..... dumbass....I'm broke as a joke"