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Kayn Larp, better known as Yeager Demonblood, is a character role-played by vigors.


Kayn Larp is a member of The Guild and owner of the Guild Hall. He goes by the name of his D&D character, Yeager Demonblood, and stays in character most of the time. Yeager is a demon and level 16 Hexblade warlock.

He first moved to Los Santos under the name Rohlplae Escrinj. The government didn't approve of his name so it was later changed to Kayn Larp. Yeager hates being addressed by his legal name and usually pretends that Yeager Demonblood and Kayn Larp aren't the same person. Further, it also causes him great embarrassment to be seen without his horns or mask. He has gone as far as stitching the mask to his face so it can no longer be removed.

Personality-wise, he is straightforward, impulsive, and can come off as rude at first. Nonetheless, he is dedicated to his party members and the Rooster. His friends have described him as a "tsundere". Yeager himself once stated that the things he cares about the most are his party members and the motorbike he owned at the time.

Yeager is driven by money and known to have multiple jobs at the same time, earning him the reputation of being a "wage slave". His obsession with making money often leads to him choosing work over adventuring. As a result, he has missed out on several quests and raids. However, Yeager's desire to make money clashes with his laziness. He always tries to find ways to do as little work as possible while making as much money as possible. Similar to his father, Lang Buddha, Yeager will brag about his material possessions and flaunt his wealth.

Ever since becoming a millionaire, Yeager has started claiming to have lots of sex and that women are extremely attracted to him and his wealth. These claims are contradictory to his seemingly limited knowledge of how sex and human bodies work. Depending on who he is talking to, he changes his narrative around to impress the other person. Sometimes he claims to "use a lot of condoms", other times he brags about not using any condoms, for example around Nino who disapproves of condom use. Occasionally, he even claims to be a virgin and states that sex is "cringe" and will make you lose Elo in League of Legends.

When Yeager was new to the city, he frequently got mistaken for a woman due to his style, color preferences, and masked face. Now that most people are familiar with him, this doesn't usually happen anymore. However, many people still assume that Yeager is a teenager based on his personality and voice when he is actually already 31 years old.

Several hints point towards Yeager being a former resident of Rust Vegas. He still remembers people from his past in Rust Vegas that have since moved to Los Santos as well, such as Crops Gus and Tulip Peach.

Jobs & Finances

Early Days

After moving to Los Santos, Yeager was initially one of the poorest Guild members. Being a reckless driver with a hard-to-control vehicle, he had to spend most of his money on fixing his car.

Around this time, he was hired at the Rooster's Rest. There, he made enough money to take out a loan for his first bike. After working as a regular employee for a while, he obtained a manager position and later rose to head manager which he still is today.

The Road To 1 Million

To pay off his loan, save up enough money for yet another bike, and pay off this loan as well, Yeager searched for additional ways to make money. He agreed to cook meth for Lang Buddha and began advertising his own item reservation service for the then-upcoming Word of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade Classic (commonly referred to as TBC). People were able to reserve in-game items in exchange for real money.

While working at the Rooster's Rest, he was also hired as a concierge at the casino. After pestering his employers about a manager position, he eventually became a wheel manager. This meant he was allowed to offer private sessions at the wheel of fortune where customers paid him $5,000 to get 10 minutes worth of undisturbed spins. This position later became obsolete when other casino employees started offering private sessions as well, and when the casino was fully automated.

Despite his grudge towards Burger Shot, he was eventually also hired as security there. During his time at the rival restaurant, he made it a point to never wear the Burger Shot uniform. He also occasionally stole food from trays before the customers were able to pick up their orders. After a couple of weeks, he was fired again by Shelly.

With three official jobs and several side hustles, he was able to save up $140,000 until his gambling addiction took over. In one day, he lost all of his savings at the blackjack table and had a meltdown. Despite the sudden jab to his bank account, he was quickly able to make the lost money back and continue accumulating more wealth.

