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Katya Volkov is a character role-played by Cydrose.


Katya Volkov was born in a small village in the mountains of the Russian Taiga in November of 1999. After living there for most of her childhood, in the year 2007 the village had a tragic accident which lead to a large fire engulfing all of the homes leaving almost no survivors.

In the aftermath of the fire, searching for her family, Katya stumbled upon a small injured bear cub. She carried the cub to safety until finding its mother, a large pale brown grizzly, who took very kindly to Katya for saving her cub. They spent the next few years living in the mountains as a family, Katya learned to survive like an animal without any human interaction for almost a decade.

Hunters from America, hired to capture and transport Russian brown bears came to the mountains where Katya and her bears were living. Late one night she woke up to her bears being dragged into cages and trucks. Managing to sneak onto the trucks, they spent the next few days being transported to Los Santos, USA where the cages were brought to a zoo.

Katya was able to get away from the hunters when they arrived, however couldn't save her bears and was left all alone in the big city. She spent the next few years homeless, moving from place to place trying to get along without documents or being able to speak a full sentence in English. She eventually found a lady by the name of Martha who was also homeless, this lady took care of Katya, teaching her English and keeping her fed. This was until Katya came across The Russian Embassy.

Russian Embassy[]

Katya Volkov joined the Russians as the Embassy was in its first stages of being built, she offered her service and was quickly handed a passport, a gun and a uniform. She began to feel like she had found a new family amongst Gavril, Niko, Vitaliy, Uri, Ivan and others.

The Russians would follow missions each day given by Ambassador Gavril, defending the Embassy, stealing resources from the city, making deals with various groups around the city and (allegedly) committing terrorism on those who FAFO.

Boris the Bear joined the Embassy not long after Katya and the two became an almost inseparable pair. When the Russians started to come to the Embassy less and less, the pair became a target for Chang Gang. One day when Boris and Katya were alone, they were kidnapped and held hostage by Mr K, this lead to Boris handing Katya his passport, leaving her as the last standing Russian Embassy worker.

She is currently dating Winston Walker and has been going through the process of obtaining citizenship. She spends her time hanging out with friends, especially the ragtag gang known as Streetside. Katya can usually be found with her adopted son, Boris, at the Liquid Library or beekeeping with Winston.

Trivia & Quotes[]

  • Katya's undercover American name is "Kate"
  • Katya was raised by a family of bears
  • Was adopted by Boris Bear to be his mother on January 1, 2023

  • "Going for hand" (said when on a date with Winston.)

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