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Kayden Dell'Anno [Steele] [Dundee] was a character role-played by hobbittrash.


Kayden Dell'Anno was a former Senior Attorney, and previously partnered with DPG Law Firm; as well as Vinny Pistone's estranged and manic ex-wife. She was married to both Jordan Steele and Irwin Dundee.


Kayden was separated from her mother and elder siblings when her parents split as a young child. She was raised by her father in a small community in Italy.  

After learning of her family and her father's crimes growing up, Kayden moved to Los Santos when she turned 18 years old in search of the family she had been separated from. Kayden first became a stripper to support herself and then worked her way up into running her own club. A bad breakup with an ex-best friend caused her to move even deeper into the city of Los Santos and she was forced to build yet another new life. 

Kayden was known for being a (former) lawyer, a prominent and somewhat notorious parking enforcer/tow truck driver, as well as for her pattern of collecting husbands and children.  

Kayden was best friends with the late Nora Dupres †. Who she worked with at the DPG Law Firm, along with Lees Gray.  

Before her death, Kayden spent most of her time towing, managing her parking lot and dealing with her dysfunctional family. 


While married to Vinny, who at the time was the owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport and a financial backer of Chang Gang, law enforcement began looking into Vinny because they suspected him of providing money to an organised gang. Kayden, who at the time as working as a lawyer, was labeled a snitch for being unknowingly listed as a witness on the court case filed against Vinny and the other members of the group by the Department of Justice.

Kayden had since spent a considerable amount of time and effort in trying to restore her name from the DOJ’s mistake, and prove herself as trustworthy. She became rather upset when people (despite her efforts) continued to bring up those past accusations about her, or snub her based on said misinformation.

She spent some time in Parsons Rehabilitation Center after the murder of her best friend, Nora Dupres , caused her to have a psychotic break. Kayden mentioned that after her time in Parsons she was aware that she suffered from both ADD and a personality disorder.

Since her time in Parsons, she had been on medication. And while her delusions surrounding the death of Nora seemed to had ceased, she was generally is still a loose cannon when angered or pushed too far.

When her husband Jordan was given a job on the police force Kayden ran into financial trouble. This lead to her and their son Chips having to dumpster dive for food. Jordan wasn’t helping out financially and was never around anymore. Kayden felt that her and Chips were own their own. 

Her friend, Jerry Callow would sometimes help pay for meals for them both, but Kayden often sent Chips out looking for food in dumpsters while she worked her towing job. 

After Kayden was killed, Chips went to visit her body and said that he would still try to find scraps of food for her when he was out looking. 



Richard 'Dick' Johnson

Kayden met her son Dick when he came into PDM looking to buy a taxi so he could get a job and be ‘normal'. She hired him as a sales assistant instead so she could focus on her job as a lawyer, rather than keep on helping out her then husband, Vinny, with sales.

After only spending a short amount of time with him and seeing how childlike and easily influenced he was she declared him her son. Kayden asked her friend at the time, Murphy Braun, to be his father.

Dick referred to Kayden as ‘Bitch Mom’ and Murphy as ‘Bitch Dad’. Kayden often had trouble handling Dick by herself. She placed him in the care of others when he became too much for her to handle.

On January 22, 2019 Dick was shot and killed when he stabbed Joe Caine because Mel Rickenbacker told him that killing Joe was normal.

Kayden’s final words to Dick were - "I knew I wasn't ready to be a mother...I always imagined that I would kill you myself. Out of stress. I guess I'll never get the chance...Goodbye Dick. He was so normal, He was so normal...He lived like a normal man and he died like a normal man."

When talking about her sons, Kayden often referred to Dick as 'the dead one'.

Chips Ahoy

Kayden found Chips on the streets of Los Santos searching for crack. After talking with him for a short amount of time she decided that she wanted to adopt Chips. She convinced him that he was her and her husband, Jordan Steele’s long lost son. She told Chips that they had lost him at an amusement park as a child and that they had always hoped to find him again one day.