Becoming A Millionaire & Business Owner

In May 2021, Yeager became a millionaire and kept this status until the end of June. Being a millionaire further exaggerated his sense of self-importance and need to brag about his wealth.

On top of all other ventures, he started giving out private loans as well.

At the end of June, he became the owner of the Guild Hall and started the production of illegal suppressors that him and the other Guild members sell to criminals around the city. After investing around $400,000 into the comic store and several thousand dollars into materials to build suppressors, he was no longer a millionaire.

Yeager once again hit the one million dollar mark at the end of August after spending multiple days at the casino playing backjack.


Image Name Description
Rebel When Yeager first arrived in Los Santos, his stepfather Ron gave him a Rebel pickup truck. Yeager referred to this truck as his dragon and named her Apocalypse. In the beginning, Apocalypse was pink, but later painted purple to provoke a gang that told Yeager to stop wearing purple.

Status: Sold
Plate: Unknown
Hakuchou Yeager's next vehicle and first motorcycle was a dark pink Hakuchou. In a ritual, he transferred Apocalypse's soul to the bike, making it the new Apocalypse. Several other Guild members later purchased Hakuchous as well, making them look like a biker gang with matching bikes.

Status: Sold
Plate: DEMON
Yamaha R1 Yeager's second bike and most expensive possession at the time was a red Yamaha R1. He was very proud of this purchase and took any opportunity to let people know how much he had spent on the bike. Apocalypse's soul was yet again transferred to this bike. After the bike was stolen and irreversibly damaged, Yeager decided to sell it to Dean Watson so the bike could be put on the Casino's wheel.

Status: Sold
Plate: DEMON
Lamborghini For a brief period of time, Yeager drove a Lamborghini made from parts of Jean Paul's old Lamborghini after he left the city. The car was a temporary gift and has since been returned.

Status: Returned
Plate: Unknown
Fieldmaster One of Yeager's current vehicles is a pink tractor that he bought to "farm W's" and to bridge the waiting time until his dream car, the Diablo, became available for purchase. It doesn't have a license plate and is therefore not actually street-legal.

Status: Owned
Plate: None
Yamaha R1 After several months without owning a motorcycle, Yeager would receive another R1 as a gift. In hopes to buy Basem's house and obtain the Shotaro from the Tuner Shop, Yeager sold it to Dean Watson on New Year's Eve.

Status: Sold
Plate: DEMON
Lamborghini Diablo GTR The Diablo GTR was one of the first tuner cars to be sold and the car Yeager had been dreaming of for months. His initial enthusiam about the car was dampened when Yeager discovered that other people in the city own VIN-scratched versions of the car.

Status: Owned
Plate: ONI
Marquis (?) The Marquis is a sailboat Yeager bought to role-play as pirates with his Guild members and rob fishers of their fish before fishing tournaments. Yeager is unhappy with this purchase because the sails are too tall to fit under the Zancudo bridge which blocks the way to the fishing spots.

Status: Owned
Tropic (?) The Tropic is a small speedboat that has also found use in Yeager's pirating trips.

Status: Owned
Manchez The Manchez is Yeager's first off-road bike. It aids him in escaping the police on rough terrain that cars usually struggle with, such as Mount Chilliad.

Status: Owned
Plate: Unknown
Avisa The Avisa was a $2,000,000 submarine Yeager bought on a whim. He was planning to rent it out to heist crews as it makes for a very reliable escape from the police. He began regretting the purchase almost instantly when he realized that he would rather spend the money on Basem's house which would soon be up for sale, or the Tron-themed bike at the Tuner Shop. He eventually sold the submarine to Kevin Ram for $1,500,000.

Status: Sold
Shotaro The Shotaro is a motorcycle that Yeager bought from the Tuner Shop.

Status: Owned
Plate: Unknown

Major Events


Yeager's mask has helped him survive several bullets to the head. To be continued.

