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Kaz Mendalez is a character role-played by KazMendalez.

Background Information

Kaz Mendalez - A middle aged scotsman that moved to Los Santos from Scotland. He tends to get involved with crime alot and has lead him to living a life of debt majority of his time within Los Santos, He is a loyal individual and is someone that will do anything for those he trusts and will even push himself to limits he is uncomfortable with in order to not fail those who he associates with.

Physical Description

Kaz is a six foot one male that has a thick stubble on his face and numerous tattos, One on his neck, one on each arm and a back tattoo. His clothing usually tends to circulate around black baggy clothing and will rarely wear anything casual besides his white polo shirt, In the beginning of him moving to Los Santos he wore a black leather jacket and baggy combat jeans, His hair was shaved for most of his time until he changed his life and got a better ticket, Now he has grown the hair out and died the top a light pink which sits shaggy and mostly under a forward or backwards cap. A face bandana with a skull design on the front.

As of the 20th of October he constantly wears a pair of handcuffs which have broken from the chain links, Symbolizing his almost break from his criminal record but now that his expungement didnt follow through he's learned to embrace his criminal lifestyle and continues to thrive from it with no remorse. For the club.

The Bondi Boys

The idea and goal of joining the Bondi Boys MC starting when he bumped into a man in a suit wearing an anime mask- Asking what Kaz enjoyed doing the man steered him in the direction of Irwin Dundee by giving out the number of him claiming "He's the man you wanna speak to for adrenaline" - After that he took to learn about the club and seen a couple individuals wearing the patch behind the apartments, Barry Benson, Channing Turner were present and after Kaz showing interest in the club Barry told Chain to take Kaz's number and from there he was a hangaround for the club.

He went under the radar for a couple months from the city due to struggle with the train, Something wrong with his ticket or similar to the like.

Now he is back, One hundred and Ten grand in debt and strives to grow in the club and finally reach his goal of becoming a certified member of the club. Regardless of his reckless lifestyle and tendancies to shoot at police, All set aside he lives by a phrase that holds close to him.

"If I don't make it out alive or in a cut, Atleast I knew my legacy helped form theirs."

Chapter One; From The Ashes