At the beginning of their relationship Kayden tried numerous unsuccessful attempts to get Chips to give up drugs. Staging interventions and even kidnapping him with Jordan to force him to give them up cold turkey.

Despite this, Kayden often had a hard time not giving into Chips' need for drugs when he became desperate with withdraws. And would sometimes give him crack and stand up to Jordan when he would fight with Chips about his drug habit.

Chips would sometimes back up Kayden when she would tow and help take photographs of the illegally parked cars.

When Kayden was killed, Chips left some flowers and a crack rock by her draw at the morgue. Something that was very significant for him as he had never shared his crack with anyone before.

Kayden often referred to Chip's by her many nicknames for him. Some popular ones were Claps, Claps A'booty and Chapstick.

Bovice Wilkinson

Kayden believed that Bovice was her and Jordan’s son. She stated that Jordan had accidentally lost him on a cruise ship when he was a child.

She had been in contact with him through a number of phone calls during his time on the run. Bovice himself had entertained, and even encouraged the relationship. Even referring to her as ‘mama’ during the calls. Kayden was very concerned about Bovice’s situation and expressed to him that he could not trust anyone, even herself.

Before he was captured, Bovice had asked Kayden to steal a knife from Jordan that had his finger prints on it. She was then to stab Jean Steele so it was coated in her blood. He had planned to frame Jordan for Jean’s murder. Kayden had managed to get the knife but was not able to complete the task before Bovice was captured and sent back to prison.

After learning of her best friend Nora’s death at the hands of Bovice, her feelings towards Bovice changed. She had planned on giving him the knife with Jean's blood and then disowning him as her son.

Kayden often referred to Bovice as ‘the other one’ when talking about her sons. And sometimes as her 'Bovi Boy’ when speaking to Jordan or Bovice.

Jordan Steele

Kayden was originally Jordan's lawyer, to which he literally told her one day "we're dating now" and she somehow agreed. Together they shared a son, Chips and co-owned the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot. Kayden was sometimes referred to as the female Jordan Steele as the pair had a similar way of speaking and an intense hate for illegally parked cars.

They shared a very dysfunctional relationship which was often abusive from both sides. Kayden even waterboarded Jordan using gasoline in one incident when considered leaving her, and she sometimes sported multiple black eyes from their fights together. When they worked together as a team, the pair got on very well and were highly effective. Especially when insulting someone. 

When Kayden reported Jordan to the police for beating her, an off duty officer, and Allen Widemann. He was arrested and sent to prison. She later broke into Bolingbroke Penitentiary to be with him and forgave him. She mentioned that after that particular incident, in which she had suffered from a significant head injury, she now had trouble remembering some things about her life.  

After Kayden disappeared from Los Santos for some time and everyone assumed her to be dead. She disguised herself as Achmeena Steele, Jordan's long lost wife from the Middle East. Kayden pretended to be Achmeena to uncover Jordan's true feelings about Kayden being supposedly dead. Kayden/Achmeena met with Jordan and told him that Kayden had been murdered and that she had been the one to do it. When Jordan didn't seem to care about this, she revealed herself, and informed him that she wanted a divorce. They argued and Jordan accused her of abandoning him and their son Chips and that she had run off to be gang banged by Australians. When Kayden admitted to being in love with Irwin Dundee, Jordan beat her unconscious. Kayden did not remember the incident when she awoke in the hospital the next day. 

Kayden caught Jordan cheating on her multiple times during their relationship, which he would always lie about, even when confronted with undeniable evidence. She often threatened to leave Jordan because of his constant cheating, lies and his failure to provide for her and their son, Chips

On Febuary 15, 2020, Kayden was beaten to death by Jordan after telling him that she wanted a divorce and that there was nothing he could do to stop her. Jordan immediately regretted his actions and fled to his secret island to hide. He got drunk and convinced himself that Kayden would be fine.

Her death seemed to have triggered something inside Jordan and he has since killed two other people, one of them being his best friend, Boba Stone. Jordan has made himself believe that all of the murders he has committed were Al Saab's doing and he often wonders how Saab keeps getting away with things.