Alien Attack

During the night when the aliens attacked, Yeager saw his friend 4T left with the aliens and went looking for her. He found the aliens and 4T attempting to execute Guy Jones. Yeager tried to save 4T from killing Guy Jones but was able to do so and were shot and downed by the aliens. The aliens then began to consume Yeager. Yeager, however, does not remember much afterwards, except the bite marks and missing flesh from his body, which Dr. Drake claimed to have foreign origin.


For several days, Yeager was suddenly missing in action. This caused distress among many of his friends and acquaintances. There are various rumors surrounding his sudden disappearance. Some say that he was grounded by his mom for using money from her credit card on Genshin Impact. Others say that he was having technical difficulties with his smartphone after running too many mobile games at once. Yeager himself has stated that he suffers from an illness that causes his body to overheat; medication is on the way.


Yeager is one of the seven Nerds chosen by the Stormlord. As such, Yeager and his friends have been tasked with various missions by the Stormlord to prepare them for Talon. These missions started out as harmless quests like collecting gems but gradually became more serious.

LSD from the Timelord

To be added.

Cooking Meth

After completing the first set of tasks for the Stormlord, The Guild unlocked "alchemy", a code word for meth. This was the start of Yeager's descent into crime. Yeager and his party members were taken to a meth lab run by the Cleanbois and given the choice to become part of their meth operation as cooks. At first, Yeager was reluctant to join because he knew that meth production was a serious crime. Getting caught would likely result in him losing everything he had worked so hard for, including his bike. He was eventually swayed by the prospect of making even more money than he was already making.

Killing Delivery Drivers

In an attempt to desensitize the members of The Guild to violence and terrorist acts, Lang Buddha and confidants of Talon began taking them on missions to kidnap random delivery truck drivers. The missions required stabbing the drivers and leaving a mark of Talon on their bodies. Yeager himself stabbed a delivery driver for the Stormlord. Though he still prefers not to kill innocent people, he found that inflicting pain and death comes easier to him than he expected.

Killing Meowfurryon

After the conflict between Meowfurryon, Denzel and Lang escalated, The Guild was asked to kill Meowfurryon. This was Yeager's initiation into Talon.

National Paintball Association

During its starting phase, Yeager and The Guild were given the task of setting up paintball matches in order to gauge interest in Lang Buddha's National Paintball Association. Whenever Lang wasn't present, he put Yeager in charge of moderating and coordinating the matches. Originally, Yeager's aim was to become an S tier player himself, though his team lost the first ranked match and several months would pass until his return to paintball. When the new paintball arena opened, Yeager played again in the first tournament at the new location.

DOC Quest

To be added.

Tuner Shop

With the opening of the Tuner Shop in September 2021, the car Yeager had been dreaming of for months was finally within reach: the Diablo GTR. All tuner cars sold at the Tuner Shop are limited edition vehicles that cannot be purchased anywhere else in Los Santos. Potential buyers can enter a list for the car they are interested in, but ultimately only a few people will be chosen. To make sure he would get the Diablo GTR, Yeager spent the first couple of days after the Tuner Shop's opening almost exclusively on the premises.

During the private opening event for investors and mechanics, he snuck in twice and was thrown out and banned from the shop until the public opening. Once his ban was lifted, he spent every waking hour pestering, bribing and threatening Eddie and other employees to make them sell him the Diablo GTR.

Eventually, he was granted the opportunity to test drive the car. During this test drive, Yeager acted very possessive of the car as if he already owned it. A group of other drivers damaged the car which Yeager hunted them down for. The fight escalated and Eddie banned Yeager from driving the Diablo again. During subsequent test drives, Yeager was only allowed to sit in the passenger seat.

Despite not being hired at the Tuner Shop, Yeager began claiming to work there, that Eddie was his assistant, and that he was the owner of the shop. After many more hours of loitering, Yeager was actually hired and became part of the Human Resources department together with Ramee. This meant collecting complaints, punishing bad behavior, and devising an elaborate strike system to keep employees in line.

Eventually, Yeager was approved for the Diablo and bought it for over two million dollars including the price of the GNE required for the purchase. He continued to work at the Tuner Shop for a while but, as many of the other employees had already expected, started showing up less and less now that he had obtained his car. When Yeager stopped coming to work entirely, he was fired.

