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Keith Kyle is a character role-played by Pezz.

The Story of Keith Kyle

Keith Kyle, was the assistant to The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin

The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin gave Kyle his job, after learning that Kyle's Daughter was really sick. Without the job his daughter would most likely die, so to help him out, he gave him the job as his assistant.

Kyle also had a terminally ill goldfish that he constantly looks after. He is a really nice person.

The Meeting With Benson

Kyle was told to ping Barry constantly until he would appear, Kyle didn't like that since he thought that was unpolite. But he did it anyways, since that is what The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin told him to do.

Kyle was reading off the script that he was given by The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin, the script was only made to be read to Barry, so as the polite person Kyle was, he said sorry to Buck since the script wasn't made for him.

Kyle was told to hit Barry up with a quiz, but The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin had forgotten to attach the quiz to the script. He then offered Barry and Buck a TicTac, which to Barry replied with "I'll take a TicTac, is it an orange flavoured TicTac? I like orange ones" and Kyle replied with "Orange ones are the best" Buck then said in disgust "What is wrong with you, MINT, just mint." They then had a discussion about TicTac's.

Kyle then realized that he sadly didn't have any TicTac's left, as he remembered he ate the last one, on the way to the location.

Kyle then gave Barry the following..

1x (Cold) Matcha Coffee. 1x Lard, The Car Polish. 6x Lockpick Sets

Barry then drank the Coffee, and told Kyle it was cold. Kyle apologized, and said "Yeah it's a little cold, it was a hot coffee when I first got it, but it has been in my pocket for 17 hours"

Kyle then offered them a piece of gum, he didn't have a piece of gum. But the script said to offer Barry a piece of gum.

Kyle had also made 2 sandwiches that he had brought. Even though he was told not to give anything else, he proceeded to give Barry a sandwich. Kyle didn't expect Buck to also be there, but he gave his last sandwich to him, even thought he had made it for himself.

While Buck proceeded to choke himself with his sandwich, Barry thanked Kyle for the gifts.

Kyle then said that he can take a vocal review, to give back to the The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin. But before Kyle finished talking, Barry lifted Kyle up on his shoulder, and started walking towards a river. As Barry threw Kyle into the water, Kyle said "I can't swim"

Barry and Buck then looked down at the river, while Kyle was drowning. Barry then yelled "Thank you Kyle, I will tell your boss, you did really well". Barry then saw that Kyle was dead, so he told Buck to run back to the car they had arrived in.

Later that day

Later that day, Barry and his friend Wolfe got pings from a location. When they arrived they saw a goblin running towards them, it was The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin. He told them his assistant, Kyle should have been there, but he couldn't get a hold of him. The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin then gave Barry what Kyle should have given him.

Near the end of the meet up, The Fashionably Late Treasure Goblin got news from the hospital, Kyle's daughter had passed.

The Rebirth of Keith Kyle as Average Guy

Kyle found himself laying facedown on the beach underneath a starlit sky, waves crashing in his face. Coughing, spitting out sea water he slowly wakes up and looks around to see where he is. He finds himself next to the pier in Vespucci. He begins walking toward the city with a slight limp, he notices he's holding onto a picture of a "random child" not knowing who they are. He continues to journey from the beach into the city walking the streets, stopping occasionally to hold himself up on nearby walls. He checks his pockets a dead cellphone and an ID with the name Average Guy on it. He continues walking the streets, trying to strike a conversation with anyone that passes by. As he's walking he thinks to himself that he has no idea where he is or what he's doing. He just wants to try his friends and his family, assuming he has any... all he does remember is a goblin. He also knows that his name must be Average Guy because he's carrying an ID with that name on it.

He eventually ran into Jay 'Ando' Anderson , who ran into Taylor Briggs, who happen to be driving by. Jay noticed Keith's accent and immediately asking where he was from, only to give the response of "I came from me mums house". He made it known that he needed to get a new phone, Taylor offered both of them a ride. They began talking about Keith's story, how he woke up with water in his Jandals and holding onto a picture of a little girl. They suggested that he try and figure it out.