Irwin Dundee

Kayden had known Dundee for some time, but had never spent a lot of time with him before joining the BBMC. He had meant a lot to her as he was one of the few people to not be bothered by her false label as being a snitch and invite her into his group. Before agreeing to marrying him to save her life, she and Dundee had shared a somewhat flirtatious relationship.

Which previous BBMC member, Maxy Mersion often teased her about. Before joining the BBMC, Kayden had told Dundee that she believed that they would end up getting married some day.

Kayden often believed Dundee was cheating on her if they hadn't spoken in awhile. Though he never did. She perhaps believed this because her other husband Jordan, did so constantly. She once bashed up Dundee's prized muscle car ‘the Dukes’ with a bat when he had outright ignored her presence.

Though their marriage began in unusual and hostile circumstances, besides often ignoring her in favor of his other club members, Kayden and Dundee’s relationship was probably the most healthy out of all of her relationships with her past partners or husbands. He was the only partner to not abuse her and they both shared a hate of cyclists. Often running them over or screaming at them when they came across them on the road.

She also had a motherly relationship with with Dundee's adopted son, Gazz Maloo. She tried to help the two mend their relationship and berated Dundee when she felt he was being too harsh on Gazz. Gazz even told the Leansbois that Kayden was his mother when they asked who his parents were.

Before she died, Kayden had texted Dundee to see if he wanted to spend time together but he had told her that he was too busy tending to his grow house. This is something that now torments Dundee and he sincerely regrets not meeting her.

After learning of Kayden's death, Dundee was overcome with grief and went into a drug and alcohol induced rage. He drove around the city firing a shotgun at random people and cars. And attacked his friends and club members when they tried to stop him. Later with the help of the BBMC he held a doctor hostage and forced the hospital to release her autopsy report to him.

After reading the report and talking with multiple people about her death, Dundee suspected Jordan of murdering Kayden. He expressed the desire to find and torture him for it but was told repeatedly by the police that doing so would interfere with their investigation. Despite this, Dundee did kidnap Jordan and he convinced Dundee that it was actually Al Saab who was responsible for the death of Kayden. Jordan promised that he would make it his life mission to find the evidence he would need to prove Al Saab's guilt and make him pay for killing their beloved wife.

Jean Steele

Jean was Jordan’s first wife. Jordan believed her to be dead after she dumped all his drugs in the lake near their home and 'the drugs' made him stab her. Jean instead had fled to a Mormon commune and when she returned to Los Santos, discovered that Jordan had married Kayden.

Kayden and Jean were happy being sister-wives for a time. And they worked together to bring their family closer. Even arranging a family RV trip to resolve issues between Jordan and Chips after Jordan stole and 'flushed away' (kept for himself) a large amount of Chips’ crack stash.

Their relationship suffered a significant blow when Jean hired Melbert Rickenbacker to kill Kayden. She disapproved of Kayden’s decision to marry Irwin Dundee and after that their relationship became very antagonistic. They often demanded Jordan to divorce the other.

Kayden perpetuated the rumor that Jean was having or trying to have a sexual relationship with their son, Chips. In the hopes that the evidence would damage Jean’s reputation and relationship with Jordan. 

With the help of ChipsKiki ChanelBrocky Potage and others, Kayden had framed Jean in multiple videos where she looked to be engaging in inappropriate behavior with their son.

Before Kayden’s death, Jean divorced Jordan. The main catalyst for it being that she had been put into a coma and suffered severe injuries from a hit and run committed by Jordan while he was driving under the influence and distracted talking on his phone to a woman that he was cheating on both her and Kayden with. Kayden and her had become somewhat civil with each other after coming together and deciding to potentially divorce Jordan together.

Achmeena Steele

Kayden became aware of Achmeena’s existence which Jordan let it slip that he had left the love of his life in the Middle East. While they never shared an actual relationship, they were technically still sister-wives. 