Becoming A Felon

Despite being involved in serious crime like meth production, murder, and weapons trafficking, Yeager managed to maintain the image of being a "good little demon" for several months. His record was clean except for a few minor crimes, but no felonies. He was very cautious and selective about any criminal activity he became involved in. Even when other Guild members began participating in boost jobs, bank heists, and similar, Yeager refused to come along. This was in part because of his business, the Guild Hall. He explained that he didn't want to get in trouble with the law until he had found a CEO. He also warned his friends that once the Guild Hall had a CEO, he would drop the act of being a good citizen and turn into a ruthless criminal. But until then, it was his goal to lay low.

This would change in September 2021. When Bjorn and his father Tony Corleone were in a police chase, Yeager offered to lend them his new Diablo as a getaway vehicle because it was faster than the car the two were currently in. Upon switching vehicles, Yeager was arrested by the police. Bjorn and Tony managed to escape. Yeager, however, was charged with felony obstruction of justice. He was very frustrated by this and vowed to become a "cop killer." He felt that keeping his record clean no longer mattered now that he had received the first felony charge.

This incident marked the beginning of Yeager joining Guild and Cleanbois members in their criminal activities and letting them show him the ropes. Soon, he would rob his first bank truck together with Bjorn.

Since being a felon meant he was no longer allowed to go on ride-alongs, Yeager opted for a more aggressive approach. He started sneaking into the parking lot next to the police station and would hide in the trunks of unattended police vehicles, not without stealing police equipment out of the cars as well. Once the owner of the car returned, they would unknowingly take him on a ride-along in their trunk. The police quickly caught on, however. Now, when officers see his Diablo parked in the vicinity of the police station, many of them already know to stay on the lookout for Yeager.

Eventually, Yeager joined Lang, Yuno, and Mickey for his first Vault heist. During the following police chase, Yeager was alone on his bike while Yuno, who had all of the money on him, was riding on a bike with Lang. When Lang didn't seem to be able to lose the police, Yuno made a switch to Yeager and his bike. This likely signaled to the police that Yuno was the proverbial "hot potato" and carrying the stolen money. Due to being completely new to bank robberies and getaway driving, Yeager wasn't able to lose the police either. However, he came up with a plan. He suggested that he should ride with Lang and let Yuno drive away on his own. This would give the police the impression that Yuno had given Yeager the money and that now Yeager was the "hot potato." And indeed, his plan seemed to work out. The police focused their chase on Lang and Yeager, allowing Yuno to successfully escape with the money. At one point, Lang was able to leave the police behind as well, allowing him and his son a few minutes of privacy at a deserted beach. Unfortunately, they ran into the police once again after returning from the beach. Yeager was arrested and sentenced to prison. Nonetheless, he received a $85,000 cut of the stolen money.

Dark Horsemen

After the creation of the PBSO, Yeager would begin to terrorize Paleto under guise of the "Dark Horseman". Whenever it would start to turn night, Yeager would sometimes ride on his Manchez wielding a hachet, slashing officers and civilians while announcing himself as the "Dark Horseman" and then swiftly riding away into the mountains as he looked for more victims throughout the night. Yeager's motives for becoming the "Dark Horseman" was because he wanted to make Paleto feel unsafe and essentially to toy with Kyle Pred as he and his department had been patrolling more up north of Los Santos ever since the split of the BCSO.

Yeager has been caught once with Eugene Zuckerberg while under guise of the "Dark Horseman", however, he managed to avoid being linked to being the "Dark Horseman" due to the possibility that the "Dark Horseman" was multiple people.



The Guild

Yeager's party members in The Guild often take advantage of his impulsive tendencies by teasing him. This includes poking his often exposed belly button, cracking jokes about his mom working at the Vanilla Unicorn, mocking his poor driving skills, randomly tackling him, or mishandling him while he's wheelchair-bound. In turn, Yeager can be very stubborn, brusque and dismissive of advice given to him. Despite all this, The Guild deeply care about Yeager's well-being. Whenever Yeager is missing or in danger, they try their best to help him. Yeager is loyal and protective over them when it really matters.

