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Kaylan Rich is a character role-played by VortexVisuals.


Kaylan is a 21 year old from the United Kingdom, who is moving to Los Santos from Dallas, Texas. Kaylan suffered from Childhood trauma when he was just 11 years old, when him and his family were out celebrating his birthday, where his big brother was fatally stabbed after an incident with a gang. Growing up after this trauma proved to be difficult for Kaylan, as he was struggling in school and wasn't progressing much in his subjects he was learning. After completing his secondary school years, Kaylan moved on to college, but he decided it wasn't for him and dropped out after 6 months. He instead found a delivery job for a takeout company. He worked from 7AM-9PM every day so he could work up enough money to be able to afford a one-way ticket to America, as it was his dream to travel.

Current Story in Los Santos

  • Kaylan landed in Los Santos on May 19th 2021, and as many other newcomers he started looking for quick ways to make some money. His first interaction besides Luke was Abdul. Abdul gave Kaylan his first drive around the city to his first money-making job, Sanitation. He spent some time making sanitation runs to gather materials that he then sold to Hayes and Otto's mechanics.
  • Even though Kaylan had struggled to get train tickets into the city for a while, he managed to land himself a job at the Mojito Inn on the 28th July 2021, where he met Yushin Kim, one of the bosses. After being hired, he made good friends with Adonis, and Lady. Kaylan made the fatal mistake of overstocking on his first shift so ended up spending an hour trying to give away free Mojito's and Frozen Strawberry Margaritas.
  • On the 30th July 2021, Kaylan was hired by Ricky Rouse to work for Abdul's Taxi Service. Kaylan bought his taxi, and make it Surf Blue, to be unique from other drivers.
  • From the 30th July 2021, Kaylan spent his time as a taxi driver being aired by Abdul as a sick and twisted joke thought of by Luke Webb, until Kaylan was involved in a freak accident, when he refueled his car with the ignition on. What an idiot, am i right?
  • Kaylan & Luke are currently planning to open up a stall with the Farmers Market and Deans World called "Jolly Grub".


  • "Sorry, I'm a little bit slow today."
  • "Suck your mum bro.."
  • "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?"
  • "God it's cold without hair on ya head"
  • "Yikessssssss..."
  • "Don't be a bitch, Ride with Kaylan Rich"
  • "Abdul's Taxi Service, Kaylan Rich speaking, how can I help you?


  • One of Kaylan's favorite things to do is driving. He would take any job that involves driving, legal or not.
  • Kaylan also has a passion for Video Editing, and spends his spare time learning new techniques on his editing software.
  • Kaylan plays Snooker/Pool, and also supports the England rugby team.


Luke Webb - Kaylan first met Luke in Texas a couple years prior to both moving to Los Santos. They started up their own towing company "YesBruv Towing", and it quickly became the most successful towing company in central Dallas. After 3 years, they decided they wanted to expand their company to San Andreas. However, after realizing they would not be able to keep up with the Impound Workers, they now are thinking of other business opportunities to make money.

Budtholemew Williams - Kaylan was first introduced to Buddy through Luke, who was telling him about the other taxi drivers working for Abdul's Taxi Service. Kaylan got his first ride with Buddy on his first day back since his vacation, and they spoke about Luke, and how Kaylan wanted to work for Abdul's Taxi Service. Buddy gave Kaylan the ride for free due to him being a future employee of Abdul's.