Kayden did once dress up as Achmeena and convinced Jordan that she was her. She did so to uncover Jordan's true feelings about Kayden and to see if he truly did love and care about her. She told Jordan that she (Achmeena) and her father had come across Kayden in the Middle East and murdered her. Jordan stated that he was just happy to have Achmeena back in his life and that she did what she had to do.

When Kayden revealed herself she and Jordan got into to a vicious argument and she was beaten unconscious.

Violet van Housen

Kayden encountered Violet when Violet joined the BBMC. Kayden was married to the club's leader Irwin Dundee, but had begun to distance herself from most of the other members because of an incident which caused her to lose trust in them.

Kayden had an instant dislike for Violet and they often fought verbally. After knowing her for some time Kayden informed Violet that she believed them to be sisters. Violet stated that she had been adopted so it was a possibility. They took a DNA test at Pillbox Medical Center which confirmed that they were indeed sisters. Both Kayden and Violet were very upset at the revelation.

Since finding out that they were sisters, their relationship had improved and though they still screamed at each other, the two would often spend time together when Kayden wasn’t working at her parking lot. Violet left BBMC and had become a member of a new group, the Angels. Kayden had just became a member herself before her death.


Nora Dupres

Kayden and Nora worked together as lawyers at DPG law firm and were best-friends. They took cases together and bonded over their mutual disappointment in the legal system.

Nora often disapproved of Kayden's relationships and disliked all of her husbands. Before Kayden had married Irwin Dundee, she confided in Nora that she was thinking of divorcing Jordan. Nora was very pleased to hear this but horrified to find out that Kayden was already thinking of dating and subsequently marrying Dundee. She was also lost for words when Kayden revealed to her had joined Dundee's group, the BBMC.Although Kayden tried to make her believe that the group was only a denim club for people who enjoyed wearing denim rather than a serious motorcycle club.

After Nora’s death, Kayden supported Nora’s son, Cameron Dupres, who she nicknamed 'Candles'. Kayden even informed her husband Jordan that they might have to adopt him. Jordan, who after Nora had been killed, declared her as his best friend, seemed to be on board with the idea.

Kiki Chanel

Kayden and Kiki used to be best friends. They often helped each other out in various situations. Usually criminal. Kiki even joined the BBMC under a different identity, Jessica Glittersnatch, while hiding from BoviceKiki/Jessica worked closely with Kayden and was the only other person Kiki revealed her true identity to besides the group's leader, Irwin Dundee.

Kayden and Kiki were perhaps the only pair in the city to believe Tessa Lamb not to be as innocent as everyone else thought her to be, and would often harass her together.

Kayden meant so much to Kiki that when she disappeared from Los Santos and was believed to be dead, Kiki had a breakdown and went on a crazed drug binge. She kidnapped Dundee and believed if she sacrificed him on top of a mountain that Kayden would be given back to them.

Kayden became ex-best friends with Kiki after Kiki repeatedly ignored Kayden's phone calls and did not check in with Kayden after she had been severely injured and sent to prison trying to help Kiki fake her own death.

The pairs relationship was still strained up until Kayden’s death.

Jerry Callow

Kayden was close friends with Jerry. She sometimes worked as his paralegal and he would often help her out with towing and running the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot

Jerry was not so secretly in love with Kayden. He did and said many things that made her suspect this fact. Even once telling her under his breath that he loved her. He also informed people at the parking lot that he was sleeping with her but denied or made it out to be a joke when she confronted him.

When it was speculated that Jerry was the Mirror Park Predator, Kayden often told people that she took Jerry towing with her to keep him off the streets. She also took pictures of Jerry peeping into windows at Mirror Park that supported the accusation and showed them to people.

Kayden once went on a creepy date with Jerry at the request of Nino Chavez. During the date Jerry revealed to Kayden that ‘Callow' was not his real last name and that he had sisters that were ‘still alive’.

Nino Chavez

Nino and Kayden became close when Kayden had fled Los Santos (rumored to have been kidnapped by Al Qaeda) and returned under a new identity - Camila Biamonte. She worked as his personal Head of Security and accompanied him to various business meetings.

