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Keelee Kita Ferrari is a character role-played by Fanficaholic, and you can also find her work from youtube

About Keelee Kita Ferrari

Dropped out of therapist masters program to be rally race car driver. Had a bad accident (crashed and fell from pikes peak hill climb) and suffers from a bad memory and a bad back, among other heath issues, ever since.

She's small, short and tiny. Somewhat sarcastic and a bit of a realist. Grew up all over CA, Pacific Coast and occasionally slips into valley girl. Dad was navy, mom from Japan hence the Japanese middle name. Kita means North. Parents died at age 18 after she graduated HS, in her first semester of college. The college counseling department inspired her to try counseling as a degree but she couldn’t deny her life-long passion for cars and eventually the thrill of the race was too much to keep her in school. Keelee dropped out of college in her junior year, just shy of 100 credits completed.

She loves fast cars and working on cars. Specialty is custom welding jobs esp exhausts. The more out there exhaust the better. Her favorite exhaust job was one that came out of the back of the car and had a lightning bolt shape. After dropping out of college, Keelee tried to do rallycross in her early 20s but an accident made it so she couldn’t understand the course lingo (the pikes peak crash). She has had trouble with technical terms ever since. Despite the crash and issues, Keelee enjoys doing autocross since it gives her the adrenaline rush she used to get from rallycross. Pessimistic, realist attitude. Typical millennial, not suicidal but ok with dying.

Keelee Laughter Moments

Keelee has one of the best personalities, but one of her best features is her laughter. She'll laugh at things that she has no control of, and make her friends wonder if she's suffocating at times. Here are some of her moments, when she loses control from laughing.


  • "Someone's gotta come in last, I don't mind if it's me!"
  • "Nothing wrong with being last!"