  • Stanly Lessfield
    Before Rooster's Inn opened, every room at Rooster's Rest used to belong to one of the nerds. This was with the exception of Yeager and Gea Stagdancer who were roommates and lived in a room together. Stag liked to annoy Yeager by hanging up pictures of Yeager's mom in their room. Allegedly, he jerked off to them in front of Yeager. Despite this outwardly crude behavior, it became clear upon Yeager's prolonged disappearance that Stag values their friendship and is really attached to Yeager. His grief caused him to develop a bad drinking habit and eventually triggered the appearance of his happy-go-lucky alter, Casey, whenever Yeager's name was mentioned.

    After learning that marriage may enable tax benefits, Gea and Yeager became engaged. There have not been any wedding plans, however.

    Several months after their engagement, a picture surfaced that depicted Yeager pregnant. Allegedly, Stagdancer had impregnated him. Later, a second picture of Stagdancer was discovered, also pregnant. Yeager is said to have impregnated him as well. During an encounter with the Timekeeper, an otherworldly robot, Stag was hit by a laser and lost the baby. Not long after, Yeager lost his in an accident as well.
  • Lars Haverford
    Bjorn and Yeager have become good friends over the course of their time in Los Santos. When Bjorn went through his emo phase after a miscommunication with his then-love interest Riley, Yeager showed his softer, caring side. He offered advice and tried his best to cheer Bjorn up. After Yeager's motorcycle parts deteriorated, Bjorn would also try to cheer him up by giving him a taser that he had obtained from trading one his Rob toys to Tony Andrews. Bjorn knew that the taser would mean a lot to Yeager because Yeager had already been trying desperately to obtain a taser for several months, to no avail.

    Bjorn and Yeager's favorite activities as a duo include loitering at the police station and begging for ridea-longs, hiding in the parking lot at the police station to steal equipment out of unlocked cars, and volunteering as EMS together.
  • Clyde Eastside
    Meowfurryon was not only Yeager's friend but, when in cat form, also his cat. This originally started when Yeager had to pose as Meowfurryon's owner due to pet leash laws in certain places. Yeager continued to refer to himself as Meowfurryon's owner afterwards. He would sometimes brag about the accomplishments of his cat, especially in regards to gambling.

    After Meowfurryon was tortured by Sam Baas, Yeager showed his protectiveness over him. During the trial, he punched Dante Wolf after him and Baas put on rat masks to intimidate Meowfurryon. He was charged with contempt and received a 100 month sentence with a $5000 fine.

    When the conflict between Meowfurryon, Lang and Denzel escalated, Meowfurryon asked Baas for help instead of turning to The Guild. Yeager felt betrayed and confused by this. He couldn't understand why Meowfurryon would trust the man who had tortured him over his friends from The Guild. Soon, it dawned on him that they would have to kill Meowfurryon to protect Talon. Even though he felt betrayed, Yeager hated this idea. Until the very end, he begged Meowfurryon to explain in an attempt to find a way out. After killing Meowfurryon, Yeager was deeply distraught, stating that there was nothing Talon could ever require him to do that would be as bad as this. In order to avoid facing unassuming friends and customers who might ask about Meowfurryon, he fled to World of Warcraft for a few days.
  • Ai Musori
    Ai Musori is the only, now former, Burger Shot employee Yeager doesn't hold a grudge against. While still working at Burger Shot, she often gave him free pies. Yeager was in favor of her joining the Rooster's Rest, and Ai ultimately did after she quit Burger Shot.

Other Friends

  • Olivia Copper
    Yeager first met Copper after his car had been attacked by a high-level wizard, making it fly uncontrollably and crash. Copper was sent to investigate the issue. She introduced herself as a demonologist after realizing that Yeager was part of the LARPers, which impressed Yeager.