Nino had come up with the code word ‘Code Brown’, which when said, Camila/Kayden was to shoot all things that she deemed a threat to Nino. Kayden killed numerous people while working for Nino to protect him.

Kayden revealed her true identity to Nino after working with him for some weeks. She told him of the struggles she had faced in Los Santos and her reasons for leaving and coming back under a new name.

Nino offered her advise and even kept her on as his Head of Security after she had shed her fake identity and came back to the city as Kayden.

Boba Stone

Kayden was good friends with Boba. He often helped out both her and her husband Jordan, who was Boba’s best friend, with towing and also worked for them at the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot as Assistant Manager.

Kayden once almost married Boba after his divorce with Bree Matthews was final and he was in a bad place mentally. Boba had started giving Kayden most of his money which he said he didn’t need anymore and was for her to use for the parking lot. Kayden believed that she might have to marry him in order to save his life.

They never married but Boba and Kayden stayed good friends up until her death.

Almost a week after murdering Kayden, Jordan killed Boba by stabbing him in the neck in a booth at parking garage.

James 'Apples' Apeller

Kayden was friends with Apples and often got him to work with her on various things. She met him when she was barricading herself in a bank as a protest against bank robberies and them taking precedence over her calls to the police for help.

Kayden got Apples to help her block the doors of the bank with her tow truck and then inform the police what was happening. She also introduced Apples to the BBMC, which he became a prospect for at one point after he made a failed attempt to rob her and other BBMC members.

When she and her husband Jordan started the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot she gave Apples a job as security. Kayden often got Apples to do many illegal things to help tarnish the reputation of competing garages and make their garage seem like the only safe one to park at.

Al Saab

Kayden considered Saab to be one of her good friends and he thought as her son, Chips, to be his nephew.

While in the past he was part of a kidnapping plan to kill Kayden for allegedly snitching on her ex-husband, Vinny Pistone. Saab liked to give second chances and after the incident the two became close. Kayden had liked Saab because he was among some of few people to not continuously bring up those past accusations about her and treat her fairly.

Kayden would often ask Saab for help with her personal life problems and she would occasionally call up Saab and threaten his then-girlfriend, Brenda Pancake's, life in order to get him to hang out with her.

At one point, Saab was one of the few people to know that Kayden was working undercover with a new identity - Camilla Biamonte. Kayden even helped Saab while undercover by selling him parts for Bad Boy Customs. Saab also offered her a job as a BBC tow truck driver.

Kayden once threw herself off a water tower to get away from listening to Saab and Brenda Pancake’s relationship conversation. 

Just before her death, Kayden and Saab had an argument about one of his tow truck drivers and a lie Kayden had told Saab about BBC delivering weed which had actually turned out to be true.  

Dr. Serge Cross

Kayden was long time friends with Serge. He was her and her husband, Jordan’s boss when they worked as parking enforcers at Pillbox Medical Center. And was their biggest supporter in towing the illegally parked cars around the hospital. Even telling them to tow medical staff's cars if they were not parked correctly.

On the day of her death, Serge witnessed Jordan stealing his car from his office window. Some time after this incident, Kayden was brought into the hospital and Serge was the one to pronounce her dead. She had suffered from numerous injuries and he performed an autopsy on her. He discovered she had been beaten and died due to severe motor vehicle related blunt force trauma.

Serge informed the police that he had witnessed Jordan stealing his car before Kayden’s death and even used his car to run over her son Chips, to test his theory about how Kayden had died. Serge mentioned after Kayden had died that he had considered her his best friend.

The Kidnapping

Towards the beginning of their relationship, Kayden faked her own kidnapping in order to get Jordan Steele to pay more attention to her and fall deeper in love with her. She sent multiple threats of her own life through pay phones to Jordan, as well as to her best friend Nora Dupres. Hiding her voice by making use of a voice changer. She contacted Jordan to meet alone at an undisclosed location. Nora found out, along with Doctor Kai King, and they both got the police involved, even though 'the kidnapper' told Jordan that Kayden would be killed if the police were contacted.

