Kayden Dell'Anno is a Lawyer. She is played by hobbittrash.

Background Edit

Attorney formerly partnered with DPG Law Firm, and Vinny's estranged, manic ex-wife. Currently married to Jordan Steele.

The Kidnapping Edit

Kayden faked her kidnapping in order to get Jordan Steele alone. She sent multiple threats of her own life over payphones to Jordan Steele and her best friend Nora Dupres. She contacted Jordan Steele to meet alone at a undisclosed location. Nora found out along with King and they both got the police involved even though "The Kidnapper" told Jordan what would happen if they did. After hours of searching and an excessive amount of threats later Kayden finally decided to send one last phone call to Jordan and Nora telling them that "The Kidnapper" would finally kill Kayden at the top of Mount Chillad. Kayden stood at the top of the mountain where she would finally stab herself and be left to be found by Jordan Steele and Nora Dupres.

Nora and King arrived in a helicopter on Mount Chillad, soon after Jordan arrives. Kayden gets transfered to the hospital via helicopter where she would lay on a hospital bed saying only a few words about her attacker.

Currently the only person to know about what Kayden really did is Kiki Chanel. She confessed to her about it after sharing with Kiki she wanted to kill Jordan.

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