    They met again when Copper and her partner Domenic Toretti were called to the Rooster's Rest to investigate Bernice Caldershot. Yeager was selected by his party to speak on their behalf as a witness. Before allowing him to enter the police car, the police searched him and found illegal oxycodone. Yeager was arrested and taken to an abandoned, fly-infested house in the desert to be interrogated. He didn't have any information on Bernice's whereabouts so Copper and Toretti ended up taking him back to the Rooster's Rest without a charge. To scare Yeager and his party into cooperating with them in the future, they remained silent on the entire way back, causing Yeager to freak out. Yeager was angry about the incident for several days.

    Their relationship later turned more amicable when The Guild met up with Copper and Lenny Hawk after picking up binoculars at the police department. Yeager offered to DM a D&D session with Copper as the Terminator and Lenny Hawk as Steven Seagal. The D&D session was interrupted as both Copper and Hawk were still on duty but continued several days later over the phone and at the Rooster's Rest.

    Some reservations still remain, however. Yeager frequently refers to her as the devil, even to her face. Copper has him saved as "DipshitPurpleFaceIdiot" in her phone and complains about him to other people. At one point, Yeager allegedly sent her a dick pic which may or may not have been ASCII art. When they meet in person, they usually argue, though Yeager's friends speculate that this is just Yeager's way of showing affection.

    Most recently, there has been tension between the two due to Copper investigating Meowfurryon's disappearance and interrogating members of The Guild.
  • Four Tee
    Yeager was the first and for a long time only member of The Guild to befriend Four Tee. He calls her by the nickname Gremlin. She often used to visit him at the Rooster's Rest and leave notes in his room there. Yeager helps her out financially and gives her free churros at the restaurant. During Yeager's prolonged disappearance, Four Tee went on a hunger strike.

    Yeager was initially #18 on her List of Friends, until he got promoted to #3 after giving her advice about Mel Rickenbacker and Mike Block, who are #2 and #1 respectively.

    As a token of their friendship and to demonstrate his trust in Four Tee, Yeager eventually gave her the voodoo doll a witch had made of him. Up to this point, he had kept it hidden inside his apartment out of fear that someone would use it against him.

Enemies & Former Enemies

Due to his hot temper, Yeager frequently gets into conflict with others. When this happens, he treats the people he feels wronged by like his worst enemies and swears to take revenge in extreme ways (e.g. killing them). Usually, these moods do not last long, though. He gets over his grudges as quickly as he develops them, making most of the people on this list former enemies rather than current enemies.