After hours of searching and an excessive amount of threats, Kayden finally decided to send one last phone call to Jordan and Nora. She told them that 'the kidnapper' would kill Kayden at the top of Mount Chiliad. Kayden stood at the top of the mountain, where she would finally stab herself, left to be found by Jordan Steele and Nora Dupres.

Nora and King arrived in a helicopter on Mount Chiliad, soon after Jordan arrived. Kayden was transported to the hospital via helicopter, where she laid on a hospital bed, saying only a few words about her attacker.

Currently, the only person to know about what she really did is Kiki Chanel. Who, Kayden had since helped orchestrate a similar situation between Kiki and her then boyfriend, Senior Officer Alex Casterman.

Parking Goddess

After her career as a lawyer suffered a significant blow from the snitch allegations, she assisted her husband, Jordan, a self proclaimed 'Parking God', in his job as a parking enforcer at Pillbox Medical Center. On the job she was often abused, stabbed, shot, or held at gunpoint for towing illegally parked cars. Arguing with and insulting the car owners also contributed to this, although often times she was wounded for just attempting to tow a car.

She once stated that she had been stabbed 70 times altogether while on the job and that she was now forced to eat through one of the stab holes in her body.

Kayden often felt unsupported and under appreciated by hospital staff when she was towing. Staff had grown tired of the commotion the towing would create outside the hospital and would show her little support, even sometimes siding with the car owners over her. The police would generally ignore her calls in favor of more high profile crimes or do little to hold the car owners accountable for assaulting her.

One night after numerous altercations between the owners of the illegally parked cars and hospital staff, Kayden got Kiki Chanel to block the emergency lane with multiple cars, to prove to them how much they needed her.

When that didn’t work, she stepped up the plan. She had Kiki disguise herself and stab her in front of staff to show them an example of the kind of abuse she was having to deal with daily. Ultimately nothing much came of the events, and not long after that Kayden quit her job towing for the hospital, much to her husband's disapproval.   

Kayden did later return to towing and co-owned a parking lot with Jordan. Through numerous altercations she has also prompted the parking laws in Los Santos to be updated in the penal code. Providing more clarity to citizens and law enforcement.    

After an experience towing with Chris Moes and his friends, Kayden often referred to herself as a south side gang, known as Tow Gang or Tow Gang Gang, and that her turf was 'these streets'. She often towed in gang territory and had managed to earn some level of respect with certain gangs.    


After completely losing faith in the law system and quitting her towing job at the hospital, Kayden painted her face in ‘war paint’, dressed in combat clothing and declared she was ‘going to war’. She aided the Lost MC and helped Irwin Dundee recruit hang-aroundss and possible prospects for the Bondi Boys MC.

While helping Dundee, she shared the story of her past with him and her desire to belong somewhere. Also, to his surprise, that her and Dundee would probably end up getting married one day.

Kayden later joined the BBMC as a prospect and became a blooded patched member. She worked closely with Dundee, Maxy Mersion, Michael Simone and fended off advances from Brocky Potage, Irwin Dundee’s half-brother.

When her troubles with people started affecting her ability to make deals for the BBMC and could potentially start unwanted conflicts for the group, Kayden disappeared (rumored to have been kidnapped by Al Qaeda) and returned later under another identity - Camila Biamonte.

She worked undercover to restore her name and then later returned to the BBMC, which had grown substantially since her disappearance. After a controversial vote within the club on whether or not she had betrayed them by disappearing, Dundee spared her life and revealed to her that he loved her. He gave her a number of ways in which she could return to the BBMC, one of them being to marry him. They married and Kayden's patched status was removed, making her an 'old lady’ instead.

The vote caused Kayden to lose trust in most of the newer members of the BBMC and she stated that while she would be there to support Dundee, she couldn't pretend to trust the others. Kayden distanced herself from the group, choosing to spend time with Dundee when he was alone or with group members who were either not present for the vote or joined after it occurred.