Eventually they make it to the Digital Den in Mirror Park, where Keith buys a new phone. When he checks his phone he checks his contacts and messages, finding it interesting that he has none of either. Keith is disappointed in finding this out. He twats out " Hello Town. He then blurted out "Would anybody have a TicTac?" and immediately said "Oh I love TicTac's....wait how do I remember what TicTac's are?". When asked what he likes doing with himself, "According to me my hobbies are waking up at the beach and not knowing where I am.... that's all I really know". He then punched Taylor in the face, exclaiming that "maybe I'm Connor McGreggor who kno---- wait how do I know that name."

Keith tells them that he was wanting to know where people go when they want to rest. They tell him the apartments, and make a pit stop at Boe's house before going. Keith says "I like hugs", before he hugs Boe, he says "one thing I do know, is I'm good at hugs, here you go my friend." On the way to the apartments he asks Taylor and Jay if they know of any goblins. Jay says that he doesn't know any while Taylor says he thinks he knows one that works at the Roosters Reef. Once at the apartments he gets out and the other two take off. Keith begins walking in when he notices a campaign sign. "Vote for Pez for mayor... what a stupid name. Sounds like he just put a bunch of words together to make a name." He continues to toward the elevator, reading another sign before getting on. " Rocky Topps... well that's just the top of every mountain innit? Rocky Topp, that's a stupid name."

Once in his apartment he looks around and says, "this is pretty" as he walks over to the laptop. There he finds a picture of himself with a kid and on the computer he finds a to do list that reads "Meet with Jesse Cree and Barry Benson". When looking at the photo he realizes that's him with the same kid from the photo he has when he woke up. Looking at his causes his head to hurt. Looking at the computer, he says "Jesse is clearly a girls name so maybe there's a girl called Jesse out there I need to meet... Barry Benson? That's a bit of a sponge name. I don't like that B movie, how do I know what the B movie is." He decides walking toward the bed he would take a nap.

After waking from his short nap, he decided to twat out "Hi I am looking for a Jesse Cree & Barry Benson. anyone know them?". He then walks out of his apartment into the plaza, into the back parking lot, mapping out his walk to Hayes because he knows that's where people will be. He checks his phone to find three people have twated back at him; Olivia Garcia, Barry Benson and Collin McKinley. He twats at Barry asking " would you have a moment for a chat". He puts his phone away and continues on his walk. He checks his phone again to find that Barry replied with "sure where". Keith twatted my heads a little foggy so i don't know much of this town, anywhere with any goo tictacs?".

On his way to Hayes a woman on a bicycle wizzes by, "Hello, nice to meet you ma'am". She turns around and they have a small conversation. he continues walking down the street eventually stops. A man running down the street on his phone comes by and Keith sneezes on him. "ACHOO, oh sorry sir, I didn't mean to sneeze on you." The man on the phone stops and looks at him while on the phone and says "I just got sneezed on" and ran off. He checks hi phone a few minutes later to a twat from Barry asking "what's your ping?". Keith replied with "Well that is a little personal" and a separate twat of "1003". The man he sneezed on runs to him asking Keith, "Do you have a spare Kleenex?" " I don't, I don't I do apologize. You can use my sleeve I'm sorry" and proceeds to wipe this mans face clean. Keith tell this man that he is "looking for his daughter, or who thinks is his daughter" and explains that he only recently woke up on the beach. The man says " Well this is Los Santos... I'm Paul". Paul Scire, as we find out his name, begins stammering, trying to find what to say as Keith sneezes again in his face. Paul points out that Barry twatted to meet at great ocean bank. Paul offers to show him how to get there. They both begin running back toward the apartments. Keith asks Paul what he does. Paul reveals that he's a photographer. As they begin running, Paul asks about Keith's story. On the way to rent a vehicle they get to the parking lot and are spooked by a bunch of people standing around. Eventually sneaking back to the rental place. They rent a truck and make their way to the bank on great ocean highway.

to be continued.....