  • Melbert Rickenbacker
    During the feud between Burger Shot and Rooster's Rest, Kevin Whipaloo hired Mel to abduct and shoot Yeager. Because Mel was masked, Yeager didn't know who his kidnappers were until much later. When he learned that it was Mel that had shot him, Mel apologized and explained that it had been strictly business.
  • Chris Porter
    Chris Porter has attacked the Rooster's Rest countless times and shot members of The Guild. At one point, the situation became so tense that the Rooster stayed in a constant state of vigilance for several days. Yeager feels that the police didn't handle the situation well and didn't do enough to help. These robberies combined with his then recent kidnapping experiences led to Yeager developing the need to be constantly armed and ready to defend himself and the Rooster.
  • Tay Taay
    Tay Taay has attacked and harassed members of the Guild multiple times, stolen their vehicles and attempted to kidnap Bjorn.
  • Marlo Stanfield
    Marlo Stanfield works at the Diamond Casino and Resort with Yeager. While at work, Marlo allowed Yeager a free spin on the wheel of fortune. The wheel landed on $1,000. Usually, a spin costs $1,000 so instead of taking the money, Yeager used it on another spin. This time, he won $10,000. Marlo refused to give Yeager the full amount and argued that employees actually only get to keep half of the prize. Yeager was enraged and rejected the $5,000 since in his eyes, he was being scammed and deserved the full $10,000.
  • Rudi Rinsen
    While gambling at the casino, Rudi was offended by Yeager running around inside the building and confronted him. Yeager, who was helping a costumer at the time, felt slighted and gave a snark response. At the time, he didn't know that Rudi was president of Lost MC, meaning he had possibly just turned an entire gang against him. After he realized the gravity of the situation, the two made up and Yeager even invited Rudi to the bike races that Stagdancer and him were organizing.
  • The Blocks
    The Block family, and by extension Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, have frequently gotten into conflict with Yeager and the Rooster's Rest. The Blocks have shot and pocket wiped Yeager multiple times due to him refusing to pay their "hood tax". Yeager faces the strange dilemma of having to go against his friend, Four Tee, due to Mike Block's position as Four Tee's number 1 friend and her involvement in Alta Street Ruff Rydaz. In recent times, Yeager and The Guild have decided to concede in paying the "hood tax", and developed a neutral relationship with the Block's after realizing that the Block's "have nothing to lose".
  • Tulip Peach
    Yeager first encountered Tulip by chance one day when he overheard her speaking to some friends at Burger Shot. He seemed to have a very visceral reaction to her presence in the city. Upon seeing her, he walked straight up to her and "meowed" in her face. He then proceeded to walk away and creepily watch her from a distance. Tulip eventually convinced one of her friends, Chad Brad, to try and bribe Yeager to stop watching her by giving him her collectible Burger Shot toy. Yeager refused the bribe and instead asked Chad to give Tulip a message: "The citizens of Rust Vegas never forget. Meow." Since this incident he has continued to watch Tulip from a distance, even taking notes of her conversations.
  • Paul Leesemann
    Yeager met Paul Leesemann when Paul was on a ride-along with the police. Yeager and Bjorn unknowingly entered an active crime scene near the casino and police shot them down by mistake. The two were arrested, left at the entrance of the casino, and the police operation continued. At this point, Yeager was unconscious and bleeding out. No medical professionals were called despite Bjorn's best efforts. Eventually, police asked Paul Leesemann to treat Yeager and Bjorn despite having no medical qualifications apart from Boy Scouts training as a child. Due to this, Yeager suffered from sepsis.

    In the following days, Yeager started harassing, gaslighting, and regularly attacking Paul Leeseman with a hatchet to the point that the mere sight of Yeager or his bike would cause Paul to panic. This went unnoticed for several weeks. No one seemed to believe Paul that it was Yeager who was harassing him. Yeager even arranged multiple paid witnesses to win a defamation lawsuit against Paul Leesemann that followed one of these hatchet attacks.

    Beyond that, Yeager and Bjorn pursued a different lawsuit for the way the incident at the casino was handled, though Paul Leesemann tragically passed away before the court date.
  • Timothy "Picky" Machi
    Picky is a racer that hurt Yeager in a hit-and-run accident. After the incident, Yeager was only able to remember the appearance of the car that had hit him. With the help of Mayumi, Fiona, and other connections in the racing scene, Yeager identified the culprit as Picky, a Fedora-wearing racer with a well-hidden identity. To get revenge, Yeager and Barry ambushed Picky at the meet-up spot for a race, kidnapped him and took him to the mines. Picky explained his behavior by stating that Yeager had been in his way during a race. Picky was shot and left in the mines where police later found him.

    After two days, Yeager was arrested for an unrelated incident and police discovered that the casings they had found in the mines belonged to the gun Yeager was currently carrying. Yeager was interrogated but police ultimately decided not to charge him for the attempted murder in the mines. Picky's description of his kidnapper as a mostly silent assassin did not seem to match Yeager's loud and aggressive personality. Additionally, Brian Knight advised that connecting a two-day-old crime to the person carrying the weapon that was used would not hold up in court.


  • Lang Buddha
    Lang Buddha is Yeager's adoptive father. The two have a tumultuous relationship with many ups and downs. Buddha seems to have a soft spot for his son and wants to be a good father but doesn't quite know how to. He showers Yeager in expensive presents, always gives into his demand for more money and has gone after multiple individuals in retaliation for any harm dealt to Yeager and The Guild.