Some time later the BBMC went through a string of internal problems. Resulting in an unsuccessful coup d'état, in which ironically all of the BBMC members who voted against Kayden, left the group altogether. The BBMC then became significantly smaller, and while not something Kayden would have ever blooded into again, it was no longer uncomfortable for her to be a part of.

Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot

Kayden was co-owners of Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot with her husband Jordan. The lot is located at Garage Q and is officially owned by the Steele's and acknowledged by The State. Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre issued a warning that any criminal activity will be met swiftly.

Despite this announcement by the State, citizens would continually harass, ignore and attack Kayden and those working for her at the lot. So much so that Dennis LaBarre had to write a new charge, Leaving Without Paying, which carries a 15 month prison sentence and an $1125 dollar fine.

In protest of the lot, numerous citizens had taken to parking their cars at Garage T instead. Because of this, Kayden organised for Solomon Seerson, one of their lot attendants, to open and run Garage T and charge outlandish prices to make Garage Q's prices seem far more appealing. 

To further the appeal of Garage Q/Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot, Kayden had their other employee, James 'Apples' Appeller, constantly kidnap, rob and otherwise terrorise the people parking at Garage T. While Solomon tweeted out informing people of the shocking new dangers Garage T had started to attract.

Kayden was continuing to establish the business and organize the other services they had planned to offer at the time of her death.



On Febuary 15, 2020, Kayden was beaten to death by her husband Jordan Steele.

Kayden called Jordan and wanted to talk, they met on the Del Perro pier. She claimed that Jordan had changed, she then started insulting him and said that she wanted a divorce. He told her he loved her and begged her to stay, but she refused to listen and continued insulting him.

They fought violently, and Kayden tried to flee. Jordan continued to beat her while screaming that he wasn't going to let her leave him. Kayden apologised but continued to try and run away. When Jordan had difficulty catching her because of a previous injury to his leg, he got into Dr. Cross' stolen car and rammed her into a wall. He got out of the car and then beat her until she could no longer stand. He told her that she could never leave him and dragged her to the edge of the pier. She was able to beg him not to put her in the water as she stated that she was terrified of the ocean. Jordan replied in turn that he was terrified of being alone and then threw her lifeless body into the ocean.

She was later rescued and taken to Pillbox Medical Center where she was pronounced dead by the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Serge Cross. There is an ongoing investigation into her death after she was able to mutter some last words to officer Brian Knight before she died, which implicated Jordan.

At the request of Jordan, her son Chips, stole her body from the morgue of Pillbox Medical Center. He told Chips that Kayden had always hated the morgue and loved the ocean, and the only way that they could give her the funeral she deserved was for him to steal her body.

Two weeks later Jordan still hadn't gotten around to planning a funeral and Chips' garage began to smell horrible as a result. When Jordan finally went to Chips' house to take a look at the body he discovered that the body Chips had stolen was unfortunately not Kayden. Instead, Chips had stolen the corpse of a 60 year old Vietnamese woman. Jordan informed Chips and Chips confessed that he may have been high when stealing the body so mistakes could have been made.

A memorial service was held at the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot for Kayden and the body of the Vietnamese woman Chips had mistakenly taken was buried underneath the tree in the corner of the lot as tribute. Jordan informed everyone there that the tree would now be known as the Kayden Steele Memorial Tree and that their memories of her would grow along with it.

Criminal Record

Kayden's criminal record prior to expungement.