    He is very possessive towards Yeager and lashes out with extreme jealousy when another parental figure enters Yeager's life, such as Denzel. Lang doesn't want Yeager to be adopted by anyone else and has threatened Fiona for so much as jokingly suggesting that she could become Yeager's mom.

    Before Yeager's induction into Talon, Buddha showed anger over Denzel bringing Yeager along to kidnap and murder an individual, making it seem like he was trying to protect Yeager from being influenced by Denzel. However, Lang is also responsible for slowly turning his son into a Talon member, which requires Yeager to commit crimes just as bad, if not worse. Lang has shown no signs of regret or concern about this, indicating that perhaps it was never about Yeager being corrupted and just about Denzel taking on a role Lang sought to fill. This became more and more apparent when Lang and Denzel had a falling-out due to Denzel falling in love with Andi and warming up to the idea of the nerds being his new family.

    When Yeager and the other Guild members stopped working at Rooster's Rest to pursue other goals, Lang became upset again. He has been continuously trying to guilt-trip Yeager and uses it against him in arguments, accusing him of abandoning the Rooster even when Yeager offers to help in other ways, such as going to war against its competitors.
  • Violet
    Violet is Yeager's mother. She works as a stripper and used to be employed at the Vanilla Unicorn which embarrasses Yeager greatly. He has implied that he can't be Yeager, his D&D character, around her at home because she wouldn't approve of it. Ever since Lang Buddha expressed to The Guild that he wishes for them to stay in character at all times, Yeager stopped mentioning his home life with his mother.
  • Ron
    Ron is Yeager's step dad. Yeager received his first car from him when he joined the city.


  • "Tch!"
  • "Tchyeah!"
  • "If Microsoft had adjusted station 3, they would have had a more successful venture in life."
  • "Hold up your thumb. It looks like an Among Us character!"
  • "I'm going to have a Joker moment."
  • "Cars are cringe."
  • "[...] is cringe!"
  • "It's not a mask, it's my face!"
  • "The citizens of Rust Vegas never forget. Meow."
  • "I'm rich."
  • "I use a lot of condoms."
  • "I have a lot of sex."
  • (When answering the phone) "Yeager Demonblood, business owner, material buyer, and sex haver."
  • "Stupid bitch."
  • "I'm a cop killer now."
  • (Negotiating charges in holding cell) "I'll do two... murder."
  • (When answering the phone) "SPEAK."


  • Yeager is addicted to playing Genshin Impact on his phone and has spent several thousand dollars on the game.
  • He was the first-ever Employee of the Week at the Rooster's Rest.
  • He wrongly refers to the Rooster's Rest as Golden Cock or Golden Rooster because he thinks it sounds cooler.
  • Yeager's first stomach tattoo was supposed to represent a demon, not a deer.
  • Despite working at a restaurant, he frequently forgets to eat and passes out from hunger.
  • He won a video game tournament at The Digital Den.
  • He is a self-proclaimed scene kid.
  • He used to own a voodoo doll of himself which was made by Onyx. It now belongs to Four Tee.
  • He hates when others calls his horns antlers.
  • He obtained $95,000 from Kevin Whipaloo in exchange for reserving items in TBC.
  • He purposely allowed Baas to audit him in order to see that he withdraws money from his bank account in $666 amounts.
  • He has an unhealthy relationship with gambling. At one point he lost $140,000 in a day and had a meltdown.
  • He has his own weed strain named "Demon's Death" which is sold by the Rooster's Ranch.
  • He commonly refers to Burger Shot as "Burger Shit".
  • He ate Kevin Whipaloo's remains.
  • Yeager has unofficially adopted a raccoon at the Tuner Shop and named it "Ratlord."
  • A personality test conducted by Copper revealed that his fursona is a wombat. Yeager believes this to be wrong.
  • Yeager owns a katana named Apocalypse. The sword is possessed by the soul of Apocalypse who previously inhabited his pickup truck and his motorcycles.



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