Drugs and Alcohol.png
  • 51-50 x1
  • Assault x3
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x1
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x4
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x5
  • Disorderly Conduct x1
  • Extortion x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x2
  • Failure to Stop x1
  • False Reporting x1
  • Hit and Run x1
  • Joyriding x2
  • Kidnapping x1
  • Possession of a Stolen Identification x1
  • Reckless Evading x1
  • Removed Weapons License x1
  • Resisting Arrest x6
  • Robbery x1
  • Tampering of Evidence x2
  • Third Degree Speeding x2

Fun Facts

  • Kayden was pretty much the female version of Jordan, but more unpredictable and more psychotic.
  • Was once resurrected from the dead by Uchiha Jones.
  • Had an adopted son, Dick, who she stated died in a freak accident, in which a freak 'accidentally-on-purpose' shot him.
  • All of her children were older than her.
  • Once broke into Bolingbroke Penitentiary to be with her husband Jordan when he was arrested for beating her, an off duty officer, and Allen Widemann.
  • Could be compassionate and sometimes surprisingly level headed in tough situations.
  • Was often brutally honest with people, which some took the wrong way.
  • Defended herself and those she loved with her loudmouth and comebacks. If she was pushed too far, she could become rather spontaneously violent.
  • Barricaded herself in a bank as a protest against bank robberies and them taking precedence over her calls to police for help.
  • Tried multiple unsuccessful attempts to get her son, Chips off drugs. Even staging a ‘Crackorcism’ for him, with the help of Kiki Chanel. And (after being assumed dead) haunted Chips as a ghost and blamed her death on his crack addiction in the hopes of deterring him from drugs.
  • Had also, while having relationship issues, taken drugs with Chips, and on multiple occasions purchased crack to bribe him with.
  • Worked ‘undercover’ as Camila Biamonte for Nino Chavez, as his head of security. She shot all things (people) that she deemed as threats, when Nino said the phrase ‘code brown’.
  • Once dressed up and disguised herself as Achmeena Steele to uncover her husband, Jordan's, true feelings about Kayden being supposedly dead. After she had disappeared from Los Santos for some time.
  • Shot off Jean Steele's ear when she openly admitted to wanting Kayden dead. The ear was later reattached.
  • Had multiple mental breakdowns. Usually resulting in her changing her outfit and taking on a different persona. Notable personas include - Italiano Kayden, emo Kayden and Crackitha (the female version of Chips, who he believes is his sister).
  • Once blew up a vehicle by driving it into a gas pump when one of her passengers, a BBMC prospect, suggested that they were having sexual relations with her husband, Irwin Dundee.
  • After an altercation with some of the Leanbois over parking, she went on a rampage, running over all the fences and garbage bins with her tow truck on Lean Street. Her and Jerry Callow left bags of human excrement on all of the doorsteps then tweeted out to Lang Buddha, informing him of what they had done.
  • Secretly hired GSF to savagely beat the previous worker of Garage Q and first employee of Steele Family Parking and Impound Lot, Victor Rodriguez. The reason for the attack was to show him how much he needed her and Jordan to run the lot. Kayden had them tell him that the only reason for the beating was because he was a parking lot attendant.


  • "Big Time!" / "Oh yeah! Big Time!"
  • "Uh-huh! (Uh-huh!)"
  • "Get your ass!"
  • "Heck damn darn!"
  • "Damn! Damn! Damn!"
  • "Gimme Gimme."
  • "Alright..." / "Ok...(you know what?)" - (When Kayden is fed up)
  • "!"
  • "HA HA HA HA HA" (Evil Laugh)
  • "That bitch!" (Usually referring to Brenda.)
  • "God Dammit (________)!"
  • "CLAPS!" (A name she calls Chips.)
  • "Chapstick!" (Another name for Chips.)
  • "Hey Honnnney" (When greeting her husbands.)
  • "Sir and/or ma'am. You can't park here!"
  • *Constantly screams*
  • "Kayden Steele,__________" (When Kayden answers the phone)
  • (GASP) "OH, MY GOD!"
  • "Back me up, _______." (When Kayden is with someone else while towing)
  • "...Itchy Pussy!" / "My Itchy Pussy Sister!" (When referring to her sister, Violet Van-Housen)
  • "WHORE BITCH ASS BITCH WHORE BITCH!" (When referring to her sister, Violet Van-Housen)
  • "IM GRUMPYYY!!!!" (When she is tired, hangry or just generally upset for no clear reason)


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